My Ex Girlfriend Told Me She Was Pregnant… (Fortnite)

oh I got a gift I hope you like this gift good luck have fun ooh thank you all right whoever did that default trash thank you so much it was so nice of you brother I'm getting a cold oh it's my ex-girlfriend hello oh my gosh babe I didn't think that you would answer uh all right Hey look I really want you back I miss you a lot yeah but you know I'm going out with my my girlfriend all right so you can just dump her no I know you want me no I don't on I want you back please no I'm pretty happy with my girlfriend now I'm damn good please just give me a chance give you a chance to what like just go back out with you they break it with my girlfriend over you know yeah you love me you don't love her what no I love her now like I don't love you anymore are you are you kidding me no why would I love you you're my ex-girlfriend you're not like we had a great thing had as in used to be yeah all the promises you made to me I thought we had a future together what the heck dude no like you know we weren't talking like I completely stopped talking to you there's there is no like there was nothing going on where like you thought we were getting back together like no like you know you think you know you gave me a gold-digger test you working you were considering being okay maybe I was considering it for a little bit but like my final decision was to get with my my girlfriend I can treat you better than she can no it's not about that like I know for a fact you can because our date is you for it so does she treat you better than I did huh yeah Wow Wow what like why are you why are you so surprised you literally like do you remember how you would treat me yeah sure you do like a king mmm even close yeah okay whatever movie what you want all right well I know you don't want to be with me but Danielle is cheating them do I have proof no you do not yes I do what's your proof she's texting other guys i salt her I live in her town now and I saw her going out to eat with another guy you didn't I have pictures send the pictures then okay who said no no no that's and guess who she guess who she went out to eat with who sci-fi oh my gosh that's not true like I literally sci-fi doesn't even live in the same state as me he went to go see her he bought her dinner no he didn't like that's not the truth like sci-fi does not live around here send the pictures and I'll believe you but I know I know you're not telling the truth are you gonna break up with her boys in the richer's no I mean yeah I mean yeah if if she was cheating on me with sci-fi yeah I would probably break up with her but like sci-fi it doesn't live near me at all he lives so far away from him doesn't make any sense he no travel no he doesn't travel look like I know sci-fi and he also flew her out like he's starting to do YouTube now so he's get on the grind but like uh he does not have a lot of money right now I know him she paid for him to come out she borrowed money for you from you – no no never no never borrowed money from me she's never ever asked me for money so I'm like something you would do to be honest Oh ask you for money yep I've never asked you for anything all right yeah you know that I've never taken anything from you okay you've offered me money numerous times and I turned it down I've never once in my life of offered you money yeah you freaking out I've literally never offered you any my life yeah you remember you offered me on your dollars so I could buy sewing for 100 August look what kind of phone cost 100 bucks maybe I've offered you a couple bucks to go get some food one time but I don't know about all that you offered me $1,000 all right no I did not I've never offered you $1,000 my life did you see the picture ice that you have Danielle inside life did you where's your Cindy um text my food yeah No like that's you're sitting here trying to troll like what is this what are you talking about you in this picture yeah no that's literally just a girl walking her dog like how long picture that's well in the background okay fine I don't have proof but I know she's cheating no she's not she's literally the nicest person in the world she would never cheat you don't even know her right you guys were never friends look I have to tell you something what I'm pregnant what I'm pregnant babe we're not in a series I'm serious wait like actually pregnant yes babe it's due in September I'm sorry mere one no I'm being serious I took the test how come how come you wouldn't have her mean and tell me earlier are you just now telling me because I was scared I was scared that you would leave the country why would I leave the country if you got pregnant because you have a lot of shame and you don't want a bad reputation mm-hmm that gives you a bad reputation if you get someone pregnant you just like run out the country like that's not okay you would just disappear I don't know I wouldn't I wouldn't do that like I don't know if you're telling the truth though like are you serious yeah I went to the doctor the other day and I got a ultra so wait your parents no no I've been wearing big t-shirt how come your parents don't know because I don't want them to know I'm scared why wouldn't you tell them it makes any sense to me because I'll get in trouble what's the most good I could have I don't know I don't know well if you're telling the truth you sound really seriously are you do swear I swear is it a boy or a girl it's a boy you have a son babe he's gonna look just like you well should we new I don't know like I don't know if this is really happening like I'm Way too young to have a kid I mean it well it's it's happening so you better prepare and you better break up with Danielle we would yeah you should break up with Danielle she's not gonna she's not gonna want to stay with you after you have a kid by someone else I can't just break up with her I think she'd understand like it wasn't intentional well if you're so with her after I have this kid you're not gonna see the kid what yeah that's actually not fair like if you're telling the truth anyways like I don't know if you're telling the truth but like if if you are telling truth you can't just make me break up with her just to see like my kid look it's not okay I just did no okay that wouldn't work well in court well I'm telling you know lolly of the country myself with the kid so you're basically forcing me to break up with her or I wouldn't be able to see my future kid yep like I don't know I don't know what you're trying to do here but like this is like not okay if you're if you're telling me if you're if you're lying to me right now like it's not gonna be okay I'm because you know what you don't lie about these kind of things well I'm not lying buddy I'm not to say do tonight it's like so many thoughts going to my head well I think you'll be a great dad I mean I know I'll be a great dad but are you sure you're not lying to me meant like I'm not breaking if this is like something you're trying to do to get me to break up with Danielle I'm not and that's not working I'm not breaking up with Danielle well if you're if you're you're telling the truth right now I have to have to make a call tell me I was a-telling mom I have to tell my dad like I have to tell Danielle like this is serious well um I don't want you to have Danielle around the kid what I mean okay like okay she's allowed like if this is like if we actually have a kid and we're not together at Lille like a she's she'll be able to see the kid whenever no she won't that's not her kid no I don't want her around my baby that I'm the mother she's not coming around my baby if the Corps says that like yeah like the kids come over and like on the weekends then like she'll be able to see you the courts not gonna say anything I'm gonna get full custody tell me the truth like is she is it this way okay I was lying I'm just gonna get you to break up with what I'm sorry no you don't just say that like we're serious are you so you're not pregnant no why look dude please wake up no no you don't just do that what what makes you think I'm gonna break up with Danielle now now that you just told me you were pregnant with my why do you oh you're crazy Danielle's crazy she's never done anything bad to me ever yeah that's what you think no that's what I know like he's a nice girl and like you you're definitely crazy like you just not at all not at all you don't think you're crazy at all you just sound there and told me that you were pregnant what was that crazy what how is it not crazy I was like this is no no I'm I can't do that this is not okay can you please break up with her I want to get back together no I'm not breaking up with her for you you just straight-up told me that you were pregnant and then lied about like you lied about that you did how serious that is like I was gonna tell him mom I was gonna tell my dad like you didn't know it's not funny well I mean there's nothing to do but to get back together why would I possibly ever come back to you after you lying to me like that okay in the head why why would I why why wouldn't you because you're crazy not really I wouldn't say so babe please give me a chance no like that's not happening please me and you babe we'll make it work I already have a girlfriend that I love and care about like I'm there's no way in no never I would never do that you're telling me that you won't leave her for me yeah what would I you're my ex-girlfriend you just sat there and lied to me and told me that I had a kid and I believed you like why would I ever I just told you why I did it okay well like that still doesn't know it doesn't change anything dude clue please give me one chance yes I will like I regret even answering the call why would you say that because you told me you were pregnant what and what if you didn't insult no that's cute all right well then I was actually fine out and be like the truth for this is like a straight lie so this is different it doesn't matter why you did it like you did it and that's okay and honestly like I got it I gotta get out of here are you serious yeah you're gonna go tell Daniel

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  1. Just leave him alone WHAT DID SHE DO TO YOU SHE DONT EVEN KNOW YOU LEAVE HIS GIRL FREND ALONE MAN WHATS THE POINT man she should had went to jail when she brok in your home you give her to much chances

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