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Hi everybody. I’m Melissa. Welcome back to I think that one of the major questions that
any expecting mom is asking herself is, “How shall I go about birthing my baby?” And when it comes to the pain of having a
baby, I think there’s a lot of anxiety that we feel when we’re pregnant and expecting
a baby and we just don’t quite know what’s in store. So, in this video, and in another video, I’m
just gonna speak from the heart and share my own experiences with natural childbirth
and with having had an epidural. Two times I had natural childbirth, and I’m
gonna talk about it in this video. And then in another video which I’ll be airing
soon, I’m gonna talk about the epidural. So, here’s basically what happened to me. I didn’t go into the whole thing saying to
myself that I didn’t want pain medication. And with my first baby, Hedley, I had an incredibly
short labor. My water broke in the middle of the night
and very painful contractions started right after that. And the way I would describe them is that
in my lower belly, every sort of few minutes, I would get this very strong feeling of pressure
in the muscles. And it was, I’m sorry to tell you guys this
’cause I want you guys to have plenty of babies and not think that it’s painful, but it was
very, very painful. And in fact, my mother was staying with me
at the time and according to my mother, it was so painful that she kept talking and I
told her to, which is just insane because I’ve never said that to anyone in my entire
life, let alone my mother, so I think I was like totally in another place with dealing
with pain of these contractions. But anyway, my water broke, my husband like
manically got us into the car with the car seat. We raced to the hospital through red lights,
made it into the delivery area of the hospital, and the doctor took one look at my situation
and is like, “This baby is coming right now. No time for an epidural,” and I was like,
“What?” but I had been dealing with this pain. It had only been half an hour at that point. And pretty soon after that, I started to push. And then the doctor was instructing me about
how to push and then to breathe. I forgot everything I’ve learned in my Lamaze
class about having a focal point. All that stuff just like went out the window. But once I started pushing, the contractions
hurt a lot less. And in fact, and I’m gonna go into this in
my other video, my epidural, they weren’t that different and didn’t hurt that much more
than they felt when I had the epidural. So, that was sort of my experience. And then the next day, I did have soreness
related to having had the baby. And I have some videos on dealing with postpartum
where I go into that, but I did feel pretty clear minded and I didn’t have any numbness,
and I had some of the nice things that can happen when you don’t go through the pain
medications. But anyway, so that was really my experience,
that the contractions that I experienced before the baby was actually coming out and I was
pushing were quiet painful, but after that point they got less painful, actually, and
not too different than when I had had the epidural. So, it’s just something to think about and
you should definitely talk to other moms and read about this as you’re making you decision
in terms of what you wanna do. Other moms who have gone through this, could
you please share your experiences with natural child birth? How was it for you? How much pain did you go through? Was it a hard decision making process? Did it just happen? Or maybe an epidural was something that you
were definitely going to have because you had a C-section?Please share your experiences
on CloudMom. I would love to hear from you and other moms
as well. And thank you so much for watching, and look
out for the upcoming video on my experiences with epidurals.

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  1. Thank you for this video!! i am having a baby girl (her name is Olivia) in January and i wasn't sure how i wanted the birthing process to go. every time i think about having a natural birth i automatically think of the pain that goes along with it. this video has calmed my nerves a lot!! it has given me a different opinion on natural childbirth. thank you so much!!

  2. I have extremely fast labors (3) none more then 2 hours . I prefer natural labor but I feel I someone is in labor for 2 days and no progress grab medication. But I hate people u walk in with a mind set I'm taking an epideral try it out first see .,

  3. I have 3 kids, and I'm pregnant with my fourth right now. I had all three naturally, and I'm going to have this one natural as well. My first labor/delivery was a total of 8 hours, my second was 10 hours, and my third lasted 15 hours! My last labor was by far the worst, I was dealing with the pain fine, but the last two hours were just horrible, I was losing my strength,my emotions were all over the place so I wasn't concentrating during the contractions which to me, made them a lot worse!

  4. Induced with first due to high BP, natural labor with second. Epidural with both but much later with second than first. I loved having the epi. Both my manors were long. I as able yo rest before pushing which was great! I could still feel what I need to feel through the medication so I don't think I lost anything, plus I pushed 5 minutes with the first and seven with the second. Thanks to the epidurals :).

  5. I was induced with an epi with my first and a natural home birth with my second.getting induced was way more painful and uncomfortable than my natural birth.I could move around and get massaged by my husband during hurt! But I felt it coming on,I got to move which helped reduce the pain.pushing like you said was not that painful! Just tough like a hard workout!

  6. My 1st was a 23hr labor with epidural (which I think slowed the process), my 2nd was an induction without an epidural. Going through the stages of labor without pain meds was the most intense pain ever but I oddly felt empowered & strong by my body's ability to cope (it's your mind that'll get ya). In the end, the actual labor with and without an epidural was the exact same amount of pain. I will add that without the epidural, pushes felt good & relieving.

  7. I loved my second birth way more and I went natural. I highly recommend having a doula! She was amazing! My second labor was 4 hours long. The transition was when my contractions slowed down and the pushing itself wasn't that bad and I felt more pressure then anything! The key to coping for me was remaining calm and at peace during the whole process. With my first birth, I was not prepared and I freaked out. After I had my first, I had already decided what I wanted to do differently.

    Again, I loved going natural and if I have more kids, I will go natural again!

  8. Hi cloud mom, I absolutely love your videos. I really really would like to know how you have kept so fit even after 5 babies. I have 2 but after every birth I have ended up retaining 5 kgs and the thought of getting more kids makes me think of retaining another 10 kg and puts me off. I am not very big but looks like all weight is around my tummy and bums, even though i eat sensibly and exercise moderately. Please please do reply, thanks a lot.

  9. Hi, I love your videos, they're so informative. I had my daughter almost 5 years ago and it was an amazing natural birth. Like you, I went into labour very quickly and didn't have time for pain relief except for gas and air. The pain was a lot less than I was expecting from the beginning, and as I was pushing the pain was even less. The most painful bit was when my daughter's head came out, but it only lasted briefly and within minutes of that I was holding my daughter. I'm pregnant again now and am actually looking forward to labour xxx

  10. I was a natural child. I was born at my grandma's house. My midwife was my moms, and my mom planed it from the beginning. So if you plan it from the beginning I guess it works out better

  11. Hi Melissa πŸ™‚ I love your videos, they are extremely helpful. I'm a first-time mom to be & the thought of going into labour scares me so much! I don't know how to cope. Everyone has different experiences and I don’t know how to go about this. Can you help??

  12. You make such great videos! You get right to the point and you're so professional! Thank you! I attempted to have a home birth, but when I dilated to 7cm, my midwife found out my baby girl was breeched. I was going to deliver her this way, but at 10cm my midwife said my birth canal was too tight and it'd be too dangerous. Needless to say I had an emergency c-section and actually grieved afterwards. I'm terrified to have another baby.

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