8 Replies to “My Favorite Natural Pregnancy & Childbirth Books | Pregnancy Series | Healthy Grocery Girl”

  1. Have you considered hypnobirthing? In my experience it was absolutely the best thing I did in preparation for my son's birth. If you are a naturally anxious person I believe you can really benefit from it. There are classes you can attend and your practitioner can provide you with a book and audios to practice.

  2. In addition to Ina May’s book – I would recommend watching a few you tube videos on breastfeeding – how to hold the baby and how to get a correct latch. I spent a couple hours doing that while I was pregnant with my first baby and it helped immensely!

  3. Thanks so much for the video! I can tell I will be able to use this video in the future when I become pregnant so I am saving it to my playlist.

  4. Ina mays childbirth book is absolutely everything! Helped me have two all natural births with my babies. One at a birth center, one at home!! You got this!! Get in the water of any kind as soon as possible. It is amazing!

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