My Favorite Postpartum and Baby Product

hey guys it's Brittany and welcome back to mombi nation if you're new to my channel I am all about being a mother of two three oh my god so I am six weeks postpartum so I am still getting adjusted to a life with three boys it has been crazy that has that's actually why I haven't been posting any videos I've just been trying to adjust and I thought it was great time to jump in and show you guys what my personal favorite products are and for myself and for the baby so let me go ahead and show you what I have so first of all health-wise I have completely changed the way I eat I've contained I change just supplementing myself a little bit more and taking care of myself it's been so important that you guys take care of yourself especially after you had a baby too baby your body is so fragile and it doesn't work the same so you and I gotta get it back to where it used to be so I started the keto diet I think I'm gonna go into a different video with that because it's so much that is going on with that so I'm still doing the keto diet so I've changed my dieting so one of the first products that I absolutely love you're gonna hear the TV in the back hold on Liam the kids are watching Ryan's world if you're a parent I totally know that your kids are probably watching Ron's world too or blippi let me lower it it just got really loud okay so okay first product health-wise is this bad boy it's by the brand skinny syrups Jordan skinny syrups I bought this at what is it it's it was right next to TJ Maxx home goods I'm sorry I bought it at home goods they sell a lot of really interesting like health products and this is a vanilla whipped foam with collagen so you could put it on your coffee smoothies and teen shakes and it's pretty pretty good so you use about three pumps of it and you get a pretty good amount of collagen and other benefits for you so at zero calories zero sugar is zero carb which is perfect and it does have a sort of a bit of like an after taste like a sugar-free flavor but I usually put this in my smoothies in the morning or with my coffee and some heavy cream so that's the first product I'm not I love it that I'm getting a dose of collagen in me and speaking of protein shakes I love this this is the body Flying Fortress weight protein I'm almost done with it this is the second one that I've purchased if you're a breastfeeding mom you know that the best way to supplement your body and give you more milk is to do protein so I make me protein shakes with kale and banana and I also throw in some flax seeds flax seeds is really really good for you it has Omega threes it helps your cholesterol and it's really awesome for helping produce more milk so I bought this at Albertsons but I'm sure you can find it at Walmart and whatnot it's in your area so yeah I use flax beats in my protein shakes my smoothies I also use this which I also got at HomeGoods this is organic black chia seeds you get any form of chia seeds from wherever this is just what they had and I use it every day sometimes I even put some chia seeds in a water bottle so when in the morning I drink it it's all jelly and it has absorbed all the water so that way your body is staying hydrated so it can keep collecting earth it could keep building up more milk so those are super key for me right now with breastfeeding and helping me get more milk this time around it's amazing he actually drinks too much out of it I could feel him like kind of like choking and gagging it's crazy but yeah so it's awesome if you want to get more milk okay and so I guess I'm gonna go ahead and go into more beauty beauty wise so after I had the baby I noticed that my hair started getting dull again my face started getting dry so I can't used this castor oil I bought it in on Amazon super awesome I think it was like twelve dollars I could be wrong but it's life-changing I use it at least once a week I leave it overnight in my hair I put a shower cap over my head or a scarf and I leave it I honestly just leave it on my scalp but sometimes when my hair is feeling really adult I leave it as a full treatment in my hair overnight and I rinse it in the morning twice with shampoo and my hair feels so soft and it's actually grown so much it actually grew a lot more with the castor oil than it then I did with the prenatals this time it's so weird so it comes with this bottle and it also comes with like a mascara tube and some smoothies and like sort of like an eyeliner brush it's awesome I started using it on my eyelashes and my eyebrows and I have noticed a big difference a lot of people have asked me about my hair too like how is it growing so fast so that is super key for me as like a hair treatment also for my hair my name my hair needs a lot of love because it's also color treated so I bought this out in Walmart and it works pretty good it's a strengthening treatment and you're supposed to use it before you put heat on it you could also leave it as a treatment as well and my favorite thing about it is the smell it smells like a sherbert like an orange sherbert and it makes my hair smell so so good and I I do notice a difference when I use it my hair does feel a little bit thicker since using it which is great because it breaks off so easily especially because my two-year-old Eli to pull my hair when he sleeps and I think that is the weirdest thing I don't know if anyone else has kids like that it's just so different for me but yeah so I have to take care of my hair and keep it strong so I use that as well as this the macadamia oil I've heard about it before I've heard about the mask being really great but I wanted more of like a leave-in oil because I didn't have a serum to put in my hair so you could actually use this as well as a heat protectant and it really really does help to protect your hair and give it a really really nice shine so I use that every day after I shower all right excuse me I use it every time before I apply heat to it and I put it after my shower so it makes my hair softer oh yeah speaking of showers I needed to collect a new deodorant so I don't know why every time after in my pregnancy I guess the hormone changes it chant messes with my pH levels but deodorant stopped working on me so I even got like the really expensive like clinical deodorants my husband actually got it for me he was so sweet and it didn't work at all which sucks but I'm a big fan of the secret the gels so they squeeze up and it has a good scent this is the outlast one sweat and odor it's like a 48-hour gel and it really really does help me for some reason it just I guess it just coats it better I don't know I don't care it works though and that makes me happy because I hate smelling like onions if you know what I mean okay what I'm also doing is using this which is the Palmers cocoa powder formula it's a skin therapy oil so it helps to improve scars stretch marks dry damaged skin and even skin tones and aging skin and it's with pure argan oil I use this after my bath I honestly put it like on my hips and my foot area because that's where I have the most stretch marks and to be honest I've been using this as a makeup remover and I just enjoy it better it's more natural than the other makeup removers and it's really nice on my skin since it's dry and I just kind of wipe it off with some water and it might fit my skin feels really really awesome so that's a little hack and I'm sure it's improving hopefully some stretch marks and Apes are you stretch marks I have stretch marks on my face but aging skin oh yeah so that is awesome for me I love it so far and I'm also using this on my stomach my legs and my butt it's a firming butter and it has collagen elastin and shea butter so I use that so far I believes it for a week so I can't really tell you the difference but I don't have any stretch marks that I can see and I'm starting to exercise so I know I'm gonna start losing weight and getting stretch marks so this is a really good preventative to start now okay and the last thing for my face is this thing which is the garni air glow boost so I use this right before I apply foundation sort of like a primer but more like a moisturizer the reason I say it's like a primer is because it's made of apricot apricot apricot extract and it's sort of tinted but what if they don't say on the label is that it's very shimmery like I guess that's why it's called yeah I wish I could show you oh that's probably a better view yeah it has shimmer like speckles in it so that's also what gives you in your face a natural glow so I love that I think it's great especially because I still want to have that glowy beautiful skin that we had when we were pregnant right I was speaking of skin I have this like constellation of acne on one side of my face because when I hold my baby I just can't help it to rest my face on him and I just I guess I collect olive oil from his hair and that's what happened so I had this going on so that's a mess but it looks a lot better than it is I'm trying not to rest my face on him but I can't help it to squeeze them I love them so much okay so next why I'm going into is more like clothing-wise I guess I'm gonna say so I bought this on Amazon and I bought this in a size medium I believe yes and this is like a Korean product so I should have thought about it better it had a size chart but it is pretty tight for me it was actually M it was tight like right off the bat but now that I've lost some weight I it fits me better but this is a belly wrap so you just use it put it around your your stomach and then it has little velcro on it and then you wear it under your shirt and it stays like that kind of like a corset and it helps to push in all that fat and help to keep everything intact while your body is healing from inside so that was really awesome to have I had a similar one with my last pregnancy and it really made a difference with my weight loss with the blood loss if you have a natural birth you bleed a lot people don't tell you that but you're gonna be bleeding along and I'm still bleeding in a six weeks it's light bleeding but it's still enough to bother me and to make me wear you know feminine pads or whatever but this is really really great I use this all the time especially when I'm trying to fit into something nice okay speaking of clothes I got this tank top it's a breastfeeding top I know right it's like that let me get a better view so it's a it's a tank top but it has an under layer you see and it has a little slit right here for boob so that way you can just bust it out you – flash anyone and this is perfect for summer it's really really nice lightweight and easy for me to use when I'm in public and so bra wise I have a movie are you okay I know I made a mess my son is here he just heard me talking and he thought someone was here I know I am okay so yeah um bra wise i bought a set of three sleepers from amazon they're pretty much like sports bras but they have like a slit down the middle overlapping each other so that way you can just pull it down when you need it and that is has been honestly the best thing in the world for me I wear them religiously which is why this is the only one I have right now the other ones are washing so that is why are you okay yeah I did make them as babies but I'm gonna clean it up I promise okay okay yeah so also bra I bought this band Oh band do whatever you call them oh oh yeah thank you just smell it okay yeah so I bought this band do or bra and it's really nice because it has the padding but it's really easy to like take out and fix if you need to but I have a lot of off the shoulder tops that I bought especially specifically for breastfeeding because it's easier for me to just pull it down to breastfeed so I needed something that's not going to show the straps so I have this and I have it in the color nude as well so I I love these these are perfect for breastfeeding mommies okay so also so because I have a lot of milk obviously it comes out sometimes and I have to be sorry my mom disturbs me I have these which I have from my previous pregnancy I bought these back when they had a Babies R Us but these are just little lightweight what do you call it like light like light flow thing for you for your pimples I have a brain fart guy sorry my kids distracted me and it lost my typing oh yeah so these are really good so that way it helps to collect the milk if it spills out if you spill out a lot a lot of milk I definitely don't recommend this this is just like if you need something like really quick just to kind of like catch it but yeah so I use these but I also bought this this is something completely new to me this is called a mommy's glove and it's a milk oh my Lara Croft bang just came out I always happens to me this is a milk collector so you wear it and it totally it does what it sounds like right it collects milk but the cool thing about it is that it has a slit on one side so that way when you when you're done and it has milk in it you can actually just pour it directly into a bottle and you could say that milk which is so so so cool this um they also had like ice cube trays but for your breast milk and I thought that was really really awesome so that way you can be you could defrost one ounce at a time so I am in love with this I use this every single day just washed it because it collects a lot of milk if you don't clean it out on the edges but I love this if you're a breastfeeding mom you definitely need this I'm telling you okay and so for my baby this was the life changer for me this is a swaddle blanket and I am a mother of three but that does not mean that I am the best at swaddling I've never been good at swaddling let me just tell you honestly guys I suck at swelling his arms get out and everything so this is the perfect solution for me so it has velcro see and it's really really good and strong so he doesn't he doesn't like his arms don't sleep from it he's like in a straitjacket with this but I love it so much I noticed when I sleep at night with this he sleeps like four four hours practically I'm like oh my god like he didn't even wake so this is amazing purchase for me there's so many different kinds of brands and stuff but just get yourself a swaddle blanket because changer and also I included this because I forgot how baby socks just get locked I I don't know how many socks I have that I've already lost the pair to it so I just used this I throw the socks directly into here a zip it up put it in the hamper and I don't lose them anymore I could throw this in the wash with it too and it's awesome okay I am so sorry I just realized that I love my Sophie bow cooking on the stove and it was time to feed my kids so yeah so I don't know member I was talking about last oh yeah so this waddle this while I think I was talking about that this model is awesome okay so also this is a little hack that I have utilized this time around and I it's just so easy for me so this is a caddy from Dollar Tree and I use this I carry it around with me when I bounce from the bed at the bedroom at night and I come to the living room with my baby I don't have to worry about going back and forth and getting the diapers so I just put the diapers in here diaper powder this is awesome by the way it works really really well I've noticed so I use that for every diaper change also if he has or if your baby has a very bad rash this has been a lifesaver for me the Aqua for I use it and it works immediately so I love this stuff I have desitin I use it more when my two-year-old when he gets diaper like diaper rash because this could be a little bit more like harsh on a baby especially like a newborn so I just used this for my two-year-old and then I just have wives this is just some Johnsons why it's not my favorite my favorite are Pampers the one and one and done wipes I guess but I think they changed the name to them I think it's called like clean I don't honestly know I don't know what it's called but these are okay they're very very thin and not wet enough so that is okay also for my baby that I love is this pillow so I got this on Amazon is from the brand new Ola baby and my baby has a very very very bad acid reflux so if you lay him down flat he'll start spitting up his milk and it's gotten very very very bad so I got this to put underneath him so he's elevated and he's not choking on that especially if like if I don't hear him at nighttime then you know I worry so I haven't sleeping on this he's a little older now you can move his neck on his own side to side so I laid him sometimes on his side so that way he spits out it just come to try it out so yeah and the last of my favorites is his pillow he has this like really awesome pillow that he could sleep on you could strap him into it to secure him I'll attach a picture because he's actually currently on it and he sleeps on it all night long so I absolutely love it for him and I don't know where it's from because it was a gift for me so um yeah but I love it he sleeps on it better than he does his bassinet so I currently moved him to its playpen and I put that in it and he sleeps like a baby oh my god I can't believe I just said that he sleeps really good not necessarily like a baby because before he would wake up every hour but so now he's getting at least two to four hours and it's perfect for me because I need my sleep – oh my god so I know I said last product but the last of all is my baby stroller so we really really invested into this one it was well over like three hundred dollars which is really really heavy for us but we knew that we needed something really convenient we have like a Kia Sorento it's a three row we don't have a lot of room to work with but with one of the seats folded forward it it fits really good it's really really easy to use I'm gonna touch a photo because I obviously don't have the full stroller inside with me it's in the car but this is life-changing for me because it's so easy to attach to the face it's so easy to strapped into the stroller and the stroller is like one if you push the handle button and that's it just completely collapses like in one second and that's so awesome for me because when I am out at the store with him by myself which I am a lot it's so easy and fast for me I don't have to worry about you know struggling and like kind of push all the buttons and get everything folded in it's so fast so it was a pretty pretty pretty great investment for us so if you're looking for a stroller I highly recommend it it just says keyfit 30 so I'm gonna attach the I guess I'll attach a link to it I'm pretty sure they still have it at Target that's where we got it so yes okay well I'm sorry for the lengthy video but I am really excited to share my journey with you and the things that work for me if you if you have a newborn I love to hear what works for you and if if you breastfeed it I'd love to see what you drink and what you take and all that good stuff and just enjoy our motherhood together okay thank you so much hopefully I'll see you in my next video bye guys

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