My Fertility Journey and IVF Success Story Part 1

hey guys welcome back this is Shana's and you're watching mummys love today I'm going to talk about my fertility journey and my IVF success story as I promised in my earlier welcome video I decided to film this video for the benefit of a lot of women who are possibly contemplating the idea of going in for one or the other fertility technique there are a lot of fertility techniques available in the market today but you know it's it's kind of hard to decide which one is going to work for you because while most of them do promise a better chance of conception but there's really no sure-shot deal that every technique is going to work and give you 100% ourselves so this video is for anybody who is undergoing a fertility treatment right now who's fighting infertility and for all those people who are kind of you know associated with any other person maybe it's your daughter and it's your wife is it could be anybody any woman in your life who is kind of facing infertility problem at the moment I'm going to talk about my infertility to fertility journey in quite detail so that you know I hope that whatever I'm going to share is going to be infinitive for women across the world and why I do that I hope that I'm not being judged on my experiences my check to here is only to talk about it because I know that this is something that people don't openly talk about you know I had a lot of friends who were dealing with infertility at the same time as me but whenever I spoke to them about it they were not reopen discussing and I always felt the need to talk to somebody about it I wanted to know what kind of experiences people are having how difficult it is how emotionally tough the situation is you know how much money goes into it and you know whether anything good has happened at the end of it or not but unfortunately you know people don't really want to talk about their fertility problems at all so a couple of things I'm going to talk about before I get started on my fertility journey point number one every fifth moment in the world today is fighting infertility and it's very very emotionally draining it's very hard because what comes naturally to others doesn't come naturally to you at all so if you are somebody who is fighting infertility or if you're somebody who's you know a friend or a relative somebody who's fighting infertility it's important to kind of you know empathize with that individual because it's it's really hard going through all the fertility treatments and you know fighting infertility and you're not knowing you you not sure whether you would be successful at the end of it or not I kind of think that you know when I was at any fertility clinic or when I would with gynecologists you know the number of pregnant women that you will see there I would see equal a number of women who are coming for fertility guidance or fertility consultation so it's kind of like a mass epidemic at the moment so it's important that we kind of realize that it's happening and it's probably happening to every second person and we must be empathetic towards all such individuals because it's unless you were going through it you are now going to realize how emotionally draining it can be you know to suffer from infertility and as I said something that comes naturally to others you have to kind of really struggles with that so that's point number one why number two is these are purely my experiences if you are undergoing this treatment your experiences can be can be different can vary because you know it just totally depends on how your body responds to various fertility treatments point number three I am going to talk about my IVF kind of story my idea cycle that underwent quite in detail because I want to break a lot of myths that are related with IVF I want to bust a lot of myths to be honest I was in a constant state of denial to go into an IVF for almost almost two years and I now when I look back and I think I really those two years because all that I could hear about IVF is it's a lot of Mitzi now not just one number one it's it it takes away all your finances number two it's very painful you will have to undergo a lot of injections and you might be operated as well in order to take out your follicles number three you will be bloated you will be your body will be pumped with a lot of lot of chemicals and hormones so I'm going to talk about quite in detail about it so that I can tell you that it's not as bad as it has been as it's been publicized to be so let's get started with my fertility journey so I kind of underwent of you know fertility treatments there is various fertility treatments of about four years I would say yeah for some I know that there people who have you know who went through a lot of fertility treatments for almost ten years it may seem like a very small timeframe but believe me if folios it looks like a lifetime when you are you know kind of emotionally upset that it's not happening it's not happening it's just you know whatever you're doing is on the back of your mind so something stopping you from being happy because for me it was really important to have a baby you know and it's purely my personal preference I I love babies and I always loved them before I was married and I wanted to have lots of babies so um it was very emotionally tough for me for these four years so I got married in the mid of 2010 and me and my husband decided to have all kind of try for a baby after almost three months of marriage well you're pretty you know I was settled with each other and we knew that we could kind of you know we were sensible mature human beings take responsibility for a little child so that's when it all started and I kind of ran through ran from one gynecologist to the other ecologist and that was crazy from once an auger phase to the other Sinagra fost and goodness I I look back and I think oh my god what happened what all I've been through and what all I've been doing to myself right so it all started when I kind of kind of started having irregular periods and that's when I felt that I will have trouble conceiving him I proactively saw a gynecologist at that moment I was at that time I was about 31 years of age and I knew that I was not in peak of my fertility time the peak of fertility would be probably somewhere near 20s and but he doesn't go out till 35 videos it starts to decline right so um the gynecologist said I underwent she said okay why don't you just kind of take some tests and we see how you're doing and first says that conducted on me were the hormones the female hormone tests like the follicle stimulating hormone the luteinizing hormone prolactin estrodial all of these were tested I was found that my ratios for the FSH and LH were kind of reversed so there was an obvious problem that I was not ovulating that was reason I was also similar periods so um so the doctor said okay why don't we just see we just induce you and see how you do and I said okay let's try that and you know she wanted to kind of try she wanted me to try naturally without undergoing the scenography at the moment so we I took about two cycles on a pill which I had for five days starting the third day of my periods and then and then I would just check if I overlaid it with an ovulation strip or not and I kind of find out that I was in hot dog we're lifting so she said okay let's just kind of you know put you on stenography okay so we did that and I would have fallen already by 13th day and I would be asked to take a shot of Hugh cock which is the human chronic under dropping like that so that helps release the follicle from the ovary so that it can go into the fallopian and can be fertilized so sorry for that so I kind of you know took on that as well I took on couple of a couple of cycles where I underwent ultrasounds and and we tried and nothing worked okay so that was the phase one and then when I decide that's when I decided okay I need to go to a proper maybe a more serious gynecologist so I went to that with diaper I went to another gynecologist I told them that I felt I had I had a remote uterus and that could be possibly one reason why I was not conceiving and she said okay we'll get you tested for everything so then she kind of performed series of deaths which I think which which would pretty drown relevant at the moment so I can you know talk about a few tests that were done so on the day two of my periods I was asked to go for a an ultrasound which could confirm how many follicles I have in my ovaries and what is the follicle reserve in my ovaries and at the same day I was asked to go for a test call anti-mullerian hormone which tells you again how many follicles you have and you know that that definitely tells you whether you have chances of conception not because if you don't have follicles and the number of follicles are finite and they're going to decline with age then the doctor has to take another course of medication so those two came out to be perfectly okay and in fact it came out to be that I had and excessive follicles and that was because I had polycystic ovarian disease bco D or PCOS which is such a common epidemic in all women who are facing infertility and now it probably seems to mean that everybody who's not able to give a reason to why you're not able to conceive to say I have B C or D you know or a DC okay so this would these were two important days that we're done and the hormonal profile was done again and I also underwent a stereo sonal self Ingo Graham which checks for your blockage in your fallopian tubes which also came out to be perfectly okay and then my endometrial be the layer which implants the follicle the embryo was also tested for tuberculosis because some women do suffer from tuberculosis of the endometrial layer and that was su came out to be absolutely fine so doctor said okay everything is called refine why don't we try I you i with you and I said okay whatever works is okay I'm ready to go through that and I technically had do two cycles for you I which I just hate it I really really hated to go through that because you know that catheter that goes inside your body is very pricky very impressive and it's pretty painful trust me I think it was more painful than having those ideas injections so every time I would have to go for nyemiah I would start reading it I really hated it but that's okay it was just a momentary pain which I could tolerate and so I went for about two IV I you I cycles with that doctor and then I can switch to another doctor because I had to move to another town my treatment and sorry I'm a bad throat so that's when I underwent another two to three cycles of IUI and and so the cycles I felt that you know the team did not handle the Simmons sample very well so anyway so it just turned out to be a big failure all the cycles got busted it was so disappointing like I cannot express in words because you know your time you go happy okay so you got couple of eggs ready let's raise them and you know the disappointment is of this greater the fact that you are actually running from pillar to post to get it done you go to the doctor who's a gynecologist then you go to will somebody who does a sonography then you go to the third person who will in check to you so there is you are going to so many places in so many people now you end up burning and exhausting all your energy and at the end of it you want it to be successful obviously you are also spending money but if it doesn't work out then it does just really hard so anyways um all these five cycles and my doctor said okay you should consider going in for an idea and the moment I heard as ivf are you sure are you serious because i had heard so many bad things about idea that i just will not accept that i was my fifties i you are definitely wrong because i'm able to produce articles i have a good result I am absolutely for Talia I don't have a health problem I'm absolutely good to go why is it you wanted me to go in for an idea and she said sometimes we don't really know why it's doesn't work so an IUI has a very limited success rate so then thereafter it's better that you go in for an idea but but it was it was just not acceptable to me at that moment and I when I kind of look back and I you know I think about nicest reason is it wasn't acceptable it's because it's more because of the fact that there's nothing beyond idea so if I you're fails there's nothing beyond it how many cycles can you want to go obviously the mount of money is you're spending on I you I it's it just does is IVF we got good seven eight times at that money so you're putting so much money and you undergoing so much of therapy and you take so many hormones and yet there is no guarantee of it being successful so I thought okay you know kind of ditch this doctor let's go to somebody else but yeah before I do go to somebody else she took again kind of you know insisted that I see an IVF specialist okay so I so she recommended coming to me in in Delhi which is called Nova ibi and which is kind of you know headed by a very renowned fertility specialist and I decided to go to her for the for further treatment so I went there and I said okay why if you feel that your your semen samples have not been handled well so we'll do one more cycle with IUI with you let's see how it works and I wasn't happy but went to a fertility clinic and I was specialist clinic at that moment anyway so it worked that I've they started the treatment on me and they put me on injectables this time and I said why the hell are you putting me on injectables because I just take an oral pill it works each time I don't have to be put on injectables and I said no it's just going to give you a better success a better success rate okay so we try and I don't know sometimes you were kind of not emotionally or mentally prepared for it and it doesn't work it didn't work surprisingly I did not have a decent follicle growth for them in order to try night ie Y on me and the cycle got busted with no me you need to start looking out you know and be very we are not happy with how your follicles are growing and despite that we put you on good amount of medication don't waste your time energy we do an IBS and I just gotta talk to myself okay I'm EF sure and I thought maybe they're trying to kind of make money out of me so I said okay I'll think about it and I'll come back as soon as I'm ready for an IVF cycle so between this between all of this they will are cycles when um you know the follicles grew so big that they kind of converted into cysts and I have to take on medication for three months to able to you know dissolve those cysts and there were a lot of cycles that got wasted where we were not able to kind of grow the right size and it just stopped going at a certain point in time and there were a lot of cycles where you know I gave up and I said I didn't want to go anyway me any further with this because I don't want to take so much medication so I would you know if I look back I would have approximately taken up good 20 plus cycles on medication or more and with each cycle I kind of started going more frustrated more depressed because and I just felt it's just not gonna work for me ever ever never and and I kind of you know decided okay not ideal for me let me try for something else you know let me see if there's some of the doctor who can probably do me better and I spoke 2000k I we had a success rate with the doctor and why don't he go there and she's gonna try something and I went there and I said okay what is it you can do I have already done IV you I and I'm I've been referred to IVF she said okay let's try artificial insemination on you maybe it's going to work that's enough am I going to go back on that path again and wasn't IUI better because because the fact that you know they they use more clarified samples she said no it works I think she said I think insemination works better than I why I said okay anything to not do an IVF what weren't for me so I kind of had good three cycles with her and I would travel to another – you know get all that done and then travels to another city to get my four sons John that I was kinda shuttling between two cities and to and fro and eventually getting more depressed and more Harris by this entire infertility situation that's when you know we decided enough we've had enough and mother said that okay why did why don't you now go for an IVF you have to go forward if you're so sure you want to have a child you have to go forward and take this up it's nice there okay let's finally let's give it a try if I don't know whether it's gonna work not work but you know by the time I decided to go in for an IVF I had gone through a zillion zillion cycles I would say and i was really really losing hope of having a baby so I don't felt that even IVF is not going to be working on me well nebulus I went back to the same fertility clinic in Nova and they said okay where have you been for one year you know we saw you a year back and now you're coming where were you all this time and I said okay I wasn't ready to go in for an IVF and now I'm mentally prepared and it did take me quite quite a few months to Anna mentally prepare myself to go in for an IVF I took a break from all the fertility treatments I read about IVF and I thought okay if it does give me a griddle a better chance and a greater chance to be successful then let's give it a try no it's not just completely shut the mind on it so I decided to go in for an IVF cycle next okay so um I was you know kind of told this is going to be your expense for the IVF cycle and I asked them I said are you going to give me too many injections and the said we are going to give you injections but we promise you that as soon as your cycle gets over you will not suffer from side effects from and you know they're just going to be intramuscular injections and they're not going to be painful they're not going to me intravenous juice you know guys feel the bass um you know just kind of believe in what the doctor had to say I said okay if you think it's going to work for me let's get started they said we're not sure it's gonna work in your nod because you know there's really no you know surety that's going with which time but yes we will definitely do our best and we have a good success rate and I just realized that I was at a right place because there was a whole team of doctors and I didn't have to run from one corner gone to the other I could get my desks on there I could get my Diagnostics there I was getting my ultrasounds done by the same specialist and I would get my injections over there I was not running from one place to the other so that kind of made me feel that I was the right place and I was sitting on so much of my energy yeah but he has obviously it made a lot of financial involvement which I was okay with because I if I look back and I now find and I realized that I would have spent you know all this four times the money in last three years trying to go in for various fertility treatments so I was okay to trying I guess I can see how it went for me so it all started and I was kind of put on injectables was asked to come on day two of my periods and whispered on injectables for I think about about 16 or 17 days and thankfully I kind of grew about 16 follicles this time so that was a very hearty number that we that made me feel really good because the more amount of follicles you were able to grow and they're able to retrieve your chances will be definitely greater you know and I knew there were a lot of patients that the doctor would talk about with the other that we're not going enough follicles and they were quite worried about them so I kind of film that I'm with the right set of doctors because they was really empathetic about all the patients and when somebody comes for an IV treatment they do need a lot of empathy

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