My first IVF: 1 – About myself

hi my name is Beatrice I am from Spain but I live in Canada and I am going to start my first IVF procedure I am going to be recording my experience because I have some friends and family members who ask me to do so to try to help other people other women or couples that are going through the same problems that I have been through so I hope not to be very boring or overwhelming for people and I tried to be as helpful as I have had some people for me so first of all I would like to talk a little bit about me too so you can have a background on how or what kind of problems I have had or I still have so first of all I am 33 years old it's not about age it's a good age to be pregnant um I I have hypothyroidism I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism when I started in the fertility clinic in 2000 in October 2018 today is July 24th 2019 so it's almost a year now and I had my TSH level of about seven point something when I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism right now today I was told that after months trying to get get it settled and having meds my hormones I have it at one point 45 which is wonderful so for those who don't know when you're when you have problems with your thyroid you need to have your teaches levels be below three points so nine it is 1.45 that's good yes so for those who don't know the hypothyroidism is something very important it's not very well known because people think that hypothyroidism is it oh you're fat you only have to weight loss to lose weight but it's not only that it's you know you can have many many problems related to the thyroid the thyroid controls your whole body for those who don't know you can have hair loss overweight depression anxiety the skin gets worse you're tired you can miss your period so it's not only to be overweight in my case when I started in the fertility clinic in October 2018 as I said my weight was in about 240 pounds which is for those who don't know in pounds for the metric system is 109 kilograms of course I was ashamed because I was in on a diet constantly permanently and my weight was only up up up up and I couldn't understand why until my fertility doctor started to doing blood tests twice a week and he saw the fluctuation of my pH so he said hey you have hypothyroidism you need medication for this and I started with little traction 50 milligrams and I've been since November with the medication I got much better once I started the medication for the thyroid but like two months ago from now I started to feel again tired depressed and shoes I didn't feel myself and I checked my thyroid again and he it was high it was above for as I said you need to be below three to be able to get pregnant it's like very important to have your thyroid controlled after many many diets and a lot of exercise and jeans and everything by May the end of May I just lost three four kilograms were eight pounds ish more or less and it my weight was all the time fluctuating like going up going down going up going down but I could not improve my fertility doctor recommended me to do IVF several months ago but my BMI was about 40 points actually when I started in the fertility clinic it was about 41 which is a lot too much and even though I was on a diet and doing exercise my my weight couldn't be controlled so finally I have decided to start in a new diet that it's um it was recommended by my family doctor because I told her hey I really need to lose weight I'm going to do IVF and I need my BMI below 40 actually it's better if you have it below 35 but in my case it it was going to be very very long time so I talked to my doctor and my doctor said okay we could try to do it below 40 it's a risk but still less risk time above 40 about 40 there are no doctors who are going to to do this procedure but um if you get it below 40 it's it's going to be in okay so I talked to my family doctor she recommended me intermittent fasting so for the past month I have increased my medication for the thyroid because it was gain getting worse again so I they increased my medication to 75 milligrams of toxin and I started doing intermittent fasting intermittent fasting in my case is I have a scheduled time in which I can eat you can eat first in an interval of 6 to 8 hours you have to choose but the rest of the day and night you cannot eat at all so in my case I eat lunch at me at noon Adam 12 p.m. and I have dinner at around 6 between 6:00 and 7:00 p.m. okay depending on how busy I am and if I am really really really really hungry in the mid time like for example 3 p.m. something like that I might eat a little bit of ricotta cheese or a little bit of water melon melon something that it's not going to make you gain weight so I've been doing this for more than four weeks now and I'm very happy because I have lost 5 kilos oh of course I forgot to tell to say that in my meals nor lunch or dinner I eat zero carbs or at the minimum amount of carbs that it's possible so I don't eat any wheat or any rice or bread or anything that is going to be a high count of carbohydrates I mean if it's impossible to eat zero carbs but you can understand the concept so my my current weight is 200 219 pounds or ninety nine point five kilograms I think that it's still too much um but of course I'm still working on it it's not good to lose 20 pounds sorry 20 kilograms were 40 pounds in in a month right so you have to go step by step have a time-varying curates because I think it's the very first time in nine years that a diet is actually working on me let's see if it still works in the month so let's talk about the fertility issue right now but do you know a little bit about me I started going to the fertility clinic and the first thing that we did it was a natural cycle to see how my cell cycle works to see how my offeree work my ovaries work how many Phillipe follicles I do one side the other side how big they get you know all all what is related to the cycle your hormonal and your fertility cycle and after that they started they gave me plumbing it's a hormone that stimulates your ovaries nowadays they are trying to change it – Electress all incoming is kilometres getting retired from the from the market but still it's more or less the same um my ovaries didn't over react today to the plummet to the hormones so I still did just one follicle even though I was taking hormones what I have done every single month it's for my ivali ovulation day they have given me a trigger which is a betrayal it's a small injection it doesn't hurt at all don't worry you can do it yourself that it's it just one shot on your belly and it helps it makes that your folic you is going to release the egg in 36 hours because you may have a problem that your eggs are not released during your period during your ovulation time so they get bigger if your follicles get bigger bigger bigger bigger and the eggs inside the follicles just over mature and they are worthless they they cannot be fertile fertilized they cannot be ended so in this case when your follicles are big enough they gave you the around the trigger and those follicles open and read the egg so I still I wasn't getting pregnant I started taking for the two weeks period time sorry two weeks waiting period time which is after ovulation until you get your pregnancy test or your period that's two weeks I was having quinone intravaginal and that helps that your uterus is like sponge-like perfect so da can implant you can be implanted perfectly by itself it's it's it makes it easier um that's what I mean still I didn't get pregnant so they tried with gonna F gonal-f are basically those injections that are pure hormones those that I am going to use for the IBF but the dosage were less than four I'm EF I was having 75 units a day for around eight days and it was the same as in climbing when I went for my ovulation I mean when when I went to the ultrasound there were just there was just one follicle per se when one egg if there wasn't a name and of course I didn't get pregnant so they decided the doctor decided to run a test sonogram in which the doctor flashes through your uterus and your fallopian tubes a liquid and it's controlled or followed by the with a with the sonogram with them ultrasound sorry and he discovered that my left fallopian tube it was obstructed so basically when your fallopian tube is obstructed the egg or the sperm cannot go through because it's blocked um so that was a problem especially because 85% of the times I ovulate on my left side and it was my left fallopian tube which was obstructed so it was kind of very difficult for me to get pregnant it was obstructed and I already had a couple surgeries and he was considering my doctor was considering doing IVF with me he decided to do an exploratory laparoscopy to see how things were and to see if he could reopen the fallopian tube so I was scheduled a laparoscopy for February 28th and he found during the procedure in there and laparoscopy he found that because I was under surgeries twice when I was a child all my bowel was immense so my in spines were stuck to each other and to my belly there was a lot of scar tissue he had to make two more holes in my belly to remove that scar tissue and to separate my in Stein from the belly from the wall and when he checked my my predictor the auditory system he discovered that everything was okay except for the fallopian tube that was actually obstructed so he started flushing flushing flushing as I was under with anaesthesia I was completely asleep he could flash flash flash flood did he opened he could open the little open tube so after that laparoscopy my fallopian tube was gone but still I was working with my thyroid and I couldn't get pregnant anyways so we keep trying to reduce the amount of hormones and trying to improve my weight it was kind of impossible until I found this until my my family doctor recommended me this diet of intermittent fasting and I think that's it oh yes I did also two IU eyes which is artificial insemination that means that it's your partner or the don't sperm donor you have the sperm and the doctor wash it up which is washes it up and those good sperm are introduced in your uterus I call with a little bit of pressure to make it easier for them to reach the the eggs the fallopian tubes and the eggs it didn't work anyways any of them so even I wanted to try a third time my doctors say that it's very unlikely that it's going to work and I he thinks that it's going to be kind of a waste of money here in Canada or lists where I'm doing this in Toronto area I have to pay $550 for the IU I process and it's not all hid covered you have to pay it yourself and in addition to the $550 for the IU I have to pay for the hormones which is the of Israel the hormones first stimulation if you are having any the progesterone estrogen which are instructions to help you with the implantation and everything and that's about $1,000 more or less okay 206 the Cremona by $100 these trajans and $85 the Ovid row that's what I pay more or less if you're having any plumbing or when a life is going to be more plumbing is not that expensive trauma gets about five dollars per pill so if you're having one pill a day it's going to be about 10-12 days so 70 bucks 80 bucks more or less but if you're having gone on F depending on the amount of units that your injection I it's going to be more gonna live it's pretty pretty expensive mmm and yeah I think that's more or less my background so yeah I think so so for the prison um today it's my day it's I called day 2 my weight is 99.5 kilograms or 219 pounds my BM I its 39th sorry 38.9 which is better getting better every day and I am going to start my injections I will upload video of my injections when I do tonight because I haven't I I'm not going to do it right now I'm going to do it in a few hours and I think that's it so I will explain the hormones that I'm going to take tonight because they are all the packages are closed right now and I don't want to open it before time but basically I'm going to start today three injections per day one injection of gonal-f that I talked to you before but more it's going to be tribal dosage so instead of 75 units is going to be twenty two hundred and twenty five units and I'm going to start having two injections of menopur 75 units each one the vials are 75 units so that's why I have to do two injections I have to prepare one injection of 75 units another injection of 75 units and I will show you later I really hope this is going to help you guys and of course if you have any question you can just leave it in the comments I will I will try to answer as much as I can and I really hoped you you liked the video and you're not too harsh with me this is my first time doing this I'm not really to where I'm not the professional of these I am I'm just trying to help okay thank you guys

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