you guys are finally in labor it is technical it is a 29th already right yeah bro 29 137 and we actually been here since April 28th cuz we got here at 10:00 or 11:00 right we got here at 11:00 after watching the new marble and gain movie and yeah I was out with contractions throughout the whole movie so I just decided to come well we decided to come and yeah we're trying to beat trying to get entertained that's why huh we're not using them a sit here Sara my best friend okay there's Carlos you bought the assistant here are playing organs are gonna tack [Laughter] the end I'm over here trying to bounce on this ball entirely quicker she does okay on your attack una Sun may see not she's gonna be here they have a fire or they told me that if I don't get dilated until like 7:00 a.m. you can just pee bro yeah so hopefully she comes before then – turtle yeah we're gonna use it to kill anymore getting one boy back husband that's why I'm jumping oh yeah well keep you guys updated right now we're just going to play this game apart so nobody tell you things like as it is at 3:26 a.m. in the morning and this hospital is literally like so empty as it comes down it is it's and I mean which is nice because we can walk hey so we're gonna go and just do a lap I guess hopefully this will help me finally because I really do not want to get induced yeah oh my god like some bees over here yeah I know like look at these rooms they're all empty good morning everybody maybe a fat butts over there knowing that I can't eat Carlos take contraction subtraction get it over there eating chick-fil-a then we must ask one do ya oh good traction you're doing great eight out of ten you have any words to say future dad yeah see we have a frickin fortune teller over here she's the one that told me she was like she was like it's you're gonna have a girl and yeah oh yeah I thought it was gonna be a boy hey she told me you're gonna you're gonna cook to the hospital in the Monday and I'm here on the Monday and then she's like baby's gonna come out at 1:00 it's almost 1:00 so hopefully baby comes out anyway it is with him again 12:46 now and still um I tried I tried so hard to have the baby natural just with ivy and I just couldn't it's like she I just couldn't dilate more than seven or eight more than eight I was eight four four two hours in new in contractions were like every two minutes those contractions made me cry I did not slap you in the face Carlos um yeah I had to get that pidor oh I'm feeling way better right now I just uh I just couldn't do it um so yeah hopefully baby girl comes real soon I am exhausted I only slept like two hours I think no yeah from we want to sleep around for if we woke up we woke up at like 6:30 two hours yeah two hours so I'm exhausted I'm so tired I'm only in pancake setting according yesterday oh I'm so hungry so I'm just ready for this baby to come out baby girl come out already well what else happened Yuriko chick-fil-a yeah so like my feet are like filling really like pickle numb because so nah yeah yeah I can still feel baby girl like pushing and it's so hard like touch right here sir that's right yeah it's so hard yeah anyway I haven't been dilating and she I'm still a negative one station different name the negative one so I don't know I guess she doesn't want to come out just yet but um I'm just so ready for her to come out yeah earlier you were feel I really miss you right here but now it's harder like I just feel like ants are crawling all over my body yeah it's so them I'm just feeling so much better huh yeah did I say daddy to be really yeah I'm not feeling anything right now that's bad yeah which is amazing because I was just like well my plan was to come and try to do it natural what just kind of like go as I was like just go along and I hopefully have it natural but it's really it was just hard because she couldn't she couldn't go down like she would it and I wouldn't are late so that's our little update hopefully next update she'll be out I'm so excited for her to come out six contractions and I didn't feel any of them yeah she's ready she's like whenever you get pregnant that's the first thing she's guys okay she walks in the door alright you guys so we'll catch you catch you later push with your body look yeah cool and give you some resist five six seven eight nine am i fine right here [Laughter] you gotta you gotta you gotta you got it come on push come on [Applause]

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