My First Trimester Pregnancy Wrap Up! Symptoms + What's to Come

hey lovelies okay so this video is going to be kind of like today I am 15 weeks pregnant so I wanted to kind of give a rundown on my first trimester to get you kind of caught up to date so when I'm doing my weekly if I say something that happened prior you know exactly what I'm talking about my first trimester to be honest which she was really really crappy this is number three for me I have two girls already and this is number three all of those were really really easy my prior pregnancies pregnancies were really easy like I barely got much morning sickness I barely had any complications at all like it was really really easy pregnancies for the most part um so this one kind of knocked me off my feet I'm around six weeks I started to leave and have really bad cramps I'm sorry I rushed to the hospital and he pretty much labeled me as a threatened miscarriage they can't really do anything at that stage if you are experiencing cramping and bleeding and six weeks they pretty much just have to tell you to let your body do what it's going to do at that time I also found out that I had a believe is called it's a chronic hemorrhage where the placenta starts to separate from the uterus so that was the reason for my bleeding um and I also had a cyst on my ovary which was also causing discomfort so at that time I pretty much went on bed rest um and I bled up into about ten weeks once I got about ten weeks it just started to slowly die off and I didn't bleed at all so um that was a really really big scare for me and that rest is no joke I got so tired of laying in the bed everything's going numb your side's going numb you can't do anything you feel helpless you feel bad you feel like it's your fault so I had a really really rough time dealing with that and then just being really paranoid here for my baby like what if the placenta decides to kill elite Li come apart which is really possible for this hair to get larger and larger it was just it was just really rough um but I got through it I'm 15 weeks now the baby is growing the baby is healthy everything all of my tests have been coming back really really good no issues so God has really been on my side and I thank him above all that I'm still being able to go through with this pregnancy and I'm now in the second trimester so thank you symptoms of my first trimester there was no such thing as just morning sickness like I was sick from sleeping like I could wake up in the middle of night and just feel really nauseous so I felt it through my sleep too the next night going back to bed like I had all day sickness and it was just so I felt so miserable and I feel bad because I was taking out a lot of frustration and just ill I just felt really really ill um I took it out on my husband son and I really felt bad but it's just you know that it's all for the good you know you're dealing with it put your baby but at the same time to just have all day long just feeling miserable it can wear on you and I dealt with that I didn't start getting rid of their own all-day sickness to about 1213 weeks once I hit about 1213 weeks I started to feel normal again another symptom is just this constant need to burp I know that has to like to do with if your body is changing yeah things are being compressed and your digestion the cycle is being slowed down so that your body is able to absorb as much nutrients as they can before you dispose of the waste yeah so a lot of things are changing so burping I don't know just excess gas like just really burping a lot it's driving me crazy I got to take that feeling of just feeling like you have a knot in your chest it's terrible and another weird thing is this nasty taste in my mouth which I've heard a lot of people talk about I don't remember this my first and second pregnancy but this time it's like a non-stop just taste that just will not go away like you can brush your teeth you can eat something sweet something to coach your tongue and it's just it's good while you're eating you're fine and then a few minutes after you're finished eating or whatever you're doing is back and it's just like oh I know that has a lot to do with why I was nauseous as well just having that taste and not only that this is so nasty but increased saliva like I've never had to swallow like I had to spit so much of my life and there might be nasty but I'm pregnant y'all it is no shame in my game and imma just keep it keep it 100 with y'all that y'all I have not had a pregnancy or if you're going through it you are not alone like I have never had to swallow so much in my life like I don't think that sound summary did it like just that that I don't know so what what I've been doing oh also to get rid of the nausea and also the nasty taste in my mouth what the real what's really been working for me is I love these like dinner mints like their gum the soft ones and then kind of melt in your mouth I love these also another thing that's really been helping which I'm not a big Apple person at all like I love more of the exotic fruits I like I love mangoes and strawberries and stuff like that but I'm really not a big apple eater but however green apples have been like a lifesaver like I guess it's because of the bitterness and the sweep the arm sour taste to it has really been helping me out with the nausea and we just had a ultrasound and we're praying for a boy how was this a girl she's healthy it's not I already have twos like what's one more but we're praying for a boy because we don't have a boy now we left my husband to experience having a son um and I think I wanted more so for him than I do for myself because for me it really doesn't matter but I would love to know what it's like to raise a son like I would love to experience it I already had two girls but we're praying for a boy she said it is probably she would say 55% girl and I was just like okay my husband's face was just blade like really another girl but we have another ultrasound coming in May so we'll be able to tell definitely what the baby is so yeah thank you guys so much love you on my channel um if you don't follow me on Instagram go ahead and follow me you see a lot of pictures and updates on my pregnancy before I she put them up here on YouTube so you can see a lot of stuff first thank you so much make sure you leave comments below any requests or anything love you guys and I will see you in the next video bye

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  1. I had a subchorionic hemorrhage also around 8 or 9 weeks. I had to be on bed rest for a week. My baby is doing good and I'm sooooo grateful and happy. I'm currently 23 weeks pregnant. Have a happy pregnancy!!!!

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