hi guys um so today's video is pretty much it's kind of explaining and going into depth about my gestational diabetes if you guys watched like every other single video of gestational diabetes diabetes and being pregnant it's actually no different from everybody else's pregnancy videos as far as their story aloha Gd but everyone has different story everyone has different diagnosis everybody is kind of doing the different thing but we all are pretty much doing the same thing so right now what I'm doing is kind of just explaining you guys my story as far as how I was diagnosed my experience with it and kind of what I'm doing to control my diabetes I'm just because if you guys have seen my vlogs I don't really go into detail about it besides you guys seeing me doing my blood tests and then also me talking about me taking insulin and what I'm gonna eat so this video is kind of just going over and more in depth of how I was diagnosed and everything so that's what's gonna go ahead and happen with this video again if you guys also been watching my vlogs I don't have a camera right now because my camera is still doing the thing where it's telling me how the error so that's why I'm not recording with iPhone and I'm recording with my laptop to kind of talk to you about the story so right now the background is pretty much just my kitchen so bear with me guys um this is just kind of how the video is gonna go ahead and go but other right now I'm just kind of gonna go over the story and let you guys know so to kind of start off I found out I was pregnant or I didn't really find out I was pregnant for like until a month after I realized I wasn't my period and she's not really going to detail about my anxieties and stuff like that I was on anxiety pills and I did it know I noticed that I thought I wasn't getting my period because I was on anxiety pills but when I tell my psychiatrist that he said that he was gonna order for me to have a blood test and then as soon as he told me that I ultimately just thought maybe I should take a home pregnancy test and that's when I bought the clear blue the clear blue boxes and got into a pregnancy test I took the test and found out Eltham Utley that I was pregnant so that's kind of just what happened as far as me finding out I was pregnant and then I went to my primary doctor she referred me to my OB and I went to my OB appointment and then kind of going into how I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes was when I went to my first it will be appointment at nine weeks she said that I had a lot of sugar in my earring and then as soon as she said that she ordered for me to have a prank a Mike Lucas glucose test so then what our glucose test that everyone is taking right now if you're 24 to 28 weeks the glucose test that you take the drink she ordered for me to do that really early on so I did that and ultimately I thought when I had to and she said that I had a lot sure and my urine it she asked me what I drank or what I ate that morning and I did have a smoothie and so when these do contain a lot of sugar so I ultimately thought it was just that but at the same time I have diabetes in my family so my mom was pregnant with me when she had was pregnant with me with gestational diabetes and she had it also with my brother and then my dad and my dad side is actually diagnosed with type 2 diabetes so all of them have type 2 you my mom does have type two now but she was pregnant with me with GD at the time that she was pregnant so that's kind of how I knew also that was gonna be diabetic at one point in my life because I had such a strong family history of diabetes so as soon as I found that out I told her that and that's why she also ordered for me to be a early on your station or diet or early on glucose test so then at eleven weeks I went to go take my glucose test took our drink I did the fruit punch one which actually wasn't too bad but thing is that I did close my nose during the test because I just I didn't wanted to really taste it so I closed my nose and then I drank the whole drink within five minutes and then I waited that hour and a lot of people who now that are taking the test are as long as far as me I am 26 weeks and people that are taking it now for people that are due in October they are they said they've been getting sick but I think it's sick when I took my test so I thought I don't know maybe it was just that was because I was so used to the sugar or something like that but pretty much before I took the test you're supposed to fast and you're not really supposed to eat anything sugary and I think the one thing that I did do before I took the test was I did drink a glass of milk so I have a feeling that the reason why my number was so high for my glucose test was because I had a glass of milk but pretty much was I just said I took the test and two weeks later my OB called me and said that I was a high at 3:07 for my glucose test so that diagnosed me as a pre-diabetic and not a gestation not just a gestational diabetic and pretty much if you are taking a glucose test at least at my OB appointment she said the range you are supposed to be at was like 140 and even if you fail by like one point you have to take three-hour test but I was way above I was at 307 and when I got the call it was it was a little hard for me I started crying I pretty much was I was at work I talked her about it I freaked out and I kind of saw her like well what's gonna happen now pretty much had the same kind of reaction to everyone else had like wait what to do now what did I do like how do I protect this baby and because I was so really on I was just so scared because of all the risk and stuff like that and I felt like I'm gonna have such a long time until I give birth and that anything could happen now that I'm GD so it was it was really hard at for me at first but when I talk to my OB she kind of scared to me about how I need to go dietician I need to go to high risk OB and pretty much that I'm gonna be having a lot of doctors appointments and BMI diet plan but she did this kind of like describe to me like how everything's gonna be okay as long as I take care of myself and that it will be all a little case pretty much is what she was saying so that kind of made me feel good but at first like I was its heard a really big toll on me like I was always crying I kind of didn't feel good at all that whole day I actually went home because I didn't feel right like I felt like a failure even though a part of me kind of knew that I was gonna be diabetic at some point and if I was diagnosed diabetic my pregnancy then I shouldn't be as surprised so that's kind of just a story of what happened when I found out so just kind of going over into me being in with a dietitian and a high risk so that whole week after I found out I was a diabetic I called my dietician she's scheduled for console and do the class for an hour and then I scheduled with my high-risk OB so I scheduled it all for a Friday and this part is kind of me kind of going over my high-risk OB because sometimes some point of my pregnancy my high-risk OB has been kind of tough on me so um sorry guys I need to take a break for a second because I'm running out of breath every time I talk um okay so going to the story about when I first saw my OB so my high-risk OB so when I went to go see my high-risk OB I generally didn't know that I was supposed to see my dietitian first and then so when I first saw my high-risk OB I met with the wife of her of the high-risk and then they were all kind of like confused as to why I was there and without any numbers yet from my dietician and I told him that well this is my first time that I was diagnosed I'm only 11 weeks pregnant and I wasn't told like what else is to do so it was kind of a weird experience at first and it kind of not worked me but it was like well I didn't know so they were kind of just like not rude to me but they kind of gave me this feeling that I was supposed to do something that I didn't know that I was supposed to do so like but generally when I went in and I met with the wife she kind of went over GD for me I'm kind of described my appointments with the high-risk OB and kind of see how I'm gonna be I'm gonna at that appointment they took my a one c1 which a one c1 is pretty much the diabetes test or another diabetes test where they Chuck they prick your finger they check your blood and check your glucose and they did that to me and I was at a nine which is really high if you guys have seen that anyone see one scale it goes from a six to at 13 which thirteen is really high and nine is like kinda in the middle but it's still pretty high and this six is like really good so I was at a nine when I first took it at 11 weeks and ultimately my high risk OB ultimately said he wanted me to be on insulin he wanted me to start testing and he ordered for me for prescriptions insulin and stuff like that so again a lot different from a lot of just not a lot of gestational but the typical gestational diabetes because not a lot of gestational diabetic so we're gonna be also gonna be prescribing right away with insulin but if you are like a type 1 or type 2 they might have you be on insulin a righty or I think type 1 is where you have you're already on insulin so well like I was saying I was just I was prescribed with insulin right away and I was prescribed to take a a glucose meter and everything already so that's kind of just what happened at my high risk OB and then later that day I went to my dietician appointment so man with a dietitian kind of told her my situation then I was early on and it was kind of a weird situation because everyone in that room was pretty much like a lot further along than me and I was only at 11 weeks so for someone that was having their first pregnancy they were early on and going to this appointment or going into this class and kind of being one of the youngest ones and also kind of just there and still early on it was kind of weird because it just felt like well this woman sucks for me because I have a long way to go and so that's kind of what happened to the dietitian appointment she went over everything as far as my meal plan goes I'm on a 2,000 calorie diet and I'm pretty much I'm also on insulin so that's what I had to tell them and we went through the whole class and described everything so in my case I know everybody's different but you generally have to be like 120 or below after meals and for your fasting you have to be about 89 or below which is different from some people some people would have to be a certain amount with fasting and a story about with their one-hour and meals but that's typically how they set it here at my classes so I went through the class and from there I went to Walmart and got my prescriptions and pretty much got everything I needed from insulin which is kind of what I'm going to show you guys as far as what I do do so first off okay so my doctor or my dietician prescribed me or he actually gave this to me for free this is the OneTouch Braille flex and generally what I get with it is a OneTouch radial strips these ones are the 15 lines but my insurance gives me 100 so these are the ones that I use this one I just it comes with your own little picker and then you can go ahead and adjust it to like a seven I believe I always use it to like a four and I always prick it with my middle my ring finger or my pinky finger and my dietitian appointment they did go ahead and kind of went over how I'm supposed to use it and what these ones I have had mixed rubies with it some people said that these ones are inaccurate some people have been using it but this is only what I use I was saying about getting a different one but for now I'm just using this one so that's what I use for checking my glucose meter and then the insulins that I am speaking so I used Hema lakh and Hema long is the fast reacting fast reacting insulin and this is the one I use I know a lot of people are using different ones but this is the one that my high-risk OB said to use I don't know if it's because I have a higher glucose level or what it was I know some GDS are not using Humalog and some people are using like a more lower dose but this is the one I've been using for the past six months now so I use this I have to use it in the morning my dinner time and that's pretty much it so in the morning I use this wine like four units of it and then my dinner time it's about six units so I use this and then I have no Valen N and that one is gonna be my long reacting insulin this one I use a lot of and so this one is in the morning as well with my Hema log so I'm usually mix these two together and this one is pretty much I use 10 units of this in the morning I do about 26 units of it for my fasting and the reason why I'm so high six units because I am at 26 weeks and I'm getting a lot long a lot bigger so my fasting numbers kind of happened all over the place so I've been a little bit higher for my mph so noble antenna so when I take and then I take these two together in the morning and then I have a lot of my alcohol pads I keep these in my bag right here that you guys seen in my vlogs these are the ones that I keep everything pretty much in this bag so that I can take it with me anywhere that I need to be and then I have things for injuries so I get prescriptions for my insulin syringes I don't do like the pump or anything like that I actually do the injections which for me the injections are actually not that bad I typically do it on my stomach I was gonna do it on my thigh but I have a nice sweet on my side I feel like my left side is a little bit more sensitive than my right side but it's the injections are not as bad as I thought it would be and this is what typically is what the syringe looks like it's really small it's like the tiniest needle ever and generally this one goes into 50 50 units and are typically the highest that I've done it was 26 so that's this is my insulin stuff and then to kind of to keep track of everything that I do for my blood sugars is I keep it in my planner and this is what I generally do so I have a box right here and then it will tell me lay my fasting blood or not blood practice lunch and dinner and then just typically I keep track of it there and then you're writing on a piece of paper that my high risk OB does so that's what I've been doing as far as keeping in touch for keeping my diabetes in control and just kind of going over as far as everything of how honey I'm doing so at first when I first took the insulin I was very sensitive to it I would always have low blood sugars as soon as I took like the Fox reacting and I had a reaction and when you do the reaction it kind of feels like it feels like you're getting really hot and then you feel like you're about to like pass out and which is really scary because if you are crashing and you have you feel like you're gonna pass out it can be really bad because if you pass out it's possible that you can go into a coma so that it's kind of what freaked me out but my OBO told me that I'm supposed to have like a glass of milk not a glass like eight eight ounces of milk and then see if that works so that doesn't like them to use four ounces of orange juice and when I first started I actually started eating like a banana or like peanut butter or like some kind of piece of candy like some kind of sugar to help me get back to my blood sugar that I needed to be so that was just kind of how the first week went and then my first week as far as meals go as hard as I was trying I had a very high spectrum of different numbers so that first week I actually had to go to my first trimester screening for my high risk OB and this is where it kind of gets a little hard for me to like say that I like my high risk OB but the higher Scobie that I'm going to his only high risk OB in my city so when I went to my first trimester screening he went over my first numbers and the first thing that he said was that he thinks that he needs to bring the hospital in so that's generally how it started with my high risk OB and he kinda was making me feel bad for me having high ranked numbers and then said that if I'm driving and I have a blood sugar crash right I can crash into someone and I'm gonna kill someone and pretty much that I'm going to go to jail lose my life's and stuff like that and at first it was really hard for him for me to really get along with him at that point because it was just like why are you telling me this and my first week of actually having a gestational diabetes having to go through all the changes having to do all this stuff and because I have my first week was so all over the place that if you kind of telling me everything that is gonna scare me in my gestational diabetes so at that point big after he said that he was pretty much saying that his only blessing was for me to go to for me to go into the hospital and to be monitored and at that point I was just like I don't want to do that I don't want to do that like that's just gonna be a waste of money and he even said himself that if I go to the hospital it's gonna be a lot of money and this was also where he kind of said like a buy a comment where he's like it's gonna be more than your income so my do you guys can tell when I went to this appointment it was kind of like a really crappy appointment and this is what made me feel horrible about my gestational diabetes and made me feel like just giving up so that is how that all happened at my first trimester screening but at the end of the day I told him that I wanted to wait and see how my how my second week goes and then I'll let him know what I'll do so after that appointment again I was having a lot of mixed with not make servi of those having mixed feelings about my high-risk OB I was bad and I didn't feel good like I didn't know what to do and even my boyfriend was at that point pretty much telling me like well what are we gonna do and we really have to get in control of for your diabetes so I tried really hard as far as what I was eating I try drink a lot of water and my numbers I was still having some insulin crashes and I called them about it and pretty much every time I try to call him about it he said that well I still think you need a hospital so at a point after that first week and after the second week of me trying to get help from him it started feeling like I wasn't gonna get the help that I needed unless I go to the hospital so after that week the second week I finally decided that I'm just gonna go ahead and go to the hospital and I went to the hospital so I went to the hospital and it was a Monday and I got admitted into it and pretty much I had to stay in the hospital for at least two days three days and honestly the only thing that they ever did was pretty much they shed my blood sugars they made sure I was eating all the time and they made sure the type of meals that I was eating was good and everything was pretty much something that I could have done at home but because my high risk OB felt like he couldn't really figure out what was going on with me that's why I went to the hospital so when I was in the hospital it was all good but there was a lot of miscommunication in the hospital as far as like the nurses in my high-risk OB and what my high-risk OB wanted from the nurses because I there was a time that in the morning where they were giving me my first insulin in the morning before my breakfast and I asked the nurse if I was gonna get food before she gave my injection and she said that I that the food should be coming in five minutes which the food and I'm not coming for another hour and this was me taking my one out for my fast reacting insulin so I had a blood sugar crash and I would felt like I was gonna pass out and the nurses were running to get me food and after that it was like a mess and I was just like over the whole Hospital thing which was all right that was like the only bad thing about the hospital but after a while I was getting over it and I wanted to go home so luckily my iris Toby told me that I can go home after this second or third day and let me out that night so I can go ahead and go home and you realize he found out that is basically for me it's just a diet it's nothing to do with like my insulin nothing to do in more chemically for me it's more a diet for me to be in control so just kind of going over that that that's just my story as far as me realizing that I only have to focus on my diet and I just need to diet controlled for me to control my diabetes but that's also kind of the story with my high-risk OB as far as having a situation where I felt like I wasn't gonna get the help I need unless I got unless I went to the hospital and by all means like I'm not a doctor I'm not a nurse or like a medical adviser um it's just kind of seen how watch watching different gestational diabetes stories and all the YouTube videos because there's not I feel like there's not a lot of YouTube videos about gestational diabetes when I first was diagnosed I asked my doctor about it and she told me to pretty much be YouTube it and there's a lot of videos of it but when you're pre-diabetic or you're diagnosed as someone with a really high glucose score come and you're watching youtube videos you're trying to google about gestational diabetes it's it's mainly moms or mainly pregnant women that have been diagnosed at like 28 24 to 28 weeks you don't really see people that are diagnosed at early on or you didn't really see a lot of people that are showing what they had it go through it so I hope as far as this video goes and I can help or not help pretty much like relate to some of you that have been diagnosed pretty early because I was diagnosed at 11 technically nine weeks and I already knew that I had a history of diabetes so it was this is more for someone that knows that they have a history of diabetes and knows that they've been early on diagnosed or they're pretty sure that they're gonna get diabetes during their pregnancy or after diabetes so it I'm not trying to tell people that it's there is a very big difference with Gd versus pre-diabetes because no matter what when you're diagnosed at pregnancy you're gonna be treated like you're just having gestational diabetes even though some parts of it at the end of the day you have to realize that someone that is a pre-diabetic you do have to realize that you are gonna be a diabetic after and you'd really have to take care of your body and be well controlled after and with that said I'm not really active I feel like I I don't know the gym but I don't go to gym often I do like to do a lot of cardio so whenever I go to the gym I do go and the treadmill or I do some kind of cardio like running elliptical the bicycles stuff like that so that is something that I do do I do like to go exercise sometimes but not very often and as far as like my eating goes I'm Filipino so as a Filipino I eat grapes and there's a lot of foods that include a lot of carbs there are spaghetti is like full of sugar we eat a lot of foods that contain a lot of carb intake or they create sugars so I said Philip you know it's hard because it you can't really control other food that you eat or you can but because I like live with my boyfriend and I'm not living at home with my mom my mom always makes Filipino food and I have here at home I make like food that is not anything to do with carbs or I try to but there's some times as a Filipino I crave Filipino food so being diabetic is kind of funny when you're a filipino because you're eating foods are a lot more carb intake and probably not very diabetic friendly and then sometimes I crave a lot of Mexican food and I create mix and give food like nothing and so that includes a lot of corn our products lot of carbs so it it's hard being diabetic and personally I don't know how I'm gonna do it after my pregnancy because a part of me feels like I'm probably still gonna want to eat the way that I used to I used to drink a lot of dr. pepper before I was even pregnant so that has a lot of sugar and now I have to settle for water or like the spindrift or sparkling water that doesn't include sugar or carbs so it's it's definitely a an experience when it comes to trying to figure out what I need to eat and just Dean knowing that I'm gonna feed I back pretty much for the rest of my life I know that I have to work on working out be more active work on my diet but honestly right now this is the most control that I've ever been with my diet and kind of just to really make some of you guys feel better as far as it or not makes you guys feel better but to feel a little bit better and that made me that helped me feel better about my gestational diabetes or my diabetes in general while being pregnant is when I went to my pediatrician visit so when I went to a pediatrician visit it was the prenatal visit and this is where you basically just meet with a pediatrician and you've got to know the pediatrician that your baby is gonna see when they're born so when I visit her I she could tell that I was stressed out it was funny cuz I was like I need a right away when I went to that appointment that I need how to tell her that I was just a tional diabetic or I was diabetic and that I was nervous about me having the baby and the baby having a little blood sugar because when you aren't diabetic or your gestational diabetic the likeliness of what could happen when your baby is born horse case is the baby will have a low blood sugar so I told her that I was nervous about that and what would happen if my baby did have low blood sugar like what the worst case scenario was because I wasn't afraid of knowing what the worst-case scenario was and I know a lot of people don't want to know that or don't want to think about it but for someone like me I I need to know these things to be prepared and what I can do to make me feel better so I asked her and she was she ought automatically she was like don't worry about that don't honestly I could see it in your eyes you're stressed out don't worry about it and I was just like okay like I'll I won't rest about or try not to and she pretty much was like I see moms all the time that our gestational type and gestational diabetic it is very common and a lot of people have it or a lot of moms do you have it and it's honestly it's something that is not as big as you guys think it is so that kinda relieved me but I was just like still freaking out or someone like me I'm just always still thinking the worst of things and she was just telling me that the worst thing that could happen is the baby going to the NICU or the NICU and just for like – two or three days and the only thing that they really do when your baby has a little blood sugar and they go to NICU is that they give the baby glucose gel so they give this baby a glucose gel they pretty much have to like swab it or something in their mouth and then the baby stays in NICU for about two days and then the baby is fine and that's that was how she described it to me so when she described that to me it was I would just like wait really that's all what happens and then I mean she did tell me like the worst case scenario like oh like if the baby if the baby's not doing so well and stuff like that but she said that most cases it is that that's what happened and the baby always turns out fine so it is coming from someone that is the first time going to be a first-time mom at first and pregnancy that kind of relieved me but it did make me feel better as far as what happens when you are a gestational diabetic or when you are a diabetic that is pregnant in most cases if you guys have read online or if you guys are reading online in those cases Gd is pretty safe and the big noise comes out healthy so that's why it's to me thinking about it or when I first thought about gestational diabetic cuz I thought it was in another world and I know some of you guys are probably thinking it's that another world with you guys being diagnosed now I like 24 to 28 weeks but really it's just the fact that my pediatrician said that and from reading and actually listening to her it was it made me feel good because I know that I just have gestational diabetes and that my baby is most likely gonna turn out hide and it might be the fact that the baby is gonna turn out big or not harder for me to really give birth to the baby might turn out bigger and for me might be my baby is Wayne where he needs to weigh and he's growing at the ready he needs to he needs to grow but as far as like other moms I'm not too sure but that was honestly something that made me feel good when I now when I talk to my pediatrician and being gestational and for someone that said that I was looking stressed all the time she definitely kind of helped out of being calmed down and that's it guys that's my gestational diabetes video I'm sorry again I don't have a camera and it's not the greatest quality and I probably didn't explain everything I wanted to explain in this video but this video is going up as far as just like how my gestational diabetes goes if you guys have any questions you guys can always go ahead and ask in my comments if you did like the video you can like and subscribe and again I'm not a medical adviser I'm not a doctor I'm not a nurse I am just going with the flow with my gestational diabetes I don't think I'm the greatest person when it comes to my diet I'm not someone that is gonna tell you guys what you have to eat what you need it's pretty straightforward you can always go ahead and look up more gestational diabetes videos on YouTube or you guys can look it up and see like what's the best meals and the one thing that I do agree on though that everyone says the stream cheese cheese is pretty much the best thing you can eat when you are just a tional diabetic because it is a lot of protein and it's a great snack form so honestly there it's no different from everybody else as far as this video goes that was just my story I'm a pre-diabetic but right now I'm thinking it as I'm a gestational diabetic but I am going with the flow and I pretty much just wants why you guys but you don't really have to worry about anything because at the end of the day I'd regain what you have to do your baby is gonna end up okay but that said that that's that's just me that's just me kind of being real with you guys and letting you guys know that that's what I was told and I'm just trusting everyone's judgment everyone's talk I don't expect people to really listen to me I just kind of wanted to tell you guys how my story went down and yeah but again I'm sorry that I'm not the greatest when it comes to recording videos and this is my first time ever doing anything like this I know I've always been trying to record videos when I was younger and create content right now that I'm actually doing more of it it's definitely different so thank you guys for watching and I will definitely be posting more videos as far as my vlogs go and plenary videos go if you guys want to see anything in particular as far as like what I actually when I as a gestational diabetic or what kind of lunches I do definitely let me know um but other than that thanks guys for watching

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