My HCG Levels Are Not Doubling But Rising

My HCG levels are not doubling but rising. For eighty percent to ninety percent of women,
the hCG hormone will double every two to three days during pregnancy. I’ve heard that if it does not rise fast
enough, something is wrong. If the levels are rising but not doubling,
you probably have a normal pregnancy. There were studies of women who had a baby after
having a fifty percent rise over two days instead of doubling. So as long as it is going up, I do not need
to worry. The hormones may double over a 72 hour instead
of a 48 and still be in the normal range. What if it is not going up fast enough long
enough? hCG only doubles in the first days and weeks
of pregnancy. It should not be going up if you’re past the three month mark. I’m not that far along. Some doctors measure your blood test results
against that norm. For example, at six weeks, your hCG should be over 1000. What if it isn’t? Then you might not be six weeks along. Or I might not be pregnant at all. The levels that they think you should be at
may be off if you are not as far along as you think you are. Or you could have low hCG
levels because there is an intrauterine pregnancy or gestational sack. The doctor said that if the levels stay this
low, he needs to do a D&C. Do not rush in to get a D&C because the hormone
levels are not rising like they think they should. Wait a few more days or weeks, until
they can do an ultrasound with good odds of getting a heartbeat if there is one. Sonograms are expensive. Stop doing blood draws and wait for a sonogram
for a definitive yes or no answer. And if it is not viable, it is not likely you’ll
stay pregnant. In other words, do not rush out to kill what
might turn out to be a healthy baby. I hate the waiting. The doctor should test for progesterone levels,
which should also be rising, in addition to hCG. If the hCG levels are dropping, you’ve
had a miscarriage. We went through too much work to have this
baby. For most guys, it is not nearly as much work
as what you’ll have when you have the kid. Look, levels that do not double do not mean
you are having a miscarriage, and lower levels do not mean you cannot have a healthy kid. What I do have is a lot of stress. So pamper yourself like you’re due a push
present and wait a few days for whatever happens to happen. Or a few months for what I really want to

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  1. A very reassuring video although the audio wasn't great as they sound robotic. I had a HCG 15, 346 two days ago and today at 23, 796. They've not doubled BUT I've since read that after they reach 6000 it can take 96 hours to double. I am keeping everything crossed! I am six weeks today (with two gestational sacs seen as 4wks 4 days!). I pray things work out..

  2. I had good numbers at week 6 but doubling only every 4 days, two doctors confirmed the miscarriage will follow, based on those numbers. I wanted to wait. End of week 6 we have seen the heartbeat, hcg still rising but too slowly. Week 7 – no heartbeat, had to do a D&C. Even my surgeon said – such slow rising levels mean this pregnancy was not viable from the bare beginning. 🙁

  3. my HCG5 level is low 133.76 dr. give me tables duphaston can my hcg level increase what can i do.. i m scared… i want my baby….i very upset…😓

  4. I was pregnant in two times (2016, 2017) first time 9 weeks my baby aborted. Because of low hcg. This year also when I was 5 weeks , my hcg is large amount. Next week it was not double. Dr said to me "hormone not improving. After normal periods, you should test all hormone like tyroid, estrogen etc. ". I am so upset now. Decrease hcg no have any medical solution? I mean supporting injection or something like that.?

  5. i have missed period ..i also take a test of batahcg nd my hcg point is vary low its 48.5 this bad dr says me 2week for w8 ….so what can i do for this upset tooooo

  6. my hcg leavels on the 8th was 2 and did a other one yesterday and its still 2 what dose it mean my docter wants me to do a scan

  7. my doctor diagnosed a miscarriage because 2 days ago my hcg was 1,302 and today(2 days later) my hcg is 1,620 . i have slight lower back pain that comes and goes and ive had no cramping or heavy bleeding… has this happened to anyone ?? and i woke up feeling less bloated today my last period was feb 22-28

  8. Hello girls I'm 5 weeks and 6 days old. Last wednesday 04/24/19 I had a bleed at 10 am at work, I was very scared. So I ran to the doctor. She told me to have an ultrasound, which showed the gestational sac, but could not see the embryo. Bleeding was not due to pregnancy. The uterus is closed. But since the event I have had strong cramps and bleeding like menstruation. I did a test of the beta HCG that was 3100 last wednesday and repeated the test again on Friday 04/26/19, that was 3700. According to the doctor the fetus is not developing as it should. If it is a normal pregnancy the HCG beta count has to double. I'm waiting to do another ultrasound next week. Has anyone ever had anything like this? Thanks

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