My Home Birth Story – Natural Childbirth Video

I was born at home and I grew up hearing stories about how it was born at home and how wonderful it was and how peaceful it was and my dad and my mom both just had a tremendous experience with the home birth and so when I got pregnant I knew that I wanted to have a home birth I knew that I could do it because my long had done it and it just felt right you know it just felt just felt like it was a natural thing like I didn't I didn't feel like I had to go the hospital or how to give me ambulance or I had to take drugs or anything for it to happen it felt like I needed any interventions to make that happen I felt like my body was capable of doing that on some but Andy is not a woman and he does not quite understand that connection with the body he's more based on statistics and facts and he wanted to make an educated decision and so did I we wanted to really make sure that aside from me feeling comfortable that we were doing the absolute best thing that we could for our baby and so we looked around and we found out our options and we took a tour of a hospital they took a tour of birthing centers and of course we already knew about our own home when I went to the hospital I was keeping an open mind I really was keeping an open mind but I've never really felt comfortable in hospitals or doctors offices you know they've kind of made me feel sick or I'll go in there and my energy be high and everything will be great and I'll notice I'll be in there for like 20 minutes and I just start to feel like laughs so it was never a place that I felt peaceful in or felt any sort of serenity and and so I knew immediately it would be kind of hard for me to relax in that sort of environment and not Tessa and then on top of that I started interviewing the hospital staff and when I expressed to them that my plan was to have a natural birth they kind of this look like yeah uh-huh she doesn't know what it's like you know wait until she's in labor she's gonna be telling a different story then and they just kind of discounted it they just kind okay well you know we'll see what we can do and you know we're just going to take it one step at a time and then they continue to tell me about when they do the pitocin and when they do the epidural and when it's too late for the epidural and just all of these things that I had already made up my mind that I did not want I wanted to give birth to my baby naturally because I knew that I can do it I didn't need a hospital taking my baby out of me I needed to give birth to my baby myself and so I knew that they were not really on my team they were not really on my side as far as having a natural birth yes they wanted to have a healthy baby but as far as the actual birthing experience and my vision of having a natural childbirth they weren't exactly going to be working towards making that happen that wasn't their goal and so I didn't want to be in that environment I didn't want to be in the hospital and have to fight for my right to have a natural childbirth I just wanted it to be able to happen I wanted to feel supported and loved and so that wasn't the right place for me so I started to go to birthing centers and I found some really great birthing centers that were not connected to the hospital they were just around by midwives and the one that I chose that Midwife died and they're dealing with was really fabulous and she worked in a birthing center but she also did home births and the birthing center was really nice I felt comfortable in it it felt like a home to me and I could see myself giving birth there but then once I started to talk to the Midwife more and more and I asked her what is the difference between having a home birth or doing a birth at the birthing center and she looked at me very plainly and said then there's no difference at all it's just whatever makes you the most comfortable that's what you should do and I really you know went home and Andy and I thought about it and we discussed it and the place that I felt that absolute most comfortable in it was at home and so we decided to go ahead with the home birth after educating ourselves about it and making sure that we had preparations and everything set up properly we have a number to the hospital we had the Midwife carried with her all of the stuff that she would need in case she had to intervene and that was nice that she did have all that stuff but I tried not to think about it she kind of just tucked it away in the corner of the kitchen and I was like okay granny for there but I'm not gonna think about it because I'm not gonna mean it and so we went into it and it was fabulous is fabulous my mom helped me set up the birthing space and my contractions started about 1 o'clock the morning and I came down and the place was beautiful there was beautiful music playing and there was candle light everywhere I had dozens of candles and the fire was lit we had a small fire going and the room smelt like lavender and it just felt like a sacred space I just came in there just like oh I just kind of immersed myself in the energy of my surroundings and it started to really flow into me because I realized that as soon as my birth began I was super sensitive to everything I was sights sound sensations smells everything was like intensified but a million I was in this altered state of being and I picked up on all of the energy from the room and all of the energy from the room was and it was all peaceful and it was all beautiful and it was all just soaking into me helping me give birth to my baby and throughout my birth every time I had a self-destructive thought like oh I don't know if I can do this this is really raw for this contractions really strong or you know I kind of just stopped by pause and I just take a breath and just kind of soak in the energy from the room and that would get me on track again and everything it would just it just worked so well to just call me down and just you know I just look around and I had pictures of strong women I look at it I can do this I'm a woman I'm strong and capable and I just felt so loved and so supportive everybody respected everybody expected respected me and everybody respected the baby and everybody respected my body and everybody respected the birth and it was such a supportive supportive environment and it really made all of the difference in the world

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  1. @bubbles The birth was perfect in every way! It wasn't painful at all, and I think that alot of it had to do with my interpretation of the contractions. I stayed away from self defeating thoughts like, "OUCH this is painful!" instead I kept telling myself, "This is intense, this is powerful, this is incredible, this feels AMAZING! and so it did! It was only me Andy and my Mom there and the midwives sat on the porch, came in a couple of times to check the heart beat, & when I was ready to push

  2. did u still enjoy ur birth even thought u didnt have any drugs for the pain? what did the midwife do? how interventional was she? how many people were at ur birth?

  3. If you feel homebirth calling to you then you should definately answer the call. It can be the most incredible and rewarding experience of your life! You are a woman and you possess great inner strength beyond your wildest imagination, just trust your body, it knows what to do. Birth is a natural process, and it's nothing to be afraid of. How far along are you?

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