My Honest Birth Story! First Time Mom

hi everyone so today I'm going to be doing a video on something that a lot of people have been asking me about which was my birth so it's kind of gonna be like a birth story video I'm not posting the actual video I might put little clips and here and there when I have clips from the waist up but they wouldn't let me have the third part or the fourth person I wanted in the room to record from my waist up so only have the video from my waist down and everything so I'm not gonna be posting that part but I will post the clips that I do that after my last video when I said I had gotten induced so I was about at 3 3 centimeters dilated and then they moved me over to an actual room and I was still getting contractions and then I tried to walk around at one point when I was having contractions I thought about to fall over in the hallway I can no that was not for me well they got me all set up in my actual room so this is about at like 6 p.m. then I was dilating pretty fast on my own which I was surprised about I thought they're gonna have to give me some type of medicine to speed up the labor or to make me contract faster but each time they came in I was contracting faster and the contractions were horrible a lot of people haven't asked me like pain-wise the contractions were really bad it would hurt super bad for one minute and it would just go away so I was just really trying to breathe through them and I was just squeezed on to the hospital bed and my boyfriend would be rubbing my back so I didn't not plan on getting an epidural I planned on trying to do natural and just seeing how it went but I didn't do any type of birthing classes didn't do much research on it I found out I was pregnant very late and that's another story but yes I just feel like I didn't have the time to really do my research on natural births or to plan for it so I wasn't against getting out just gonna see I went I was at like a 5 or 6 when they asked me if I wanted the medication that went through the IV and I said yes I was just gonna try it I was in so much pain so they did that and that instantly I thought was gonna be like a little bit of a pain medicine it was a pain medicine but it made me feel so high right away it just hit me so hard and I was really surprised like I was just in a lot of a better mood I was talking a lot laughing a lot but the contractions still hurt even through that they told me I can get my epidural all the way up until literally I was a 10 if I needed to just as long as I can sit still and I ended up getting it when I was at a 7 because I was in so much pain Derk injections are just getting so strong and a lot closer together and what happened after that oh you know I was really scared to actually push without any epidural like I don't know I was just getting so scared I was like I can't do it I can't even imagine how painful that's gonna be when I start pushing I can't getting up at all obviously because I'll be pushing so I'm just really scared and I was like okay I'm gonna get it it's my mom his mom his dad and his sister-in-law so they went out in the hallway but he could stay in the room with me while I was getting my epidural and I was really scared to get me an epidural because my mom was always saying that needle is literally this long and it's the worst pain you'll ever have in your whole life like someone it's just I don't know she was just going on and I'm horrible it was so I was scared for that I think I jumped a little bit but not but not really when I got it just because I was so scared like I just loves me so bad but it really didn't hurt like at all to me I don't really know what how it was a tube but I said it was some type of a tube that they put in my back because they gave me a button to press and they said if my contractions get worse if I can still feel it or anything to press the button and it will give me more epidural in through the tube that goes in my back and I was just like okay and talking about when they broke my water that's another thing is that when your water breaks it's not like it it is on the movies it might be for some people but not that common for your water to break because I believe usually you're pretty far along when your water breaks so they came in the room and they're like okay we're gonna break your water now is it okay not scared for this because for some reason I thought I'd be able to feel it and I didn't so they broke my water and they were like okay so whenever you're ready start pushing just press the nurse button and well come in and we you can start pushing out just like um I got just woken up I had no idea what's going on I didn't think that I had slept that long and so they didn't tell me how far I was dilated to until I think my boyfriend asked he was like how far is she dilated now she's a 10 so she can push whatever and so I'll just like oh my gosh like I was not expecting that then there was a video of me saying that I was ready to push and I was just really calm so I was ahead the IV medication and I also had the epidural so they just said whenever I felt pressured that I'd start pushing so I said usually for first-time moms it would take about two hours to push and it only took me 20 minutes to push are you ready to push I didn't I just realized this is super annoying I've been rocking back and forth my little nursing chair like footrest part so imma try to stop but yeah so when I was pushing it just felt like pressure it didn't hurt at all Oh having him actually didn't hurt at all no I'm not so scared just because all the things that people always say about how horrible labor is and it probably would have been definitely more painful obviously if I did a natural birth but I think that whatever way you decide to do it you'll be fine just don't let people keep scaring you about it because people love to try to scare you about labor which I don't get why but but overall the experience was amazing I was just so in shock I thought that I was gonna cry when he came but I didn't I think I was just so instruct and I don't know I'm kind of bad at showing excitement too so I was just like standing there like just in awe just looking at him and I cried I think I cried like the next day or maybe even in the hospital and I was just looking at him just crazy seeing something that I created I spent inside of me for so long and it was just an amazing experience just overall so after I had him after the hour of skin time and probably like a Wyatt like just like sometime after that they finally got me up to try to go to the bathroom on my own and they had two nurses because usually after the epidural you can't walk or anything but I was completely fine um I have no idea why it wasn't like I didn't feel like pain or like I had are really easy recovery and a lot of people say like after you give birth well by a lot of people I mean like my mom and family that I've seen they say that usually after you have a baby or relaxing in bed for like a week at least and I kind of been out and about and not really not in pain or anything so I definitely had an easy recovery I had you see pregnancy labor recovery so I just really want to thank God for that because I was not ready to be pregnant in the first place I didn't know I was so scared about everything literally terrified I was not ready for labor in any type of way and God really just made this easy on me because he knew that I could not handle anything like any complications or anything so I'm just blessed the Hugh's healthy and that everything just went well a question that I was asking a lot of people that I had known that just had kids was how do you know you're in labor because I kept having like the pre-labor contractions and so I had gotten checked at least probably like three times by the hospital they're probably so sick of me but it felt like they were actual contractions but they weren't painful like everyone was saying you'll know what their contractions and I was like I just don't think that I will but know you'll know so one thing I like to expose was just how do you know that you're actually in labor like you lose your mucus plug use your water break and everyone just has a different answer another thing that people ask me there's mainly my friends but they asked me if I pooped and I didn't and I should I was kind of scared that I would I don't know why but I thought that I would be even if I would have it's okay because they're doctors and that's their job it's not it's not like not normal but I didn't so I'm glad that I didn't um trying to think of other things people have asked me just a lot about the pain the contractions like I said like it keep saying they do really hurt it does feel like someone's like stabbing you like really bad cramps but like really really bad cramps like someone's stabbing you for a minute and then let it and then just let it go and it completely goes away and they just keep getting closer and stronger and then when you feel contractions when you're about to push that's when you pushes during the contractions when you push they tell you to push like you're pooping so I don't know I just the doctor kept telling me that I was doing very good and I thought that she was just saying that because she was trying to be reassuring he was just saying that because she was trying to be reached why can I say this not that she was just saying that I was doing good to be reassuring but no I actually was really about to have him so I was very close I thought she just kept saying you're close you're close just so that I would keep pushing but and they also told me like to hold my breath and really push like my whole breath put like my whole breath towards pushing which I was surprised I thought that you were supposed to like breathe through it but I definitely had to breathe through my contractions I would just go in through my nose and out through my mouth and that helped me so much so that's why I was debating on going in because I really did not want to be sent home again but I was just like at this point they need to keep me because I'm Way over my due date and I created him it's just it's really something that you just can't explain to other people I don't people always say that having a kid is just like a different type of love for a lot of people will say labour was hard but it's so worth it and it definitely is I would go through it a million times again if I had to because it really was just even though it's caring and it definitely was painful it's just so amazing like that results in the end it's like you're doing all this hard work but you know that good is gonna come from it and then another thing that you had to say to people who may be pregnant or plan on having kids soon is not to let people scare you about labor because like I said it's really not that bad depending on what option that you choose and also I don't know why people want to scare you so bad about labor and I was thinking about it before there were hospitals or anything people had kids completely natural you see at home and clearly they were fine not all of them but most of them so yeah I just feel like whatever you decide you'll be fine and not to worry about it because worrying isn't gonna change anything have any more questions you can comment below or find me on social media and send me a message so I hope that you all enjoy this video like comment subscribe and let me know what you guys think

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  1. You did an awesome job!… i was cracking up at the rocking tho…. and as women who has delivered, i never ever tell scary stories abt labor and delivery… i dont like that people do… educate them on labor and delivery not scare them… I had a great pregnancy and good delivery!!

  2. I’m screaming at your rocking back and forth then noticing you were doing it😂😂 loved this story! Such a great birth! You go mama!!

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