hi guys is T Z and I'm back alright so it's been a while since I stood in front of my camera and just kind of talked if you have been watching or following my journey I'm kind of I'm currently doing my first round of IVF so I do have a playlist and I will link it down below and it also since I kind of ducts just of my normal stand up I YouTube family has grown so thank you for subscribing to my channel I appreciate it I appreciate you all so if you are new to my channel my name is infertility Zee basically I started my youtube channel just to document as I'm going through this journey and I wanted to spread awareness as I go I just felt like at that time I didn't see a lot of women I feel like you know opening up about their process or opening up about you know infertility to everyone so my goal is just kind of – you know document my journey and spread awareness as I go through this journey so welcome to my channel alright so like I said I am doing my first round of IVF so it is June so this is a current this is this is a current video and we did our egg retrieval and we have four embryos that I'm so happy that we have but we have not transferred yet so I'll do a separate video I do look like a June update to give you all an update as to why we haven't transferred yet and what's going on with that so that'll be in a separate video but my video today I just want to tell you all like where we are right now my quantity like sharing with you all my experience so far with my journey with CNY and then also my insurance didn't cover it so we are currently paying for this out of pocket so I just wanted to kind of give you all like um an update so as far as where we are and then like cost-wise where we are with everything so I'm currently doing my first round of IVF at CNY fertility and it's located in New York they have I believe four locations in New York one in Rochester when I'm Buffalo when I stare to someone in Albany and I think they've also expanded to Atlanta and in Montreal maybe and I think they're also expanding other places so I do just on from you know being on support groups on Facebook and then also on Instagram I do see a lot of women that are that talk about see my fertility and then also travel to come to see my fertility but I'm fortunate to live in a locate I'm fortunate to be at a little you know to live where there is a location so I don't have to really travel come as much which is good so so my experience with see my fertility so far has been really good I got established as a patient I want to say back in 2016 but we didn't do treatment then so I was just doing the CNY healing arts where they do like the acupuncture the yoga and all of that stuff but I did initially see a doctor back in 2016 so I believe I got established re-established as a patient last summer so summer 2018 and I've been a patient kind of ever since ever since then so I do go to the Rochester location which is a smaller location which means that I believe they do I do I but they don't do a trip they don't do egg retrievals or transfers at my location so I do travel to Syracuse which is about an hour hour 15 minutes from where I live so it's not that bad the nurse in Rochester are absolutely amazing the whole staff actually is amazing I like the fact that when I go it could be like 10 women in the waiting room and they're like oh my gosh like sitting there waiting but like you don't feel like cattle so you don't feel like they're rushing you in and out like when I get in the back um you know we're laughing we're joking we're talking they they explain everything to me in detail like I feel comfortable before I leave I never feel like I'm being rushed in or out because they have so many patients at their facilities like it's always like it Macie life is always busy but me personally I never felt like I've ever been rushed or like they've that they like never spent enough time with me or kind of went through everything with me am i one of my other videos I remember I had mentioned that the nerves like she really sat down with me after my procedure and like she would be sad now like talk to me for a while and I'm not sure if they had any I don't think they may have have not had had any patients after me but like it's just that extra step that makes you feel comfortable and going and as far as um doctor so I see doctor I've seen dr. Corday for all of my procedure so far and he's absolutely amazing he has the best bedside manners um you know it comes in with a smile on his face he makes you feel comfortable and then there's never been a point more like I was super nervous but he has that type of bedside manner where like he's gonna make you feel comfortable or at ease or make sure that he answers any like questions or concerns that you have before he starts the procedure which is really good and also so also in Syracuse the anesthesiologist I've had the same anesthesiologist and stuff and he's really hit on same thing like they both like they make you feel very very very like comfortable the nurse is there mmm I don't know that I'm not I'm not familiar with the nurses they're like I would like I am with in Rochester so I'm kind of biased some of the nurses in Rochester but um so if they're and it's not my location so I'm not sure I can really talk about the nurses and therapies but as far as the doctor quarantine he kind of goes back and forth from Rochester Syracuse so I think everyone's experience gonna be a little bit different I'm only talking about myself and what I've experienced so far like I said I'm like different see my support groups where they ask questions and stuff like that and I think women that tend to travel to those look to the locations their experience may be a little bit different and you have to in that case I'm not sure how the bondage with the you know with the staff members at scene why I think it may be a little bit different for my mind I guess my take on it is you know once you work with someone just kind of continue to work with them so then that way they know you know what it is you're going and be able to talk to them and they know you know they know your protocols and all that stuff instead of like you know calling and then getting one answer from one person into another and there's been a few times where I've called and then left a message and then it didn't call back right away so I've called back so sometimes you do have to be proactive because like I said I just feel like now then I'm sure I'm not sure if it was like that also before I don't think that it was but now I just feel like there's really really busy and they have a lot of patience and stuff like that so sometimes like if they if you don't get them if you don't get so I just feel like if like I said if you call and you know get a call back just be proactive and just call and follow up type of thing and I've done that a few times I'm like well let me just use the patient portal and then Amy answer right away hey via the patient portal so I think what may I think it's better that it's usually better an equip a response when I tend to use the patient portal than to call and leave a message so that's just my experience all right so as far as cause so like I said my insurance does not cover IVF they cover our UI however with our UI when it comes in to medications my insurance company sent me a list of all of my medications that they do not cover and a lot a lot of times the medication is what I UI and IVF are similar especially with the injectables and my insurance does not cover the procedure but they don't cover they cover some medications but now all and all the medications that I need it for IVF were on the medication list for IUI as far as the list they didn't cover so there was no loophole how I thought I could get around getting my medications covered being ejected we'll all of those are not covered under my insurance so all of those were um can our we're out of costs okay so so far we spent 3,900 at CNY so I'll break it down and I'll do the total cuz I don't know I guess now I find out the current total which piece fit cuz I don't know yet but um so 3900 and I'm just reading from their site like what it includes so it includes the anesthesia the retrieval the XC fertilization the assistant hatching and then one one fresh embryo transfer and then a frozen embryo transfer will be discounted to 250 per transfer within the first year and then after the first year is then 1900s so we've paid the 3900 but then when I go back so that I didn't do a fresh camp transfer I'm doing a frozen transfer which might even have to pay an additional $250 to 3900 for that my medications so with my medications I mean some of the things I was able to get from my local pharmacy and I believe some of those were covered under my insurance however all of my injectables were not but like I said before in my IVF med haul um someone helped me with they gave me them and their leftover medication so I was grateful that I got that so I didn't have to spend a lot of money on the medications but so I got my regular like estradiol and like my antibiotic medication all that I got from my white men's pharmacy so all of the other medications that I had to get and like the injectables and also the LDN I couldn't get from my local pharmacy so that was a compound so as a special med that I had to get so that I went through integrity front integrity pharmacy and to my knowledge I believe they work with seeing not seeing why for people that pay for out-of-pocket and they give you like a discounted rate so total for my medications so far I'm spent one thousand eight hundred and thirty-four dollars so it's the 3900 plus the the 1834 that I've spent plus when you go to do the monitoring at CNY so they do have an option I believe to have it included for 850 but since is monitoring like blood work and like ultrasounds I decide to opt to go through my insurance company to see if they would pay for that so they have so far however they didn't pay for everything so I did get a bill from San Juan so I'm going to open it now to tell you how much that how much the cost is so far but so like I said the last time I checked I don't think it did it didn't match to 8:50 yet so I'm a little bit under when I went through my insurance with the ultrasound like my bloodwork so much for my baselines all right some golden ticket so I'm going to open this now because I know I need to say it so we'll see how much the total is for this and I get the notification I think they kind of just send it invokes I get the notification like when they send the claim and lion Assurance Company so grand total right now for like my baseline and like I said you usually you have to go like every other day and this is like I don't know so um so Wiz for my face line so for my monitoring right now so my bill is six hundred and forty-five dollars and seventy seven cents so it tells me like how much my insurance has paid of all of that and then what my what my portion is like the charge the what the insurance paid in and adjusted thing and what my portion is so so yeah so my insurance company has paid two thousand eight hundred and sixty nine dollars big paid of all of this all of my monitoring so if we add all of this up pull up my calculator so we have two thirty nine hundred plus the 1834 plus six hundred and forty five dollars and seventy seven cents so my grand total right now is six thousand three hundred seventy nine dollars and seventy seven cents so see that so that's how much we've spent right now so far on our first round of IVF honestly I thought was gonna be more because like I said the I knew that oh I thought it was going to be more because of the medication so had I not got the medications if it would have been more so we're at seven sometimes so we're at six thousand three hundred seventy nine dollars and seventy seven seventy seven cents so it will probably be a little bit more so like I said I'll check back dance and give you guys another update to let you know the grand total but that's where we are now I still have monitoring to do like I said I haven't done mine my frozen transferred yet so we still have to do that which means that there's more monitoring involved so I may be under the 800 to 850 that they offer if you're paying out-of-pocket just by me going through my insurance company with that so hopefully that I'm crossing my fingers to see if it'll be under 850 and then like I says you have to pay another 250 for the transfer and then I do have all my meds from my my fvt but I'm not sure if I'll need anything else but I do want to do some some FPT add-ons so those are things that you could do to boost to boost your chances of you know the transfer being successful and you staying pregnant so I'll probably do another video about that later what's that I've been doing some research about some so I do know there's two that I really want to do as far as add-ons so I will let you all know about that and that's it so I just want to check in with you guys it's been a while see her hair's all blonde trying to have more fun this summer but overall everything is doing good I'm just I'm waiting for like I said I'll give you guys another update to let you know let a June update just let you all know where I am with my journey and why we've had to delay the FE T and that's pretty much it so to all my beautiful TTC sisters I'm watching your videos and I'm so happy to see all of these these pregnancy announcements and stuff like that pop up I'm so happy for you guys and I'm always going to root for all of my TTC sisters so congratulations to you all that's got in that that the FP so yeah I just hope that my day will come I'm praying that it will so we'll see how it goes so that's it and if you are watching my videos and you're not subscribed to my channel please feel free to like and subscribe to my channel and comment if you have any questions or concerns other than that I will talk to you guys later so bye guys


  1. Ur grand total isn’t too bad at all. I probably almost spent that much in NYC and my insurance covered 85%. I’m glad I can call you Teezy 😀

  2. What a great price!! Your energy is amazing!! Baby dust to you!! I look forward to following your journey!!

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