My Jazzy Life | Pregnancy Update | Abortion???

it's my shot and I'm back with another video so today well tonight now I don't know how Jabba keep getting in my newsfeed yeah I got this cinta baffle cuz I'm doing on doing ahem but right now I was taking a break video comments on the outfits over there also if y'all my family shamans go ahead and follow my family China and life with a hearing planning but I'm just had to get on her because I mean I don't I don't know what's going on right I don't know him yeah I don't know if mark are doing this with views and this port I don't know I'm so confused I'm so confused because the beyond does this sound like all the stories starting to sound the same you know I mean everybody just ain't communicating everybody getting abortions and thinking about abortion getting pregnant oh not what's going on you know I wear jazz great you I just my thing is you gotta stop you just need to stop playing your business out there altogether altogether you just need to stop playing your business I done because we're gonna react to it yeah yeah I said I wasn't gonna react no more videos but hell sometimes help we need views – okay they want baby up I know why are you doing it but no come over tomorrow my son of my video talking my wand or zone and you watching that's what they need you there Nami view soup reaction videos are pumping don't you see they are popping what in the hell girl you gotta start giving people stuff to talk about and this night is my defame that should give people some some ways that you talking yeah people talking about the wrong stuff like its people I heard they wish I got people on my dad that are my subscribers that are trying to conceive that are literally taking pregnancy tests every month to see if they are pregnant because they want to be pregnant okay like I have like this this this is not nothing to play around with like and then the thing is you're just throwing it around like every chance you get I don't know what I'm gonna do with this I'm not I don't know what hit I don't want anyone to judge me for what I'm about to say like what do you mean like you keep bringing up a sensitive subject if you're gonna if by any means necessary do what you gotta do but don't keep oh I'm gonna do this cuz this seems like you want attention you know it seem like you want to sit you can somebody that's gonna get abortion they're gonna go ahead and do what they gotta do and let it go and I won't say that now somebody you just keep doing it around and up and down left right I mean every which way you go you know and you guys to stop I mean dang I want to get on here and get I want to do a good report sometime you know I just I mission I guess tonight sister just stop playing your business out there like stop if you don't do something do it you know at this point we're tired of you suck my what you're gonna do we don't say that how you gonna feel like you and here you punk you still on the same thing that you've been on you know you're not ready for no chocke ready for this and you gotta grab it to be honest from what you say this man got six kids already I wouldn't even want to be no one not a bad with him we can't even sit in the bed together yes looking at me might get me pregnant so no honey I don't know why I'm looking over here I was gonna look at me about with me all right don't feel my ribs don't heal see my drill oh wait that's alright this was gonna be assured me because I really have much to say but just keep your business true you stop saying stuff that you're gonna do and just do it you know I'm saying it stop getting mad at other people cuz they give an opinion on something this is a sensitive subject is not nothing to play around with like this is like a matter fact I just did a story on abortion on the owner abortion law in Ohio where a 26 year old man what boy was messing around with 11 what 12 year old girl what it was and she was the night they wouldn't even let this girl get an abortion because they had to pass the law that didn't work that would not let her get an abortion now I need the far lower the something I don't know if they'll Eric get it or not but in that case you don't hey do what you got to do you know and it was it was a big uproar about that people a lot of people are sick because they felt like she should have got that option like I said she was 12 years old I think 11 or 12 and she didn't have that option you don't say so for you to keep throwing you know that around and you know just being careless you know what life period you know it's just not fair to to the child that you would be very good into the world what's not fair for that person that's that's trying to conceive you don't sound like it's people like I said that are trying to conceive it you can just you know make a mistake one night and you know get up the next week and do something about it no I don't work like that and like I say my enemy is nobody to judge you on your decision but what you're gonna do but do what you're gonna do and let it go you don't say this is not a subject to be keep tossing around you know saying this this is this is not something that you should even want to keep talking about I'm bringing up because a tender they usually are chilly a life you know I'm saying you are killing life that God bless you with okay so I mean I don't understand you know why that's like subject to keep being thrown around but um yeah I just had to get over and I just had because I seen and I'm just saying I'm just you know on YouTube as I was no mind she go yeah you know I'll be thinking that you up I'd be having hot host for you girl thinking that she just don't post something good they were gonna get to see the kids at you know and then you you pull stuff like this and another thing another thing you got to be mindful of the stuff that's in your background right I know when I make a video I'm I will all my surroundings okay but I'm looking at every single thing I don't want nothing in my video that I don't want nobody to see and if it's something in the hard-won posted okay because you have a lot of stuff in your background that you just you know I understand hanging women and we you know we live our life but the way that you know you got and I'm not even repealing this okay y'all go see it for yourself y'all wanna see but just be mindful of the stuff that you keep it in your background cuz you already have people talking and dad they don't even they don't look even better when people looking at they like oh yeah you know saying so and I don't like to clean up every day I'm not gonna be sit I'm not going to the finishing cold night cuz I don't like to clean up your face sometime I let my house get dirty you don't say well we don't let my house get dirty I'm not you know I'm not doing videos and stuff you know that's that's not you know one of my things and I'm gonna be doing you know I'm gonna be chilling if I'm not cleaning up ninety and I know Oh watch this I can't remember I watch something the reaction video job but uh it's a handful really who said that oh my good long nothing was it Nia a Cherokee I can't remember but what I'm sick and tell you got speed mama it's tough that you can't get back I think it was Cherokee girl that's exactly crazy well but yeah you just gotta you gotta you gotta be my foetus the stuff that you keep it in your background so like I said some certain things all look good I will just telling you this do you know Justin we're not like we're not trying to bury you're nothing like that yeah we're not trying to down you're nothing like that we're just trying to tell you like hey don't look you know in that sense this you know but I just had to get on here say just jazz if it's anything if anything you know keep your business off of youtube upload your videos but hey don't you know keep it as you've been doing your family and hey just keeping it there you know and stop playing peeping your game ring you don't do saying do it hey we all for Crescent I do it all the time I say even with did you – yeah before the video I don't do it you know because I have other things that's going on but you know it's just on the part of life we got a actions speak louder than words you know saying that I said yeah and yeah ain't nobody judging on your decision by enemies next and do whatever you gotta do but in a tender thing you don't need no more kids you got me you will need none you know you just don't need no moon at this point in time in your life according to all the the last couple of videos I've been saying yeah yeah yeah you don't need no more kids but by any means necessary 'm gotta go put no more you that you can build and you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you if you decide to go that route so hey look at it right there if they have for reasons so hey there you go so just keep your business on foot off of off social media just keep your business on social media and it's not like I'm saying that's all I got to say thank y'all so much for watching make sure y'all like comment and subscribe have a wonderful day

8 Replies to “My Jazzy Life | Pregnancy Update | Abortion???”

  1. Thanks for sharing so awesome I totally agree with girl people be sharing a lil to much 👍👍👍

  2. She’s doing all that for views but don’t even get the views. She’s a dummy ! So stuck far up Chrissy’s ass and uterus she doesn’t even realize she’s the idiot of the group. Chrissy is in another lane, Liv made her own damn lane, and this dumb broad is still waiting for her application to be approved by the local circus. I feel horrible that that kids gotta look up to that quarterback built person as mother and role model. She’s too old to be this ditzy. She piss me off I swear

  3. Lol she need to stop putting her business out if she don't want to take feed back period lmao. Exactly everybody need they view so if you want to state your opinion you surly can period. Fr she need to keep shit to her self and stop telling the tube she know that's the only way to keep her self relevant lol

    lmao sis you so funny , you said you want to do a good report sometimes.

  4. Hey sis 😆 can you do another cooking video? 😋🤙🏽 I’m so off the topic of what you talking about 🤦🏽‍♀️🤣🤣 but I had to ask cause I’ve been wanting to see another one 😌

  5. I understand people are gonna do what they want but why are people still being irresponsible having unprotected sex making babies that don’t want?? it’s weird smh

  6. This is one example why I'm starting to disagree with abortion rights. People throwing out human life like it's trash is insane! SMDH

  7. Hey beautiful, I'm not familiar with Jazzy Life but there is a lot of people struggling to have kids so I feel you sis. You definitely have to be mindful of your background when your filming. LOL Nice video and full watch.

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