My Labor and Delivery Story | C-Section Experience

after a mere article and I'm she welcome to my channel pollution and our mission will be focusing today so before we get into the video her due date or insufficient March 21st but Jamaica weekly check first trimester second trimester Germans do be a feature I'm overseeing it's like when you're in your final trimester but here with every turn so thirty-six thirty percent of you I wouldn't format because for my first two trimesters I do not that story another time but I was the regular clinic and the other one was a high risk and to me which means either you have some illness that can make her pregnant to go to turnaround for which in my teens I was not getting checked off regularly so I was considered high-risk so I was at one of those appointments and high-risk appointments were Tuesdays and regular appointments were Wednesdays so I was at high-risk appointment on Tuesday at LinkedIn and normally every single time you get checked off you take your blood pressure they check your urine just it is or something else which in my case I had something else which ones my urine blood in it storm I was on medication for a possibly least infection because that's common during pregnancy and after I stopped after that mental tract infection and there are two types of you know tract infections which one is like a brother thing vision is that was my issue and there's another one which is called sexual interaction sexual intercourse or but I had a blood thing so now I can control him he comes he comes there is no holding I need token so I was on medication for that so I was I had to do blood work because I had too much something in the urine is a very funny so I had to get I had to do blood work for them to confirm that was the issue so I had to do that and the day I went to bring my results in because that was supposed to be my last appointment but I did not have the results the appointment before that was supposed to be my last appointment but I did not have the results of the blood work at the end so I had to go back another time with the result of the blood work let me think so I went to teach my pressure and pressure well hey cuz normally albumen less than 121 more than a hundred over maybe 70 something sometimes that baby was during that so I was relatively head especially for a person like me because I children will be a pressure so that the admission to the maternity ward they checked my pressure again and it was at 160 some things because at one sixth of them over like 90-something so it was it was had I think it was high and this was at night so you know in the in the morning it was at 1:30 something and then an idea where 160 something so – blood they put the excess here so they do not from the admitted me I took a shower Little River usual whatever waiting bust forward to Wednesday thus forward to Wednesday this was to the memory but forward to the next day the I did an ultrasound because they were constantly checking in on and I was still pregnant so they were taking her heart so it was never d and was like 20 times I did so I got little token I found early in the morning the check tonight for sure it will still have the chatter card you choose okay so they made me do an ultrasound and then I did an ultrasound because reason below and they make you itch and a check up on you they need to do a urine test to see what's happening based upon my results it's been delaying the center wanted to detach which means she did so that's why they ordered me to do an ultra-soft so I did altra so they said everything was okay that the presenter did not seem that was about the guitar anything anything up to par but my results we're Brittany in that remember it was Wednesday I mean that water song she was 6 pounds 2 ounces – that'd be mine so on Thursday they let me know that they're going to induce my memory and I was nervous I will sleep in and the doctor came to me and she won't me when she was telling me this so I was like kind of out of it innocent she was like no no no don't worry we're just going to give me a medication she did not tell me the medication where does maybe maybe don't start your interactions push because your oh please push okay no problem whatever it is a little early with them god I got my stepmother afternoon for my hospital trip in January when this work that went in for Matt Harris checkup a February 19 so everything I needed for me in the bus in the hospital where our but that's what works for you nineteen anything that goal at least the hustle the providers will have to prevent them before yourself so I got everything and and it most that model and it yeah Thursday night while I was sleeping I felt this here it was like I needed to pee real bad like I needed to pee and I need to be right now but I couldn't get home I was leaned on I had a simple but if I got up you would just I know that I afford to pee myself and it hurt it hurt so much because I was trying to hold it in for Michael to be nicer to one of the patients on the bed beside me wasn't sit on a toilet so I grabbed my towel and I was sitting on brother I needed one pnt working a copy here I can feel air coming here I was like pee pee pee pretty cool they're gonna be gonna say I need a new dynamic dynamic bitch and then I let it go it was that was for them a bit I mean I can't afford to with the sheets I can't afford to a sheet so I got even with the total but when I got up was just and all of the rows with mine that gone words with I was just wait but you couldn't see anything on the louver the nurses key what's wrong what's going on over there it's okay it's okay I peed and they're like are you sure you beat it are you in pain and I might not anymore and then I can you smell it like it's not food and like yes it is it is it's pee it's team and they're like okay you know because I was sleeping on the floor cause I was scared and they said and volunteers insulting me and they put me in a wheelchair and they drown tonight in the labor room and they were looking at and one of the the sanitation workers she was mopping the floor it's pee but it doesn't smell like pee and my feet isn't clear anyway because it's not pee here or what abroad coming well the day I'll tell me y'all are going to induce me tomorrow is the day my water breaks Wow so I was there for well I wasn't in any pain so they sent back to my bed in the morning they woke me I want breakfast time because as I said they were to induce me that day so they were around breakfast time which means after 8:00 and it I did not have a chance so they brought me to the label certainly the medicine communication that induces labor the size of a pea Milman and they started me with that a smaller dosage of an appeal it was like mal crownless so I wasn't really feeling anything I was in an old asleep and when I'm in there sees where are you living one of the nurses you look for you have a strong threshold for pain I'm here feeling anything but she say though machine here says you're feeling P but you're not sure you saying no way it's bearable and she said okay the doctor came in to check up on me at 12 something and the doctor came in to check up on me he wasn't in that cervix it wasn't really a vehicle but then he started pushing finger up there and was like this is going to hurt but come to find my water didn't bring the world's man left remembering that it was the headwater that which is releasing inaudible it's the headwater it wasn't that it was left so it's basically we have one on the left side monomer and say and then yeah they had water it was my left side that broke wasn't a headwater so he brought that and it was green so it signifies that meconium doesn't and meconium in pieces and when that's in the water signify that the baby's in distress so that was after 12 so they increased potosi its bit they increase the pitocin and let me tell you by this time it was no longer in a lot of sleep because just a game by this time I was feeling so bad because I was feeling something I couldn't see so I was just there and then long after he came in checked me again Oh when they called me and the doctor they checked me and after eight when they form in the labor room I was wanting to meet when the doctor came in a burden in water that was two centimeters that my type of early evening hours after they increased the pitocin I was to two centimeters that it's all not reverse and he brought the headwater and the bid was already in distress because the left remember in our to do 24 hours were almost went 4 hours earlier so we need to get the baby out now so after 5 with the chicken they let me we didn't do that there is a minute okay the baby's in distress and together so we're going to have to perform caesarean section something as soon as they told me that I had to do a c-section which I did not want to do I saw that they told me right now the pain went from attend that straight from attend to our country because already in a lot being and then they deduct and without we do experience a home and they were still giving me the pitocin so was I wasn't stressed so I started crying because I became got too much for me to handle so I started crying she was really seriously just not one to curl so yeah just again you know I was crying and I was gonna love being nice and mother she is a PC she was little different in the dayroom but in the labor room in Nathan hospital only nurses and doctors are allowed our own beer and along with the sanitation workers depend on your boyfriend your fiance and host plant sister mother you're not even able to have your phone but I stuck my foot in but then felt like I was pushing or anything like this more and it was after they gave me the news so just I was just like trying to breathe through the pee and it's because they're doing that I had to go see Sir Jack he was under for the vineyard which was a cemetery your team and that was just here I'm terrible alcohol so they've prepped me for surgery before this I had never had a surgery on me we're gonna miss the boat last time every day I was my bicycle so before me I was there for everything anyway drifting my stepmother came in there she was just trying to soothe me because I was in so much pain and she was rubbing my back and basically the little scream my big sisters came over here and they were trained and because they were behavior that I started falling so memories was that remember back and everything I heard that she even dissented cheering with buzz room they perk to me for surgery the surgery capital I couldn't achieve myself I could not see down here to shave myself and my big sisters and I brother I'm asking I can shoot myself rails on the right the shoulder and I can't with though and see down there so I couldn't share medicine so we have two men so they prepped me I'm gonna beyond to the surgery seven out of eight and I have video recordings of this old try to see if I can insert them Centanni piant of I don't anymore when you're going there so I'm up with our to see it session are no more peeing no I'm gonna get no but nobody's on my about me cervix daily that's all she was born to a second that 914 she was born with mild respiratory issues there – this floor holds 14 even I'm on Wednesday the ultrasonic sixth explains to us she was four friends at 13 these years she was just a number the picture that as well you stepmother smoke in turns over to take a picture aren't you sleeping you're not gonna take pictures or make another slip into pictures that she was in the truth of the different nursery I think phone surgery off their clothes off the one shield when a mentor to 19 I was still under lift and a doctor came up with her and he was just like because I just came from I just came from surgery so I owe in the surgery it was not there they've only two types here they can put you to sleep or they can just know me I do not want to get injected in my back especially well under so much pain one and deathly afraid of needles still and I do not because I was under so much pain because they still they still were giving me the pitocin I'm still under pain I didn't want that so they put me to sleep yeah so when I can buckle your cool he was asking for my crackers because they did not send her a beer sure with Kenny right so he came back on birds on works and I showed you where I was still elderly patient had a lotta hair on her face that she was really very and it was dark over they already turned off the lights is that anything already I'm not my father it's not that he's dark no she's just excited to hear it but I saw her later in living with her father came to visit I changed why she was oh she's incredibly hearing and I have a picture of that social I tried to show that today the natural birth didn't end up happening a c-section and I'll talk about my recovery you know I love you my pregnancy journey and I also have both pictures but I wasn't actually taking them in my first two trimesters let's try mister well I think that's it like comment down below whatever videos you guys would like to see me share this video share this video subscribe to my channel and I'll see you guys next thing

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