20 Replies to “My Labor and Delivery Story | Emergency C-Section | Meet the Baby!”

  1. It’s crazy how your labor and delivery story sounds just like mine… those cervix exams are THE WORST… I honestly think that when I got my water broke the pain that followed was insane!!! Epidural didn’t do anything for me I still felt the pressure… 49 hrs of labor, pushed for 5 hrs straight and nothing ended up getting a C-Section ☹️ but my daughter is here and healthy…


    C-section comes from epidural and/or pitocin in my opinion. Medically intervening and mothers saying, "Thank goodness the hospital saved me from a terrible birthing experience." They probably created one where there was not but no one cares when the baby/mother lives. "Well the hospital didn't kill us so they must've helped." So much intervention in a woman who doesn't look as though she's handicap or has any deficiencies.

  3. I get that doctors say "the baby should've been here blank time ago" but I'm just curious as to why it's dangerous for the baby to stay until they're ready?

  4. beautiful baby! and an awesome name for her! my daughter is coming in a few weeks, we're naming her Lucian and no one seems to get how awesome it is except for me and Daddy!

  5. Lol @ "I was obviously there!" Glad you shared your birth story. I'm studying midwifery and women like you who share and are candid about birth and motherhood inspire me. Keep up the woman's work! P.S Love your hair videos too!

  6. Amazing video!! Beautiful family and that big baby smile, so darn cute.
    I had 2 emergency "C" sections. I was induced but the baby's heartbeat slowed down and he was in distress. I then had an emergency caesarean. Different years both sons. Both are Autistic, maybe due to lack of oxygen, don't know. But they are intelligent and can communicate well 🙂 Love them so much!!

  7. Congratulations, Yay…I have three children and never had anything for anything for pain. I even had an episiotomy. I did everything naturally, however, with my second son they forgot to give me something to bite down on and I lost a tooth. Ouch!!!

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