37 Replies to “MY LABOR & DELIVERY VLOG”

  1. arrrr….too good.

  2. Wait I’ve been watching you since vine and I come across your channel you just pushed out a baby… wtf… CONGRATS!!!!

  3. Congratulations so beautiful and blessed 🙂 I just posted my labor and delivery vlog on my channel as well you should check it out ❤️

  4. Yay I’ve been waiting for this!! Been with you since the vine days – love from England 🇬🇧💕 May you have the best & happiest life with your beautiful baby and loving family 💞

  5. I started tearing up during this video, it’s so cute and I’m so happy for you!! You’re the best mama

  6. I wish I got a labor and delivery Vlog! Mine was an induction. I’ve gotta do a story time about it for sure. I loved this ❤️❤️ it made me wanna cry. So beautiful

  7. Omg he’s the cutest I was the same way I was soooo nervous but after that epidural I was ready lol and came home looking like a hobo too lmao but I’m so happy for you!

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