My Labour/Birth Story (Emergency C-Section)

hi guys how's it going so basically i'm here to talk about my birth and labor i'm just going to start from the start so on the 8th of november i was do i got a membrane sleep and I had a doctor's appointment that day and but the next day sorry the 9th of November so right after the next day and and basically I was only a centimeter and nothing had happened I've gotten Braxton Hicks throughout the week friday night i went into early labor that was about 11 30 p.m. i went to the hospital at around four a.m. and that was only because my contractions were lasting for about 40 seconds and they were around about two to three minutes of hearts so and been like that for hours and it was basically like that the whole time all said i had two examinations and i'll still send me there and I just said yeah kind of want to just go home I ended up going home at eight a.m. in the morning because I didn't want to early labor in hospital I was happy to stay at home and early labor it there so basically that's what sad day was like all day and now i'm looking back on it actually thinking about it when we left the hospital we were so hungry we went to mcdonalds to get some breakfast and I just remember going in like through the drive-thru and I was having contractions and now looking back on it would have been pretty funny for the people like what and being like oh my god like girls in labor was she doing here um yeah it's just something funny to look back on now um the yeah basically sudden was all the time I'm se de night I took two panel and I was able to get a good nine hours sleep and I was just so shocked by that because I had not had a good night's sleep in so long so this is the perfect time to have a good night of sleep and basically my inducement was at 6pm that day I didn't really have very many contractions I had probably two or three that an hour and though it's still lasting the same 40 50 seconds that nothing was really different so basically i got my medicine like in in a polite way I have I medicine at about 6 30 years not even that not not very long after I got there that helps me out started monitoring me my partner and my mom went to subway to get me some subway for dinner because I had already finished serving and so they came back and I only got halfway through my subway roll and I was in labor so that was quick um and yet basically I was like that for a good hour half an hour half now turn out I don't really know I wasn't really kidding track of time I was just keeping track of the contractions and I was just breathing through all these contractions and everything was everything was going normal her heart rate was a little bit high though so they were monitoring it and it was going higher as we were having a contraction and my moms too but then my my back to normal and hers went back to the same high number so they were monitoring that but they said that nothing was abnormal or anything it was nothing to really worry about and this is where things went wrong I'd had an examination before sorry as well and i'll still a centimeter but this is where things are wrong i had this really bad contraction and I can't even explain it the pain was just ridiculous um it's almost the most painful thing I'm about my life and the second most i will explain in a minute and this contraction it had knocked me off my feet I could barely breathe through it literally took my breath away it was so painful and I just remember like moaning ridiculously in pain I was it was I was shocked I was literally in shock this from this moment I was basically in shock because it was I've never felt that amount of pain just come on so quickly and I remember looking at the clock above me and I was like 40 seconds 50 seconds okay now it's been a minute oh my god when is this contraction elite and they said give it a couple minutes just come down just keep breathing or so I did I just kept calm kept breathing and basically five minutes roll by and I was like what where's this time on it's already been five minutes oh my god I'm so much pain what is happening and she said you know just give it another couple minutes it would be fun and I was like okay and i think around eight or nine minutes or so that I've had this into this contraction that's when my next contraction came and this contraction the one that knocked me off my feet had stayed until she was born like I'm not even kidding you it stayed it was a continuous contraction and the pain just lingered in my back so painfully was awful um so basically my whole labor I was having doubling contractions and that's just basically when you've got one contraction that hasn't gone and the pain is still there and your body is still contracting like normal and it's forgotten about this one and it stays and it it was just awful I didn't even know that that could happen I was I've just its ghost mat smacking to me because I just I'd had no idea I had no idea that that could happen so of course her heart rate started to slowly increase and then mind it as well and it was really really hard to breathe through this because my body literally did not get a break but ours I was in labor for oh good for hours like that and I just remember when I was getting through this contraction the lady what the nurse head nurse just kept saying me like you need to relax you need to come down you need to lay on the bed inches just relax and I just kept saying I cannot leave lay on the bed I can't do that it's too painful and it ended up having to get an examination and that was excruciating Lee painful that was the most pain I've ever felt in my whole entire life because she started giving me insemination oh I just ended up laying down saying her even do it because it's so painful and this actually made me cry I cried my little heart out because it was so painful I was having this toppling contraction and we done it right in between up in the top contraction so I didn't have any other contraction other than this painful one that had today and basically as she started give me the examination and my contraction came on top and it was so excruciating Lee painful she just ended up going with it and I just remember i sat on the basically the end of the bed i was up at the top of the bed by the time she was done I was so upset I was crying it was so painful I kept telling her to stop and she didn't she said it needs to be done and I honestly I know that she had to get done because otherwise I would not have let her near me again and I wouldn't have I definitely wouldn't have I understand that she needed to get it done but it was very upsetting for me it made me very distressed and my heart rate just shot straight up again and so did bubs and I just remember that pain it was just the worst pain I have ever been in my whole entire life I can't even describe the pain that I was in it was just the toppling contractions and then the membrane it was it was awful I words cannot explain honestly and every month would know like if they've had a traumatic labor or some kind of thing during their labor that's made things very painful they would know exactly what I'm talking about there was just no words to describe the amount of pain that you're in so basically after that membrane sleep nothing really changed until she was born I was still having the da plane contractions and things like that and my doctor kept coming in and monitoring me and and I just remembered the amount of pain I was in it was it was hard to get through but I'm glad I got through it and but at the time I remember the nurse coming up to me and asking me if I had a high pain tolerance and I thought it was just bizarre kind of question to ask someone and then she's like oh I mean specifically like we did cramping you know during your period and things like that like you monthly cycle and I said yes like I have suffered through my whole life with those pains and my mom explained to her everything and because I did have a lot of like menstrual pains I guess you could call them it's just cramps in the stomach and it got to the point when I was younger where I couldn't even walk most days that I had had my girlies because my body used to literally like kill itself like it was awful and I once had to be hospitalized and things like that so I did have a very traumatic time when it came to my girls things to the point where they actually wanted to put me on the pill specifically so i could just skip every second month but I was already on the pill so I was able to skip every second month my body literally cannot handle a period every single month that is how much pain I normally go through and we explain that to her and she just turn around she's like hmm I don't think you have a very high pain tolerance time I think you need to just relax and you need to just get through this because you haven't got a high pain tolerance and I was just gobsmacked I could have knocked her out I honestly could I was so upset like who says that someone that is in labor that is heavily having dockland contractions like I I don't even know like it makes me angry now to think about it but I didn't say anything because I didn't want my labor to be a negative thing at all I just blocked it from my mind but I still remember of course I ended up just turning around and kept you know having my contractions but basically things got to a point where my doctor did come in and said look I think the best thing that we should do is think about a c-section and I was like okay well that's fine by me we can we can do that if we need to niggas all right he came back to Minnesota and he said look the contractions are ridiculous this continuous contraction is not going you're not getting your baked right bubs isn't getting the right now your heart rate is really high and buzzes heart rate has just started to increase like it is getting dangerous now and he said we can continue if you want to he said but I would opt for a c-section because you are putting your baby and risk and as soon as he said that her life was in danger like that I said don't let's do it let's go for the c-section and before I knew it I was in there um but my partner ended up having a little bit of a freak out thinking I can't do this you know I can't watch Jessica go in for surgery like he wasn't seeing it as we're going to have our baby or we're going to bring the baby into this world he's seen as jess isn't giving birth she's going into surgery but I was still going to give birth to tville you know to the child like we were still having a child and that's what was going through my mind we were gonna have a baby and in my partner's mind he was like jessica is going into surgery like anything could happen so he was freaking out he was really up like and I don't know if he wants me to say it but I pretty sure it was like crying and not that I feel good that he was crying because it was really scary I mean watching the chart and the heart rate go up that was that was scary it was scary to slowly watch my daughter's heart rate just cry increase over time like climb up and yeah it was very frightening at the time but I just ended up snapping and saying look I don't care mum can comment movement like with me I don't care like don't worry about it at all like don't sit there and feel bad don't get upset it's fine like mum can come in with me I it's ok and I I do I know mantis time but at the time I was just in so much pain I really wanted to get her out and especially because he had such short amount of time before I could get into that c-section you know because she was in danger and so things were happening really quickly um and I had to get a catheter in and the nurse the same nurse that gave me the horrible examination and told me I had no higher pain tolerance well I didn't have a high pain tolerance she was the one who was actually having to put the catheter in as well and she tried two or three times to put that catheter in and it was excruciating Lee painful I cannot tell you it was so it was so awful it was very painful but nowhere near as much pain as that examination that I had and and I just I didn't want to lay down in the bed again of course because like having duffel in contractions I didn't want to learn to bed and I laid on the bed for like a good 10 minutes waiting for her to put that freaking thing in and it was awful I ended up just staying to get the doctor in here and my doctor was outside prepping like for the surgery and he came running in and said what's going on and I said look I need you to put this in and he goes is a you okay if I do that are you okay if I put the catheter in how's your doctor and I said yes that's fine do it he'd done it damn first shot and I was like really I've SAT here for ten freakin minutes in labor having Dublin contractions laying flat on my back going through all this pain and you can you could have just came in and don't like that like that frustrated me to the max but basically after that everything went really quick I remember getting just suddenly having my you know um what he felt idea is it I think it's cool my fluids I guess yeah my fluids in and basically I was his will straight up to the surgery and my mom ended up getting you know into the surgery here and stuff like that and I just member sitting in a room and putting my feet up on the chair and getting up on the bed and they were injecting needles into my back and my doctor ended up turning around saying to me you've done extremely well he's like toppling contraptions he's like that doesn't happen very often and he said you have a very high pain tolerance I will tell you he's like it is crazy that you have made it this many hours you know and that made me feel really really good because you know I did have that in the back of my mind like maybe I don't have a high pain tolerance maybe this is literally nothing I compared what's a lot of women guys maybe I'm not him even getting the right labor pains maybe I'm i don't know i was just doubting everything but by the time he said that i was so at ease I thanked him because it was the most perfect thing that my doctor could have said to me and I just remember they were in the room saying what are you doing here anyway you went to be going on holidays and he turn around said no I'm not going on holidays i'm staying until this baby is born i'm going to live one more baby and that will be just a baby and then i'll be on my holidays and I just thought was most loveliest thing I thank him so much um because he didn't have to stay he could have went on his holidays he was leaving work at like I online that night but he stayed and yeah at eleven-thirty 9pm my daughter mahalia net load of was born and yeah it was just most amazing thing seeing her being lifted above the sheet they lord it just enough so i could see her and she was just beautiful I mean of course she was covered coming gum and she was so purple and so lifeless at first I was like she's so beautiful whenever is she okay like it's everything okay and he's like yes she doesn't realize she's born and then he's like happy birthday and I was like oh my god it is it's her birthday I remember saying happy birthday to it and that was amazing and I just remember they took us straight to the little bed thing under the light and everything like that and as soon as I do that she started breathing everything was fine and she was just literally awake and looking around like the ages like the good five minutes and then she started to cry because she realized she had been born and after she have had all of our checkups and things like that they brought her over to me and she was wrapped up and say they put her on my chest and it wasn't as bad as what I thought it was gonna be like that's why I did not want a c-section is because she couldn't be seen to skin with me straight away and I did I did feel like I missed out on that I do um like it might admit it does make me upset a little because I do feel like the dimmest out but it doesn't make me as upset because I did eventually get my skin skin time with her but when I first put it on my chest and everything and she was all wrapped up she was just so beautiful I will never forget the day honestly she was gorgeous she was just perfect in every single way and I just remember asking mom to take off the mask so I could kiss her because I've been waiting so long just to kiss my baby girl you know and I honestly don't really remember too much about what happened upon then and to my room because I was in that much pain like I wasn't it wasn't pain it was just discomfort so I knew my body would have been in pain of course if I wasn't in this discomfort and with the c-section going on everything like that I felt like my chest was really tight and being an asthmatic it did worry me because obviously they have you know move things around and everything like that in there to get to bus so I felt that literally everything had been pushed up into my ribcage and I just felt this tightness and I knew that it would have been so painful if I didn't have this pain relief but it was so uncomfortable I didn't want to feel it like I was just in so much discomfort I was like mom like oh I don't have any other words for this other than our like it doesn't specifically hurt but it's so discomfiting it's all for like I don't know what to feel it's not nice i don't i don't like it and I just kept complaining over I'm flat over this minute or two even when she was on me I was just like well I didn't even know if she should be on me because I felt like my chest was gonna collapse and my doctor um well the anastasius asked me what kind of pain I was in and I was described it to him and he said look I think i'm going to give you something for the pain just say yes if you want it and i said yes and all i remembers him going on this little puffy being God and that was it I don't even really remember from there into my room but apparently we went to the labor room and that's when that got to hold her for the first time apparently I was chatting the whole time and I don't even remember anything a bit of it I was just talking if the whole time I'm saying how beautiful my daughter was and how perfect she was or i don't remember any of it that's why I I get really upset about the c-section in a way because I don't remember that and I want to remember that i wish i could have remembered that um and part of me thinks I should have went if I could go back in time what I not said that I was in a discomfort pain like Walt you know and just comfort like that and not gain that got that extra medicine or whatever because it literally did take away their memory i feel i feel like if i didn't have that extra dosage that maybe I would still remember some things so I do feel like I missed out on a lot not because I didn't give it a natural birth but because i didn't get to remember enough of her thing like being firstborn it's just I feel like that was you know taken away from me in a way so that it does linger on me and as you can tell it is difficult to talk about um it does yeah I can't change anything now I just I need to remember that because it does give me down um but I do remember leaving that room I remember being on the bed and being pushed to my actual personal room and I'm over the whole time when she was on my chest like she was put on my chest and she was crawling around and I kind of stopped because they thought she may want to latch and she did she just latched on like basically herself all by herself and I was just amazed because she was up and she crawled down and started watching and I just thought it was amazing and all the doctors and nurses said wow we have not seen that in such a long time like she's amazing and I was like all my god she is perfect and I remember the whole ride back to my room just looking up with a lot saying she's perfect she's perfect and I really sounded like an absolute nutcase like drugged off but I was I remember spraying that ball way down to the room was she's perfect because she is two years to me and yeah basically the recovery was quite hard and that I probably described that and go into detail with my postpartum video that I'm going to be doing as well so yeah I'll go into detail with that then and the year it was amazing and as much as I didn't want to really have a c-section it was away it was you know she was in danger and I knew what I needed to do and that was my only option so I'm not sure how I would be within the next child whether I could go through that again because it was it was hard it was hard to watch you know your daughter being danger like that and I didn't want to risk her going into that much danger and possibly heard you know dying just because I want to natural a bit um I couldn't do that and it does it does give me down only because I have one fact that i do not really remember much after she was born so yeah other than that there's not much i really regret about my c-section um yeah I guess that's kind of everything that really happened um all I remember after that is just not sleeping that whole night I just SAT there and stared at her she was awake basically the whole night she was so low and just like looking around just laying on her side wrapped up in this little you know blanket right next to my bed and I just remember looking up at her thinking I have a daughter you are my daughter and it was the most amazing feeling in the world and I wish I did get some sleep that night but then I don't because I that first night just staring at her the whole night was the most precious memory of having her honest it was beautiful um yeah I keep rambling on with his birth is just amazing I didn't realize how much of a roller coaster it really would be I knew it would knock me around but I did not know what knocked me around that much like it was yeah everything happens for a reason i feel and i feel like she is here she is safe and that's exactly the way my birth was meant to be so I kind of have to not have any more regrets about you know the pain medication but yeah that's basically my bad story I know it was really long but whose birth story isn't I mean come on it's an amazing life event and I'm proud of myself and I feel like I'm very strong for going through what I had gone through so um and stay tuned for more videos of course I just haven't really had the time I took a bit of a break over christmas and new years because i really just wanted that time I didn't really want to have to worry about videos and I haven't really had the time like basically i've been i think i've done like four tags on this video so far because i have to keep running in and out to bubs and so you know it's difficult to do your whole video so I'm fair with me but I am going to try my best to keep uploading videos and want to try my best to do a video a week um yeah cuz I've just got so many ideas like I've got a huge list of ideas of videos that I want to do so I'm gonna definitely doing nose and also by the time I hit 50 subscribers i will be doing a giveaway i'm not sure what it will be yet because i can't think of a perfect gift fruit giveaway so it most likely will be just a gift card and then i'll probably do one at 100 subscribers as well and i'm not sure from the normal I'll just decide but yeah so I do want to do a giveaway when I get 50 subscribers because I feel like 30 isn't quite enough I want 50 subscribers before i do a giveaway so yeah that's kind of all I've got to really say um yeah I hope you guys have a lovely day and thank you for watching and please subscribe if you want to and I'll see you next time bye

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