My Life is Over. I'm Pregnant

My life is over… I'm pregnant. It was graduation day and even though the sky was grey and gloomy, Polly, my best friend and I did not let it get us down. When arrived to Ben's house for the graduation
house party, we couldn't be more excited. Bring down the rain and thunder, we're here
to have fun. I sat down to greet two of the girls from
school in one of the rooms and took a look around. It was only 8pm and it seemed everyone was already tipsy. Polly disappeared to get some drinks and looks like the boys a year below us are helping her out. I decided to talk a walk through the dance
floor where everyone was just going crazy because of the insane sound system Ben had. I walked through and found Matt, my boyfriend. The minute he saw me, he shot through the crowd and held me like we hadn't seen each other in years. I literally had just seen him in the afternoon. He took my hand and we went together to the
couch where I told him proudly about how well I did in my interview with the university. So well in fact, I was accepted! After he heard that, he congratulated me and
went to pour me a drink. Normally, I would just say no because I don't
really handle alcohol very well. I would just say that I have to go
home and I don't want my mom to smell it on me, but I thought no, not this time. I was so proud of myself that I go into university that I think a little congratulations are in order. So, cheers! First it was one glass, then it was another,
and another and another. The more I drank, the more my consciousness
and memory faded away. The one thing that did stay was how hot
and intense it felt to touch and kiss him. As we kissed, he led me to one of the bedrooms
with one hand opening the door and the other rubbing around under my top. The alcohol just made me forget everything. All I could think about was all the new sensations
that was happening to me. The short intense pleasure from sex was something
that I had never experienced before. When we made our way onto the bed and made love, I didn't even for a second think about the consequences that would follow… About a month after that, I started to feel strange. While I was helping my mom cook, I smelled
something that made me nauseous. But I had been under a lot of pressure from
university and not to mention all the stress from exams and college applications from before,
so that had to be what it was… right? It was alarming when I realized that my period hadn't come in almost a month and I started to feel nauseous and tired more and more. I had to call Matt. Since that night, we hadn't been talking much. When we spoke he told me that he didn't wear a condom because it felt better for me without it and it's just one time, what's the harm? So I told him what's been happening and the
thing that could be the cause… He went quiet and hung up. I tried to call him back but he wouldn't answer
and eventually his phone was turned off. I just curled up and cried. I was scared and completely lost. So I called Polly and she ran out to get a
pregnancy test and then everything I feared came true. My dream of being a social worker just crumbled
before me. There's no way I can go back to university
now. It's over. My life is over. Because I'm pregnant. When I couldn't hide it anymore, I had to
tell my mom. I really didn't know how she would react. She raised me as a single mother and worked all her life to give me the opportunities she never had. And look at where that got her. When I told her, the look on her face and the tears streaming down her eyes felt like a knife was stabbing deep into my heart. What a terrible of a daughter I am. But quickly, she pulled me close and comforted me with words I didn't expect she'd say. She told me that everything is going to be fine and that we would get through this together. The 3 of us. Patty, Patty, Patty! Someone was trying to wake me up It was Polly. "Wha…what happened?" I was so confused and my head was killing me Polly then explained that I was so drunk last night and when Matt said he was going to take me to bed, she told him that it wasn't a good idea because I was too drunk and so was he. So, she stayed with me the entire night to make sure I was okay I completely blacked out and don't remember any of this! My dream could have easily become a reality if it wasn't for Polly looking out for me that night. On my way out, I went to say bye to Matt who seemed pretty upset about last night. I guess it really bothered him because he broke up with me the next day and started seeing someone else. It was okay though because Polly was with me the entire time helping me through the break-up and reassuring me that everything would be okay. 3 weeks later, while my mom was driving me to my school orientation, she gave me "the talk" seeing as I would be entering my first year at university. Out of all places, it was in the car… But I didn't mind because, after that dream, I realized how important it is to practice safe sex no matter the situation or circumstances. Not only does it prevent unwanted pregnancies but also from sexually transmitted diseases as well.

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  1. Woah its a good thing i wasnt looking at the comments what a great plot twist This could be a movie 😂

  2. plot twist

    it was a lucid dream, and in lucid dreams you can get anything you want and she wanted to have sex with matt.

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