My Love from the Star: First encounter (full episode 1)

GMA Drama presents… A long time ago, in the sky of the Philippines. A disk-shaped object was seen and they couldn’t explain what it is. The object was huge and it was flying fast. With a sound loud like thunder, it disappeared in a blink of an eye. And after that, the sky cleared out not a single cloud could be seen. Señorita Marcella is so lucky. She will get married to the son of Don Diego. They’re not only the richest family in our town, he’s also the most handsome guy here! He’s also lucky to have Señorita Marcella. She’s beautiful and kind. Juana? Juana, Maria? What’s happening? Help me! Help me! Help me! That was the thing that brought me here on Planet Earth from my planet. A star that was identified here as KMT 184.5. That planet is similar to Planet Earth That’s where I came from. At the time of my arrival, the Spaniards were ruling the Philippines Then the Americans came and they sent away all the Spaniards. But after that, World War II ignited and the Japanese came. I’ve been living here for almost 300 years I’m already accustomed in the way of life here on Planet Earth. So I’m no longer affected by the magnetic field and water. All of my senses, especially my hearing and vision are seven times more sharper than that of humans’. So whether I like it or not, I could hear and see everything. I could also make things move using my mind. And when people see me, they get scared of me. That’s why I learned to hide the truth, that I’m not from this planet. I can eat the food of humans but I can not exchange blood, saliva, or any other body fluids. That’s why I always eat alone. I’m used to being alone. so it’s fine by me. It’s better like this, that I only need to think about myself. Oh! My bag! My bag! Why do I not help? because it’s no use if I meddle with people’s lives. For 300 years that I have been living here in the Philippines, I learned that whether I like it or not there are things that are destined to happen. People call it “Fate” or “Destiny”. The comet of the century that is brighter than the moon. In three months, it can be seen from Planet Earth. A destiny is about to happen. The comet that I’ve been waiting for, for a long time will be coming here on Planet Earth. Only three months left and I can finally go back to our planet. Steffi! – Hi. Here is your coffee.
– Oh! thank you. Mocha Latte? Yes. That’s what you ordered, right? Mhm. Steffi is so beautiful, isn’t she? You’re right. She’s flawless and sexy. I wonder what her hair color is. I wanna try it on my hair too. Her waist is so slim. – Have this, it’s yours.
– Thank you, Steffi! Steffi, I ran far away just to buy you that. Then, why did you run? Do you know how many calories are in a Mocha Latte? I would have to exercise for hours to burn my calories again. As if I have time for that. Yeah right. You don’t want get fat. Excuse me? I will never get fat. By the way, how’s the condo? Is it ready now? Yes and I made sure that your things are being transferred properly. Wait a second, what are you posting? It’s for the fans. Oh my gosh. You posted on Instagram again. Let me see. – Look, I already got many likes.
– What is this? Sweet mocha latte on a lovely afternoon. Thanks for the farmers who planted the mocha seeds. FARMERS?! Steffi! Mocha does not come from the seeds. It’s a mixture of coffee and chocolate. I’m ready. Director! – Go to your places everyone. We’re going to start.
– This is fine. – Hey look at this.
– Why? What’s that? This is so funny! Share it to the others. Tag me! My goodness! Look at Steffi. She posted that mocha comes from the seeds. – That’s so stupid!
– Hey look at this. It’s embarassing, right? Good morning Sir! Good morning Ma’am! – It suits her.
– You know, she’s the proof that God is fair! Yes, she’s beautiful, but brainless. Look, it’s Matteo! Approach him, invite him to your birthday. Okay. Okay. Oh! I’m so excited! Matteo, it’s my birthday today. I have a food blow out in our classroom. Can you join us? Sorry, but I’m busy. – Just like that? That’s life? Hey. Come here. He’s working here for almost 2 years, but I bet he still doesn’t know what our names are. That’s because he doesn’t talk to anybody. It such a waste of a handsome face. Okay. You can leave me alone. What? Steffi, do you know your condo unit’s number? What do you think of me? An idiot? Even though I do not know what mocha is. I know where I live, okay? No, I want to go with you. I’m afraid that something bad might happen again. Will you please shut up?! I already know where I live! Did you even hear me?! Miss Steffi, the earrings? We have to give them back because they are sponsored. There! Are you happy now? Is she going to be alright? I’m afraid that she might ran into a pervert in the elevator, like the last time. Don’t you remember what happened? The pervert was hospitalized for eight weeks. She beat the hell out of him with a cellphone. Oh that was so….. It was the first time I felt bad for a pervert. Let’s just leave her. I think she can do that on her own. Excuse me? You’re starstrucked, aren’t you? So, what now? Why are you staring off like that? You can enter the floor where you wanna go now. Go! Okay fine. It’s me. Steffi Chavez You’ve been following me since earlier, haven’t you? Hey! I just transferred here, okay? I’m new here, so… How did you know that I would be transferring here? Hey! You look rich. In fairness. Actually, you look like a student. So if I were you, I would just use my energy on studying not for stalking celebrities here on the elevator! Just go find someone else to fool with because I don’t easily get affected to people like you. Hey! I’m still talking to you! and you still want to go to place?! You are so thick-faced! Oh! so you live there. I’m from there. Look! 2301? We are neighbors. Oh I want to apologize. I thought you were a stalker. Ah… Don’t you really know me? As in, you don’t know me? Do I need to know you? Not really… It’s just that lately, you keep on staring at my face. Why? It’s because I’m entering the pass code – Sorry! Sorry.
– Would you mind if you turn back? Sorry… Grumpy? Who does he think he is? He doesn’t know me? What are you? Alien?! [BAD COMMENTS] “I really want to pull her hair to stretch out her brain.” “Only proves you can’t buy class” “What’s the purpose of beauty, if you don’t have a brain.” [BAD COMMENTS] This is too much. They are so harsh. Is bashing the only thing that they know how to do? Mom? Open the door. I’m here outside. You’re extraordinary, Steffi! I got embarrassed while I was playing Mahjong with my friends! I had to know from someone else… that you apparently moved?! Ooh! Oh! Hm. In fairness, it’s the correct spelling. There’s a cherry, too! It’s pretty! This is a really good place. Is it expensive? You told me to never call you again, right? You’ve disowned me as your daughter. Oh, come on. You sulk so easily… Oh, this daughter of mine. I only said that because you don’t listen to me anymore. I do listen to you, though. I listened to you when you told me you needed to open up a French restaurant I listened to you when you told me you wanted to open a boutique I listened to you when— Hey, hey, hey! Are you scolding me?! Huh?! I’ll pay you! How much did you even spend since? And Steffi, look in the mirror, will you? That pretty face and body of yours those are all from me! You’re so thick-faced. You just got lucky in being an actress, and making commercials. But you know, I’ll admit it to you. You’re so bad at acting! You just got famous because of your pretty face! Technically, your fame came from me. I’m the reason. To be frank, you should be thanking me that you got my looks. I actually look like dad, though. Wow. You talk back now?! Your dad is so ugly! And you’re teaming with him? Oh, right. You only married him for his money and when he went bankrupt, you left him then. Hey. Don’t you speak like that! You know nothing about what happened. Oh, whatever! I look like dad! Suit yourself. You’re so difficult. I don’t have anymore money so you already know how much you’ll send me. Do you know how to transfer funds? Or do you not know how to do that as well? And your little brother he hasn’t come home the last two days. So try and contact him. Where did he go again? Ran away? – Apply it already, dude, I can’t wait.
– There it is. There we go! – Maybe… a little lower
– Lower?
– Yeah. Steffi really is sexy, isn’t she? If you ask me I’d flirt with her. – It’s so big!
– Zoom it in more. What the hell is your problem?! What’s my problem? Huh? – What? Is she your relative or something?
– No! [STEFFI BEING LOUD] [STEFFI RAPPING] I already know, you don’t have to rub it in. I’m an airhead, you all are so smart. But at least try not to make it hurt. I already wanna close my eyes just from reading it. It was one simple mistake and I’m already a dumbass? It’s really impossible for everyone to love you. Am I really brainless? And all beauty? I’m also smart, you just don’t know it yet. Is it bad? When I have high hopes? Because I relieved my stress through rap It feels so good. Go ahead and tease me more. Thank you, thank you, thank you very much. [MIC DROP lol] Yes? Miss, do you know what time it is? Umm, more or less about 10 PM Why are you here to ask? Is there not a clock at your place? You shouldn’t be singing at this time of night. You heard me? I thought these walls were sound proof! It’s why I moved here! Your voice hurts my ears. Your singing is out of tune. Do you know that that’s a violation? I can report you to the Barangay because you’re disturbing everyone at this time of night. So you’ll report me even though I’m your neighbor? That’s because it’s only common sense that you shouldn’t be singing so loud when it’s nighttime. Common sense! Are you telling me I don’t have common sense?! What, I’m an idiot?! A dumbass?! Is that what you mean?! – What I mean to say—
– You mean to say that I’m a dumbass! I look like a dumbass to you! Huh?! I’m an idiot! That I used Botox on my brain so it lost it’s wrinkles and I became an airhead! Do you know an apple and a cabbage are the only things I eat the whole day? But I have to show the audience this persona that I’m so well fed and full so they can’t say anything about me. And now I’m here at my home my oh, so good neighbor came here at my doorstep to ridicule me, and tell me I’m bad at singing. Why? Is it a sin to sing? Is it? In the comfort of my own home, is it bad to sing? I’m so tired and stressed, I come home from the whole day of work then I get prohibited to sing at my own house? I’m just trying to relieve my stress! ??? Shh! I don’t want to see your face, I don’t want to talk to you anymore. Let’s not care about each other. How thick-faced! I’m out of tune, he says! Right! Sure! Whatever! I admit! I can’t sing! Why?! Did I even say I was good?! “Airhead!” “Ignorant!” What else?! Go ahead! What else?! You’re all so perfect! You’re the smart ones! You all are so talented! [My last three months here on Earth…] Boss Anton, why did you call for me? I was have a taping. Sit over there Stefie. Take a look at this. Look at this. We often hear in news about special admissions for celebrities. Another issue is giving them special VIP treatments in campuses There is an anonymous reporter who said that Stefie Chavez has not been attending the university for several months. That is why went in this university to know the truth. People think that you are empty-headed because you do not attend your classes. Excuse me. Can I ask you something? Do you know Stefie Chavez? Yes I know her. Do you see her here in your school? Not anymore. But she’s my classmate. Well I have a taping. I am busy. I don’t have time. This girl…. Her talent agency said The reason why Stefie Chavez was not able to attend her classes is because she is too busy in her showbiz commitments. Correct. What the people are wondering about is if she is really busy Why does she have time to post on her IG about her drinking her mocha latte. What this mean is that she is not busy at all. She is just using her VIP status to get into this university. But she is not doing her duty as a student. Should we allow VIP treatment in the universities? This is… My goodness Stefie We need to clear out your name. Don’t worry. I will talk to your director to give you a study break so you can go to school And love please, stop posting useless things on the Internet. Ok, you can go now so you can continue your taping. Is Ms. Stefie Chavez here already? Not yet director, but her manager said they are on the way. Aren’t we going to start yet? We have been here since three in the morning When we arrived we are fully made up already. What time is it? Aren’t we going to start? We haven’t taped anything yet? Did you hear what I said? Stefie is not here yet. Stefie again? Yesterday is the same thing.

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  1. naadik ako sa korean version neto e paulit ulit kong pinanuod pero di pa din ako nagsasawa lmao hahahha pati tong filipino version infairness ang ganda ng effects ha <3 <3 2019 na pinapanuod ko pa din to <3

  2. The more i watch the more my mind keep comparing Korea my love from the star with this… And am not satisfied watching this… Still prefer the Korea own… Wat is wrong with me……. good Job. Still prefer the korea actress for this drama…

  3. Wtf bkt ung orig intro umiiyak c SC tpuz snbi ng babae bata pa raw sya para magpakasal tpuz dto tumatawa at puri dun sa lalaki papakasalan sana haha iniba

  4. Tinignan kolang musta remake ng pilipinas at mukhang tatapusin ko pasok sa standard ko e ang ganda at galing ng pag kaka remake ng GMA

  5. Dahil sa Beautiful Justice bumalik ako dito kasi ang gwapo talaga niya kaway kaway✋✋✋ sa mga nanonood ngayon 2019

  6. Sobrang sayang talaga, ang lakas ng chemistry ni Jen at Gil, sayang ang momentum, dapat sinundan agad ng GMA ng project iyong dalawa.

  7. 2k19?ok lng din namn yon kasi 'yong mga coffee tinatamin din?HAHAHA "THANK YOU SA MGA FARMERS NA NAG TANIM NG MOCHA SEEDS"🤣🤣🤣

  8. Okay sana ung concept ng pagkuha nila sa lead na lalaki e. Ung hindi kilala para mas ramdam mo kaso sana iba na lang kinuha. Ung mas gwapo talaga na kakikiligan mo wala epek ung lalaki kaht sabihin pang mejo okay naman pagkakagawa.

  9. ลิขิตรักนายต่างดาว you guys can serach this name bc that drama my love from the star version thailand, have u guys enjoy that drama version thanks

  10. Napaka casual mag imbita ng professor Matteo lang. Feelingera na beki, panget nman ng korean mas me kilig factor at komedy itong kela jengil..

  11. I watch coz base sa kdrama napaborito ko. Great job sa pagpili sa main actor full package sulit:) yong story sa una maganda kunti history sa pinas overall maganda pag kagawa. Not a fan sa acting ng main actress.

  12. I think it would be good if Gil sported his short hair (like on his show right now, ‘Beautiful Justice’) It’ll be better. Though his long hair is nice, iconic indeed.

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