My Miscarriage Story {5 weeks}

hey guys so I was hoping that I wasn't gonna have to be making this post but there was a part of me that just felt like everything getting pregnant in the very first month and just in hope and excitement posting about it was gonna not be you know a big deal on the end I would stay pregnant and all that kind of stuff but unfortunately I am here to tell you guys just about my miscarriage so I found out that I was pregnant last week last like Monday or Tuesday and I was like just you know a day late or whatever and so like I took a test and it was positive and then I had some weird things going on I didn't have any symptoms I had tons of symptoms with my son and I the guy my breasts for tender this wasn't that wasn't happening this time and I thought maybe just my breasts are different cuz I breastfed so you know things like that my dogs are watching Birds outside um anyway so basically I then on okay so that was Monday or Tuesday and then on Friday I was shooting video for a friend of mine for her son's wedding and I was on my feet all day I was not drinking enough water I was not eating enough food and um at 8:30 we're in the reception and all of a sudden I am like feeling queasy I'm like holding under the banister I was taking video from there up in the balcony down on to like you know the dances like the bride and her dad and all that stuff so um I was feeling queasy I mean it was in the middle of a Taylor Swift song and I'm like okay girl Taylor Swift how long is your dang song in three minutes and thirty seconds and I need to sit down I'm starting to feel like queasy and it's all kind of a video I mean all of a sudden the videos like you know cuz I passed how why and luckily I landed there was a guy he was taking pictures next to me and I just happened to land on him thank God he caught me and otherwise I probably would have fallen and hit my head or things like that and um I was like oh my gosh and there was a nurse there she do you any other medical conditions going on I said I'm very like newly pregnant she said well you know that's just a baby's way of saying you need to slow down and you need to give you know the baby more like okay like thinking oh gosh like great I'm like hoping I didn't make a scene which I didn't so it was really good but it was really scary and then I was really tired for the rest night and then I can't drive home like it was horrible wasn't like going new and up for Easter weekend we went up to my in-laws well my son and my husband were already up at my in-laws house and then it was I was going to drive up I was actually almost like halfway there this wedding location was halfway between my house and all about halfway between my house in my in-laws house my in-laws live about two and a half hours away and this this wedding location was an hour away from our house and then it was another hour and a half to get homes or to get to my in-laws home so it was like I'm there and I'm feeling so bad but I'm like okay it's gonna be an hour I get home and if I go home I strike two and a half hours tomorrow morning or I could just do now and a half tonight and get it all over with so I'm like I didn't have career since well I mean I didn't think I was gonna faint I just felt like really tired and so I you know that was just really strange I was actually gonna make a video about you know what a weird thing it hurt and then everyone said are you pregnant you know like after that because I found out I thinked and I'm like no I'm not very minute you know and so that was like how they know and then I honestly feel like maybe that could have been a pregnancy thing or maybe that was just my body starting to like kind of you can't handle this pregnancy right now and I was sick over the weekend I wasn't feeling well and then of course you know what you want to take I wanted to take D congestion okay contestants whatever there I wanted to take those but of course you know my mother-in-law like here's some syrup and I'm like thank you thank you you know so I didn't take anything and I'm so thinking of pregnant you know and I still I'm like driving into work on Tuesday and nothing's going on so it's been a little over a week since I found out and then on Tuesday afternoon about two o'clock I started feeling like asking my period it was really strange I'm like strange maybe I just have extra fluid and you know things going on because I'm pregnant no everything's cycling but after minutes brown spotting and I'm still like okay I'm freaking out a little bit but you know I know that spotting is kind of normal so I don't really think too much of it and I don't seriously Oliver you're just staring at you come here so you don't want anything to do with this video huh you just want to stand there on the edge and look at Bert's so I'm sorry it's spotting and then I think it's getting more pink and it's getting more so that's it – I got home about 3:45 from work I'm a teacher and then I got home early and you know like earlier than that you would normally mother drops anyway I'm home and it's just getting more and I go in the bathroom and there's blood clots and it's more it's streaming out I'm sorry I guess I should have done a warning about this video being kind of whatever um having the graphic details but I guess you might get that for my tail so anyway I there was like it was more it was like a effort it was like a light period I'm like okay this is still may be spotting I didn't have this with my son but maybe he's just light spotting and then I had more and then it was extremely like when I go to the bathroom it was extreme out this is not no wrong and there's clots you know there would be clots about that big and there would be multiple of them and I'm thinking like this is not this is not right you know and I'm trying to call my doctor tonight and I think we're just having me come in today this was yesterday and then they're having today at 3:30 for a blood test because they want to see my hormone levels and they can set this up when they thought that I was still pregnant with just spotting well now I know I just know I'm gonna go in there and I'm not I'm not pregnant you know and there's too much blood there just it's way too much this is definitely a miscarriage and you know I I said yesterday and my husband we went on a walk and I'm like I actually got out and gotten pads because I'm like oh my gosh you don't have normally have pads and use pads for my periods I actually use a menstrual cup I didn't really want to use one for this and I was just like talking to him and I see no I just if this is a miscarriage I want it to happen now like I just want it to happen now because I'm five weeks and that's really early and I can have it passed naturally and I've never had one before this is my very first miscarriage and it seems so weird to me like I barely have gotten my mind wrapped around that I was pregnant and now I'm not again so it's just my head understands that it's gonna be fine my head understands that my children were going to be 21 months apart and that was kind of freaking me out a little bit and my head's okay with that you know like my head's okay with Palmer my son is going to be a little older when the next one comes you know and that's okay like my head is wrapping around my heart every once in a while is superabundant so that's kind of where I'm at right now I'm not like you know freaking out or you know sitting it lady that's sobbing and just you know mostly I feel like I have a very heavy period and my stomach has been a little nauseous and I'm not feeling great and I just you know don't feel great so anyway I went into work today this morning because I wanted to go in I I have a student I need to work on a special a teacher so sometimes you know handing things right off to to other people it's not always the easiest it's not always you know it's easier sometimes just to go in so I wonder when and I just you know I'm not feeling I really need to go home so I just took the afternoon off and I went to go tell my boss and I had a couple other co-workers around they knew what was going on with me and so I kind of just said them hey you know I need to take the afternoon off he said what are you how anime me I said no and like it hit me like no you know like he's um he's he's a great boss but he said I am so sorry he pulled me in and just like gave me this big is hugging me like he's really tall and you know like those went big guys give you a hug and they hug you and they hold your head and it's just like oh like I said he's I I worked there for six years and so we just have a close relationship anyways he's just a good friend like friend I guess I'm all but you know whatever normal and he's just great and I just he went out and he got he got me a big huge Sega Starbucks which I'm not trying to drink coffee now and he got me big thing at Cheesecake like a brownie cheesecake and I was like thank you so much he felt so bad and I you know really it's like like I said my head is okay my heart hurts and in the head part of me is laughing at what he did and and everything and then he was so sweet about it afterwards and he found out he's like I really didn't mean that I really didn't mean that I'm so sorry so that's all right you know and one of my other co-workers I was talking to her and she's had multiple miscarriages and what she said to me is she said you know what she had breached I cannot wait til I get to heaven because I will have three other kids there that I never got to meet under birth you know I only had my two here but I'll have my five in heaven and that was just kind of cool to to hear her say you know about that and now when I saw people like you know the next time I get pregnant like well this is my third pregnancy so it's just really strange to me you know I never thought I'd be in this boat but quite honestly like I didn't I was saying that my like my four week video that I didn't have a lot of symptoms going on and no that's normal for weeks but you know I just felt like it was weird like I just didn't have as much to going on so I just knew with my son and this when I was like I think I'm pregnant but I really you know didn't have a lot of the same symptoms anyway that's what's going on I am now trying to go into the doctor and I'm gonna find out like you know when can we try it again and you know then I also feel like I have a short luteal phase and that's the second half of your your menstrual base your menstrual cycle and so I wouldn't talk to them about like when they do my testing today for the pregnancy hormones I want to ask them if there's also something to look at to look at my progesterone levels my other hormone levels just to see if those are if anything's out of whack they need to do anything because I don't want to get pregnant again if like this is gonna happen again I'd rather wait and know that everything's fine and all my hormone levels are just good and all that because I don't want to do this again if I don't have to you know if it happens again and that's the plan then the last feeling and the last thing I want to say about my miscarriage is that there's a lot of things in my life and I think a lot of will do this is that I feel like I do a lot of planning I'm a planner I'm a teacher I'm a mother I'm a planner my plan our planner planner and I have so many of my plans and like I said I talked a little bit about how we were like doing a loose gender sway and it's like I feel like this was God's Way of saying Julie you have your plans for your life but guess what I have better plans for you so I know that we have a better plan that God is you know he's starting our plan now and he's just helping us to see that our plans you know we have our plans and you know we can do that and that's great and everything but his plans are better he's got something else in store for us and I just I can't wait to find out what it is yeah thanks guys I'll be keeping new nights updated just kind of like what's going on if we're going to TTC again soon or not and things like that but thank you for the new subscribers and just check me me my videos out and not be keeping you guys updated and hopefully soon you know we'll be back to be doing some of these baby mope updates so we'll be back so thank you guys so much and have a great day and just know that if you're in the same shoot as many boat as me whatever is that you know this isn't this isn't the end you know there's more there's something else out there for us oh that's a help okay

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  1. I had my first pregnancy in February of 2018 March 27 I found out there was no heartbeat 💔 March 30th I had a miscarriage 😭 I was 6 weeks pregnant…

  2. Hi. I found this video and was super helpful. I’m going through exactly the same. Around 5/6 weeks and I’m having a miscarriage naturally. As you said, I have my head wrapped around it, but my heart is a little heavy. I trust the universe’s plan for me. Thank you for sharing your story and being so relatable. 🙏🏼

  3. This is my first pregnant
    I was 5 week and 6 days
    First was light brown spotting then become heavy ( from light brown to darkbrown then light pink and later I starting to see bright red) I went to the emergency they did blood test and ultrasound . Blood test did show that I was pregnant but I could had a miscarriage . The ultrasound didn't see anything maybe I was too early my hormone level was low . The doctor told me to come back in two days to do another test blood to see if my hormone
    Rise up that mean I'm still pregnant so they sent me home when I was got I notice it thick tissue clots came out at that moment I knew I had miscarriage 😢😢

  4. I'm going through a miscarriage right now and I'm five weeks and I feel the same way . I've been trying for a baby and I had a miscarriage and it is absolutely heart breaking

  5. Thank you for sharing your story and for being so honest! The Pregnancy Loss Project is interested in how women cope with pregnancy loss and how pregnancy loss affects them. We are looking for women of color, Spanish or English speakers, ages 18-50, who have had an involuntary pregnancy loss, such as a miscarriage, stillbirth, or therapeutic abortion, to participate in a project about pregnancy loss, visit:
    This research study is being conducted by Pamela Geller, Ph.D. and the Women’s Health Psychology Lab of Drexel University, Department of Psychology. In appreciation of your participation, the research team made a single $150 donation to March of Dimes to thank you for sharing your experiences, and to benefit others who have experienced pregnancy loss.

  6. I know its year late but, I understand what you said. it happened to be too! I finally can say your input helped me so much and I have been with my fiance since he was 15 and now he is 20. We been together all high school til now we are he is freshmen in ccollege and well I'm almost a sophomore. I'm studying to be teacher and I love kids so much! just back in May 30th because before that I was in art class in school I felt so sick since I'm fast pace kind person I couldn't take the rush of drawing like I usually do at the time and April I had very light period May I didn't have my period that's when I knew I was pregnant. My fiance and I got engaged last year on Christmas! We were trying at the time. But, my thought of thinking I couldn't have any since I had lost before this baby back when we started out the condom tore in us we were scared but it left naturally. We weren't ready then and wasn't ready now either but it hurts to think that we were gonna be parents again now it finally hitting my fiance since he didn't know about the first one since he was 16 at the time. I was afraid to tell him but now he knows. which is why it hits me harder because I knew the whole time but any way back to what happened this year…well may I found out I was 5 weeks I went to hospital after I past out when him and I were at rock concert he was rushing me to the nearest hospital then a woke up slightly and said baby …I think I may be pregnant… he just smiled and said I know…we checked there I was 5 weeks in but they found out I was ovulating then and that I had mucus but month later toward the end of June I had to repaint my room my parents didn't know but my dad guessed it I was going to slow…so I told him to finish of since I told him I feel so nauseous and two days alter it was almost July I woke up from nap and my fiance was at work…and I saw alot blood and clots on my underwear and alot inside the toilet after I went pee…I was freaking out and crying…I didn't know what to do….so I called my fiance work saying its Mr.Jesse Vasquez future wife its emergency since they knew I was pregnant because he told them to place it on paper just in case he didn't show up one day. He rushed home and I was in the tub crying my parents weren't home my siblings at basket ball practice.. and he picked me up and when I was in. the tub there was blood everywhere I just showed he calmed me down they called hospital they didn't want to help they said I could've miscarriage I already had appt set for three days for the obyn to see how it grew. I calculated ever since I found I was at the time I was 9 weeks… I went to the closet obyn doctor who had helped me on my first one he was out of town…I needed one…its been few months since I miscarried n I am still mourning alil but I'm holding up but what you said about God that he has plan and my plans are different he knows we were struggling with money and he has plans to do it right to wait to we have our own place when we are done with school but this loss is actually bringing my fiance and I closer and stronger then we are already are. Before we fought alil now it's calm. But let me tell you this your input HELPS ALOT and when you teared up I did too. <3

  7. I realize that this video is a little bit more than a year old, but I want to thank you for posting. I'm 18 years old, freshman in college, very much on my own (though my boyfriend is very supportive and wants to be with me for the rest of his life), and I'm about 4 to 5 weeks pregnant! Or at lest I was yesterday at the doctors… Everything you described about your miscarriage is also how I would describe what I'm going through (first the spotting, then bleeding, then blood clots) I believe I have more to pass through though..But I admire you're positive attitude and it brought tears to my eyes when you talked about having babies in Heaven and God's plan for everyone's lives including the unborn. Again, thanks so much for sharing your mind and heart. Very comforting. <3

  8. I'm soo sorry that your going thru this, It really sucks I had a miscarriage before my daughter was born I was 12 weeks along. You never forget but it does get easier with time to deal with. I know women who've had healthy pregnancies get pregnant again and have miscarriages sometimes they just happen for no good reason.. take care 🙂 

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