My Miscarriage Story Blighted Ovum

hey everyone um Camden's joining me today he it's not his nap time but I just kind of wanted to sit down and talk to you guys I wanted to make a video about what's been going on um so yesterday I went to the doctor for an ultrasound um I had seen the doctor the week before so exactly a week before so the Thursday before last and it was just a quick appointment um routine like your first OB appointment when you're pregnant they do and they do a pap smear and then they take some blood and you know just just routine check-up basically and then the following week they schedule me for my first ultrasound which was yesterday so we went in and um you know if you've been pregnant you know that your first ultrasound is vaginal because things are so small at that point um they can't just do a normal alters down on your stomach anyway so I had a weird feeling about this pregnancy ah sorry he's remember um I kind of knew like in my heart that something wasn't right I'm last time I when I was pregnant with my son I was just so excited and um yeah I just I was excited for my ultrasound and we pulled it to the hospital yesterday and I told Jared I'm like I'm just really nervous like I don't know why I just feel like like there's there's no heartbeat or what if something's wrong I just had a weird feeling but you know he assured me that it's okay like everything's gonna be fine so we go into the hospital um you know I'm in the waiting room and he actually grabbed my hand and using oh my gosh your hands are so clammy like I'm so nervous I don't know why I just something isn't right and I just knew and hey um basically my warning sign right here like with Camden I break up I get sex and I go on with my day everything is pointless this time it wasn't I I didn't really hurt you know vomit I wasn't sick that way I was just really just not just like throughout the day and um I had some slight cramping a couple weeks ago but I thought oh maybe it's just you know like things are stretching getting ready for a baby you know I shook it off and went on and um so anyway they call us back for the ultrasound um she starts too old for Sam and right away I knew that there was no baby um well I had my ultrasound on the same day I was nine weeks one day with Iowa Camden and I was supposed to be nine weeks one day yesterday um so I just knew like with Camden I could see there was a baby you know right away I saw him and you know everything was fine and I just knew she she asked me are you are you sure about your date like you know could you be earlier early on than you think and I'm like no and I just knew no like I instantly started crying and like you never think it would happen to you until it does and it's just really hard to like picture you know I thought my son was gonna have a sibling and you know we started planning our life around this like you know it's been over about a month a little over a month and we get started you know planning like okay we need to move and we need a bigger house and you know we're just planning for another child so you know so basically like medically what happened was um I had what's called a blind album album um which means um the egg was fertilized and implanted itself in my uterine wall and basically it just stopped there like um genetically maybe there was something wrong so um it just never developed so there was never like a body but I mean in your mind you're walking around like watching like week by week like your pregnancy app you know this baby is changing and you're reading what's going on and so basically I didn't have any idea I had really nope no severe cramping nope spotty um because it implanted in my uterine wall I'm still I solve all the hormones like my hormone levels are exactly where they're supposed to be I they took some blood yesterday after the ultrasound just to look at my hormone levels and they are exactly where they're supposed to be so they've you know doubled and stuff in the last week since they took my blood last week so basically I'm still getting you know all the symptoms like nauseous and you know all that fun stuff it you think that you know I feel this way because I'm growing a body and now it's like I feel this way for nothing really I mean and they also found an 8 centimeter cyst on my left ovary so I actually have to go in once next Wednesday for a DNC which you know they're gonna clean out my uterus because I can't just leave what's in there like an empty sack I can't leave it in there I could wait and just miscarry naturally but I've heard that's more painful and they want to do surgery on that cyst anyway so I figure I might as well just get it all over with I'm really nervous I've never had surgery in my life so I'm pretty nervous I just you know I I wasn't going to make a video but I'm like you know there's so many women out there that go through this and maybe you know I could help someone someday you know they'll come across this video and I also just wanted to explain to you guys because I know my last video I just told you guys I was eight weeks oh yeah so I I just never expected this you I thought I was safe to announce because everything was so perfect with Camden like I had the perfect pregnancy you know um so I just figured it was fine I've never had history of this so um that's what's been going on I'm probably going to take a break from my beauty stuff for a while just to kind of heal from this I mean it could have been a lot worse but it's still shocking and heartbreaking um but she assured me that I will be able to carry a healthy baby again um this is an accent so I'm just it makes me realize how lucky I am to have Camden and yeah he's healthy you know that's really what I need to focus on and be grateful for what I do have but it's just it's painful but um you know it'll pass and we'll get through it and I'm really lucky to have a really good support team you know my family is wonderful and Jared's been really great through all this so um yeah I just kind of wanted to update you sorry I didn't want to be a big blue on camera but I just wanted to let you guys know and maybe help someone someday and you know find some support I think it's you know a big issue is people bottle this stuff up because women feel like they can't talk about this and you know researching it it's so common like one in four women have felt this way in 50% of pregnancies end in miscarriage which is just I had no idea when you have healthy pregnancies you just it doesn't even cross your mind but you know we'll move on from this and things happen for a reason and I you know it'll be okay so I just wanted to let you guys know and update you but um if you have been through this or you know have a story just comment down below and let me know and I love to talk with other people who been through this yeah thank you guys so much for watching and I will be back soon with a makeup tutorial or something of that nature so thanks again for watching have a good day bye

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  1. I'm going through this now just came back from hospital should be 9 weeks, but just had 3rd scan and still just empty sac measuring 5 weeks.. I still feel pregnant and my HCG is doubling every 48 hours.. but with no baby inside me still… 🙁

  2. I hate all kind of miscarriages!! Women shouldn't have to go through this. 😢😭
    I went through the same experience. Went to have my ultrasound at 10 weeks to see my baby before mother's day and there was nothing… empty sac. I was very nervous too and so was my husband but just until the day of the ultrasound. During the first weeks of my pregnancy I was very excited and happy and told everyone

  3. I just left the doctor and I’m supposed to be 8 weeks. I’m going through the exact same thing. I searched on YouTube about it and found this video. I started crying when doctor told me. Thanks for your video ☹️❤️

  4. I’m going through this now and it is hard!! Not sure on when I do dnc cuse they will check my blood levels tommorow but this has made me a nervous wreck

  5. I’m going through this right now. I’m supposed to be 8 weeks now. I went twice and they told me I may be earlier than expected and I saw a empty sac. I went a second time and they said there’s a sac and yolk sac. They said they can schedule me for a D & C or miscarriage on my own. I decided to get a second opinion from another dr. If there’s an empty sac on one u/s and then a sac and yolk sac on the other u/s they have to be something else a week later. Unfortunately I have to wait two weeks for my next dr visit. But I pray the first one is wrong. It’s so sad I cried for three days. I also have a toddler. We were also working around with her starting school next year and etc. It’s so painful to go though it. I pray everything works out by now for you.

  6. Same thing happened to me recently at 11 weeks. Miscarried naturally it was very painful.i hope i can get pregnant again soon.

  7. thank you for the video..I'm not sure if I'm going through this..I went in for an emergency ultrasound due to spotting yesterday and they said they didn't see a heartbeat or a yolk sack they think I'm just not as far as originally thought so going back in a week for another ultrasound..I hope it turns out ok..I really just need someone to talk to I've had 2 healthy pregnancys..not having a healthy one never crossed my mind.

  8. thank you for the video. yesterday just went to the OB and receive the same message. a bit scare of having a DnC. but your video have given me courage knowing there are other moms experiencing the same. thank you

  9. hello there…. this is happening to me right now….. today i got my blood drawn for the second time i guess to see how my levels are and what to do next… is very very sad

  10. I'm going through this exact thing right now, it's just so hard, I don't know how I'm going to get through this. My heart is so broken.

  11. Was just diagnosed with this yesterday. I never thought I'd experience something like this. I have a healthy 2 year old and like you said, had no reason to think this would happen to me. It's comforting to hear stories like yours and know that I can get through this. Thank you.

  12. I know this is a couple of months old but I stumbled across your video today after I received the same news this morning. I'm 7w2d today and will be using the medication to induce the miscarriage. Thank you for talking about this. Sending love to you. Xoxo

  13. great video love your channel, new subscriber right here x i also have a channel and would love it if you could check it out and we could support each other xx

  14. dont give up you will smile again . ive had 2 miscarriages in the past 4 years its been a long road but its important to keep fighting . check out my channel for miscarriage support & Subscribe i hope to hear from you soon .

  15. We love you so so much,it will get better if you need to talk you have us to talk to!I know it hard.❤️❤️❤️❤️

  16. We're so sorry that you and Gerrod have to go through this. We're here for you whenever you need us.😔

  17. My heart breaks for you girl, I'm so sorry you are going through this! I will be sending positive vibes your way

  18. My heart goes out to you. Buy a heating pad it will help so much. If you need to talk I can be there. ♥️

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