5 Replies to “My Miscarriage Story – I Miscarried 6 Babies”

  1. My husband's given up after 3 losses and refuses to try again or seek help at a fertility doctor, even though it's highly suspected it's male factor. I'm hopeful he will change his mind after some time.
    It's so sad we are made to shut up and feel ashamed. We should never diminish the short lives of our babies, the ones that didn't make it , and how much we loved them from the second we knew we were pregnant.

  2. I been trying for baby 7 years now I have 22 miscarriages I feel so disappoint but I believe in God I know one day my dream will come true

  3. Hi I been trying over 6 yrs hoping for a healthy pregnancy I been having multiple miscarriages with 5 pregnany no obgyn don't want to help me its been so hard for me still seeking for help it makes me feel like no body cares how I feel sometimes I go to people and they don't want to here it but I got to have my head up high….

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