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before I became a mom I didn't know that 10 to 25 percent of pregnancies end in miscarriage before I had a miscarriage I didn't know just how heartbreaking that can be hi I'm Shauna and I'm sharing my story with you in case you are going through a miscarriage or you have a loved one who is and you want to know how to support them it wasn't until a few years after being married when I was 27 I woke up and said I want to be just like my dad told me I always would and I thought it would just happen I mean I have lots of friends I got pregnant an accident and I had no idea that it takes nine months for the average person to get pregnant so when I didn't get pregnant for 15 months I had a really hard time lots lots of days of crying I got a terrible tattoo of my ribs because I was living in the moment partly sighing – and I was just about to go through my fertility drugs when my doctor suggested that she thought my body was allergic to dairy and I should try going off dairy I went off for dairy for the month but husband graduated from his MBA and we went to Paris so somewhere in that I'm not sure if it's stress or the no cheese that I love to eat or go into Paris and I got pregnant with my first daughter Harper Delilah and it was amazing and then being that it took 15 months to get pregnant with her I thought that I was gonna take a long time my second time – so we said I don't want to go through that depression again why not just see what happens lucky in a way I didn't get pregnant right away because I don't know what I would do pregnant at six months but I got pregnant about 14 or 15 months after I had Harper I also stopped breastfeeding around that time so that was kind of the time that I started officially trying and I was happy and didn't think anything could go wrong and I went to my seven or eight week ultrasound and they said that they saw a sac but they didn't see a baby so they weren't sure it was a miscarriage yet so had to wait and they gave me a couple more ultrasounds and that was for about ten days that I knew if everything was okay or not and that ten days is really scaring her because if I was going through miscarriage but I didn't know if I was having a miscarriage and we finally had the ultrasound and they said everything was good and I was gonna have a baby and so I began to celebrate for my relaxed and then about 11 weeks I went through another ultrasound and um it turned out the baby wasn't growing and I lost the baby so it's kind of going through the emotions again and they said it and if I chose empathy and see which at that point Lesley a my pregnancy as it wise was the decision I made I would have to show up at the hospital the next day and I didn't know what to expect basically being really sad at Mema has been just help each other all night and we had my year-old baby to take care of two year and a half year old so when I showed up to the hospital as cold as hospitals are and I hate hospitals just because they feel so cold um and I didn't really expect for it to feel so icky I don't know how this private I had to go to a separate room than Eli I have blood taken it's just felt gross and they ended up putting me under bridge I didn't realize the procedures minutes long but you end up being put up under for about four hours and I will cut out of it probably a little goofy and we try to like film normal like let's go sushi I didn't really want to eat the sushi or drink the wine or one or the other maybe both and one thing I remember is Eli was really amazing we did have each other a lot and he's not the most emotional guy but it was kind of wonderful to see how we would react during such a tragic time together and friends were amazing and I remember a new friend I met months before sent me like edible arrangements which I always thought were terribly corny and cheesy I loved eating that fruit it was just a small little thing to feel loved and people often ask like how do I support that what I do in a situation like this I don't know what to say and for me personally my policy I think with anything in general is be honest say I don't know what to say here if you need me but I think that's all you really want to hear and whether it's not on the phone in person it's not a voicemail or text or letter flowers and all the other things are fine but really just knowing that someone's there and they're they recognize that it's not easy after the DNC and you know you definitely in bed for a couple days and resting when I wasn't ready for what the doctor didn't warn me about is that you're just not all of us are just not pregnant like your body still looks pregnant your hormonal eFilm pregnant you feel very emotional and some people are angry or angry some people are sad and you're cranky simple don't want to get in the bad but you also look pregnant and being the second pregnancy I gained weight really quick I think I came like eight or ten pounds like right away and I'm five – that's a lot but for anybody that's a lot and so waking up every morning looking at how just being reminded that clothes will affect I don't feel myself but I'm going through all Bethenny don't have a baby to show for it because a doctor obviously that wasn't higher the list like you're not gonna go back to your normal size didn't share that with me I was searching the internet like crazy I called that per office two or three times like we can't tell you anything else like you'll lose the weight well so after after the research I didn't talking to people I found that your body holds the HCG hormone which is your pregnancy hormone for usually about ten days some days longer which makes you hold on to the baby weight your body still thinks it's pregnant you also can be bloated if you have ten nourishment a third breast which might even was in a kit ever but and and and you're stressed and you don't have sleep so all these things a tribute to you contribute to you not losing weight also until you get your next cycle your hormones are still kind of crazy so it really wasn't until six weeks I think about that I finally had my period which was also when I started at like I lost the last couple of pounds the advice I can give is like just let it be it'll happen like give your body and yourself time you lost you gained the weight because of your hormone appear to lose the weight when your hormones go back to normal and in terms of how to be there for your husband because it helped had your husband be there for you I know for me I didn't know what to expect but you have to remember like he's going through a loss to it was his baby too and so I've heard different husbands crying to their friends or guy friends or just coming to them upset and a lot of times because they don't want to turn to you and so I think that you need to be affectionate with each other and show love for each other and ask each other why each other needs from you because that's how you made the baby because you loved each other so oftentimes your husband doesn't want to come to you and turn onto you with his feelings and him being upset or whatever it is he's going through because they don't want to put it on to you so you have to make sure to be there for them as much as you want them to be there for you and whatever way you require that for your own personality so it took me six straight weeks to have another cycle and I don't know if I was necessarily ready I wasn't ready to get pregnant again I think my husband was more ready than I was but I fortunately I did get pregnant again and I had my crazy walker mone it's weird because sometimes don't find myself sad surprisingly sad I were surprised myself because I am so thankful that the girl and I think it's so sad about the miscarriage or something will remind me of the loss or I'll thank someone that has a similar experience and I'll get emotional and I have to give that to myself because we did have a loss and but in that I feel really lucky and blessed because I had Walker getting invited to month after was um it felt really quick for me and I remembered being scared it was really scared and doctors I guess tend to tell you usually which I didn't hear from my doctor maybe because I didn't ask maybe because they didn't hear them say it but they recommend usually after D&C you to not get pregnant again for at least three months and I actually had a complications which we believe could be because of the do you think getting pregnant so quickly after so for the first four months of my pregnancy five months of with Walker was pretty scary and and I bled a ton I mean like gush blood four or five different times so I mean the first time I was like five days after I found out I was pregnant so I immediately thought I had a miscarriage and I called the hospital they thought I did too it was on Saturday and I could find out till Monday it's not about five months of gushing blood and then the pregnancy was fine so I do wish in that way or was recommend because I wouldn't have Walker but I would recommend that you wait the full three months or whatever it is your doctor tells you to wait to get pregnant again so you don't have to just have the worry like I did I'm not a doctor I'm just here to share with you my experience but you have a doctor and so please make sure that you ask them the questions that you're confused about no questions silly and but that's what they're there for

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  1. The day i found out im pregnant im so glad it was 10 yrs ago i had my youngest son im so thrilled ang happy..then few weeks later knowing i have oblighted ovum makes me the saddest person in the world dnt know how to face things..i have lots of questions on my mind..felt empty..until now im still bleeding for 2 weeks already..will have my check up 2mrw wd the dr and still wondering hope everything will be fine sooooonnn..

  2. I just had my D&C this week and listening to your story really gives me hope. I think it's true that we tent to forget that our partners are going through loss to but a good support system makes everything worthwhile…

  3. Thankyou so much for sharing your story
    its been one week since we lost our baby at 6wks. It was the first time I have ever been pregnant so obviously I'm super anxious about trying again incase it re occurs. I really admire your honesty & strength so thank you !

  4. Thank you for posting this video. I am going through a loss right now, with my D&C scheduled tomorrow. My baby passed at over 12 weeks, and I'm at 14.5 weeks now…so hard to go through, but seeing videos like this make me not feel so alone. Thank you again for sharing!

  5. I just found your channel after uploading my miscarriage story, thanks for sharing I hope your video reaches my other family facing the same loss.

  6. Thank you so much for this video ❤️ I have my D&C this week and I'm very scared. It feels like I'm really letting go by having the procedure done. But it also gives me hope that I can have another healthy baby❤️

  7. This video is exactly what I needed to watch. Thank you so much!!!!!! Crying and grieving and thanking you for this video.

  8. Thank you for sharing, I just found out that I miscarried. I am devistated but videos like this really help. Thank you so much for haveing the courage to share.

  9. Thanks for sharing. It really is comforting knowing I'm not alone. Here is my story :

  10. I lost my angel today.. it should be our first baby. My dad passed just less than a month ago. My angel help me to be strong but now my angel is gone im trying to be strong with the family i got and my partner on my side. Time will heal the wound. R.I.P Paps and my angel. Xxxxxxxx

  11. Thank you for sharing your story with the world.  I am currently going though a miscarriage am heartbroken, but your story is so similar to mine, it helps to hear your advice and your strength. God bless.

  12. @More Than Mrs. Such a touching story. I'm sure that Johnna poured her heart and soul into telling her story. My heart goes out to Johnna for opening up about a difficult time.

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