My Obese Pregnancy and Delivery

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  1. So we can still comment on older episodes that's awesome. What I wanted to say was that you need to change your story on your YouTube channel and say that you are now in America and by the way I'm very happy for you guys

  2. Out of all the people I have watched you guys are the realist and I love that you can be happy n real without tons of money and fame. You and Hadar are relationship goals and I hope you keep making these vlogs. I enjoy them. Your kids and your parents are adorable. You seem alot happier in Florida!! Keep them coming! I hate I can't comment on the other vlogs!!

  3. Awww how sweet. I came across this looking for the berry powder you used for the kids oatmeal. Didn’t realize you had Rafael’s birth on here. Then realized I could still comment on this channel! If you happen to see this can you tell me if you can remember what kind of berry powder used?

  4. Good job you did amazing it is true that hard work pays offand btw both your kids are very smart for their your such a good parent

  5. This came up on my suggested tonight. I've already watched it many times, but maybe it came up again so I can tell you what a great job you have done with Rafael and Abigail, while being a great wife and all the other things that come with being married, all while being so far from home, and then to be working at losing all that weight Andrea! You and Hadar obviously loved each other then, but the love you have for each other now really shines. You both should be very proud of how you've grown and compromised and how you have built a strong respected family. Im very excited for you on your move to the states and Hadar's video on that the other day was very touching. You've conquered a lot, most of which we don't even see. Best wishes for your weeks ahead. You both seem happier that it's getting closer. 😚😚

  6. I'm going back to your old videos to watch. I wish this many people still watched your videos so you could make more for your family because this is a job. I always try to comment and like and even watch full commercials for ya.

  7. You were Beautiful then you are beautiful now 🙂 that must have been very scary in another country thankgod Hadar was with you

  8. I’m 202lbs n in my first trimester n I wanted to lost weight before having a kid. Then got scared the longer i wait my chances will be reduce. So I got pregnant n I’m still at uni. I’m eating healthy n don’t plan to gain anything until my 3rd trimester n only 10lb my god grace. Im not that fat to begin with so it took my 2 months to conceive. Only things when ur overweight is that ul be bloated from first trimester n I look 6 months already!!! I’m not one of those fat selfish mothers eating donut n milkshakes! Why didn’t she have the baby in America. That fukin uneducated nurse grabbed the baby without head support fukin loser imagine if someone happen and ur child’s paralysed!

  9. Wow, Raphael was an active newborn! Even rolling! Hey guys, this was technically his first meltdown! 😊Sweet boy

  10. Wouldn't it be healthier for the baby for the mother to lose weight? I did everything I could to be healthy while I was pregnant and it is hard to imagine not wanting to do my best for my baby or not wanting to have a healthy drug free surgery free delivery.

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