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  1. Thank you my Jesus I receive a none pain delivery in the name of JESUS…. Thank you Jesus I love you.

  2. I receive!!! I’m so glad you shared this experience in detail. I’ve always wanted to know what it was actually like.

  3. Here is our testimony of the birth of Matthias

    What an amazing birth…
    We stood on Holy ground.

    Matthias will sing God's praises where ever he goes.

    Birth date: 27/01/2019 @ 02h19
    Birth weight: 3,860kg (perineum intact!)
    Gestation: 39w4d
    Labour duration: 3hrs 19min (….we think 🤣)

    On the 26th of January, Saturday I started losing my mucus plug the morning and it continued thought-out the day, with a bloody show to the end of the day.
    I awoke to very very mild contractions at 23h00. They seemed constant so I started to track them and found they where mostly in a 3-4min apart pattern. I phoned my midwife at 00h10 to let her know that the contractions are forming a pattern. She asked me to come to the birth home and not to wait to long.
    We phoned the grandparents to come and watch after the other 3 sleeping kiddos, they arrived 00h45.
    Contractions remained very mild but consistent as we drove to the midwife/birth home.

    Basically painless.

    (we got pulled over by a traffic cop🚓 but as he peeped through the window he said OH you can go you can go.🤰🏻🙈😋Hehehe)

    I prayed and worshiped in the car, reminding Abba of my request for a supernatural birth.
    I also ask my husband to remind me to relax later on IF things get intense (it never got to this point) and he prayed for us.

    We arrived at the midwife/birth home @ 01h30.
    My wonderfully gifted midwife did an internal check and I will never forget the surprised look on her face.😮
    She said to me you are 9cm diluted and your cervix is paper-thin, she is amazed that my water hasn't broken yet as I am about to have this baby.

    I got into the bath just before 02h00 to relax and embrace the calming atmosphere, contractions became one long contractions.
    At this stage even the mild pain was gone and I only experienced a tightening feeling.

    At 02h15 the amniotic cloud appeared. I experienced intense pressure at this stage.
    Then the urge to push came on suddenly.
    I lost myself in the intensity of the pressure for a second but my midwife was so in tune with the birth that she immediately reminded me to BREATHE my baby out.
    I gave 2 pushes to move him down onto the perineum and then fetal ejection reflexes(FER) kicked in. FER is when the body ejects the baby on it's own without mom needing to push.

    This was so amazing as my body completely took over and knew just how and what to do,
    @02h19, 27th January, Sunday morning I breathed out my beautiful baby boy! 💕💕

    This experience was incredible . My body pushed him out in 3 pushes. (INCLUDING A VERY AMAZING AND GENTLE CROWNING. 👑)

    The midwifes assistant/Doula proclaimed that she has never experienced such a peaceful crowning before. Praise the Lord for this.

    We where surrounded with God's presence and thanked Him in prayer.
    I am in awe of God's amazing grace as this birth was exactly what I prayed for.
    A healing birth as all 3 the other birth had some sort of trauma involved.

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    Photo credit to Hielda Kriel Sutherland from

  4. Husband of a veteran says this: back in 1983, our first baby was born, after about 2 hours labor. Our pastor’s wife had had both of her children at home. Common threads with this testimony.
    1. Although the book, Supernatural Childbirth had not been written yet, Shirley meditated on relevant Scripture as she walked to work every day.
    2. She and I were both Spirit-filled.
    3. We were both speaking the same thing in agreement with the Scripture.
    4. That means commanding, according to these same Scriptures.
    5. She really didn’t have any pain. She described it as a pressure, like “riding waves”.
    5. While we were praying in tongues, she said “pray in words!”, so I guess that part was different.
    But her girlfriend was also Spirit-filled.

  5. Soo… you didn't gain lots of weight….I'm pregnant with number 6 now and I am struggling with gaining so much weight!

  6. Wow, your energy is so inspiring and beautiful. Thank you. 🙂 Just ordered that book. 🙂 This is also a perfect example of what you believe you manifest. Manifestation is tied to belief. If you believe you will be taken care of and you trust in God/The Universe to do this, you will be taken care of. It makes sense. Disbelief via the mind=suffering and pain. When you fall into the heart and trust, no pain. You fall into freedom. Beautiful example of how it all works. Thank you for sharing your story. Looking forward to reading the book.

  7. I read this book with my 6th baby and I had a supernatural home birth, I felt everything but felt no pain. It was a wonderful experience. People have a hard time believing it, thank you for sharing! I will say once I started to get fearful I would say "in the name of Jesus, I will not be afraid" and the fear was swept away. I'm expecting another baby in a few months and I'm actually excited to go into labor and experience this again!

  8. Hi Dawn I found your channel after looking up videos on supernatural childbirth (so happy I did ) I just left the doctors I’m 40 weeks and 1 day… they are having me be induced tomorrow night which I don’t want to be . Ive been praying and believing for a supernatural childbirth for 9 months and I have no fear at all even tho my birth last time was intense (couldn’t get an epidural due to a rod in my back ) was wondering if you can pray for me that my water breaks before tomorrow and labor comes naturally! Thanks so much !

  9. You’re so cute! Jesus died for my ring of fire and yours! Lol I won’t forget that! I’m 18 weeks and doing a lot of research, watching testimonies and have decided not to watch any crazy painful birthing videos. Thanks so much for sharing this beautiful testimony!

  10. This is so faith-building! I am 16 weeks pregnant and am believing for a pain free labor and delivery. I have so much fear and anxiety of labor itself and am praying I have the faith to do this thing

  11. Amazing!! I’m 32 weeks with #3 and praying for this birth to be pain free! My second was an incredible experience without epidural, I’m praying for pain free this time.. we’re planning a home birth this time around and I can hardly wait to have this baby pain free in Jesus name!!!
    Thanks so much for posting, such an encouragement to many mamas!

  12. You're wild and I love it! God is so faithful and GOOD! I am believing Him for a supernatural childbirth (currently 33 weeks) with my second pregnancy. My first birth was a traumatic and humbling experience to say the least. I had read Supernatural Childbirth during my first pregnancy but was so full of pride…I didn't know what humility looked like and I didn't have the faith to keep my eyes on God. So much has changed spiritually since than and I am so thankful for this second upcoming birth. My husband and I are waiting eagerly, in joyful anticipation, to have a pain-free and supernatural childbirth because it BRINGS GLORY TO GOD when we operate in the authority He's given us and come alive in His will! And supernatural pain-free living is His will for us under the new covenant! Thank you for your testimony! I am walking way with a few gems. 1) If its not permissible in the garden of eden, I don't receive it in Jesus name. 2) Obedience is key when you're faced with the fear of man 3) I can exercise my authority by taking communion and anointing my belly/baby with oil!

  13. Amazing! I recieve this in the name of JESUS amen.💖 just turned 24 weeks pregnant and God put it on me around week 21 to have a (super)natural childbirth. I had an epidural with my daughter and was confused as to why He put it on me to have no pain meds with my son. I began to research and God lead me to find supernatural childbirth testimonies and it was then that I knew that this is why He wants me to have no epidural or pain meds. I'm believing for a PAIN FREE birth full of God's grace and glory and love and joy and a room full of 1,000 angels. My midwife (who delivered my daughter and who I've been seeing) only delivers at the hospital 45 minutes from me but I really feel lead to have a home birth with my husband delivering our son and I know and believe that God will orchestrate things to go in HIS perfect timing and HIS perfect plan. Nothing is impossible with God💖 thank you so much for this video! God bless you 🙏💖

  14. Love your videos!!! 💓 trying to weigh my options for my third baby coming this January. I feel in my heart that a home birth is what God is telling me to do but I’m so so scared of it and my husband isn’t totally on board. Your video was so helpful! With my girls I had hospital births both times but idk a home birth is so intriguing to me! Thank you for this video it was so helpful!! 💓

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