MY POSITIVE BIRTH STORY | *natural drug free waterbirth*- my experience

okay so it's been like the craziest time since I have lost filmed a video properly with like sitting down and talking directly to you at the camera so I think the last sit-down video I did was my maybe 40 week pregnancy update I think it was the 39 weeks I don't even know but anyway Billy has been born my daughter Sophia was born just over two weeks ago now and it has just been like the craziest most amazingly awesome ride already so she was born on the 23rd of May I went into the labor on the 22nd at night yeah it's just been a really crazy few weeks of kind of settling in I guess getting to know one another Michael getting to know her learning to breastfeed just learning to live with a newborn I guess and adjust to Parenthood as a family so it's been really cool it's definitely been really tough as well I think it's inevitable that you know having a newborn and giving birth that's come with challenges and yeah it's definitely been challenging and testing and emotionally quite difficult as well I've really experienced a lot of anxiety since having her just in regards to small things like leaving the house or you know wondering if she's gonna be safe or am i doing enough for her you know she getting enough milk like little things like that which kind of play on your mind a lot but anyway the purpose of this video is to share my birth story with you and I've been meaning to do this basically since I had her but as I said it's just been a really crazy time and I just haven't really wanted to sit down and film now I have a moment she's sleeping the house is empty and it's actually my first time just with her and I so I figured while she's down I may as well just have a chat and share my birth story so if you are interested continue watching and I hope that you enjoy okay sorry I'm just gonna start at the very beginning so on the 22nd of May I had a stretch and sweep done so I had gotten to 41 weeks pregnant I think you know I think it was like 41 and one day say 41 weeks and one day and I was so over by this point guys I just I'm not even gonna beat around the bush like I was so ready for her to come out the amount of like I guess just impatience that I was feeling was so strong and so for lying and I was just so ready for her to come out and to meet her and it was just getting to the point where I was just getting frustrated I'm like why isn't she coming but anyway I had been booked in for an induction which was something that I really didn't want I was quite particular I guess with my idea of what I wanted my birth to look like and induction just was not on my radar I didn't think that I would go over so I didn't think that I require one but basically I went to my appointment like the week prior and they said okay we'll book you for an induction for Saturday and you know she comes before then then that's great if not your way induced on the sad thing and I was like but anyway I went my next week to my next doctor's appointment and I had a stretch and sweet done so basically a stretch and sweep or a membrane sleep I think it's also known as is basically where the doctor will insert their fingers and felt like a whole hand into your vagina and up into your cervix and I think they just kind of swish around like the membranes and I don't even know how it works like you can google it but it was very uncomfortable and basically I just got things rolling for me I know some people they may need multiple stretching sweeps or you know it just doesn't work for some people but for me it worked so I had that done at about 1:30 on the 22nd so 1:30 in the afternoon and basically as soon as my stretching sweep was done I went home and I went to the toilet and there was blood and I read that that was kind of normal to expect that like after stretchings wait but it yeah it was kind of like a little bit more blood than I had thought it would be and it turned out to be like my bloody shirt and then eventually like I'm pretty sure it was my mucus plug that came out and then everything just kind of like so and I wasn't trying to get too focused on oh my gosh maybe I'm in labor because I didn't want to get myself hyped up in case it wasn't actually happening so I so I watched some TV I made enchiladas for dinner and then I was feeling a little bit tired so I said to Michael let's just try and have an early night just in case I do go into labor overnight so we went to bed it would have been like I don't know maybe 7:30 or 8:00 o'clock or something and then by around 8:45 I started having contractions for the first time and by about nine o'clock I was like okay I think these are actual contractions not just like Braxton Hicks or something so I started timing them yeah from then on it just kind of flowed onwards so Michael managed to get like half an hour of sleep because he'd been up since like 5:00 a.m. that day so Wednesday because he had worked all day I'd been up since about 9:00 a.m. that day and yeah I was just really uncomfortable by this point the contractions were getting worse and I guess in comparison they weren't that bad compared to what I did experience when I was at the hospital and they were getting really really intense so while we were at home we were timing them on a nap and we called the midwives at the hospital like three times in the course of a few hours just saying like hey look my wife because Michael is talking is having contractions and you know these are have frequently where this is how long they go in for blah blah blah blah blah and they told us that they had to be quite specific I think it was like in 1 minute long 4 minutes of her or something like that don't quote me on that but it was around that and they're just basically encouraged just not to come in until they were exactly at that point because we live about 3540 minutes from the hospital and it would have been just really inconvenient to go there and then have to come back so we just kept on monitoring them and then I was just in a lot of pain I ended up having a bath and that didn't really do too much it was just really not ideal because I would be having a contraction and it would finish and then I'd need a grip to the toilet to pee or something and I walk halfway there and I just kind of crumble to the floor or have a contraction on the toilet and it was just awful anyway at about one o'clock I think it was in the morning they had just gotten quite bad I'm about the whole time but like even more so bad but even worse so by about like 1:00 a.m. they had gotten a lot worse and they were in the bracket of time that the Midwife said that you know it was okay they'd come to the hospital and that made sense so we packed up everything and drove to the hospital there was Michael myself in one car and my parents in another oh it's just bad I just remember having contractions while in the car driving to the hospital and it was just terrible we parked at the hospital and they had to get a wheelchair because I just couldn't walk I was in that much pain and discomfort and just agony and anyway we got into the hospital and then I was taken to an assessment room and they basically just popped a monitor on my belly and was you know just monitoring the heartbeat and the contractions um they had a feel of my cervix and just to see like how dilated I was so at that stage I was about three centimeters dilated so there wasn't a whole lot they could do for me I they couldn't offer me like a birth suite because I just wasn't far enough along in the labor they basically gave us at the ultimatum to choose to stay in the assessment room that we were in which is basically just like a little room with quite a thin bed and you know a couple of chairs and it's just pretty basic like it's not very comfortable at all or they gave us the option to go home like I said we live about 3540 minutes from the hospital by this stage it was like close to 2:00 2:30 a.m. maybe so it would have just not been ideal to have to drive back and then if it progressed further than to drive back to the hospital in peak hour traffic it just wasn't going to work so we chose to stay at the hospital and just wait in the assessment room until things started picking up more and we then moved to a different assessment room like just across the hallway where it was a little bit bigger a little bit more comfortable there's a bathroom in there and a shower so if I needed to I could take a shower to just kind of relieve a bit of the pressure arm but this is what's up to get really intense and really uncomfortable so I was just like on the bad lane and the contractions were just getting worse and worse and worse and more painful and there's just nothing that you can do there's no position that's comfortable to help ease the pain or anything nothing that anyone can really do to help you either my parents were buried in Michael was great with keeping me calm and comfortable and there are times where I just remember Michael they're putting lip balm on my lips and my mum giving me my water that was pretty much all I really remember from being in that area like that specific room other than the pain and just not being able to get in to comfortable positions to ease that pain at around 7:00 a.m. there was a midwife change so like the Midwife that was caring for me that would come in every now and then just to check up because technically I wasn't like properly admitted yet she swapped over with another lady and she was just like I'm so grateful that we had such a lovely Midwife and she was just with me it's about like the rest of the labour and was just great just absolutely brilliant so once she signed on I feel like everything started to progress really quickly I feel it was kind of like that transition stage that you hear about where the contractions were just getting it was so intense that I couldn't focus on my breathing anymore which was something that I was trying to focus a lot on I'd kind of get like halfway through a contraction and it'd be like I can't remember to breathe and I'd go back to my breathing techniques but like at the start of them it was just thing just like grunting and in so much pain so anyway the midwife I said you know jump in the shower it might help a bit I said I took my clothes off her few contractions in the bathroom and did poop and went again in the water and the water was ice-cold and Michael was like oh I'm not sure what's going with the water so I went to check with the Midwife and basically the whole hot water was out on that lake water in the level of where you give birth so that was really frustrating because I was like naked I was ready to get in and have some relief and it just didn't happen I also forgot to mention that my plan from the get-go was have a water birth which I did end up getting but when we got to the hospital initially I said that I was wanting award birth and they said that the bath was actually full already someone was giving birth in there so I wasn't really able to have a water birth at that point so luckily my labor didn't progress too quickly and you know the hot water eventually came back on so the pool eventually became mine which was great by about maybe ten o'clock or just before 10 o'clock in the morning I was moved to a birthing suite because I had progressed quite a bit I think I ended up being around like seven centimeters dilated or something so I was able to be you know put into a birthing suite to get ready to give birth and by this age I was so exhausted because I'd been up for like over 24 hours so had Michael and my stepdad and my mom who were old there with me and we were all just so tired and I guess me more sober because I was having contractions every like minute by then it was just awful like just so painful but yeah once we got moved into this new room I basically just wanted Michael there with me my parents had been with me the whole way through the labor and we're really really helpful but I knew that she was going to be arriving soon and my initial plan was always to just have Michael and I and obviously a midwife in the room women giving birth so at this point my parents stepped out and they were just kind of hanging outside the room and it was just Michael and I and my midwife big contractions by this stage we're just so bad like so painful and like I said earlier there's just not a whole lot that you can do to ease the pain I was unable to get in any position that could help and I just felt so bad I was so tired and so exhausted and I just remember thinking like you know I can't do this much longer how how much longer can this actually go for it surely it's gonna be over soon and I think imma verbalize that to my midwife at one point saying you know like am I am I like close does it look like it'll end soon and I was just in so much pain and it was this kind of time where I was like it's too late to even have an epidural like I'm so exhausted but I can't even do anything and if you watched my birth video you would know that I did at all pains pain relief reser I had always wanted to give birth without any I guess like minimal intervention and no pain relief I really wanted to just experience I guess labor to its fullest potential and to really see what my body is capable of and I'm quite stubborn I'm fine nature so I knew that I would stick to that because I didn't want to back down on my word yes and obviously there's no big deal like if you choose to have pain relief that is fine that is your experience but for me I always wanted to just have it thrown on me I really wanted to feel the pain to really fully experience at all I'm so glad that I did in the end because it really showed me how strong my body is and how capable they am even when I doubt myself so that's just that little bit um anyway I was in the burst way with Michael and the Midwife for maybe an hour maybe less I don't know I'm really mumbled up with like my times but was in there for a while and then the bath was finally full and ready to give birth him so I entered the bath and had a few contractions on the way there that like literally just they bring you to the ground you can't move and they're so bad so painful and anyway I got in the bath which was a really nice relief I mean it's as much relief as you can get when you make in labor but just the really warm water was quite nice on my back because at this point my back was really really sore initially at the contractions are very much in the front but I guess the closer you get to the end of labor the more the pain is in your back as well I guess because the baby's just really descending and it was just so bad like I can't even describe what a contraction is like it's just you just can't describe it unless you've experienced it even then you can't describe it cuz it's just indescribable like the pain is just so strong and there's so much pressure and tension and it's just so uncomfortable by the same time like when I was experiencing the contractions it was like my mind was making me more scared or more focused on the pain I think I don't know it's really weird like if you've given birth you would know what I'm kind of talking about but yeah it's just a really bizarre feeling so anyway I was in the bath and this was kind of like a stage where the pain just shifted to an entirely different type of pain I was having like the pains from the contractions as well as the intense kind of pain from her dropping down and getting ready to come out of my vagina and it was just like look unlike anything I had ever experienced and will ever experience basically I just kind of I remember my vagina opening more and knowing that I had it was coming through and I felt her head I didn't feel like a head no I was just really confusing that it was just Michael and I in the room at this point because the Midwife had just ducked out quickly and the muta pfeiffer told Michael like you know press this button if you need me and I'll come back straightaway but press this button if something is like an emergency like if the baby's coming out right now and you press the first button like she said and she didn't come and so he's like oh my gosh like the baby she can feel the baby's head what's going on so press the emergency button and like within seconds like everyone rushed into the room and obviously that button is only really meant to be press if it's like a super emergency like if something really crazy was happening but it was good to see how quickly they all worked and helped first everyone came into the room but yeah I felt her head and it was that kind of squishy so I was like maybe it's not her I don't know what's going on but they said basically the waters were in front of her head and I felt my water break in the water and it was literally like a rocket shooting out of me like picture like a little water pistol gun or something just like and it was just such a weird feeling it there's like this pressure that had been like released I don't know it was just so bizarre and they just said like you see waters like it's okay I tried to calm me down again and then from there everything just went super speedy I feel maybe in my mind it went really fast Poehler took ages I don't know I could feel her head if I put Mike my hand or my fingers like inside my vagina a little bit and I will never forget this I felt her head but then I was kind of like this and I could feel her head she's got really long really dark hair and I was like oh my god I feel my hair and it was just the strangest feeling cuz I was like oh my god that's my child's head like it was like it all just kind of came hitting me and I just like lost it and they were saying like the Midwest behind me like yeah she's got lots of like really dark hair and I just started crying and so by this point because I could feel I had and I was having contractions super frequently I was starting to just push her out but when I was pushing it was so difficult and I'm really emotionally difficult because I'd be pushy and I've been so much pain but then once the contractions stopped it was like like a head was coming and then it would just go back in with like the contraction ending and I was like oh she's just stuck in there and then that was when I was kind of going into a little bit of a panic so I was like okay maybe she is stuck like they they gonna have to cut me open to get her out like I'm gonna have to get an emergency is airing she's just stuck in me but that's just how childbirth goes and she wasn't stuck in me she just was coming out very slowly I then moved to a different side of the bath and I just remember the feeling of her crowning was easily the worst part of the labor it was so painful I just have no words like it was awful I just could feel my vagina just stretched to capacity and it was sore behind I was just thinking like I'm gonna tear open right now like there is no way a baby is coming out of me because I just I'm gonna rip open like my body can not stretch any further like I could feel her head and just like my you know lay bare I guess just just fully stretched out and I kept pushing and screaming and eventually had just kind of just popped out and the relief of that was just like oh my god like good I had just finally out then it's like you've got a better body as well but I feel like that happened quite quickly with a few more really big pushes her body was out and her face was like looking at mine I would see like probably not looking at me in the eyes like recognizing me or anything but like her face was facing mine and so I had to just like gently like kind of turn her over and then slowly bring her out of the water and up onto my chest and the cord was around her neck so one of the midwives like quickly unwrapped it and then I brought her up and you would have stayed in the birth video like my face is just in pure like disbelief and just shock like I was just some no words to describe that feeling of seeing her and holding her like it's almost like you're not in your body when this is happening I I can't really even remember bringing her up and like the whole time I guess being in the pool because I guess I was so in deep like within myself in my mind with like focusing on just getting her out then you see them and you just bring them up and you just like oh my what the heck just have a baby now and it was just so surreal and as soon as I got her I'd said to Michael my get my parents came in here is because I wanted them to say see her like how and born and they were just outside the door waiting and I feel so bad for them because I would have just heard me like screaming like I was being murdered because I was so loud with whom giving birth like I was just grunting and like moaning and crying and screaming and squealing and you just cannot control the sounds that come out of you when you're in labor like I just was making noises I did not know that I could possibly even make it was just crazy but anyway they came in and they saw her and I was just seeing like oh my god like what does they give me a state of disbelief in shock and that's basically how she was born and then from there I got out of the pool and they laid down towel it's just the outside of the bath because you can't actually give birth to your placenta in there they gave me a little needle to kind of help with getting the placenta out and I just laid down they kind of pressed her on my tummy for a bit and I had Billie in my arms and then I just had to deliver the placenta which I don't really even remember I don't think it was painful so I just pushed out a baby so that was kind of like the pinnacle of pain again and and yeah and we wandered back into the room I breastfed her for the first time and Michael held her we got addressed and weighed and everything and yeah I was in hospital for a night and then we went home the next day I had no tearing or anything which was amazing because that was a really big fear of mine I was just like petrified to tear and I have always been really terrified of tearing even before following pregnant it was just like a really big fear of mine and I'm just so thankful that I didn't I'm really surprised that I didn't because I was like how the heck is my vagina stretching this much it's just insane but I did get a little graze which is kind of like I don't know pitchy comparing like falling over grazing unique compared to cutting your knee open like it was very very minor just my inner labia and just felt like it was really stretched basically and I've had to pay for a couple of days and then I was fine um everything he's normal back down there or as normal as it can be I guess once you give birth I feel like I've recovered really really well like the day that she was born we had heaps of visitors come to the hospital because we Michael and I were both just like I'm running on adrenaline I guess like I'm just giving birth and having this baby it's like yeah everyone can visit well I've got all this energy and ah so yeah that's basically it then we came home the next day and been home ever since she's a really good baby she doesn't really cry much she sleeps really well breastfeeding can be a little bit difficult but I think that's quite common for new mums it's just a real learning curve I guess for the mom and for the baby as well she does feed well but yeah I think it's something that we've both got to get used to a bit more and it can be a bit sore sometimes yeah that is basically my first story I'm sure I've forgotten like so many parts of this as well because it is such like a long and in depth kind of story but yeah if you have any comments or questions or anything feel free to comment them below and I'll try and reply yeah I can't guarantee that I can reply to everything and in regards to my birth video I just want to say thank you to everyone because I just received so many really really really lovely comments from all of you guys that watch my videos and yeah it just meant so much to have so much support and I was kind of nervous actually with uploading that I don't know I guess it's really really open yes and it was made just being really vulnerable with you guys and sharing such an intimate moment like the birth of my child is so different compared to you know a clothing hole Oh second-hand shopping or something you know like it's really personal and I was a little bit hesitant to share it but I'm so thankful that I did because I think you know a lot of you guys really appreciated seeing those moments and seeing the reality of childbirth not just like the glossy versions on Instagram or YouTube yeah I just was really happy to kind of share that with you all so I really appreciate you watching and watching this video as well I hope it gave you a little more insight into my birth and yeah I'll try and upload more videos here and there but I'm definitely not gonna be able to stick to my previous schedule of like you know a video or two a week at least not for a little while until I kind of get like a bit more settled with Billy and yeah Michaels back at work this week and it's just gonna be like a big adjustment I guess of you know stepping into motherhood and whatnot but yeah I'm gonna end this here X I'm just rambling heaps so I'm really sorry about that but thank you for watching and I'll see you in my next video bye you

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