My Positive Birth Story – Unplanned C Section + 1 month update

hello everyone welcome back to the vlog so I've got a new little person to introduce you to this is this is Beatrix celesta Iona Ellis oh yeah and she kind of was she's like I had a big feed but she might still want a bit more because she's like ah this is the lady with the boobs so might get a lot of hugging ah at my chest yeah she's really looking at it so I won't be long cuz Aki for a bit more food but I just wanted to pop in and do a little update of my first month with a newborn it's just amazing I mean there are ups and downs and I will talk about that in a bit but yeah I'm just totally enough she's just she's everything I'm so in love Hobbs has been incredible he's such a good big brother um but we're very very happy family and it's all really lovely I'm just in a big bubble of love with this little one everything to do with be makes me happy and she's just wonderful she's squeeks a lot so I'll try and get some footage of her squeaking so yeah I guess I'll start where I ended so I entered my last video at the end of the 37th week saying and my waters just broke so that was interesting then had quite an odd day where I basically went to the hospital because my waters broke and then I kind of had to be I had to go back to being juice if my contractions didn't kick in massively on that day and they just did and I tried so hard to get like interactions to go but everywhere I went they would get a bit stronger and I'm like oh oh is this does this feel painful and steep it was like if you have to ask I don't think it is very painful I was like yeah no you're right they're not they're not getting more painful they're just kind of happening bit more regularly and then they'll stop again them so I was going for walks and tidying the kitchen and everything to try and get them going and then every time I sat down they would stop again so I was like walking round the sitting room eating and I was on my ball I was doing everything but no they just went they weren't happening so I went back to the hospital to be induced and was thinking right we're having the baby tonight so and then you little one you transfer so she was head down in the right position to be born for 28 weeks so a whole ten weeks ago and on the day my waters broke because I saw the Midwife the day before is like yeah she's in the right position all is good and the day my waters broke is she decided to swap around to go transverse so basically the Midwife was like I just think that that might not be her bum anymore I think that's her head and I said no no no I'm sure it's a bomb it's been it was her bum yesterday when I was with the Midwife because I had like a bump on my bump which was always her bum and she was like yeah but this is quite bony and we're just gonna check it out so I had a scan and they were like yeah that's definitely her head now and her head was like here and she'd swapped to be transverse hadn't you little worm and so then the only option was a c-section and I I never really imagined myself having a c-section but I was never against it and I never thought oh I wouldn't you know that's not how I want it to happen I just wanted to be as open-minded as possible from the word go and I didn't set my sights on any particular kind of birth I just wanted to had to arrive how she wanted to arrive so after the initial shock and I did burst into tears because it is shocking to just be like okay this is going to be completely different to how we thought I can have said how long does it take to have a c-section thinking hours and hours because the only operations I've had which is having my thyroid removed and a cancer taken out took like many hours and was pretty full-on and she was like oh it's only it's only like an hour and you all have your be within 40 minutes and then they just kind of sew you up and then you're done basically and I was like oh okay I think I can do that that's all right an hour and then I'll have my little baby so after the initial shock that I actually was like let's just get on with this and this is fine and Steven was amazing and we had a playlist of our music so we had this well actually the playlist I wanted the labor playlist I hadn't downloaded yet onto my iPad so we had the baby playlist which was downloaded so we had lots of lovely classical music that we've been playing – the baby – you bit tricks from the word goes so it was really really lovely because it was almost as if maybe she would recognise it as well we had Debussy blasting out while she was born and that's always been the one that she kept the most – so that was pretty pretty special the actual operation went really well apart from the first kind of ten minutes I had a crazy thing where after I had the anaesthetic so you're basically I'm not explaining this very well at all but you're I was under a local anaesthetic so from like boobs down completely none and I had this massive needle that went into my back which is like an epidural but it's just a one thing as supposed to epidural you can kind of change the levels of and things but this was very much like just one shot and then then I started to feel very weird then my my hearing went and my eyesight went and I just felt so first II and I felt completely out of my body it was really bizarre and so I think basically apparently my lobe my blood pressure had dropped massively so they sorted that out within about five minutes and so actually was probably less but it felt like life with it and apparently I was being a real diva I was like I need water and they were like you can't have water us I could just give me ice which Stephen was like alright darling calm down you're not about it and that's like but why would they give me ice so yeah your mum who's being a deeper way for her low blood pressure Ben anyway once they sorted that out I was suddenly much more lucid and Steven I per our heads together and we talked about the wedding and we had two booths he playing and there was such a lovely team everyone at the Whittington has been amazing throughout everything but that team were incredible and it just basically to me just felt like there were strings being pulled from my body like I was a puppet and it was really strange feeling but before I knew it they were like would you like to see her and they just dropped oh I'm gonna get emotional and they just drop the cloth oh yeah no I really get emotional they drop the cloth and they showed me you then me and Steven were just crying our eyes out we were so so happy and there was no baby and that was that was it and she didn't cry too which is terrifying people do not tell you that your baby might not cry at the beginning and I was like oh I should go crying if they were like don't worry she's making little noises she's whimpering but I was like I fully expected like massive amounts of crying at the beginning so having a quiet baby from the beginning was like is that okay I just yeah that was quite scary by the way but yes Steven cut the cord and I don't know it's such a blur but it was just amazing within minutes I had her on my chest and oh it's incredible the whole thing was incredible and I know a lot of people have had really bad experiences but I have to say now I'm at the other end that was a really lovely experience I was very very lucky and I was also you know although I didn't ever plan a c-section and didn't think that I wanted one yeah there will obviously some bad moments but it was it was in all incredibly wonderful it's really magical so there's my birth story and we were only in hospital for one night and they everyone fought you know you're gonna be in for at least two nights and the second day they were like by the way you can go home if you want I was like of course I want to get home it was amazing you were discharged quickly she did all her tests all her hearing and hip and everything and the pediatricians were so happy of her they discharged her really quickly and then I took a little bit longer because obviously they have to get you standing up I have to get you urinating which is really really hard because you've had a catheter in and your whole body's been numb and relearning how to pee without going into too much information it's really hard work so that was pretty nasty the other side is even nastier but I'm not going to mention any more about that and yeah I was walking I literally looked like the Hunchback of notch damn I was walking along and I didn't care at all I had no dignity whatsoever I was in like an open-back hospital gown with a massive nappy on because you know there's a lot of blood and all sorts of things just walking to the loo past all these mums and dads and everything in their cubicles and I just didn't care at all and it was very painful as well so I was like that's the last thing I cared about but they kept going she want us to do up your gown and I was like no I don't care just don't care and it was amazing that Stephen got to stay with us in hospital and which we had our babies so to be honest even though we're in a cubicle full of lots of screaming kids and worried dad and loud things going on all the time I just didn't care at all I just I had my baby and I was so so happy so we spent a lot of that first day crying with happiness and every time we looked at how we're just like how is this our daughter I mean she's absolutely beautiful yeah she has so many amazing places you'll meet them all at some point um yes so that was all again it's a big blur now but yeah it was all pretty amazing and then my mom was with us a lot on the first day and she's just oh my god she's amazing my mom because she could deal with anything you could pray anything at her and she'll just be cool calm and collected whether she is on the inside I never quite know but she shows on the outside and she's just a rock in any situation I just saw I couldn't have done it without mum and Steven he's been incredible I mean I'm very very lucky to have such a great support team and then my dad came within a few hours and the amount that he loves be and everyone is just so besotted with her that sort of breaks my heart to be honest just seeing my parents with my daughter still company you're my daughter um yeah that was all really amazing she's very happy to be making these noises I don't know what they are just makes little noises so where am i up to so then mum and dad helped us move back home which was surreal so surreal to be kind of suddenly in the car I was still in quite a lot of pain from my scar still feeling completely woozy from all the drugs I'd be done and all the painkillers I was taking and yeah and then we were home and mum and dad put on the kettle we had a cup of tea and then they were like right we're gonna leave you to it and that was when Steve and I were like no no no what what are we doing why why would you leave us but she was amazing and we had this incredible thing where we all went oh god I keep getting so emotional oh you're used to this if you've seen anything from my channel you know I'm a crybaby so anyway yeah we had this amazing moment where we all lay in the bed together all three of us and we just cuddled her for a bit and was like this is your bedroom now this is where you live and showed her around and and she opened her eyes properly for the first time cuz she'd opened one and we'd seen bits of her Ivan never properly properly open and she did it's the first time in bed with us and she literally widely opened her eyes and looked from Steven to me as if to go this is my mom and dad and we both wept so much it was just the most amazing thing ever to be at home with our daughter and she kind of noticing us for the first time properly oh it was pretty incredible wasn't it so yeah first week um oh I mean it's just kind of crazy you've suddenly got a baby in your life and it's all very very different but I'm not I don't want to say too much but she's very brilliant like she she really yes she loves her sleep which is great and she's quite easy to soothe basically at the time she's been really upset it's normally ended with hunger even though we haven't quite understood at first my like I think she's tired no I think she's hungry no I think she needs a nappy change but to be honest nearly every time it's been like no she really was hungry so the feeding journey has not been very straight forward it started off really well and my naivety about babies is insane because I was told to breastfeed straight away the moment she we were in our first room so it's only like half an hour to an hour after she was born and she latched on like straightaway and I just didn't expect that and I was like okay that was really easy I wasn't expecting that I was told that this was gonna be really hard and I didn't realize that actually in three days time when your milk comes in it all changes the colostrum and the latching on thing yeah that was like a little what's the word a little starter to the main course let's say and the starter was definitely easy for me which I was not expecting at all but the main course was really hard work so third day after after bit tricks arrived I was an absolute mess I mean our antenatal teacher said to us there's this thing called the baby blues that you might get on the third day where your hormones will rush in and I think your pregnancy hormones reverse as well so it's just a complete and utter mess of hormones and you might feel a bit down and you might think this is really hard and and then your milk might come in the same day and we were all at the class game no that won't happen we'll just be so happy to have a baby it's that way I've happened to me oh my gosh she was so right third day I can't remember how I woke up but I was not in a good place right from the start very very weepy in a bad way and she wouldn't feed properly in fact she was hardly get she she couldn't latch on it was all really different my boobs were so sore and they were leaking and all of this stuff and and we had the midwives in within a couple of hours they came for a home visit because I had a c-section I get I got a lot more home visits which is amazing I'm very very lucky by the way the NHS are amazing I'm very very lucky with that so anyway we have midwives over literally squeezing my boobs and helping me get my new milk out and we got the pump out and we gave her formula because she wasn't feeding and she was losing weight and they were worried about her and it was so dramatic the whole day I was literally wailing in tears like from happiness to sadness within minutes like when the midwives left and I had expressed and I felt like she'd been fed I was literally hugging them crying by as I could thank you I'm so happy and then like half an hour later I can't remember something to do with cold he or saying I was wailing because I was like I'm so sad and they did it how to do this and it was a really really tough day but it was just one day which again I'm really lucky I know people have I mean okay way I say was just one day I have been very emotional ever since and it's sometimes happy and it is sometimes sad but I feel like I can handle that that's okay but that day I can I can handle and we had Stephens parents here and they were amazing we're very lucky to have their support but I did cancel all the other visitors that were meant to come as I no no no no was coming to my house I'm staying in bed okay yeah and I just thought I couldn't do this basically that was like the main overall thing I was like I can't do this I'm not fit to do this I don't know what I'm doing I just forgot to take my painkillers I mean the whole thing was just a mess of a day but yeah ever since apart from the very tearful moment that it's been better it's definitely been better and it's never about B as well it's just hormones it's just silly little hormones making me very emotional because every time I look at this little face I'm just so happy you're just perfect she is perfect to me she really is anyway so what else I mean there's so many things have happened it took me a week to get out the house but then I started going for walks and that made me feel so much better about everything as well like healing actually happened quite quickly for me which was amazing I seem to have crazy healing skin that I don't know why or how but for some reason the scars that I've had from operations go very quickly on me or just fade very quickly they they don't bother me at all but yeah so by c-section scar is already almost invisible which is insane and I don't I yeah I don't know why but I'm definitely happy about that and what else we've been on so many lovely walks Hobbs came back about a week later because I needed some recovery time and so my parents had him and they were looking after him really well but we basically reunited our family on Hampstead Heath out in the park and he went for a big walk with everyone when mum and dad and their dog Tigger and Hobbs and Steven me and B and and we had a real lovely walk and then we just kind of carried on home just us four and he was a bit like why is this pram coming with us but we introduced them in the most wonderful way and basically someone suggested to us to keep the first nappy that she does because it smells of both me and her so we did do that even though that might be a bit disgusting for some people but we did and we gave it we didn't give it him we kind of like let him smell it and I don't know if that's what worked but he's amazingly calm around her he's like sniffed her all over and just kind of checks her out when he when she cries he comes to check that she's okay and the first time she cried and this killed us he brought in his toys he gave her but he's been such a wonderful big brother and if anyone holds her like apart from Steven knife anyone else holds her he goes and sits next to them and kind of like keeps an eye on what they're doing it's amazing so that's incredible because that's you know you're definitely an anxiety dogs and babies don't always match so what's something that worried us both but we didn't need to worry at all because he's been amazing and we love them both so much together as well so yes there have been lots and lots of different things that have been happening but to be honest I can't go on about all of them because I'll bore you to tears so I'll just film a little bit and I'm sorry I didn't film much from the first couple of weeks at all in fact nothing no I didn't know filming at all but but I did start filming about the second weekend because I was like oh yeah no I got to film all this stuff and I have got little bits and pieces that I can't wait for you to see so I hope you enjoy these new vlogs this is the post partum updates now and this is life with the lovely newborn Beatrix Ellis and I will see you very soon take care lots of love by 4 B no she doesn't wave yet

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  1. You can tell that baby is English just by hearing her name lol Concrats and thanks for the positive story! Due in 10 weeks💕

  2. God is so good. I'm thrilled for you and dad. A lovely family you three. Lol I can't forget hobbs. She is wonderful. Just perfect. She's so beautiful. Your experience is so precious. I cried along . Thank you so much for sharing your joy. I look forward to seeing more and hearing about your sweet bundle.

  3. Congratulations. I’m so happy for you. Beatrix is a little beauty. My little sister was born at the Whittington, she’s 36 today. Time really flies. Enjoy your new baby.

  4. So happy to see her and hear your story! I chucked and teared up with you, lots of emotions! Can't wait to follow along on your new-Mom journey! 🙂

  5. What a beautiful little lady, congratulations it was lovely to hear your story x

    Watching this brought real tears, I had my little boy by emergency section (due to him stopping moving) 6 weeks ago today. He was 4 weeks early and his birth was not what I expected having had twins naturally with just gas and air previously.

    It definitely took time to get my head round it all but having him here healthy and now thriving is all that matters and these first weeks are just so special, much love to your family enjoy every moment (as I know you will) x

  6. Congrats to you both, you've made a beautiful little girl. I was the same, my first was boy was breech, and I too had to have a c-section after preparing for a natural birth with the midwife. Bit of a shock, but all went well. It's quite a journey being a first time Mum, its a huge learning curve. But you will both be brilliant, all she needs is love and support and it sounds like you both have that in abundance to give her. Enjoy!!

  7. Aw,, she’s lovely!! So lucky that you got a C section!! One of my daughters had one recently after having 2 normal deliveries.
    She said it was the best thing ever. She was up and about making others cups of coffee the same night. Thank god you didn’t have to go through proper labour.

  8. I just stood over the counter in my kitchen with my IPad and was mesmerized by your voice and looking at your precious baby. It like I suddenly relived my own childbirth experience and the first days of being with my newborn. I literally couldn’t tear myself away from this video. Thank you for that wonderful escape from reality and those adorable baby sounds. Much love to you and your family.

  9. Did they give you pethedine? Because I was allergic to it. My blood pressure is also low and my blood pressure also dropped.

  10. Congratulations on your new addition to your family! Beatrix is perfect. Thank you for sharing her with us💕

  11. Awwww lovely! Beatrix is listening to you, so peaceful and calm. its really good to share positive birth stories. i too was really well looked after at hospital during and after my c section. i love you not caring who could see your bum!!

  12. Don't worry about filming being a mum and a family is so awe consuming.Its special being a family enjoy x

  13. Congratulations to you and Stephen on the birth of your daughter,she’s beautiful. Wishing you every happiness you are a really lovely family xxx

  14. So happy for you. Congratulations! She is beautiful! The birth of a baby is such an incredible miracle,

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