My Postpartum Fitness Journey Has NOT Been Easy.. | THE STRUGGLE OF LOSING THE BABY WEIGHT!

this morning it was the biggest wake-up call of all freakin time I need to lose the baby weight and that's gonna start today standing underneath the lights look into the snowflakes the sound of its care and anxious I'm excited we're gonna explain it out in a bit guys you're gonna wake up today's Wednesday off by the way and your head should be with Daddy all day today why are you staring at yourself mm-hmm I know you're dude and I get up now because honestly I just can't say it's bad anymore I can't leave Harry to sleep so I'm gonna get up I'm gonna get my brother hi guys so I came down here to like because it's really noisy upstairs you can see I'm getting ready we are gonna go out together go to the city center II I just want to talk about something really quick before I go because I know it's gonna be real noise in the street anyways yeah I said earlier today me and Ben I have something very exciting study today I mean today and tomorrow but the first part such they guys they watch the vlogs and if you've been watching for a while you know how much I've been struggling to lose the baby weight I mean hair is almost you and I still haven't lost it to be a hundred percent honest guys I'm waiting a lot more right now then when I was pregnant guys pregnant with Harry only this year I started over again I don't know what three four times I know that every time I say the same thing every time I say that this time series and this time I hope I get to stick it and I never do so I'm gonna say it again guys I don't care if people make fun of me I don't care if you think that I'm just I got a finger against I think that's what life is all about like you start over everything happens if you get knocked out you just get back up and if you start over again I don't want to feel bad for ever guys in honestly today guys it was the biggest wake-up call of all freaking sight I'm waiting now more than he ever was I think today was my lowest point or well to be fair I think today is like the heaviest ever that has ever been my whole life and that's so scary guys it's so scary I'm not gonna keep complaining about that I'm gonna do something about it and that started today already guys I said I'm sorry facing like a broken record but I started over again today again and again and again and again that's different this time is that my mom's here so we're gonna have a lot of help she's been cook she goes out a lot guys she does a lot of like healthy options and everything think that's gonna be really good it's gonna help me a lot that's pretty much it Mauro talk more about the second news guys already started right so today I need to lose this weight I need I'm not kidding I need to lose the baby weight and that's gonna start today that started today already I do everything did see my power and I know that my mom's gonna help Ben he's on this diet itself so I think that's gonna be a really helpful but I did it guys that's when I talk about my right it took my progress fix this morning really like to take pictures and stuff on a scale because I know that I helps a lot when I look back and I like compare pictures or like I'm backed away I know that this scale is not everything for me it helps a lot and I'm gonna try to eat myself every week so today is Wednesday maybe I don't like it's gonna be every Wednesday or if I'm gonna wake myself on Monday or choose the other will see anyways I need to go back upstairs did you fix my hair because it's like everywhere I think you need to brush my teeth and then you're gonna go to the city center it's gonna be a fun day hopefully hopefully it won't be too hard to eat laughs and eat healthier not eat crap I'm not gonna eat crap guys I'm not an expert hope you guys stick with us hope you guys follow me on this journey it's not easy but we are always starting over again as I said before that's for Mary guys every time fail every time for every time you just don't think they're not supposed to just start over again you just get back on track that's what life is all about right anyways guys let's go to the center let's enjoy this day because even though it's just starting it's quite hot so guys like death may do good and one of them is gonna be ready today and the other one in a weaker thing when it's time I'm mama and she went home Bobby's hair is leaving left full time guys cute like an angel you're gonna have I got some oranges as you can see her bit already study is lunch it's sad I started to eat healthy today guys there are some video Falcao and why having sandwich yeah yeah we are home guys and I'm wearing my new glasses we're gonna eat dinner now probably watch something on Netflix but hey these guys it's so weird to get into new glasses like I said we're gonna eat dinner now I took a shower give Harry back AB AB and now he's just playing spinning everywhere and being so cute guys what did you think of mommy's new glasses Harry could it kill it give it a grade like he didn't want our baby thank you and I still got a second oh I don't know if I mentioned it on the blog early I don't know what a vlog but I didn't think it's gonna be ready in a weeks on a mistaken so it's gonna be good to have two so I can like split it I'm gonna try to get you through the more every time that I added I'm gonna try to the glasses because I think that's gonna help a lot with my headaches with a migraine even God Jenna guys to please rise I guess dad's taking to the help desire that Samantha knows that okay baby babies intellectually read a big hairy bear sleep sky glowed so brightly it's quite late I'm not you bend down thinking about him your hearts been broken you should try and let it go and stop being yourself

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