and baby came on it there I didn't realize how bad he was gonna get felt like I was a virgin again hi everyone welcome back to my channel before I get on to this topic I wanted to wish everyone a happy new year 2017 I hope this year brings a lot of blessings and just great great things in your life and your family and all that 2016 was definitely a great year for me 3/4 of 2017 to be even more awesome a lot of blessings and they're just pretty stuff you know so anyways we don't want to do listlessness Nesta games in this topic it's a good one it's a good one ok as you can Barbie reading by the title obviously if you didn't know I had a baby about I want to say a month ago by the time up with this you will already be game I kind of just want you to talk about this because I don't think I've seen videos like this but I've never seen postpartum recovery we'll talk about labor and delivery but they don't talk about after they don't talk about what really happens down there like how how does done they really change and honestly before I get into that I gave deep into this if you're not comfortable watching this I would suggest you click out the video anyways this is just to give a heads up to all of them wants to be out there all the women out there eventually not kids so I did have a vaginal birth and let me just tell you the recovery was hell I'm not even gonna sugarcoat it no it was help it was hell head was almost absolutely doctor kind of had to like or hands in it and just pulled her out I don't know if that might have caused it but I ended up having just teaching or two tears that were stitched up alright so right after I gave birth you know came back to me P and at the time I didn't feel like I needed to pee because I couldn't pull anything mind you I had I think at the time so I wasn't feeling anything at all I couldn't even feel my legs I could barely even I couldn't feel anything so you know if I had to pee or not so they checked my bladder did they sell it was full so they made appeal whatever so I wasn't even filling and then a few hours later I was able to kind of fill my legs and all I saw how to go change I didn't feel anything because I still had a door in it was that was still date night I was so scared I'm like oh my goodness vajayjay nowaday to comes and you know I'm now able to feel my legs I can move around and so I you know I went they and they give me a little bottle doesn't let right after – BT obviously they give me this bottle to kind of raise myself this bottle is a life saver lately this bottle I will never turn it away I will never throw it away because I find myself still using it who still uses this bottle I couldn't even touch there I was so scared I was really really scared while I was in the hospital they were giving the medicine every four to six hours depending on my pain level I didn't really believe us for that because they didn't tell me to just see if I was feeling pain I wasn't sure if it was for that because I wasn't feeling any pain at all so I didn't think it was for that maybe they were doing or something else but you know I was just thinking the medicine because I felt like once I took the medicine I could tell a lot better I was feeling some discomfort at the time if you just beat your pants for your private area obviously because you know there's a lot of beating going on but I standing for three days on the third day I was oh you know I got home that day obviously I was still excited you know having my newborn you know really excited I mean I was feeling some pain but it wasn't as bad they didn't down was a problem the same day my mother-in-law is she like watch me down there you know like deep watch and everything so that I won't get any type of infection I didn't realize how bad he was gonna get as a day went by no third day the pain got worse and worse I could barely see down when I went to pee I'll cry while peeing taboos are engorged the pain there was on another level I didn't think of even I don't know why I didn't think of taking any type of painkillers now that I think of what I could have taken ibuprofen I could have taken any type of painkiller but I didn't love it you I don't know why that night I literally cried my eyes what kind of pain is it was even more painful than having my baby of this neighborhoods oh the pain range after a week I finally started to feel better finally finally had the courage to look down to yo tell me why I felt like I was a virgin again it just didn't feel like a baby came out of there like it's so strange but that's just it I hope it's not too much information but if it is oh well hopefully can help so yeah guys that is my postpartum recovery story it was crazy but I got over it like nothing happened but I would suggest if you are experiencing the same thing or your mom to be or you know whatever make sure after you leave the doctors or the hospital with the factors in the accident for painkiller because you're gonna need it I mean unless you're like a strong strongest of the strongest and maybe not but I'll suggest GP that and yeah guys that is all for this to cover his story this post party recovery story maiya it was all worth it it was definitely all worth it if he were able to learn something from them definitely share this video thank you all so much for watching


  1. I'm 17 just had a baby and I only had gas and air because when I got to hospital I was 8cm and I knew nothing else would be any use I was in labour for 1 hour 40 mins and I tore so going to the bathroom is horrible the pain to pee is agony makes me want to scream I have to run a bath just to pee lol

  2. She knows how to write “obviously” but she does not know how to write “clueless”😂 smh

  3. But was it a tear inside your vagina or in the outside of it thats the part I dont get, cause i had both & it was just B A D. Lol

  4. its like im reliving the terror listening to this with my son.. omg the worst and he was circumcised so we both was in hell at the point of time lol  smh I too used the little bottle a long time after. Congrats on your healthy baby.

  5. Tomorrow makes 2 weeks since I gave birth to my 2nd baby. I gave birth through my vagina and without anaesthesia. I felt every minute of it and it was painful. I felt how my skin was tore up when baby came out. I was stiched down there too. I can pee without pain but to go poo is another story…To give birth ain't easy, man😥😥😥 After my first baby I couldn't have sex with my husband for months. We tried but the pain was too much…

  6. giving birth aint no joke.. I had an emergency c-section.. but its worth it at the end. mais mwana mibale can wait for now jeez

  7. NOOOOO this video was tooooo short, I was enjoying this, cuz most people don't go into details as you did. I find it interesting, as I didn't have mine through Vaginal birth, thanks for sharing

  8. THAT bottle was my 2nd baby in the hospital!! It felt sooo good. OMG hubby said dwn there was "TOE"UP after they yanked my baby out!!! I was in pain for daysssss. And the nurses wouldn't keep my baby while i got in the shower. She was crying so I had to rush. It was a mess. I was a mess. It was very painful to get up every 2 hrs to breastfeed. I was so depressed & mad for a long time. Thank God all of that is OVER!! I dnt want anymore kids. Hubby wants 1 more. When these scientists figure out a way for men to get pregnant that's when we'll have another 1. 2 & I'm good.

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