1. I know how you feel that your husband is leaving on a business trip you thing he leaving you forever when is not ture he love you very much

  2. It’s normal. Move slower and you will be fine. Ask for help and put your feet up as you need to.
    Mom of 5 kiddos

  3. I got very hormonal at the end of the 2nd trimester and all during the 3rd but my mom said that was very normal thank GOD I was living with my mom through it cause I'd be laughing so hard 1 min. then crying like a baby the next then I'd be mad for no reason at all seems like your getting to that point. Happy Anniversary!

  4. well I'm here to tell you that what your talking about with your abs stretching is EXACTLY WHAT'S HAPPENING. that is all.

  5. Oh yes! Third trimester hunger is REAL! I just had my little girl two weeks ago and the good news is… that goes away immediately! So enjoy that pregnancy :).

  6. You're breezing though this ,I had morning sickness till week 16 and premature labor since 18 weeks, flat in bed, meds, monitors , hospital stays , and each child was 4-6 weeks early. And all 3 c sections. Hormones are normal , she won't be emotional the whole time. You will have a beautiful baby.

  7. You guys are going to be such great parents! My second baby was a 10 pounder and while grocery shopping my husband would have to hold up my belly because of all the pressure. It was the most relieving feeling ever! Third trimester it the most rough and it really hits you that you are going to have a little human soon that depends on you. Good luck and have a fun adventure baby's are so much fun😍😍

  8. I've never sent gift's to people I don't know. But I feel like I do know you guy's. I am yet to know if you received you're first box. Anyway I know you sweet little one will be born during hot weather, so I'm going to send according to the weather. I'm old 51. I feel like new babies should stay swaddled as much as possible and should wear only the softest clothes. Little girls should wear ruffles on their butts,and bows on their heads .At least until they are old enough to decide they don't do girly. I hope you read this because I wanted to tell you I found the coolest diaper bag. It's a back pack style very organized and can be used for years its on Amazon. Hands free. You'll want that ! One other thing you will need is a bed for her that goes right up to your bed handy for nursing mommies. And thats not for everyone. It can be frusterating. Im not sure what they are called .Oh and don't tell us her name until you introduce her to us ! I will send the girls some treats . Sorry this is a letter !

  9. I totally get it girl! My husband is leaving me for 11 days and I am 23 weeks, almost 24! I already cried about it. 😩😩

  10. Oh girl wait till you hit about 32-34weeks your gonna have an even harder time rolling out of bed! But soak it all in cause soon you’ll be holding a beautiful baby girl! Third trimester gets easier but towards your due date tends to seem like it just drags on and on (atleast for me that’s how it went for both my kiddos!) I hope everything goes smoothly for you guys and baby!

  11. I’ve had 2 babies and yes that’s how it is every so often you just eat everything in front of you! And that hanging is so beautiful!

  12. Watching these videos make me sooo excited to start my family and get married ! Typical girl moment I'm only 18 bout to go to college and already thinking about marriage and babies 💕 thank y'all for helping me look forward to my future !

  13. Naww Jess. This will pass. I hated hormones while pregnant. My husband didn't know where to look stand or what to say in case I burst into tears

  14. I know It’s super hard. 🙁 My husband is in the Air Force and got deployed every summer. even with my pregnancy with my twins. My twin boys are now 10 years old and I also have a girl who is 7. you stay strong!! you got this!! it will be worth it when you have your previous baby in your arms!! ❤️

  15. Happy anniversairy. Its actually mine and my husbands 2 year wedding anniversairy on the 11th! And our babies due the same month!! This stage of pregnancy is the hardest as getting so close and trying to get everything ready. But not long left so enjoy every minute of it.

  16. Jess if your feeling sad or emotional missing Austin…. call over a girl friend and have a slumber party eat ice cream, watch movies and hang out doing mindless things that keep your mind busy. And remember you are getting baby girls hormones and your hormones so it’s a double dose. I get bad mood swings and very emotional from my medication for my endometriosis and when I feel I’m getting sad, I meditate in a quiet room just sitting and breathing deep trying to relax it always makes me feel better. Hope that was helpful.you guys are awsome love the videos!

  17. So relatable jess im in the second trimester with my first almost 20 weeks and some nausea occasionally has occured other than that smooth sailing, now im already experiencing back pain in the last week and the fullness/stretching of my tummy is real! Just take each day as it comes and stay strong! 🤗

  18. Happy anniversary you two! It was nice meeting you guys yesterday! Good luck with the rest of the pregnancy and hope it doesn't get any harder. It will be all worth it once you have that sweet baby in your arms.

  19. Jess you look so beautiful and such a cute belly! I'm sure you will miss Austin but he will be back before you know it. Take this time by yourself to focus on you and just relax a bit, snuggle with the pups, do your macrame, and maybe splurge on something just for you. And soon you will be on your babymoon!! Thanks for taking us along on your pregnancy journey❤

  20. Jess, you are doing great!! With my first I was due at the beginning of August (in TX) 😭😂. If you have pool available anywhere near you, make it a semi-regular visit because the water takes the pull of baby weight off you for a little bit. So relaxing and helpful!
    Also, something I learned with my first- somewhere in the late 2nd trimester don’t be surprised if you have a larger weight gain at one of appts (8-ish lbs), this happens because your blood volume increases 50% to accommodate the baby’s blood volume. So…DO NOT overthink it if that jump in weight gain happens in you- it is completely normal. 🙂
    Again, you are doing great! Baby will be here before you blink. 🙂

  21. All perfectly normal! Pregnancy is hard work, you’re growing a baby. Rest, sometimes you just get over tired and it magnifies everything. Hope you get to feeling better.

  22. Lmao you are so funny guy's. Just think your going to get a lot bigger before it's over. Love y'all !

  23. <3 This is a hard time. I'm praying for both of y'all. Your hormones are changing so much, and you're very likely starting to go into the nesting phase. You'll want to be at home more, but you'll want to have everything ready. The emotions of not knowing which people you want to be around (and missing Austin when he travels) are even more pronounced, because your body, brains, and hormones are all preparing to give birth. It's a good thing, you are working just like you were made to work. <3 You're normal! I promise!

  24. I put that app on my husband’s phone. Can’t wait for us to read some of that funny stuff! I’m 20 weeks and I’m looking forward to hearing it for the next 20 😋

    You look wonderful, jess. Hope you are feeling a little less fatigued than before! I know pregnancy is rough! So rough. 15 more weeks for you and 20 more for me! 💪 we can do it.

  25. Aww Jess you seem worn out! You probably aren’t getting any good sleep with your discomfort and stress! Do some stretches before bed and in the morning to help loosen your hips and back it’ll make a world of difference for sleeping and walking! Once your hips are more stretched and settled you won’t feel like your bursting at the seems so much! It’ll get sooo much better pretty soon! There will be weeks that everything sucks and you’re on the verge of tears from just being tired of it all but then you’ll get a great week and you’ll feel like a baby growing goddess lol All of us moms get it!! You’ve got a great support system!

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