hi everyone today I wanted to talk to you about my pregnancy journey and since I started to do English video on my channels and I'm trying to do more mom lifestyle videos I just wanted to tell you more about my story I'm gonna apologize in advance for all the grammar errors I'm gonna make because as you know if you follow my channel I'm Italian so I tried my best to speak English so I'm gonna start right away darling knew about my pregnancy I got pregnant in June 2017 and it was a beautiful surprise but let's say I was an expectant at all it was a very rich Erna with some bumps on the road we shall not tell you about right now so the pregnancy started kind of small thing even though it was a big surprise till the point we got to our first visit to a midwife and that told me that the baby was fine everything was okay I was I think five five weeks old five weeks old pregnant but the only thing she told me that I had a cyst on my left ovary and because of that I had to go see a gynecologist I go have my visit with the gynecologist who tells me that the cyst is pretty big but the hope is gonna shrink by itself so I have to do I don't have to do anything you only thing I have to do it's pressed and not lift anything that's too hot for living she warns me that the worst so you see Elizabeth crying playing in a room next door so the only thing that she tells me before leaving is that the worst case scenario for the cyst is that it's gonna cause her ovarian torsion but it's very rare so I don't have to worry about it so like two weeks later it happens I wake up in the middle of the night we like excruciating pains pain and in the morning I go to see the doctor because because of that and before I get there actually at the moment that I get to the reception I faint because of the pain and after died it all happened very fast because the Brittany call an ambulance they bring me to the hospital and it was actually what happened our ovarian torsion for the people that don't know what it is and I'm trying to explain it as easily as I can so here's your ovary which is like a ball and the cyst next to it which is a ball so the cyst wraps around ovary and kind of close the blood flow to the ovaries so it's kind of like dying and that caused a lot of pain I have to say it was the worst pain in my life so they give me morphine right away and after an hour they sent me to the operation room where they do a lot for us laparoscopy I think that's how you say so they go through two little holes in my abdomen abdomen and remove the cyst untwist the ovary and everything was fine because before going to surgery I didn't know if they over would still stay alive if the baby was okay and what other damage were cost but thank God everything was fine they remove the cyst ovary was fine the baby was fine the recovery was a little over a week two weeks where ours absolutely I used this person on Freeman's get up of the bed because I was in a lot of pain like my back up and then I couldn't move anything but when those two weeks passed I was better than before and the nausea was gone that I had in that period and the weeks before and I fell overall much much better so that I'm ungrateful I'm with some strange my I'm grateful that happened so I could like move on to the next up let's put it that way even though I'm with some strange I'm going back a little bit before I got pregnant before I found out I was pregnant I want to cube up with my husband for vacation and for who hope you don't know there is a virus called Zika it's a lot a little mosquito which is harmless for like normal people but for pregnant women could be a little dangerous because it could cause problems with the baby so because of that I had to go every month to get like checked up at the hospital to do an animal to check the babies so every month I would have to go and do that which was fine and a baby was growing fine I was feeling much better the only problem I had after the surgery was the reef us that was awful like I felt like something here oh I meant that death that could be worse their worst thing so at the end of my pregnancy when I was around 34 weeks pregnant I had a problem with my family so I had to go deliver my baby in Rome where I'm from from wrong so everything was planned to give birth in New York but I had to change the plan last minute because of that so at 34 weeks old not old 34 weeks pregnant I fight Rome before flying I had my last checkup at the hospital the same the baby's fine everything's okay I can fight no problem so I go back to Rome and I go see my gynecologist there which is the one who delivered me so it's my gynecologist from forever and he said that my belly is a little too small and the baby looks more – so what it does is that me – like bigger sensor to get another scan to make sure that everything's fine and what happened is that doesn't look to find my placenta looks like it's not feeling the baby properly and my blood pressure is super high which it was strange since I got like checked I still today don't understand what happened so I got my my blood pressure was too high even though I measure day with the hospital in new york with a week before everything moves very fast and they tell me I prefer himself so I need to deliver the baby what happened the problem was I wasn't that dilated at all and no sign of life contractions or anything I was 36 weeks pregnant by that so my my gynecologist decide to do a c-section the day dad turned 36 pregnant not sorry 37 weeks pregnant so I was super scared had to be honest especially because I really I didn't expect it but at the end of it whatever delivers the baby safely so after that I have to call my husband because it was still in a work and it was planning to come to Rome so I'm like you have to come now you have to come tomorrow cause I'm gonna another c-section which were like two three crazy days like very anxious very just crazy decided to deliver in a private clinic because that's where my gynecologist would deliver the baby I go there in the morning I was so nervous I'm actually surprised I even slept online and I go there my husband arrives at 12:00 p.m. and the baby got delivered three so they arrived like just in time just to say he's a bit beautiful be born I have to be honest like I had no idea how the surgery would have because before the surgery from July was my first surgery at all and it wasn't her surgery it was like back her it was a little different and I was totally under anesthesia so I wasn't waiting so I have no idea how I felt was very weird because obviously you cannot feel anything from the waist down but you kind of don't feel the pain but you feel that something is moving inside of you it's so weird I still don't know how to explain it but yeah it's like you can feel someone is looking for something inside of you and I thought I was gonna be long it's that it took like four minutes to cut the baby out from the moment they started and in like those few minutes it he stopped I was there it was so strange but it was definitely longer to just like get the stitches and close everything it's kind of late to say close everything but cause the womb and Elizabeth was two kilos and 400 grams which in pounds I think but she was tiny but not super tiny and she was totally fine she was great she cried and she she was just beautiful that was it I mean it was a strange journey he was so slow I have to be honest like if I think back no it seems like a billion years ago even if it wasn't even a year ago and those nine months so slow especially from what I hear especially if it's your first child I remember like every day like counting like seven weeks and three days 21 weeks five days so I'm glad at the end she got here safely and I'm happy I got to meet her and after all it was like past journey and I got my baby here which is she's like so funny and so great so beautiful that's it that was my pregnancy journey about my postpartum and how was my life coming back from Italy with my baby here in the United States if you like more videos like this like we know in the comments below and thank you for watching so I thought it was gonna be nice to show you meet a battement daughter since it's one mostly talking about in the video and if you've me follow me and Instagram on my channel for a long time you already know her otherwise that's her smile touch help tell me 2/3 C is so pretty and she's so fun and she like t really liked me let's say I hope you enjoyed the video if you did please subscribe to my channel right since it's gonna be super good and to the next video ciao

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