before we get started on this video you guys go check out this new app called spy my phone spy my phone is used to spying your kids or family cell phone this app is Android and iOS compatible you can use on any device tablets cell phones laptops anything on this app you can monitor phone calls location notes text messages what's app autumn things yeah there's only three steps to get started make sure you check out this app try spy my phone today check out the link in the description and get started today we are back with another video not there nor there autumn season yo and before we get into today's video I'm gonna need you guys to smash that like button make sure you subscribe to our channel make sure you have post notifications at once who only will be doing post notifications channels so make sure you hit that Bell and comment down below notification carrying unique so today we are going to be doing a Q&A we have so many new subscribers we have people who are just now finding our channel and they have questions about this so you know who me answer my questions we both post this stuff on our Instagram access questions over a yo let's go let's go let's go like we want to know like what do you want to know what do you want to know one just gonna order when did you a Chanel first started they start dating we started dating in 2016 and all guess we started talking but when our caps physically they in December first so yeah yeah yeah so okay this why look 50 now dealing with your ass he's dressing me to fuck out what hey she was sending question somebody said how many tattoos I have open the door no guesstimate a hundred plus all blended in like I can't believe maybe 55 where did I meet Chanel when did you meet each other if you were physically or just how much is 20 can you eat my food that's how I met you but yeah if you want to know more go watch out how we've made is our first video where we posted if I mean I'm not doing another how we made or what the hell we made that me posted somebody X was my favorite color my favorite color is pink Porsche was my favorite colors red and black reading book it's black it's red but black I like I wear black when it's home to a much will be black too I just think I love pink and that's it you know how long have we both went vegan what they're doing it for like two years now yeah two years who you gonna believe two years I think the last month this month kind of makes to you though June work yeah to gimpy game cake it was Chris because we're gonna cleanse my soul teeth talk down make I get this coming year Lou three years fever yellow somebody said what time honey what is my height was i who's got anything I'm five to do like possibly no I'm like five seven I mean if you see our pics I'm a pop-up picking right here boom that's how we will best but I go well we got a little shooting you see my should be really sure it Philly so much said who's my favorite artists my favorite audience is tree name up just number one that's it it's not it's not all that's it so we'll only one yeah you owe me no give me a kids I don't look at that Wow somebody said can i get a shout out already shout out to Nate Brown underscore my last pick anyway so Dave oh alright somebody want to know how we started with YouTube basically we just started I had a camera originally and we just said let's do it how we met video this was actually started posting pics with each other you don't know what Instagram Facebook man fell we didn't start this again we still got pics on face brain then we went to Instagram then we went to YouTube so that's how we start yeah and what he was telling us just on YouTube that's how YouTube even became an idea people are not comment section cuz I don't even know I know I do too but I didn't know that couple is feeling YouTube so so we end up doing it via Facebook Instagram neutral what is your biggest pet peeve about Chanel my biggest pet peeves let's ask them from Jersey from there on their side comment down below who you think that the worst after even why they're gonna say you be a Kim yeah yeah yeah I'm gonna say you you to madness you this you know buddy what's said out when is what am i dropping more music I'm having no more music next mom so let me kitty kitty some night with me summer album unique oh my originally born a female module regimen for nothing now right nothing because I was very welcome for that time I answered this question but this is what the girl water gallon it's again like dead ass I'm screenshot position cuz you need to see that people really Alaskan and yes your girl Ania really accident so I'm going to name that somebody asked me mr Boyle girl Judy underscore SS are wildly this is what y'all accent y'all wanna know what's my gender so let me tell your foot its problem for it I just want to say like okay just stop asking people their gender like I don't know this is weird well it's not like oh go over I'm looking at some people a what what is today we already established in so many times but it's so many new people so just please just leave it alone it just stop we only answering the same thing good this is what the same right hey we still getting questions about it go say we're getting that comments on our YouTube so you want to know what's my gender late so what is the light on youtube if you got to be my ambitions and you gotta be like you gotta have them that means our YouTube is like a roller coaster one day I'm like okay great the next day I'm like fuck tissue mm-hm that's just why I miss opinion you know definitely people go to non-farm one dating happy yes I didn't go to Italy they didn't listen fuck this year I'm at the colossi for some sorry but oh yeah yeah yeah it's just like that's what it is YouTube is like blank that's what it is you have ups and downs you have up to got down there in between that's what it is you send me so our next question here is whether you're getting married you that's crazy to me that's wave to act somebody when they get in there because I don't know how people know when they get married I don't think people have a date like you haven't let's say I'm ready like everything is already arranged like you know what people get more in and it looks like I'm not spit that are you ain't for in everybody's invited and the team if we announce it then don't locks the question cuz me and I'll see you you feel me so mean even though a lot of people hate you I love you guys oh we love it that's weird to just hit somebody you don't know out the guy anybody yeah it's such a strong word yeah I don't hate anyone that's another thing imagine meeting somebody hate me I don't know what he that's like a strong intense whoa when are you getting the child I'm scared and excited how do you stay positive praying you see positive power stay positive sometimes I just got a full saw I don't know where can I be making me feel thing and don't do thing I misled do beat me somebody called me down I'm gonna slap off real life in a slap on ass I gotta calm down because off in a slap off when are you getting the child listen okay guys so that's it that is like the portion of the same exact questions we keep seeing so that is the updated Q&A on ones coming home with us if you knew that what we do if you've been here keep time to yourself hey what you want to know you pretty much answer everything that would be that yeah updating Q&A so we opted theme and make sure you come at them with no mystery gets to squaw make sure we get that like women should come to home t1 but I creams another team painting the office beer we out this thing yourself families to my everything seen one know me what is submitting me had a get better and family cabin and Alyssa Voss careful 1944 gotta make back in the numbers enough go to the party they got with a couple whatever you want I got it baby nautical stuff with a stash house kissing the cat's now I need a penthouse I need a bed now can fold pace now under the bed but you're gonna trip out but you know house that you like I won't say no


  1. But I would like a shoutout if possible. I have had my post notifications turned on for along time because I love to watch all your videos. Y'all are both beautiful people.

  2. Y'all are amazing. I love both of y'all so much & look up to y'all. Keep up the good content & can't wait for OhMyLa to drop them bangas.

  3. Finally I haven’t watch it yet I’m just to the first part of the vid hole u have to baby❤️❤️❤️😘😘🥰

  4. You know what I love that’s pink 😌 I’m crying 😂😂😂😂😂😂 myla is the bid yo 😂😂😂😂😂🤦🏾‍♀️

  5. Ohmyla is obviously is a girl cus she gets butthurt every time someone asks…. If a gender is not a big deal why can’t they answer? 🤣

  6. It’s okay keep your heads up in time it will happen god is going to bless you with a beautiful baby girl or baby boy we still love you

  7. I don't understand why it's so hard to say if u male or female transgender hell if u female we want to know about your ibf journey well I guess something might have happened that u don't want to talk about it

  8. I’m new to this channel but I thought ohmyla was transgender so how is this possible that that’s her or his baby(no offense)

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