– Hey, hunty. I’m in the final trimester
of pregnancy, hallelujah. I’m nine months preggo
and in today’s video I’m about to show you guys my
nine months pregnancy routine. Usually I wake up at seven and
lay around with my baby girl. She is quite heavy, so it’s always a struggle
getting up and out of bed. Hubby’s at the gym, the
kids sleep until 8:30, so it’s me time. Okay y’all let’s head to the
bathroom and brush my teeth because morning breath ain’t cute. As I brush my teeth I
usually think about the tasks that I need to complete that day. My task list has been so chill, y’all. Because I am nine months pregnant, so tasks include checking email, annoying my friends and family, completing Ayah’s nursery,
exercising, reading. Oh, and I can’t forget online shopping. (cash register chiming) Okay hunty, let’s head downstairs because I need to get a workout in. These days I’ve been working
out five days a week. My third trimester
pregnancy has been filled with so much discomfort, emotions, thoughts, nausea, physical changes. So it’s important for me to stay active through working out even if
it’s just 15 minutes per day, working out gives me that boost of energy that I need to kill it that day. I love starting my morning
off with a nice stretch, light cardio, light
resistance training or yoga and meditation for the days
that I have absolutely no energy and that no energy
thing has been happening the closer I get to labor
and delivery, you guys. Ah, let’s keep it moving. Okay hunty, let’s head back upstairs because your girl is hot and
sweaty from that workout, so it’s shower time. After I take my shower I follow it up with my post-workout skincare routine. After every workout, pregnant or not, I make sure to give my skin a good, deep clean to remove the sweat, dirt, oil, and bacteria from my face. Just imagine all the dirt buildup from your workout, that’s nasty. So it’s time to clean it up. I love to use my LUNA
Mini 2 by FOREO in combo with my cleanser, it
works wonders on my skin. Since being pregnant
my skin has been oily, I’ve been getting that
random breakout, blemishes. This device right here keeps
my impurities under control, I have a nice glow. It gives me a good, deep clean. It’s not harsh on my skin,
I use it five days per week. If you’re looking for a good, deep clean then you should
definitely add the LUNA Mini 2 to your skincare routine. My skin feels and looks so good. Gotta clean my LUNA Mini 2. Clean her, take care of her, y’all, because she takes care of you. Next I apply my serum
followed up with an eye cream. You can’t forget the eye cream, y’all. I need it, I can’t forget it. Followed up with my moisturizer. It’s time to get the
kids ready for school. Clearly they were struggling this morning. Look at Samia, look at Zayn. They are so cute! Look at the joys of waking
up early and going to school. The kids love pancakes, eggs, and turkey bacon for breakfast. Look at Samia’s face, she is so excited for
breakfast this morning. She loves her pancakes. Bae just got in from the gym, so he is sweating profusely, but I take pride in eating as a family. So, he’s gone sit down at
this table with us, okay? Sweat and all. (laughs) And the kiddies are off to school. Samia loves being a big sister. We are so excited to meet baby Ayah! I told y’all today was
gonna be a relaxing day. I’m chilling by my pool,
I’m about to read a book and catch some sun rays, you know? Nine months pregnant, I’m
taking it easy, child. (optimistic music) And we can’t forget the selfies
for IG, hashtag no makeup! None needed when your LUNA Mini 2 by FOREO has your skin looking I-am-popping, okay? Thank you so much for watching my nine months pregnancy morning routine. Hope you enjoyed it, don’t forget to thumbs up the video, subscribe and I’ll see you next week! (uptempo music)

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  1. GUUURRRLLLL you look like you’re ready to pop! Like NOW!! lol. Can’t wait to meet babygirl l😭😭😭♥️♥️

  2. GUUURRRLLLL you look like you’re ready to pop! Like NOW!! lol. Can’t wait to meet babygirl l😭😭😭♥️♥️

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    Ps: Check out my YouTube channel. New YouTuber over here lol

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