6:20 a.m. and I'm just responding to bills test little members of the morning so we're gonna do our post feed just wanted to cuddle and to make some funny noises so I'm gonna just do it what you remove it and then try and get us back to sleep I managed to have about another hour and Bill is at it again bit of pink in this guy's till from sunrise she's nice alright so it was a massive talk but first things first in the mornings I usually kind of just grabbed by Billy's cues initially we were just timing every three hours and getting her up every three hours for fades but for the loss maybe a week and a half I've been just letting her weight off on her own when she he's hungry when she needs to change and that's working really really well for us but she's great it's me out like 725 and yeah she is now kind of wide-eyed a little bit sleepy still and just laying on me and we usually just have a puddle in the morning and then I change a nappy and give her her first big feed of the morning I mean yeah you can see she's nice content here at the moment in this little like angel suit that we've got her and last night was the first time that we used this suit as well so we gave it a whirl because Bill's kind of big enough to fit into it now and it worked so well because Billy is really floppy with her arms she doesn't like being swaddled properly but her reflex is really strong and yes as a baby so her arms are really floppy when she is sleeping we're trying to fall asleep so she wakes herself up a lot when she flops her arms around and so this worked really really well kind of just like keeps their little arms up in here like sighs one of these it looks so comfy well it feels such a little sleepy you [Laughter] yeah yeah it so for the next little while before I like kind of just get it off and change and everything will just play and I'll just talk to her and try and get like reactions back yeah I've read that it's good to just kind of chat with them and see what noises they make back to you and try and just get some reactions like smiles and little sounds and whatnot yeah Billy is almost five weeks old now which is just flown so yeah she's getting very big very responsive and just so cute anyway no I'm giving her and change her but and then get him fed I know big that so it's just some big late toots that came from my butt so I think she's totally falling away there potentially still cooing so in one of my earlier videos when I first had Bailey I mentioned that she was not keen on breastfeeding she just like didn't latch on properly for a little while so I'm she's getting a lot of express milk and it was just really challenging for this first couple of weeks of of having hair it was really stressful in it it created a lot of anxiety for me just feeling as though I wasn't doing something right she wasn't doing something right but eventually she got it and now she's really really great with breastfeeding she absolutely loves it she feeds constantly yeah so I'm gonna give her a feed now and then I'll check in with you after yeah yeah you so excited she's also losing her hair since she's got this really funny hair line at the moment like massive wieners baby so usually why i'm here just feeding her I'll make sure that I'm drinking my water Oh am I fired for bed and I will always time the fate they left just something I've just literally explosion it's all over huh so Billy just had a really nice like 20 minutes fee she seems nice and content now and I'm just giving her a bit of back rubs to get some boats out thankful in their moment kind of let it calm a little bit more and relax and just chill and just digestive milk and then I'm going to try and get to the toilet and then get out of the bedroom so I can make supper he okay I finally put the leaves down she is just chilling in her bubble nest which is super duper handy for times like this when you need to just go to the toilet or make food or it just like chilling when they're awake and you're next to them or something so she's just in that I've got a code down below for a discount on these they are like the best thing ever it's definitely one of my favorite things for a baby yeah she's just gonna hang out in here for a minute well I finally get to go to the toilet and I'll say tidy up the room a little bit because it's just got a lot of like blankets and towels and stuff everywhere so I'm gonna get everything sorted for the first load of washing today this is just my morning every morning just getting washing ready because all I do in life now is breast feed and do laundry okay so much laundry he talking and you talking they watch it laying down and we'll say going to brush my teeth I wash my face and just kind of get the me stuff out of the way and so I can just get dressed and then make breakfast and bring her out so I'm washing my face I just used one of these it's just a konjac sponge and it just basically run it under hot water nothing just all over my face I'm just cleaner like that so there use like a cleanser anything works really well yeah pretty quick next I just do my deodorant and sort of facial oil so I just use this one it's standing by it's my beard oil I usually use a blend but at the moment and I am just using some plain rosehip on its own and also putting that on my scarring as well so then enjoyed getting stretch marks kind of towards the end of my pregnancy maybe like 30 38 weeks but yeah I really really love them I think they're really pretty they're so nice nice I'm just gonna give my hair and quick brush and then just check it back up just makes me feel that little bit more put together so that all of the washing ready to go so many breast pads to pop on and I am just gonna get dressed and she's just had a little vomit in her boob nurse that means I've got to wash this now as well so I'll show you how I take that all apart so that is that you can just take the cover off and then give it a wash just federally again and she's male just kind of coming out on me and just chilling out but I'm gonna go pop out on her plane up there and I'm gonna have my time on my prana mat and then make some breakfast [Applause] okay now while Billy is chilling out and just resting on her play mat I'm gonna get started on the washing now because I get all of this cool now finally breakfast though said you'd wake up to heaps of dishes that last night so I'll have to do them as well but the breakfast first I am just gonna make some parts now all right so just super a you psyche and I find them really satisfying and relatively easy to eat well I've got a baby as well so I don't really do measurements or anything so I'm just gonna pop how about so ever much I want in it so just do the oats add a little bit of cinnamon I'm also gonna add some chia seeds as well and then just some artwork which it's my favorite cup of milk and just looks like that and then I just chopped it on the stove and now I'm just going to enjoy my tea and my part and watch a little build a whole little build as soon as I came back in and started playing with her she just had this huge moment I'll live in me all over I play Matt over her clothes I just in the nude we're gonna have to give her a ball pool play area tough morning for bill but I've gotten to go changed and ready again and gave her a nice deep clean and oiled up his ski she's quite dry skin at the moment and now I'm just like her I think she shouldn't a pretty dress sad mood today and then I'll eat my breakfast all right so I got one sleepy little baby oh me man she just had a fade and just one really nicely sleep so I'm gonna try and put it down in her bassinet got a little morning nap and hopefully she stayed I guess it's lucky that I still had another load of washing to do because if heaps more because of that big woman also time to wash the cheeky wet as well which I've told you about before I like the bub nests they're just so handy see all of the wipes from there I just chuck them in the sink rinse them through squeeze them out and then pop them in the machine and they just cleaned perfectly okay now I can finally eat breakfast and drink my tea whilst looking at a little Ruby over there and the beautiful blue sky of today's winter's day lovely so I've got all of the washing out and yeah I feel really productive at the moment I feel good once Billy is down and that she's had a good feed again after throwing up and now it's just having a really good sleep the first load of washing is done and I'll hung up second loads going I can eat my breakfast and yeah it's just a really nice day so I feel good and what I'm really loving about Parenthood and just being a mum I'm like being my own throughout the day is just how productive you do feel and I know that when it used to just be me that I was looking out for my mornings were a lot different there are a lot slower there are a lot lazier and I just kind of look back and I think of how unproductive I was but I could have been doing a lot more obviously I love that as well and like being able to just go to slow pace is lovely but I don't know I just really get a lot of joy from like looking after Billy and you know getting the house in order and getting on top of washing like it's so satisfying when you have a baby just little things like that I think make a really big I don't know a really big difference and I just feel good so yeah even though we woke up for the first time at like 6:00 something and then seven something and it's now 11 a.m. and I'm only just eating my breakfast like I wouldn't change a thing I'm just really really loving it and it's such an awesome adjustment and you know constantly learning new things as a parent and yeah I just really like it so I'm gonna end this video here I hope that you like seeing this morning routine a lot of you guys did request it so hopefully wasn't too boring but yeah I just wanted to really highlight the realities of new motherhood and what it's like having a newborn because I think online a lot of people can really glamorize the whole thing and the true party is like it is wonderful but it's not glamorous I'm constantly getting vomited on I smell like baby vomit all over the time everything's just so different to what it used to be but I really love it and I love the reality of it and I love getting thrown up on and changing nappies and you know just looking after my child and showing the realness of it is something that I really enjoy so anyway I'm going to stop rambling ate my cold porridge and cold tea but I will see you in my next video and feel free to comment down below if you wanna have a chat or you've got any questions or anything or if you want to see any other specific videos from me let me know down below cuz I love always hearing your feedback and seeing what you guys want to view and swap so yeah I'll see you in my next video thanks

22 Replies to “MY *REAL* MORNING ROUTINE WITH A NEWBORN | The Adventures of Jade”

  1. Loved the realness of this video (just like every other of your videos 🙂 ). I feel like we have so much in common and I can't wait to see more of you, Michael and Billie and how life is going with a new little one! I am currently pregnant for the first time and have been re-watching your pregnancy videos this past week<3 I've been following your adventures since day one btw:) Just wanted to leave this here and let you know how much I appreciate you. Sending you lots of love.

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  4. Iam on the same page. I appreciate a lot your authenticity. I feel so related with you. Ahhh mother power!!!!

  5. I wish my baby was so chilled 😩 he was born 8 weeks early and is 10 weeks tomorrow (2 weeks corrected) and my days and nights are spent settling Ezekiel after a feed for up to 3hrs and then trying to get sleep in whenever I can. I literally have no time or energy to do washing so my house is a bloody mess atm haha… hopefully my boy will settle down in the next few weeks coz I’m out of energy and at breaking point haha

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  13. If you have enough to spare, I heard that putting breast milk on your scars/ stretch marks can help them fade. Not that there is anything wrong with having them or anything, just because in the clip you were putting oil on them so it reminded me! ☺️
    Billie is just too cute and melts my heart every time 😍

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