MY SEAHORSE HAD A MISCARRIAGE | How a Seahorse Pregnancy Works

Haggai so basically little story time here I already made this video twice twice earlier today I got up and I noticed that my wig had arrived in the mail which I had ordered like a week or two ago came from the UK so took a while to get here super pumped about it because I'm kind of sick of my blonde hair but I don't want to be sick of it because I've been working on it for like at least five months at least five months now trying to get it to a specific color and I'm just not there yet but I'm starting to miss my black hair I don't want to go back to black until I have accomplished the color I want and basically I'm going for that draco malfoy nine year old granny hair white not there yet obviously but I'm still working on it and in the meantime whenever I get those black cravings I put a wig on a good way of saying it so I got the black wig in the mail and I was like this is gonna be great I'm gonna make a video with it put it on spent forever getting it right because I'd never had wigs before so I kind of stuck it on only had experience with one wig before ever and I'm just not good at wearing wigs I don't know how to blend them I don't know how to do any of that I spent forever getting it great set down film the whole video then I laid down turned around kind of looked over it realized you know I had made a mistake not just one of those mistakes that you can just kind of skip over and be like sorry guys but no you couldn't hear me the whole video yeah you couldn't hear me whole video so I was like great now I get to redo this so you know I'm it made my wig look good again step back down film the whole video here film the whole thing knew it was good camera died on me at the very end so I was like okay I'll film my outro on my laptop just you know quick little thing which I'll still go ahead and put in this video because I still have that footage and I wanted to show you all my black hair I did that and then I pulled my memory card out put it into my computer and realized that my memory card had just geez didn't work it was gone everything I filmed a song it was all corrupted it was gone so here I am again but you see that second time I was so confident that it had worked that I had you know gone gotten too comfy taking my wig off got off you know chill in bed all night relaxed and then I realized it was all gone so now I'm hearing all my greasy hair glory and I'm filming this video because I am NOT doing that wig at third time let's get to the video so today I'm gonna tell y'all where babies come from see worst baby non human baby in my last video I had mentioned is that my seahorse was pregnant and then like five videos before that I had mentioned that my seahorse was pregnant he just was pregnant for ever and basically I realized she couldn't be pregnant that long that doesn't make sense my first assumption was okay maybe he just hadn't been pregnant for as long as I have thought but that he is still definitely pregnant right now first let's realize one thing males do get pregnant when it comes to seahorses because a lot of y'all have been commenting saying what the heck are you talking about do you not know where babies come from they come from ladies I know where babies come from but with seahorses it's the male okay I'm getting to that just give me a second okay when a male wants to make babies with the female he starts puffing his pouch up which is where the eggs will go inside and fertilized so he starts puffing his big pouch out trying to look sexy and capable of holding all those babies it would be like what if when humans wanted a babies we would make our stomachs look like we were four or five months pregnant he keep loading himself up so I started to think okay maybe the first you know few weeks when I thought he was pregnant he was just doing those mating rituals so he's still pregnant is not as pregnant as I thought normally the gestation period for seahorse pregnancies is only like 15 to 20 days and I'm here going on 40 so I knew something was wrong I kept believing that until today I saw him try to get the female to insert eggs inside and that's when I realized he is not pregnant at all there is nothing in that pouch I started kind of coming to that conclusion a few days ago when his pouch started getting smaller and smaller it got to the point where he looked like he was ready to you know give her and that does not happen when he's trying to mate with the female he doesn't get that big he not only like it's a little bit so there's definitely something different other than just him trying to mate with her when his pops is that big but now a small again so what I realized was he most likely this is my conclusion here had a miscarriage all animals can have miscarriages it's not just a human thing can actually happen with a bunch of different species okay basically his false pregnancy or miscarriage or whatever it occurs when a phenol successfully deposits eggs inside of the seahorse the male seahorse and he carries it around but he accidentally some way or another opens his pouch once again and water goes in and flushes the eggs out before they are done fertilizing I think that's what happened with Nova either way no matter what it was whether he was just bloated or he had a miscarriage or he was faking being pregnant all along to get his girlfriend to stay with him he's not pregnant no I'm like a hundred percent sure 99.9% sure that he's not pregnant so I'm basically gonna get rid of my baby seahorse no siree thing that I have set up because it takes up way too much space it's just a whole nother five gallons of water to maintenance I just can't do that when he's not even pregnant so I'm gonna take it all apart and put it back together when I know for a fact he's pregnant whatever that may be Nova has had a rough life okay he first first he fell in love with another male seahorse and his name was mystery they lived together happily trying to make babies every day but they couldn't because they were boys I was always making jokes that I needed to send out adoption forms for the seahorses to adopt seahorse babies because they wanted them so badly then I went out of town and while mystery and Nova were not under my care they got really sick or at least mystery did mystery was a lot smaller and do this a lot weaker then Nova so some way or another he developed skin erosion he had ammonia poisoning it was just was not good so when I came back from my trip I put mr. e in a quarantine tank I treated him with barium two for his ammonia poisoning and skin erosion but he did not make it I was really really sad and at that point I really thought Nova is probably gonna die in just a few months gonna happen just I'm Duke I'm not gonna have sea but no actually did great he was fine he was lonely though so I got him a female companion it was definitely his first female seahorse he had been around in a long time because he was ready to make them baby basically it just it didn't work he had his love or died on him and then he had his babies flushed out of his pouch and had a miscarriage so nobody needs some support right now I'm hoping his girlfriend sticks with him let's take it back a few steps a lot of y'all don't know how she horses get pregnant in the first place so I'm gonna go ahead and go through all that with y'all real quick this is a female she has eggs inside of her just like every other female on this planet if you are a child and you are watching this and you are like what do you mean all females have eggs inside of them the eggs come from the sky from a stork and are put into a woman's belly and out pops babies from the belly button y'all probably you're laughing thinking you know why would a child that doesn't even know about babies be watching your videos I had like a three or four year old with his mother come into my store and the mother was like he's watched all your videos he loves you so if you're watching out there kid babies come from a stork for everyone else you'll know all females have eggs inside of them it's the same way with seahorses but the males have a pouch this is the male he looks like he has some problems they do a dance advance of love and into the pouch goes the babies and then we have a try to squish that belly out we have a pregnant seahorse there we go normally for about 15 to 20 days 30 as normally they like max he will carry these babies around his top the male fertilizes hit them with his magical powers and he carries the babies around until they're ready to pop out then anywhere from 100 to 1400 babies pop out and go flying everywhere and most of them don't make it which is why they give birth to so many of them they just take float everywhere and then a few survive now you'll know where baby seahorses come from do they still make those on MTV do y'all remember those true life things where any of that true life I'm addicted to mattresses those things I think Nova needs an episode on that you know true life the struggles of a male seahorse once I realized that I had lost all the footage that I had originally done I went ahead and went and edited a video that I had filmed the other day when I went to a wildlife ranch I'm gonna go ahead and upload that it's not like my normal videos it's just me filming going to a ranch where animals eat things out of my hands but I'm still gonna upload it because I already edited it I'm gonna go ahead and use the outro that I had filmed earlier just because it works and you can see my black hair because a lot of people don't don't know about my other social media accounts you'll only subscribe to me here on YouTube just crazy in itself like the amount of subscribers I'm getting is so crazy to me because I always thought that Twitter was gonna be my thing I have like 50,000 subscribers on there 55,000 something like that I always thought that that was where people are followers I say subscribers maybe I said it right I don't know I always thought that was gonna be my thing I never thought that YouTube will become my thing and yeah it's crazy so for those who haven't been following me on you know Twitter for the years I've done that and all that fun stuff in Instagram I've done every hair color in the world I really did and my natural my natural hair color is what my eyebrows are tonight I was going to film a clownfish video also is gonna film this one go edit it sit back down and so many other one while it was uploading but I already had to do this one three times so I think I'm gonna wait till tomorrow what a smile Thursday Thursday I have some people coming here I think I'm gonna do it either tomorrow or Friday tomorrow if I get time for sure but if I don't get the time tomorrow because I'm not sure if I'm going to I'll do it Friday my next you know educational video where I teach all guys how to do things that's gonna be there oh I know what I was gonna I know what I was gonna show you and there's more I have a huge article in a paper in the paper here's me only thing about this I love I love the guy that came in I love the guy who did the photography they were all awesome and amazing but they used this odd picture of me I got the pictures beforehand I saw them online and I was like I hope they don't use that one and there was just one that really wasn't my favorite and they used it and basically when they were taking the photo they wanted me to turn this way and squish my neck in and pull my trigger it's not a good angle at all like it's not but they wanted me to like go like that and they used it from the main photo I don't see the resemblance my mom's mad at me that I don't like this photo she's like oh yeah but no she doesn't believe me when I say that I look like an obese woman and that's photo but I'm pretty sure I do if you're watching this and you took this photo or you did the interview Renee I loved it and I don't want you to think I don't I don't like that photos it's a weird photo because this is like catfish level with my opinion like if you'll see this and then you see me it's like what the hell you catfish anyway on a more positive note adorable care for animals I'm very very grateful that she came out and did this with me it was so much fun to do we have this first article finally giving me credit for this cheering Hedgehog picture which yes is mine if you all didn't know that this is Nala this is my very first hedgehog Nala and that's me holding her to the sky and then you turn it and there echo and here's the whole article and it's still going and then it's over and then they also put it on that newspapers website and things like that so it was it was a lot of fun it was really great out so the outro we go I'm just getting enough magically go over there and be wearing something different and have black hair it's gonna be magical I am actually gonna do my outro on my webcam because out of nowhere my camera died I didn't even know it was low on battery but I guess it was so it died on me and I can't get it to charge so that kind of sucks because I got that camera like a month ago play I thank you all guys for watching I hope you all learned something about seahorses because I like it didn't occur to me that people don't know about that the male's get pregnant so yeah of course I wanted to teach y'all guys about that shoutout to my aunt for giving me the seahorse it really helps narrate this video it was very crucial please ignore my collection of dr. pepper back there I have a really bad diet soda addiction that I've been trying to get rid of since like middle school I am addicted to diet soda if anyone has ever told you that wigs itch they weren't lying or exaggerating these things bitch really bad anyway thank you guys for watching um comment rate subscribe thank y'all guys all for subscribing guys constantly asking me about my Funko pop collection so this is it there are 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 11 much from 7 to 11 I don't know how to count there's there's 34 of them here and then there's and then there's 20 in my closet so I'll do a video that includes all of them sometime but yeah I have what do I say 32 and 20 so I have 52 of them I can do math so nice okay thank you all guys for watching boy

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