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  1. Wonderful miracle. God is Amazing. However, when we take the option of a sperm donor, we need to consider future consequences including; when one day the boy will want to know his father? Those feelings are so strong, a sense of identity. We also need to consider the kid's feelings and desires.

  2. Hey!It is good to see that surrogacy is even in Kenya. Then that means that this treatment is gaining grounds globally. There's still some controversy about using a surrogate mother to have a baby. The legal process is also tricky because it varies from state to state. Even so, whether it's because of fertility problems or other reasons, surrogacy is an option for you and your partner. Most of the focus is on getting a surrogate and successful pregnancy. Not a lot of people plan on breastfeeding, or give a though on how they would want to feed the baby. Talk to your doctors and consult a lactation expert too to understand what your options are and make an informed decision. Bringing a child in your life, no matter in what way, is a life-changing and beautiful experience. Hope you enjoy every bit of it. I had surrogacy in Kiev, Ukraine and I can say it was one of the best experiences I have ever had.

  3. India has a great opportunity to become a market leader in the low cost IVF field. Unfortunately, IVF is still not provided in teaching hospitals and medical colleges. Who can afford to provide it at a fraction of the cost which private IVF clinics charge. Not only is this unfair to poor patients. It's also means that the new generation of gynecologists has no hands-on experience in providing IVF treatment. This means that when they start practice. If they want to start doing IVF. As so many want to these days. They are forced to attend a 7-day workshop. While this gives them a certificate. It also means that their skills in left IVF a lot to be desired. As a result of which patients suffer needlessly. I hope with time India will resolve this issue. Although so far I have seen that the country is accepting surrogacy. While in my surrogacy journey in Kiev, Ukraine. I got to meet some Indian couples there. I wondered because I know that their country is one of the most affordable countries offering surrogacy.

  4. There is a growing list of young Kenyan women who are renting out their wombs to carry other people’s pregnancies. With some being paid as much as KSh1 million ($12,000). The trend, that has in the past been seen as a solution in developed countries for infertile women seeking to have their own children. Is increasingly gaining acceptance in Kenya.  Women are usually unable to have a baby because they might have medical complications that make pregnancy impossible. Those who carry the pregnancy. Whether for a fee or for free. Are known as surrogate hosts and the owner of the baby as the commissioning couple or genetic parents. It is amazing and encouraging to see couples who had been condemned to childlessness agreeing to have someone else carry and give birth to their child. Something that was unheard of in the past. With this development. It seem we will be hearing of more advances in the medical field in Africa like other developed countries. I had surrogacy in Bio tex clinic and I can say that they are much developed. I hope with time Africa will also make it there.

  5. I have never known that Africa also offers medical treatment. I have only known of America, Asia md Europe. So I can say that this is a good step. I have heard also of South Africa. But that is because the country has always been ahead of other African countries.  Am really impressed with this movement in Kenya. I have also realized that there is also surrogacy. I am delighted with the technological improvement. There is no need for Kenyans to be moving to other countries for such treatment. As they can be getting help in their own countries. Does that mean that people from other countries can also get help in Kenya? Or is it only for Kenyans? I have been having my treatment in Bio texcom clinic in Ukraine. But if there is another country which is affordable with high quality. I can also tell some of my friends to try it out.

  6. infertility among one of the most fertile people in the world??? When did this begin? where were the first cases? because it seems to see that some of influences are at work causing such fertile people to all of a sudden become infertile…………..and by it seems I mean it's obvious.

  7. Way to go! The costs are however only affordable to a few…but that will change the more people make use of the services.

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