My Story/Nightmare with Mirena IUD & Skyla | Miscarriages| side effects | Awarness

hi guys so today's video is going to be a little different than ever I kind of just want to sit down and make kind of an awareness video for you guys and I really do hope that this video helps at least one person to make the right decision and to save them from all this that I'm about to talk to you guys about so I thought I'd sit down and talk to you guys about my experience with the Mirena IUD as well as the Scylla IUD which marina and Scylla are pretty much the same I've had them both both around the same time and I will get into that in a little bit why I had pretty much both of them why I had both of them when I got both of them and how my experiences were with each of them so my story starts when my son was born so my son and my last son was born may 8 2015 6 with the checkup which was June 19 2015 I decided to get the Mirena IUD because I had before that I had pills I had the depo shot nothing worked claiming I ended up pregnant with the pills I ended up pregnant with Keenan and with the depo shot I ended up pregnant with dayal which was which is my last son the one that I got the IUD right after so basically I decided to try the IUD out because I didn't want to get pregnant again any time soon so I said I'm try the IUD out I thought it was a good choice you know I did a little bit of research and I saw that it was a good choice because you didn't really get periods if you did get periods they would be really light and I kind of liked that idea of not getting a period or having a really light period because my periods are usually really heavy and so I really liked that idea and I decided to go for that you know because there was supposedly 99% chance that I wouldn't get pregnant and I just thought it was perfect so I went for it and at my 6-week checkup I got it inserted for those of you who don't know what an IUD is it's basically a t-shaped device so with it's like a tee and it's about this small it's not really that big it's flexible and Bend and when you get it inserted they have to stick this thing in your cervix first to measure it which is a little painful especially if you haven't had any kids I would imagine it would be more painful but since I had just given birth 6 weeks prior to that it was not that painful it was a little painful because I did feel a little um kind of like a little cramp almost like a contraction but it only lasted I'm going to say 5 seconds and then it was gone and so they measure it first take it out so they can measure the uterus that's the whole purpose of that mess device so they do that first and then they grab the IUD and they insert it and then you feel another little crown basically so I got the IUD that day the whole entire day I was bleeding after getting the IUD inserted I was bleeding and then the next three days I didn't bleed everything was normal I didn't feel anything after those three days it's when hell started guys I would constantly bleed out of nowhere and then it got to a point where it was bleeding every single day bleeding bleeding bleeding not even like spotting it was it was like almost like a period so it was pretty heavy bleeding every single day and I remember this went on for about three months straight I bled every single day and I was starting to think you know what's the point of having this IUD if I'm not even going to be able to have sex with my husband because I'm always bleeding you know what's the point of it and I was getting tired of this on top of having all these side effects my hair was falling it was falling out I was showering I would have chunks of hair just falling and falling I was breaking out all over my face was completely covered in pimples and my face is always and has always been flawless I do get a pimple every here and there like here and I have one right here but that's everything you know one or two pimples every month or each month that's pretty much it but with the IUD it was all the time as breaking out everywhere I remember I had like shakiness I I don't know why I don't know how to explain it but I know I was fact that I always felt like shaky I always had really bad anxiety um like I said my hair was falling out the bleeding I had really bad cramps my mood swings oh my god my mood swings guys my husband was out you know he couldn't deal with me anymore I was always pissed or normies in my husband would talk to me my poor husband would just would talk to me just asking something and I would let the you want to you know like just my mood seems were back and so I got tired of it no and uh four months from four months of having the IUD I went to my doctor or to my Gino and I told her you know what I can't go on with this ID I wanted out I don't know what I'm gonna try but I don't want this anymore and so she um she said you know what you want to try Scylla it's a little smaller and it has a smaller dose of hormones and so stupid me I said yeah you know what that actually sounds like a good plan you know I want to go and try it out see how what happens you know if it doesn't work out for me I'll just take it out whatever you know they're getting it on the same visit so they pretty much touched the marina out and inserted the Scylla and the same process it didn't hurt that back to the Scylla is a lot smaller than marina but it did still hurts um and I thought everything was going to be good you know because I wasn't bleeding I didn't bleed at that time where when I got inserted I didn't bleed for like two weeks I didn't bleed nothing after those two weeks again bleeding started same thing with my no bleeding started but then after about a month of bleeding it completely stopped and I didn't get any periods I would have like spotting every now and then probably like once every two weeks a little bit of spotting but never got an actual period and then I still had a little bit of side effects my hair was still falling out I still had breaking out not as bad as Marina but I still did have the side effects and the hormones we're so affecting me my mood swings were stole there so not much of a difference but that loser was no bleeding right so I decided to no keep it my husband said just try it you know try to hold on as much as possible because we didn't want to get pregnant anytime soon and we wanted you know at least to wait another five ish year so I decided to hold on because I didn't want to get pregnant anytime soon I wanted to wait at least three years to go ahead and get pregnant again because I I do still want to have another baby and I'll get more into that in a bit for those of you who don't know my story so after skyla I just you know kept it in months I don't even remember how many months went past so I know this might be like TM i but you know this is a talk about like girl stuff birth controls Lila Marina and all that so basically months went by and I was you my husband are very sexually active we actually have sex every day we have some times where we don't everyday probably leave just four times a week but for the most part we're very active so they had told me that Scylla marina you know he can finish inside you and you won't get playing it no matter what you know so he always finished inside me you know I never thought pregnancy could happen and to my surprise so February 11 2016 I took a pregnancy test because weeks prior to that I was feeling really sick I was feeling nauseous dizzy and all the signs of pregnancy which I didn't think I was pregnant because I thought maybe it was just all the side effects from the IUD and so I didn't really pay attention to that until February 11 I said I'm going to take a test because I need to know know if I'm pregnant or not you know I need to know because I had the IUD in so it was really dangerous if I was pregnant and so I took a test and I honestly thought is going to be negative but it was positive so it was positive I didn't tell my husband because I you know I didn't know how to tell him I I had the idea and I didn't believe it so I wanted to go to the doctor first make sure what was going on and then tell my husband so wicks went by I didn't tell him I didn't tell anybody that I was pregnant and then March 11 which was a Friday and I remember this exactly guys um March 11 I woke up my husband Jordan was pregnant we woke up and I was bleeding I was bleeding and I knew there was no way possible that I could be bleeding because I knew that I was pregnant and so I was freaking out like I'm bleeding I'm pregnant I know I'm doing it nobody knows I'm pregnant help how do I tell my husband you know I'm scared because I'm pregnant and I'm bleeding because he's going to be like what the heck you know so I told my husband straight up you know I'm pregnant and I'm bleeding I think I'm having a miscarriage I don't know what's going on and he's like how could we be pregnant if you have the IUD and I honestly this time I don't know I don't even know what's going on but I took a lot of tests they were all positive I'm pretty sure I'm pregnant and so I went to a doctor they didn't ultrasound and I was definitely pregnant um the IUD wasn't inside me nowhere to be found and Solis I was gonna miscarry I was waiting to his scary I went home and I was bleeding a lot more and so I thought that was it I miscarried then a week later at my follow um my follow up they didn't ultrasound and a pregnancy test I was still pregnant I didn't lose the baby and so they told me there was still a chance that I could lose it and I would randomly spot not bleed a whole lot but I was spots and so I tend to the point where I thought everything was going to be okay that I wasn't going to miscarry you know weeks went by many weeks went by and I made it up until 11 weeks so I was 11 weeks pregnant and I was 11 weeks pregnant and I miscarried it happened out of nowhere it happened I didn't think it was going to happen anymore but he did happen I was very depressed for a while after that um and I just kept with kept on going with my life rights I didn't try to get putting any more but I wasn't on birth control after that anymore because I learned my lesson Arina and Scylla I didn't get on birth control I basically wanted my body to adjust back to normal because after having the miscarriage even though we didn't want another baby soon after that I wanted a baby so I wanted my body to adjust so that we could try for another baby in a few months we weren't going to try right away we were going to wait a few months to try so that's why I didn't get on birth control but what happened was that basically a month after that I ended up pregnant again um and I actually didn't know that I was pregnant until a few weeks and probably I was probably like eight weeks when I found out I was pregnant or it could have been like seven I can't remember exactly but it was around there seven or eight weeks when I found out that I was pregnant and so again I went to a doctor and they told me it was high-risk because I was spotting again all over the same story happening again so the doctor told me that I was gonna miscarry and again I waited to miscarry which the miscarriage did not happen right away and this time I actually thought you know that I was going to be able to keep my baby this is a little emotional for me to talk about because this just recently happened to me but yeah guys um so as you guys know what recently about a month ago I had to get a D and E because my baby passed away at 16 weeks I was supposed to be 18 weeks the day that I got my ultrasound to find out the gender and they told me my baby had passed away so I had to get a D and E um and it was a very hard experience I was like I said almost five months pregnant this time and the message that I want to send out to you guys who are looking for you know who are looking for information on marina and Scylla should you get it or should you not I'm telling you my personal story I honestly think that the marina and Scylla messed me up I honestly think that marina and Scylla messed my body up that's the reason why I tense have a normal pregnancy anymore why I can't get pregnant anymore without it miscarrying without losing my baby no matter what anybody thinks no matter what anybody says I'm pretty sure that the IUD has a lot to do with my body and why I can't carry a baby anymore regardless of what anybody says my body was perfect before the IUD I had three children three beautiful boys I carried them you know full-term except for my last time my last son was born at 36 weeks but still way you know he I was able to carry him and after the IUD my body isn't able to to carry my babies for some reason I'm not going to try anytime soon to get pregnant again I'm not on any birth control I'm not planning on being on any birth control but I'm not planning on getting pregnant any time soon for two reasons one I don't want to go through this again I can't go through losing another baby – because my husband is the same way as me he can't I'm thinking stand losing another baby again and that's why he doesn't want to try it again but one day hopefully one day God will give me the opportunity to be a mom again I just want to send this message out hopefully it helps at least just one person I would feel so happy to know that I save somebody from this you know sorry hope this video save some money and if it does thank you so much for watching my video and taking the time to listen to me I'm not telling you what to do I'm not telling anybody what to do but I'm just trying to bring out an awareness and let everybody know what happened to me and let everybody know my story

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  1. did they ever find the IUD?? I know this was a few years ago but if the Skyla was still in your body somewhere maybe it was still releasing hormones from where it was lost which made you miscarry? i'm surprised your OBGYN wasn't more concerned about its disappearance 🙁 glad to hear about your pregnancies after this experience!

  2. When it comes to any of these hormonal birth control products the absolute first thing that you must know is that each product effects each woman differently and the effects can range from virtually nothing at all to death. In September of 2018, my 20 year old daughter passed away from blood clots in her lungs that were caused by her use of a combination hormonal birth control pill called Levora that she got from Planned Parenthood. So please ladies be safe, please be safe, and most importantly please inform yourselves as
    much as possible. On February 5th a book called “My Beautiful Memory” by David Rowan was released. It’s about his daughter who also died from birth control use. It’s on Amazon so if you have time please check it out. Thank you so much young lady for sharing your story. Your bravery and concern for others are truly admirable. Blessings to you!

  3. Hi pretty thank you
    For sharing your bad experience with Iud n skyla…i had experience too with Iud I can't even try to advice anyone to try them….
    So sorry for your lost babies
    And don't give up
    May God bless you n your family

  4. Hi Mayra, After having stopped oral contraceptives I spotted for six months. After having my blood work done it was found that my androgen (testosterone) levels were elevated. My doctor recommended I eat two tablespoons of flax seeds (freshly ground) every day. This website explains why: You can eat them in all sorts of things. My go to is cooked oatmeal (don't cook it with it put the grounds on after) with blueberries or in applesauce. Just look up flax seed dishes to see more ideas 🙂 She also recommended that I drink spear mint tea for my androgen levels ( I hope this helps you!

  5. My doctor told me it was not the iud causing all my symptoms and wanted to prescribe me antidepressants because she said I was stressed out.

  6. SAME THING HAPPENED TO ME I ALSO MADE A VIDEO ON MY PAGE TALKING ABOUT THIS AS WELL. Thank God you got it out had mine in for 11 months, suffered so bad on it and after i got it removed was hell, depression, anxiety, shakes, weight loss, EVERYTHING!

  7. My sister got pregnant so many times on skyla mirena I haven’t heard of women getting pregnant but it can happen too I have mirena and I have been having so many issues ughh I’m getting this out immediately

  8. My sister in law got one and had to have surgery right after it made a cyst on her ovaries filled with blood

  9. Didn't your Dr tell you to check to see if the wires were still there once every other week? Because it sounds like they didn't tell you that, and that's not your fault, that's their fault because they're supposed to tell you every thing.

  10. So did they find the IUD, if so where was it? Thank you for sharing! I was going to try the IUD, did my research before hand and declined. Horrible stories rarely any good comments.

  11. So sorry you've had so many problems! Same here. Just did a video on it. I think it's so important to spread the word!

  12. I would never suggest a mirena…copper ot platinum iuds are nest. You rracted to the harmones not the iud.

  13. I’m crying I’m so sorry . I hope god blesses you with children love. I really do hope you get pregnant.

  14. Brave lady…I had mine out after 15months…it was a nightmare and my body tried to get rid of it itself, worst pain I have ever been in. I'm one week post removal and hoping my body can heal, it's a nightmare device and needs to be banned. Much love to you xx

  15. I had Skyla IUD for 8 months. I recently found out I was pregnant & the pregnancy ended up in a miscarriage. Once they took the IUD out I started bleeding very heavily. They monitored my hcg levels but they kept going down. It's so upsetting because even though I had the IUD to prevent a pregnancy, I was still very excited. It's going to be a rough few next weeks. I have to go back this week to the doctor to make sure the pregnancy was not ectopic. Thanks for sharing your story. After this I am not going back on birth control. We will end up using condoms.

  16. So sorry for you… it is so true.. the mirena is rotten lots of side effects that women are not told of and it is pushed on them 🌺

  17. Thank you for your personal story. My Girl is on mirena now and i think it is ruining our relationship honestly, things have not been the same, shes been all over the place for 2 months now with being moody standoffish distant , silent and elusive. complains of migraines and we hav not even done anything sexually in over a month? Yah im just blown away cuz we were the best of friends and more, Now shes up and down morely down. When she comes around things are great yes but its very rare and im hating my life right now and just want to love her with all my heart, this is why i do this cus i truly care and want things to be great between us. I just hope people share more experiences on the shit and maybe on the Paragard which seems a lot better non horminal copper insert i think is the best option personally.

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