20 Replies to “My Successful IVF Story”

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  2. no one feels useless as we have new advancements like IVF and surrogacy. Biotexcom is the best clinic in my sight as it helped me with my infertility. I feel so great to trust them

  3. IVF success story always makes me happy.IVF is the best treatment for surrogacy. Your video is very motivational and informative. Its help us that how to cope with infertility. Biotexcom is the best place for IVF. My friend also had a good experience with this clinic. Anyways, Congratulation for your IVF success.

  4. Hey, beautiful. It's amazing that you spoke up about it. It takes a lot of courage. You did an amazing job. Congratulations! Success stories make my day. Good luck, dear. So excited to see your little one!

  5. You did do the right thing. It's no shame in this fact that you had chosen this treatment. You had your reasons dear. We support you, its just people might find it offensive that you aren't married yet. It all about what you think and needed this happiness in your life. We had chosen this clinic in Ukraine. by the name of BioTex-Com Center for Human Reproduction. They have helped us achieve healthy embryo on first retrieval. We were Ttc for 2 years prior to this.

  6. I really want to appreciate this clip. This really a concerning clip. All the questions regarding IVF are mentioned in your clip Well, I have learned through many posts that there are many clinics offering IVF with successful way. But through having some pain if you are getting a baby than whats wrong. “ no pain no gain”.

  7. This video really made my day. I read the description and I want to tell you that your video has reached to the one who is looking for these videos. Congratulations on your successful IVF journey. I am going to contact BioTexCom for my treatment. Your video really gives me hope.

  8. I am glad that more woman has become vocal about their struggles with infertility. That has allowed others to think and work on their resolution. Congratulations, on having the successive cycles. Whereas, it failed in my case, whereas surrogacy became my only resolution.

  9. Congratulation to you. I am really very happy for you. You are a very strong person. You have shared a wonderful experience with us. It will be a motivation for many people. Thanks for sharing. Keep it up for the good work. Best of luck

  10. Congratulations on your success. Many people feel shy to accept that they are infertile. But somehow your video will encourage them to accept the fact. If they don't accept this reality then how they will get it treated? I am also infertile. But I have already contacted Biotexcom for my surrogacy.

  11. I am really happy for you dear! This is definitely one of the best and most inspirational videos I came across. I am sure that this must have helped many couples changed their stance on IVF. I was also very nervous regarding IVF. I used to question its success a lot. But my clinic Biootexcom has helped me a lot to understand the depth about it. Now I am already. I cannot wait to get a baby of my own. Thanks to the technologies that we have that have made IVF possible.

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