My Thoughts On Abortion and "God"

everybody think I had to make a video about this but I figured why not this video is gonna be about abortion abortion a pretty controversial topic and the states you know here's the funny thing you know in Europe a woman can walk into abortion clinic she can get abortion and she can go on router day no ridicule not the stigma – okay maybe there might be a little bit of ridicule I don't fucking live there but not as bad as the state's you know you don't have to feel make the woman feel bad about her decision they don't have to make the full woman feel terrible what she's done when she's killing but in the states you don't get that we have protesters we have cunts that will fuck with your car I don't know harass you for getting an abortion it really is a shame to be honest with you because it you don't know most of these protesters who are protesting outside of these abortion clinics and harassing these people they don't have no fucking clue even if they did even if they did get an abortion they have no fucking clue whether or not they did or didn't you don't know this person so I know I'm pretty late to the Train on this it's been a couple months since the Alabama legalized abortion legalized abortion Jesus Christ I wish today it's been a couple months so I I'm gonna wait on the news so you can blow me but the thing is is that you know you don't really know what these people are doing and it's not your business you know I never understood these pro-life people anyways because it's like I think of it as the radio okay if you don't like the radio station there's a knob or you can turn the fucking radio station to what you want to listen to now think about that with abortion you don't have to get an abortion but there's other people that do have to get abortion or they just want to get an abortion doesn't matter it's not your fucking business you're not you're not living their life what does it fucking matter to you that's what I'm talking about people think they could just get in other people's business and harass them for doing something that has nothing to do with them not nothing to do with them and it's bullshit it's complete bullshit and I I don't see how that I don't see how that's right fucking the abortion I don't see how that's fucking right so personally I'm fed up with these pro-life Christian conservative cunts I'm so fuck I'm fed up with them I'm pretty sure a lot of you are too a lot I just don't get it so I forgot the guy's name but he's one of the people that like difference these people and protests and everything and they want to talk about making it legal to be able to do that they want in it's it's unfortunate it's really unfortunate so you know there's only look of a point to this video other than the fact that I just I'm angry there's no real place to think but you know it is what it is so I'm personally fed up with this pro-life argument in general because what they forget is that abortions there's gonna be more of these abortions when they a legalized abortion and it's illegal can't get one there'll be sentence or whatever any abortion doctor will be sentenced as well all of these abortions are gonna end up going into black fucking market above back-alley abortions and unsafe abortions and that's what these people don't understand especially since abortions they're not just oh I got pregnant so I'm skinny and abortion there's also reasons why people get horses like if the mothers going to die or if someone got raped or incest they there's reasons no these people just argue the fact that all it's immoral it's immoral we're just gonna fuck a man fuck you guys you know III I don't understand the concept and I don't get it you know a lot of these conservatives they don't look in the deeper it's it's a selfish move if you think about it it's a selfish move and you know I don't believe in God I don't believe in Christianity I don't fucking believe in Anna bullshit although I know people around me they do which is fine but I know I don't fucking personally believe in that shit and you know it's just the these pro-life people I swear to God I swear to fucking god these pro-life people I don't I don't get it but you know who the fuck thought it was a good idea you know like if there was that I read a fucking news article what was it three fucking years ago ten you all got fucking raped by her uncle and she was denied an abortion and I forgot who they were interviewing there was some fucking white dude and he's basically going oh well horrible horrible but you know but we don't want to victimize the child what victimize the child yeah these are also kind of coming from the people that believe that life begins at fertilization which is let's just move on there yeah but they but they believe that life begins at fertilization totally uneducated when it comes to shit like that basic fifth grade fucking science you know but you know they think oh it's a gift from God and they don't want to they don't want to sacrifice the baby because it's it's wrong in a more F fuck you fuck you I hope you fucking die okay we're gonna okay that's a little strong I'm not gonna that's a little fucked up either way you know it's just it's fucked up it really is and you know these people who harass these people who fucking know about going back to what I was talking about earlier about people harassing people at the abortion clinics and all this shit how the fuck do you know that these people are even getting an abortion in the first place how do you even know because who knows this fucking guy this chick could be going in the fucking abortion clinic because she's got a fucking rash on her ass or some fucking guy going in there he's got a crotch fucking rot or foot who fucking knows they're going in to get a birth control a birth control pill who knows you know and but no no and what I've heard about this shit is that these people are not even just harassing these people they're harassing their property they're going up to people's cars and fucking with them and shit they're taking their fucking cars and and they fucking pop in the time I don't fucking know but they're doing shit to the fucking cars okay doing shit to their cars or doing shit to that do to the people themselves I don't you know yelling at them only up signs yeah very peaceful very peaceful but with this whole portion ban thing you know it's kind of a 1 and I'm not really surprised I'm not really that surprised because you know this country's this country is so hypocritical when it comes to a lot of things and you know that we're built on this whole fucking god bullshit it's in our national anthem it's in our fucking Pledge of Allegiance and sent our money it's on everything built on this god thing and all this fucking stupid religious shit I'm not surprised especially coming from Alabama not really surprised but you know if I had to get if I had to give an abortion if F if I had do that abortion I'd be driving to another fuckin state be honest with you you know I really would you know I I don't I'm so fucking sick and tired of these pro-life cunts and these people who just sit there and think shoving religion down our throats and the one thing that I don't like about this country at all and I wish I could just completely go the fuck away is the fact that we shove in religion on everything like I was just talking about with the you know we shove we put it in our pledge we have our kids singing uh force our kids to be Patriots at school and putting it God in the title and God in this and God that and for a country that has a separation of church and state it's pretty fucking weird because we actually have our fucking people saying our president is a God made Trump our president oh my god God made Trump our president God did this God today by though by the will of God they make us the fucking inauguration put your hand on the Bible and all this fucking bullshit it's horseshit okay all right we good we good horseshit and God is in every fucking thing and it's it's it's it's taken over the country you take it over this fucking country by storm and it's it's been like this for ever and but II that's kind of little it's kind of a separate thing but you know on the abortion thing you know it's just it's kind of sad you know we have a lot of douchebags in this world and you know it's it's unfortunate but that's all I got to say you know there's no real point to this fucking video I'm just kind of blowing off steam just repeating a bunch of shit I don't know man it's fucking bullshit and you know I don't see this bill getting appealed or coming you know I don't see like it got competing legalized again unfortunately but abortions are something that are necessary that that's kind of that I guess that could be the point of video abortions are a thing that is necessary they do serve a purpose a very important purpose you know I can understand you kind of being weird on abortions if people are just fucking without a protection or anything like that abortion you know but when it comes to necessary things I believe it's you ease for all things when it comes the necessary things a great molestation like that yeah I believe abortions need to be happen again they need to be legal in that area at least and that's my thought on it man I'm really out of ideas hey give me some feedback please whoever is watching this video whether you're my fucking grandma or your Uncle Bill I don't know I don't fucking know who you are could be an alien I don't know but I'm here about this alien 51 bullshit anyway I'll see you guys later and that was my thought on abortion and all that shit and the abortion ban and everything I'll probably I don't know my name this video something whatever see you

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