My Thoughts On Abortion

alright guys I'm just going to start this video by saying if you haven't guessed already in the title this is probably gonna be one of my more controversial videos and I was debating about giving this video for a really long time now but I just how you gave me what I'm just going to do it so here is my take on abortion I will preface this by saying yes I'm little I'm male a guy named what have you so branding I probably don't have in the painting but I'm just going to put it out there anyway I take on the boss in this just I'll just come out and say you know my heart my feelings are it's murder it's basically inning someone else is alive but at the same time if he were gonna ask me to I think they're you know they've you know Congress or you know the higher the powers to be should make a law against abortion my answer honestly is at this point no at least not with other laws and other things that we have in place because I mean you know everybody's entitled to their own opinion everybody's got the reason sport you know I know there's medical reasons I know there's incest rape and I mean I've even heard of I'm just like on selfish reasons I'm not gonna go into that though but if you make a law barring abortion nationwide okay it's abortions are still gonna happen what happens though is if you make a law if we make a illegal to have abortion so to speak the people promote the the woman that still need abortions you haven't done decide to have them done whatever reasons they're just not go through back-alley approaches okay my philosophy with this is the same philosophy that goes toward you know the Brewers tour the folks I'd say we need a ban guns okay I mean a lot of these mass shootings I can't say all of them but a member of them you know the people that the perpetrators acquire these times that you know have been they're not supposed to have I don't think you know without going off on a tangent I just use that as an example if you ban abortions outright people are still gonna do but if you ban abortions outright it takes away the ability for women to have these abortions them safely because the poor system give you back alley you know back alley abortions black-market abortions whatever it's not safe and leads to a higher likelihood of killing the woman the only way the only way I'd really would support a law banning all abortions is to just like reduce the likelihood of people needing an abortion I think we need comfort penalties for for you know people that commit rapes for one thing now without getting off on another tangent I'm just gonna put this out real quick well I do think we need to we do need different penalties and make harsher punishments for people that commit rapes and I think that I've seen in a lot of recent cases especially you know people that commit rapes against minors or children and they pretty much get away with it I'm just gonna call it like it is you know like New York and Piedmont you know bless Treiber that that admitted and was and was found guilty of raping a fourteen-year-old girl you know that was always pleasure out pretty much there's no jail time to me and that's absurd I mean I know I don't know the whole case you know I don't know the whole case I don't know all the facts behind it I get that but still you know if you pretty much create this society that rape is okay or that you're gonna get away with it or you're gonna get you know you're gonna barely just slap on the wrist I just say rapes are only happened it needs to be stiffer penalties for people that commit rapes there needs to be stiffer penalties for people that commit incest you you know they're basically needs to be stiffer penalties for people that commit sexual crimes against women or you know women against men that's time another story too but you know I think that if he could stiffer penalties and made people more afraid to commit these how much and it's not completely stop it but reduce the likelihood of these events occurring then that reduces the likelihood of these woman needing to go through abortion is for rape and incest but like I said I know that I don't think as a society we're gonna be able to completely erase all the reasons or all the occurrences that would be to a woman wanting to get abortion stung and before Agnes you know let's be civil I mean I'm pretty sure I'm gonna catch a lot of heat for this but just let's try to be similar to each other in the comments okay everybody's entitled to their opinion I've put mine up there so let's just try to be respectful of that I mean I would like to you know it'd be kind of cool if I could start an open dialog but let's not belittle each other over opinions I hope you guys are having a great gay week week night whatever time it is wherever you may happen to be and I will catch you in the next video take care

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  1. Abortion is murder
    I think abortion should be illegal, we dont legalise rape be ause we know it will happen anyway
    Thanks for posting

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