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  1. This is so informative…I’m 26 weeks pregnant and diagnosed with Gestational diabetes and my doctor is prescribed me metformin for me..My question for you is that did you also took metformin during your GDM?

  2. Thanks so much for all the helpful info! I’m 28 weeks and was diagnosed with GD 2 weeks ago. I’m able to get all my numbers within normal range after meals, but my fasting # has been high and they want to place me on insulin at night if it doesn’t lower. Do you have any suggestions?

  3. This is my sons account but I have a question!! How many carbs Should I eat in a day,, I feel like I’m not eating enough carbs 🙁

  4. can you please tell me when you used to eat your last snack(time) and when you used to take morning fasting reading. Did you ever use insulin

  5. My only problem is my sugar in the morning, I already have my insulin shot before bdetime but still my FBS were still high, what can I do about it? please help!

  6. I love walking and can walk for miles but the constant need to pee means I can never be too far away from a toilet 🙁

  7. Girl….don’t even sweat it!! You’ve done amazing so far and your numbers are not even that high!! I swear…between feedings and cooking and cleaning and NOT sleeping how can anyone have the perfect diet!! I’m so in your corner rooting for you!! You’re exactly right w just a little bit of pre planning and getting back on track! Congrats on your beautiful baby girl! I’m 38 weeks today! Love you & and your family! I think ur doing an amazing job! Thank u for the videos!!

  8. Omg I needed to see this. So emotional and feel already like I’m failing my baby. I’ve had PCOS and emotional binge eating for years. Switching that off is very hard and I feel selfish now when my sugars are high and I have a binge. I work a demanding 50 hour a week job that I’ve considered leaving because I don’t have time to even eat or check sugars half the time. Any tips for meals on the go would be super helpful.

  9. I was just diagnosed a week ago and I have been binge watching all your diabetes videos! I love all your tips. Except I haven’t had any issues with milk or yogurt yet but I’ll definitely be watching that closely.

  10. I found your video so helpful. I've been diagnosed with gestational diabetes again (I had it in my last pregnancy) and I am excited to try the Boost glucose control. Thank you for that tip! And best wishes to you for the rest of your pregnancy! ~ Jennifer Scott

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