MY TRAUMATIC LABOR & DELIVERY | Postpartum Hemorrhage | 24 Hours of Labor

hi guys welcome back to my channel or welcome to my channel if you've never been here before my name is Bailey and this is my two week old daughter Adeline she's asleep right now but this is her I love her so much she's so precious um she's a very big girl I don't know if you can tell in the camera but she's a very big baby but today we are gonna be doing a story time or I guess I don't know if that's what this would be considered like this is just gonna be our story of our labor and delivery it was a very traumatic labor and delivery a very hard one and yeah a lot of stuff went down giving birth to this little baby but it was so all worth it so just before you guys leave and before we continue on don't forget to Like and subscribe if you enjoy the video and I'm just going to give you a little bit of information about her really quick she was born on May 24th at 10:59 p.m. she weighed 8 pounds and 13 ounces and she was 20 and a half inches long so she was a big little girl and her name is Adeline Olivia con and yeah she is two weeks old and two days today's Sunday she was born on a Friday so I believe that be two days two weeks and two days I think I just know she's two weeks but yeah we can just go ahead and jump right into the video and I hope you guys enjoy okay we'll see ya how she does I don't know how long she'll be able to stay in this video but she's all screaming around over here okay so yeah so this video is basically just gonna be about our labor and delivery oh my gosh it was a big perk yes if you guys want to see more pictures of her and just see more of our life you guys can go check out my Instagram I'll have it linked down below in the description but yeah anyways so we're gonna just start off with how I went into labor so I was 39 weeks and five days I think when I went into labor I went into labor on Thursday the 23rd yes May 23rd and I was due May 26th so I wasn't really having because I have had previous labor signs before that the day I went to labor but I didn't the day I actually went into labor I had no labor signs whatsoever it was just a normal day and I was like okay this girl is not coming and it was 9:30 at night I was laying in bed and I went to get up and I felt a little bit of fluid come out from down there and so I was like okay maybe I just peed myself or something so I get up go to the bathroom and I come back and I'm just like leaking so I'm like oh my god I'm pretty sure my water broke or is leaking so I just waited I like a few minutes and then it just kept coming out which they say that's when you know your water is leaking if it keeps coming out because I had thought my water broke before and I didn't but when I thought I'd broke before it just came out one time but this kept coming out so that happened at 9:30 we got to the hospital I like 10:30 they you know did my they checked me and everything checked my cervix I was at a four I think I was at a four they did like a swab test to see if my water had actually broke and they used a speculum they did like three different tests is what they do to make sure it's your water and I passed all three tests so my water had a part of it had broke not all of it had broke because I was still what you stay leaky and I guess because your womb keeps producing the amniotic fluid so yeah that was so my water kind of broke at nine or a part of it broke at least so they admitted me and you know they were waiting I had no contractions whatsoever which only 10% of women their water breaks before they actually go into active labor so I was part of the 10% of women that their water breaks beforehand so yeah I wasn't having any contractions whatsoever so they just brought me into my labor and delivery room we're just waiting for contractions to start up on their own because at my hospital the midwives because I seen an OB an actual doctor but at the hospital I delivered at theirs midwife's there that deliver the baby and handle all of that but the doctors step in if anything goes wrong so so the midwives more like to let your body go into labor so they just waited and waited and we're trying to see if my body would naturally pick up contractions and start labor on its own so I was in my labor and delivery room for 12 hours still no contractions I mean they were like mild but I couldn't feel any of them I could not feel no contractions whatsoever so yeah 12 hours went by and nothing happened I wasn't dilating anymore nothing so they had to start me on pitocin I think is what it is I I'll put the name right here if I can but pretty sure it's pitocin and that's what I think how you say it but that's just to induce labor and to start up contractions so they started me on that and the pitocin can go up to 20 20 something like I don't know it's just out of 20 that's the highest dosage is 20 I guess so they just started me off really slowly because they were more wanting my labor I mean my body to you know start labor naturally so they just started me off at a1 at first to see if that was enough to kick-start something going it didn't yesterday slowly kept increasing that I think I got up to a 12 out of 20 before you know my body started really doing anything it was a really long process but so that was another 12 hours of being on the pitocin I really hope I'm saying that word right so yeah I was on that for another 12 hours so in total 24 hours of I guess being in labor or I was at the hospital for 24 hours after my water broke so while they were slowly increasing the medicine I did get the epidural because I didn't want to wait too long and then you know before it because I never felt any painful contractions was I'm so happy well I mean I guess I did for like maybe 15 minutes they were some painful contractions before the epidural people got there to do my epidural but they were nothing like labor contractions like what everybody describes them as I didn't really experience that like that when I was in excruciating pain or whatever but they were kind of painful so then I requested to get my epidural probably six hours after I got the medicine so this was six hours before I started pushing so I was on the epidural for probably about six hours I believe before I started pushing so I fully dilated you know 24 hours later after 12 hours of being on the medicine and so at let's see I think I ate eight o'clock they were ready for me to start pushing so I started pushing at 8 o'clock I think is whenever I started pushing I don't remember much it was kind of because of everything that happened which we'll get into everything that actually happened during labor I mean during the delivery but yeah so I think I started pushing at 8 o'clock so I remember the first half of me pushing and everything it was very odd trying to push on a baby it's the weirdest thing ever and Elijah my fiance was in the delivery room he was the only one in there besides the nurses and the Midwife so he was in there and what's so funny as he said like he didn't want to see anything down there he was gonna stay up at my head and not you know just not say anything down there cuz they asked me if I wanted a mirror to watch and I was like no I just don't want to it just kind of scares me I don't want to see that right I don't know it was just freaking me out because I didn't want to just see what all was going down so anyways he originally said that he was like just grossed out by labor and delivery and everything and he was just not gonna look or nothing well the whole entire time he was down there with helping the doctors you know involved in the whole thing which was like great I think that he you know wasn't grossed out by it it was like kind of a like a cool experience for him he you know enjoyed it it wasn't weird or you know which a lot of men that's not how it goes you know they want nothing to do with seeing down there when you're giving birth but anyways I know a lot of men they don't want to see anything to do with that with the birthing process but he got to see her head crown he got to see all of her hair she was born with all of this hair so that's the first thing that he got to see was her hair so yeah I had I pushed for three hours two and a half to three hours before she actually came out what's wrong why are you trying to go okay so yes I had pushed for two and a half to three hours and so whenever I don't remember much because I did hemorrhage while giving birth so I started you know going out of it pretty quickly I think I don't know if I hemorrhaged after she came out or what but um things got pretty crazy I don't remember a lot of it I just remember bits and pieces here and there but I know her I remember pushing out her head I think or I remember her head crowning at least and they knew that she was gonna be a 9-pound baby almost is what the ultrasound you know kind of projected her as is being a 9-pound baby so the nurses had brought in chairs for each side like little step stools so if you know something happened they could get up on these step stools and start pushing on my stomach to get her out so I remember her head crowning and everything and then all of a sudden like I don't know I started being coming in and out of it but so after her head crowned let me see here I'm just trying to like piece this all together okay so after her head crowned and I think her head came out she got stuck and um I guess she hurt right on her neck maybe is where she got stuck or I just know she got stuck as some somewhere and she didn't have an air for three minutes while they were trying to get her out so the nurses got on their little step stools and they all started pushing on me to get her out they called in all these doctors and all these nurses all these people came in the room might remember bits and pieces and all became very chaotic very fast because I guess an emergency situation to get her out so they did do an episiotomy also I don't know at what point they did that I didn't fill it I am gonna build at all just because so much chaos was happening so at some point they did an episiotomy to make it easier for her to come out but I don't remember the part where the nurses got up on me and we're like pushing on me but Elijah said that it looked like they were like beating me because they were just jumping on my stomach so hard to get her out just trying to push her out because I think because I was pushing for three hours so I think it became too much for my body and I couldn't you know keep pushing as hard as I was so getting her out became very difficult and so once they got her head out her shoulders also got stuck so she had I think shoulder dystocia sorry if it's kind of loud I have the window open in here I think she has shoulder dystocia I think is what it's called but so her head got stuck first and then her shoulders also got stuck and I think her hips also got stuck because she was such a big baby she was three ounces away from being nine pounds so after they got her out they laid her on me I do remember this part they laid her on me everything was still very chaotic around me I was still going in and out of it I just remember they put her on me and she was non-responsive they say that like when the baby comes out they're supposed to be stiff and her body was just like completely like jello so she they laid her on me and I just remember all the nurses like saying come on baby girl come on baby girl like trying to get her to respond and that was like the most terrifying thing to me because I was because we had lost a baby in the past I was only eight weeks pregnant but I mean it still hurt to lose that baby so her the whole pregnancy we were like so uptight just thinking like what can happen and everything so once we finally made it to the pregnancy it was great when you know that we got that far so I just remember laying there and I'm trying to get her to respond just thinking I was just praying and praying and crying that you know that she would be that she was okay because I really wasn't I was a like halfway conscious at this point because of everything that had happened during getting her out so I just that was the most terrifying thing for me I think my brain was holding on until I knew she was okay yeah I'm talking about you yeah so she was non-responsive for I think 45 seconds but it felt like the longest 45 seconds of my life so they finally got her to respond she started crying and everything and oh my gosh so when is my soon as my brain knew she was okay that's when I went out of it that's my heart rate started dropping my well let's see yeah I don't remember how this happened I just know I hemorrhaged after she came out I don't they tried to get my placenta out my placenta was stuck and I don't really remember much of this part but I just know my heart rate dropped my oxygen I wasn't really breathing my blood pressure my blood pressure was like 118 or something I went down like to the 30s so then more medical team came in to get you know get me stable so the room was just full of doctors and everything so yeah I remember they put in the oxygen mask on me I think and yeah yeah so they put the oxygen mask on me I should I would remember bits and pieces of this stuff because I have lost so much blood yeah I have lost a lot a lot of blood while giving birth or after whatever had happened when I hemorrhaged so I don't really remember much at all so they ended up putting a balloon inside of me full of fluid I guess to stop the bleeding because I guess when the baby comes out your uterus is supposed to contract down mine stayed the same mine stay big and everything it didn't contract down like it should've so the bleeding was just going crazy I was just bleeding uncontrollably and so they ended up putting a balloon inside of me I guess full of liquid or whatever to put pressure on it to get the bleeding to stop they put 480 something ice no that's how much was in the balloon yeah so they put that in me they stitched me up and everything I still don't remember any of this just because I had lost so much blood that basically I couldn't do anything I couldn't hardly open up my eyes or anything I was just laying in the bed and don't remember much they had to put a catheter in me because you know I wasn't able to do really anything so yeah which that was really hard for me because I didn't get to hold her till like I think six hours after she was born I really went to breastfeed I wanted you know her first feeding to be me and I wanted to do this skin-to-skin I wanted you know remember my whole labor and delivery experience but I had lost so much blood I couldn't even function at all really I was just laying in the bed so I didn't get to hold her or do anything to like six hours after she was born I think so her dad had to feed her a bottle for her first feeding he basically just took care of her until I could you know kind of wake up and you know hold her and everything I had absolutely no strength whatsoever so they were gonna do a blood transfusion at first they had brought two units of blood in and they were gonna do it but you know they got me conscious they got my heart rate back up they got you know my blood pressure and my oxygen back up so they held off on the blood transfusion at first just because you know there's always risks of getting a blood transfusion there's like I think they said there's like 0.1% chance that you can get hepatitis or AIDS or something there's chance that your body can react bad to the blood that you can have an allergic reaction I mean there's just different I guess risks with getting a blood transfusion so since they got me stable they waited on the blood transfusion for now and so yeah I just remember bits and pieces I remember waking up and feeling absolutely terrible and literally had felt like I died like because I had no energy no strength it literally felt like like I hadn't eaten in like weeks if but like I just got hit by a bus it was just the worst feeling ever so and they kept this balloon in me for I think a day and then they wanted to slowly start decreasing the liquid in there and slowly start taking it out to see if the bleeding has stopped and if it hadn't they were gonna have to take me into surgery or do other things to get the bleeding to stop what are you doing to get the bleeding to stop so they slowly started taking out the balloon and everything was looking really good so they took out the balloon and they were just making sure it took a while to get out the balloon it took probably like almost a whole day for them to take out the balloon because it was a slow process because you know they didn't want me to bleed out even more and lose more blood than I already had so they just slowly were trying to get it out I mean so yeah I let's see here I'm just trying to think of everything that happened it's it's very foggy just because I was so in and out of it for most of our hospital stay we were in the hospital for five days just to make sure I was stable because I have lost so much blood and usually after so you have your labor and delivery room and then at my possible at least and then after you know you give birth and everything within a couple within two hours they move you into a postpartum area well I had to stay in labor and delivery for like three days just because I was at such high risk of bleeding and stuff so they just had to make sure I was stable enough to move to another room because they didn't want to move me they didn't want to do anything like that yet until they knew I was stable so I was in labor and delivery for three days and then I think on the third day after they got out the balloon and it looked like the bleeding was doing good and everything and they moved me to the postpartum room and this was so I hadn't eaten for three days I had not walked for three days nothing I had a catheter in me for these three days so yeah I was just in the bed and I I could not have walked I know if I would have stood up I would just fell just cuz I had you know had lost so much blood and I had no energy no anything I was like a vegetable basically so then they finally get me into the postpartum room and this is when they decide to do the blood transfusion because my I guess hemoglobin levels were so low you know a normal person his hemoglobin levels the blood count I guess is between a like a 13 to a 16 or a 12 to a 16 mine were at a 6 so I was halfway you know I had lost like half the blood in me so then my blood levels weren't rising on their own so they ended up doing a unit of blood they put one unit in me so they tried to do let's see you they tried to do and you can't really see it on this arm but they tried to do the blood transfusion right there in that IV first and it did not work the so I thought I was just like tripping because I you know I was so low on blood and I had just my brain wasn't really functioning right and I thought my arm was swelling up and it was very painful so I could see my arm like raising as the Bloods going at me and everything so I called the nurse I'm like I think that this transfusion is not going right the blood wasn't even going to my vein it was going at you know into my arm basically so they had to take it out and in the hospital I was stuck with needles over like 50 times because they had to keep taking blood they had to keep doing labs just right here in this arm they had done like probably 13 blood draws just because my veins were you know when loud I was like when you lose so much blood and like with sick people and old people sorry about the noise but sick people and old people the your veins rolled really easily and so they kept trying to get blood out of me in every single vein would roll they could not find any of my veins cuz just there was so much like less blood in me so they had to do another IV and they had they tried to do another IV I think six to eight times before they actually got the IV I had four different nurses come in to try and get this second IV in me and they couldn't get it so yeah it took them like six to eight tries to get it no this was the third IV actually I had three IVs in total put in me so yeah that was awful which I am I hate needles every time someone pokes me I would pass out or I would throw up and so during this hospital stay getting stuck like literally 50 times or more definitely made me get more use to Neils I definitely don't think I have such a fear of them now just cuz I had to get stuck so many times so then after they got the blood transfusion in they had to keep doing more labs so I got to keep coming in and taking my blood to make sure my blood levels and we're going up and everything and yeah so my blood levels slowly were going up they went so they were at a 6 after I had her and lost all the blood and then after they did the blood transfusion it went up to like an eight point nine I think which was a lot better so yeah so that's good that my blood levels went up two weeks later I am feeling so much better for the first week it was so oh my gosh no well I mean I was in the hospital for five days anyways but I just remember walking it would seem nearly impossible and just my body hurts so bad and I had no energy I had no just anything I just felt awful so yeah they sent us home on the fifth day we came home I still you know felt like complete crap just wanted a lay in bed which it was really hard the arm bonk me and the baby bonding was very hard because I had no energy for the first week of her life I just couldn't really do anything at all I could barely get out of bed or anything so yeah that was really hard on us or on me at least to not be able to you know have that bonding with her and also breastfeeding didn't really work out because I didn't have the energy to breastfeed her and also my body just wasn't producing enough because of everything I had went through so we had to formula feed her and we're right now we're still formula feeding her and supplementing with some breast milk here and there but I'm trying to get my milk supply back up so that we can start only breastfeeding but so my complete labor and delivery and after it just was not anything I expected whatever happened I did not think it would happen to me I think only like one percent of women hemorrhage while giving birth so you know I had a great pregnancy and then I had an awful labor and delivery so yeah that is basically the whole story of this I know this was a really long video but I just figured that's why I have not been you know making videos because we're still recovering still getting into our you know routine and everything of after recovering from everything that happened so that's why I've just kind of took in some time off to just focus on us and everything so right now she's two weeks old and a couple days today's Sunday when I'm filming this she was born on her Friday she was born May 24th at 10:59 p.m. she weighed 8 pounds and 13 ounces and she was 20 and a half inches long so she is a big girl but yeah that is our labor and delivery story and we are happy and healthy now everything is going good I'm just so thankful that we made it through all of that and yeah they did say with future pregnancies and future deliveries that it's going to be a lot more complicated for me to have more babies because I will most likely hemorrhage again while giving birth so yeah so we'll have to figure out what our plan is for that what our options are about I don't know if we have to have a c-section or if I can't have regular or if it's just taking the chance and going through this whole process again to have more babies I don't know but yeah that's just something we're gonna have to think about for the future but yeah I really hope you guys enjoyed this very long video hopefully it wasn't too boring but yeah yeah I hope you enjoyed just don't forget to Like and subscribe before you leave and we will see you next time bye

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