My TUMOR, Miscarriage, Cysts, & Blood Issue…

hey everybody in the world is still one Asian B as you can tell by the title this is going to be a more heart to heart serious kind of conversation but before we get into that I do want to say that this video is very hard for me to make it is very personal this situation has affected my life in ways that I never thought that I would have to deal with and with that being said please be gentle and sensitive to the subject I had a tumor called a teratoma tumor made out of three different types of tissues it is super rare less than 20,000 people I am for those rare cases like I set aside about 30 different types of tissues which makes it a bit different than other tumors this tumor in particular can form into different things such as hair eyes teeth human feels but let me just read you guys Google's definition while I'm pulling this idea make a PSA to everybody on my snapchat if you have been following me on my snapchat it is across the screen the one Asian B as well my Instagram and Twitter well my social media is the one agent me you get a lot of insight about me on snapchat rather than any other in social media so if you want behind-the-scenes footage and updates on me such as the tumor they knew before any other social media new the follow me on their zone Google says it's a type of germ cell tumor that may contain several types of body tissue teratomas are tumors made up of types of tissue such as hair muscle and bone they occur most often in the ovaries in women and in the testicles of man they may be non cancerous for chanceries – thankfully not cancerous at any moment you can decide to go down that route but by the grace of God it has knots it is very rare that's what Google says it is treatable by a medical professional it requires medical diagnosis and flat text for imaging are often required I have had so many other sounds behind this issue also have cysts ovarian cysts and that's similar to this but not as serious and that is when my left ovary another name for a teratoma damn Roy desist the symptoms you get pain you're actively symptoms vary depending on the location a painful lump or swelling may be a parent some babies have masses that can be seen on an ultrasound before birth so this tumor starts weight your baby in the womb it can start when you are either one but yeah it starts early when treatment often involves surgery in rare cases when a teratoma is Malak named chemotherapy or radiation may be needed you can google what a teratoma tumor is the images I would have to warn you are can be disturbing seeing it due to the fact that my tumor and teratoma tumors in general can grow eyes teeth nails and hair my tumor specific has now follicles hair and teeth it does not have eyes or veins the way I found out it started I'm going to try not to get emotional in this video I had a partner and we were sexually active and November 2017 and my period was extremely light in December I did not get a period and that's my took pregnancy test and came back positive January of 2018 or just last year I spotted for two days I did experience what I thought was cloudy I did not go to the hospital I was very afraid I didn't tell anybody about it February 2nd of last year which is 2018 I got my period thought it was regular period a few days pass than a week had passed about 10 to 12 days that passed two weeks go by and I'm still bleeding still cramping three weeks go by and I'm still bleeding and still cramping and at that point I go to a hospital with my mother um they did a pregnancy test and that one came back negative and I knew what did myself that it was some sort of miscarriage I knew I knew that within myself I this video is a lot harder babe what I thought it was gonna be hard but lord knows I did not know that it was gonna be this hard I knew that was lots of deaf pregnancies as they came back and told that I was not pregnant that I heard they have some sort of miscarriage um but I didn't I didn't bring that up Sam I didn't talk about it I didn't let my mother know I just kind of dealt with it on my own in my own way they thought that I had what is called PC OS which is polycystic ovarian syndrome because I did have cysts on my left ovaries and they found that out after they did a ultrasound so they thought that that is what I had I would say 2017 I really blew like I you girl so I gained a lot of weight in 2017 especially towards the end of the year because of the way excessive hair growth they thought that I just had PCOS they tested for AIDS and I did not have PCOS they told me to see my OBGYN is go from there so I proceeded to do so my OBGYN put me on birth control last year and they went in in remove the cyst mind you throughout this all time I still continue to leave that whole process when I found out until I had the surgery that was from February until May of last year a couple of weeks after my surgery my body expelled the IUD and it was half way out that was a very traumatic situation I was the hospital I scheduled to be seen by my gynecologist on high priority because of what was going on the next day I went in they did an ultrasound and one doctor said that it was halfway out and needs to be removed immediately another doctor came in is said that is perfectly fine there's no reason why it is be removed if their doctor came in a second did the first doctor saying that it is not in the proper place it needs to come out immediately at that point I requested it to be taken out immediately and they proceeded to do so that was the end of May maybe the top of June of last year I went back to bleeding when regular it was a lot of blood at one time and it started to progress then I started to getting clots it was a situation where I had to leave work last year and my mother took me back to the yard and at that point they did a ultrasound and found the tumor they told me to follow up with my gynecologist just the fact that my experience with that was very traumatic and I do not want to go to detail about anything mind you when I went back to the doctor buses had grown back again and I had a tumor my college semester started is I was focusing on school finished out the semester I continued to live life I didn't have this me I didn't speak on it or anything I just continued to bleed throughout the whole process since February 2nd last year I still continue to believe only time it was super light was when I had the idea and I were hanging out let me pull up my notes so I get these dates right for you and I don't think that I explained that the hospital that was going to was University of Vermont Medical Hospital some of the best doctors in the world here but I wasn't getting treated as if some of the best doctors were at the hospital January 6th I went in and I had to give blood and my hemoglobin was at eight point six most people's hemoglobin are between 12 and 15 fine I was functioning at a 8 the first time my friend it was the 6th and that's when I almost my house slips and that's when my blood was low I went back to the hospital and my blood count was at a 7 point 7 and I did have a blood transfusion the February 2nd I have fainted several times February and March in the shower and that's when things started to really go downhill for me taking showers became a hard task I didn't know if I was going to faint in the shower and I would have seizures as I was fainting the reason why I will faint is because when you get into hot spaces and lowers your blood pressure when your blood pressure is low your heart isn't beating as fast not producing as much blood and the blood apparently thins out and so when I would get into warm showers keeping that blood wasn't getting to my brain and I within blackout lose consciousness and faint while having a seizure it's kind of the same concept of when somebody has you in a chokehold the reason why you pass out is because there is no blood circulation to the brain and that is what was happening when I would get in the shower I continue to faint then I had to go to taking cold showers instead of hot showers they got to the points where my blood lowered a whole lot more and I was functioning at about a six point three six point six and it got to the point to where city got on the bed would make me very weak I became very very tired very fatigued very drained my color I would be rage most people around me will say that I would look great I would just look like I didn't have enough blood in my body it became very hard for me to stand up standing up was extremely scared for me due to the fact that if I stood up even slowly I did not know if I was going to tumble over and pass now there were several events where I would stand up slowly in my room and I would just faint and pass out on my bed and I kind of got used to the feeling of when I'm about to pass out so I would aim myself it's like a very small window before all consciousness is going and I would you know I would be like okay I'm definitely about to faint I'll get that signal and then I would just fall back onto my bed and then I will wake up however long later walking the distance from my room to the bathroom was hard I felt extremely weak I couldn't stand up to brush my teeth I couldn't stand up to wash my face when I would pass out of the shower I would call 9-1-1 and they would have to come get me and this is fresh out of the shower I'm talking sometimes in the shower I would just hit the ground I knew I was gonna pass out it didn't matter if I turn the water off you try to get out I knew that I had seconds like when I say seconds I'm talking about even ten second there's like okay I have literally five minutes to take a cold shower otherwise I wouldn't get too weak from standing up too long it wouldn't even be the heat and going to it'll be the fact that I was standing for that amount of time there was a handful of times where I don't have to call one of my housemates to help me get dressed because the ambulance are on the way in so it was a very vulnerable situation where embarrassing being exposed like that because I'll be laying on the ground and not able to get my clothes from the counter because I was too weak or couldn't reach the American stand up to get them when that ambulance would get there I wouldn't even be able to walk down the stairs of my place they would bring a special chair that I would have to sit in and they would wrap a blanket around me strap me up and they would have to carry me down the stairs April 1st I had a blood transfusion and I had to have a lot of blood in my body because I was going in for a different major surgery which I will talk to you all about in a separate video may was one of the worst months for me I fainted several times I had three blood transfusions which is extreme very extreme because I was losing so much blood and they had to stop me getting blood decisions because it's very risky when you take somebody else's blood and put it in your body in June they put me on birth control I was taking four pink pills and day but the normal dosage is one being birth control pill a day I was taking four times that dosage there's a bigger view that is way more effective to be in exposed to your own skills take one and supposed to up your periods in general that had not happened for me and I was taking four of the pink pills and three of the bigger white pills on top of that they put the depo shot inside of me they insert it through my arm that student I started my bleeding being on all that birth control it affects your hormones a lot being on one birth control pill but I was on two different types of birth control of four pills a day or one three pills on another one top of the depo shot which is a lot of hormones in your body it started to take a toll on my mental health I was definitely suicidal I did not want to get out of and I was suffering from severe depression I was not happy I choose to want to go to sleep not wake up at this point I have stopped working is the fact that I pass out at work and I just felt completely worthless I felt broken I had several conversations with doctors about having a hysterectomy which is when they removed everything and you cannot have children through the natural way I would have to give my eggs freeze them and get a Sarah peon or adopt those would be my options that was an emotional thing within itself I had begged people to take the tumor out of me I felt like they were taking in fact when I went back to the hospital from fainting the doctor that I seen who prescribed me all of the medication like all the birth control with the depo shot let me know that she wants with the IUD and one that I need which is a different form of birth control that goes in vaginally and it prevents you from getting pregnant she wanted to add that on top of the pills and the shots which to me was beyond ridiculous because last year I had the IUD my body expelled it and my situation wasn't even as serious as it is now so for her to just disregard all of my concerns after me explain to her that I had felt suicidal that I don't think that these pills are pay for me to take and I'm really on edge she then told me that she actually moved up the appointment that I had to get the ID she can do it sooner rather than later and at that point I ran out my IV that was my arm I told her to get my discharge papers and I want to get out of here because I knew at that point she did not care if I lived or died and that was extremely traumatic for me that is something I would never forget this doctor that was giving me all these pills I told her what about when I want to have children she said well we can take it out five years from now put you on pills to help you become fertile again and that could be a possibility a possibility she said not guaranteeing that I would be able to have children in the future or at all and on top of that I told her okay so what happens when the five years are up with the idea that you want to put in she told me they have we can just replace it put a new one in and that was extremely upsetting to me because I explained to her explicitly that I am going to have children in the future that is in my plans that is something that I want to do that's something that I will do and having birth control and this amount and being on it for that many years I do not agree with it nor that gonna help me achieve my goal of having children in the future and once she told me that you know she gives value being and I'm going to buy my way I knew that she did not care I was not being hers I started to look into good patient advocate which is someone that advocates for people with disability people of color WT t q+ people anybody that feels like they're being discriminated or not hurt or treated fairly at the hospital gotta talk to my mentor she let me know about this amazing place called Vermont on ecology I had my first appointment four weeks ago but the doctor that I was supposed to see wasn't available so I saw another doctor and she put me on birth control stating that she hears my concerns at the same time there's no way that I could even be operated on due to the fact that I am bleeding the way that I'm leaning and it's the fact that my tumor did grow from last year my tumor is seven by six point four by five and that is pretty large to be in the ovarian section in a large in general today on July 18 I saw the doctor that I'm in took recommended she actually didn't understand why doctors did not want to remove my tumor she stated very clearly that it does affect my reproductive system I hear about black people and black women is specific not being heard and dying in some situations due to not being taken seriously in the medical field or taken seriously under hospital doctors office clinics and it was would experience it until it happened to me mind you I live in a state where it is the 98% white people it might you a blood class that I was bleeding out or the size of my hand they were as along as my hand honestly ridiculous I showed pictures to the doctors of what it looked like and they saw how severe it was it that was not normal at all I do have history and my family of cancers of Aryan cancers and things of that nature endometriosis fibroids in the area this whole experience to me was more of interest oh we don't think that it's that serious to take out this experience for me was beyond that was very emotional is very eye-opening on a good note my doctor now is going to remove my tumor let me get the papers so I can read to you all exactly what I'm getting what I'll be getting done ovarian cystectomy and earlier believe my cyst in my tumor they are also going to check for endometriosis and proceed with removing that if there are any signs of it she is going to die through a tubes which basically clears the mouth and makes sure that there's no excess plug-in checks for she's gonna check for everything and remove it if need be and then at the same time while I'm under the knife she is going to insert a ID I am waiting one these surgeries schedulers call me I should be receiving a phone call tomorrow if not early next week on when I can get in there earliest I can get in is July 26 surgery is actually scheduled July 26 at 9:45 a.m. I have check-in at 7:45 a.m. my doctor is actually coming in on her day off to perform my surgery that morning so I'm extremely thankful for that and I thought I'll just give you that update with this procedure and they were moving my tumor about where we losing half of my right ovary which will mean that I'll be partially functioning on my right side but I'll have a over and fully function of my left side which is still a blessing I should be able to have children and get back to normal I'm completely thankful and grateful for this doctor that I'm working with now she is incredible she's phenomenal one doctor is busy from somebody that takes you seriously when I walked into the doctor's office I had a blacklivesmatter sign it had a sign a disclaimer that they do not discriminate or mystery races genders religion it doesn't matter if you have disabilities they still don't discriminate or mistreat you that is something very different from the hospital that I was going to before one doctor is busy with her she immediately was like let's get you on track let's figure this out together I felt that I was heard I felt that she cared I felt that she know we care about me what was going on but my family and my future family so I'm grateful for her and I'm grateful for you and this experience you just showed me a whole lot that there is definitely an agenda in healthcare with black people and specifically black way maybe I think that you all should also do your research on people I've been through three doctors and I've dealt with this for over a year and a half I'm so thankful and grateful for a guy keeping my mind I'm thankful for him watching over me I'm thankful for all of my family I'm thankful for my best friend who was who is family I'm just thankful and grateful to all my family that was super supportive through infall ID baby I thank you to my brother who was there every single time I was in the hospital I leave work we'll be in a whole nother city working it will come see me at the hospital I thank you so much mother for being there every single time thank you to my sister who was super supportive who anytime I called her and you know she can answer she wouldn't answer I thank you I thank you for being there and supporting me and in love with me through the situation thank you thank you thank you again to my mother I cannot think that woman enough I cannot I obviously cannot I'm skiing y'all gonna see the sacrifices that she did for me y'all just y'all have no idea the others have no idea my mother is Pete my root for me when I couldn't wear it pay my phone bill and you know sent me money for food but cuz I couldn't go to work just as really thankful and grateful to everybody that was so supportive through this journey and still being supported through this journey I think each and every one of you for tuning in to hearing my story and if you don't get anything out of this story I would love for you to take away the fact that no matter what life throws at you is not to be forgot if God can bring into a situation and you can bring you through a situation so just remember that and everything that you have gone through just know that it didn't break you everything that you went through to got through you know I'm saying doesn't matter how bad the situation looks I was supposed to be living in Vegas I was supposed to be living it up living the fast life but Here I am Lance changed literally and it's just like it was just so much it was just so so much but again I thank you and most importantly I think God I think enough praise His name for keeping me foreign leading and guiding me to this doctor for him already making provisions for a successful procedure and surgery in the future when I've had this removed I thank him and I praise him for that I'm gonna have in the future and that in the calling of the blessing SETI customers then me and my family in the future that permissions in things that he's already weighed in place already thank you for that because I know gonna be great and I know it is so already I'm nothing to get on your apprecia up as I'm really trying not to cry again this is not a sob story this is everything of a success story I want to be more transparent with you I am an extremely private person extremely private person so this video was a lot farther than what it looked regardless of me crying it just was way harder than it looked it only gets better from here thank you so much for watching this video don't forget to Like comment and subscribe add me on all my social media which is across the screen I have a dream I want you to be my team so let's make this work thank you so much for supporting me and I will see you in the next video

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  1. Girl you’re so strong!!!!!! Your strength is inspiring. God doesn’t gives us battles that we can’t handle he knows you can handle this…He has his hands on you. Keep pushing girl❤️❤️

  2. I love you Asia. Your strong and that’s because of your faith. God is always standing with you. It could’ve been worse but you have a beautiful testimony and calling on your life. Keep moving forward and being the beautiful women that you are. 😘❤️

  3. All I can say is WOW!!!
    You’ve been through it ALL literally
    God gives battles to the strongest soldiers…& you’re the PROOF!

  4. I’m sooooooooo proud and happy and GRATEFUL to God that you are still here. I definitely cried. I Love you girl ! 💕🙌🏽

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