hey guys welcome back to my channel hope you guys are doing well thank you so much for tuning in again today so taking a break from makeup tutorials to bring you story time I'm going to be talking to you guys about my labor and birth experience so you guys know I had a baby last year okay in December my beautiful boy and Noah James the story behind his birth and everything was actually pretty pretty crazy he was born prematurely okay he was born ten weeks early full term is well some people caused it differently some people cast full time as 38 or 40 weeks I think normally it's like 40 weeks and he was born at 30 weeks so 10 weeks early so really really early almost like – like about two and a half months early rewind back now me and Buddha went to Lagos last year December to do our introduction okay so we traveled and before I traveled I've got the all clear from the doctor from the Midwife that you know I was fine to travel and throughout my pregnancy was actually fine I had no complications whatsoever apart me the usual symptoms of morning sickness tiredness fatigue back aches all that kind of stuff I was fine and I was about seven months pregnant and just just hit the 7 months of pregnancy mark when we flew to Nigeria and yeah it was fine even the flight everything was fine savonius like apart from just having like just being tired and hungry all the time I was fine we flew to Calibur to spend some time with his family couple of days find everything okay no issues whatsoever work that was nice and relaxing then we went back to Lagos for the introduction so that was on a Friday and yeah they traduction with really really good my mom planned everything and it worked really really well I wasn't a huge you know seemed like 200 people introduction knows like public thirty people or something like that it was pretty very small very intimate it's really nice and yeah we've got you know introduced the families got introduced you know how it goes the next day you know we were stealing that hi you know on ah you know if the introduction was so well we had breakfast they went to have a nap everybody was obviously tired so we went back to sleep in the afternoon then we work hard I were hungry so we thought let's have some leftovers from you know the food we still have like leftover food from the party and yeah we would eat it it was really kind of eating I was still kind of getting my own food and then I just felt like this warm sensation water just come down from my legs I'm like I think I went to the toilet I'm not too sure I think how it the toilet I was about to I don't know but I just felt water just trickle down my leg and I was a bit like okay what is this okay then I thought okay don't panic and then a couple seconds later like a gush of water just came down my legs and then I was yeah they're not panicked I was just like mama mama she was like what killer did cluded like if you know you're your brother yeah just like you know they kill you did it what's wrong what's wrong honest that mom was kind know what's going on but she actually did this she just looked she was just like and then she looked at my face like basically kind of that look well I don't know what's you know I was like mom was not pretty or something and let the water just kept on coming down coming down coming down and she was just like like you know like listen you know Nigerian mom's yeah the dramatics yeah but says to be fair honestly like it was scary because I knew I was only 7 was pregnant I had we didn't think anything like this would happen and then odor was like rushing in as well at what's going on what's going on so obviously then we decided to go to like the hospital we didn't know any hospitals around the area so you know we had to ask our neighbor like oh where should we go and she said oh this is hospice for this hospital just down the road you can go there I go there and okay so we went there this happen when we got there were like what kind of hospital is this the lights are off the staff just even look that they were even opted to do much anything anyway when they saw us coming they just they generator and okay my time but time okay we need to register you they registered us whatever listen there's so many details I'm just trying to see how I'm gonna summarize this live we obviously told them what was going on that her waters have broken but she's you know only seven months pregnant and they were like oh okay yeah let the doctor see her and do a scan doctor dentist and I said that my Miata fluid amniotic fluid was really like extremely low like dangerously low and if we didn't get the baby out now the baby would the baby would die listen you know we're just like huh and the funny thing about this whole thing is that I was just incredibly just like I didn't good of course I was panicking but it wasn't panicking the way I was screaming it was more like I was so like in shock of what was happening that I was actually calm and quiet I just remember tenant good oh but I think I'm gonna die today like I just I was so scared but that quiet kind of scared you know I mean I just remember just praying to God and saying God please have mercy on me have mercy on me like what's going on like this doctor cut me open then you don't said all this pray so me my mom and him held hands and we prayed and then you don't back three looks I said he just did what most kind again just check again whoever's left it's going to be the same thing it's not the same thing he said just please just check again and then we'll make our decision and then he didn't overspend said it's the same thing that the irony of this period is low and then we're just like oh my god I mean yeah the hospital was dirty the hospital was this baby if the baby was gonna come out now obviously is premature they had to have a look at that point I had no idea about premature babies I've never experienced it overseas my first baby we didn't really know what you know to do but one thing we did know is that they need incubators at least we need that much that if a premature baby came do they have the equipment to do that the doctor was like my and that would you ask the doctor that and the doctor was that hey don't worry about that don't worry by then we just have to mean the baby out now oh my goodness anyway we did kind of semca we we just said you know what because the way he was making us scared that the baby is going to die we just said okay like okay I will do it so I think you know I was laying in one of the rooms and the door was I think I think he was trying to sign people I don't know and then my mom just wandered around the hospital and then she was asking the nurse you know where is the theater like where's it gonna happen and they wouldn't you know the nurse said always in this room here I won't open the door and I think it was something I was in there but the way she explained it was like it was something I have a horror movie it was like a logically like a metallic bed in the middle of the room they were boiling utensils they was I think that's tank it was just like she literally ran out of there and she came in cuz I was just saying then I just saw her come in just dragged me out she's like no we're leaving we're leaving you're not touching my daughter you're not touching much and me I was hallelujah like inside I was like thank God because I was like this is no listen I was just thinking God please have mercy on me please have mercy on me luck I just felt like I was gonna die in the hospital because what was dirty it was not sanitized it was just horrible absolutely horrible hospital and he wanted to perform surgery on me like when we came in there lights were even off like they listened so anything my mom decora furnace and you know she was telling their him their situation and said when are we going through they said ah this is especially this hospital that's further funded and that's where I usually go and then each and then we went further down the road and because the problem is my mom was scared I was gonna go into labor right this was the 23rd of December at this point this is Christmas period in Lagos she was scared to go to any of a hospital and ass getting stuck in traffic because traffic he knows come you mad and you could be in traffic for three hours four hours okay not careful and she was scared you know what if I'm having the baby like obviously none of us knew what was going on so we wanted to stay as close as possible so yeah so he went to her friend suggested and then you know the MD the medical director of the hospital whatever came and he was an older guy more professional-looking more you know at the hospital was not you know listen it wasn't UK standard it but it was better than where we came from he did a scan also we told him in the situation he said yeah you know I'm not too fluid is low but you know it's not empty it's still there the baby's happy is you know fine baby seems okay as long as you're not in pain there's no need for surgery you're not in labor yes your waters are breaking best-case scenario the water stops leak in worst case scenario the water just keeps meeting and eventually you will go into labor and you know he explained it better he taught even told us the time he said it's premature rupture of membranes that's what it's called a prom premature rupture of membrane you know he was just more professional and I just felt immediately more relaxed of course I was still nervous of what was going on and I would my dress was completely soaked but he was like what she needs right now is complete complete bed rest that's all she needs bed rest she needs to relax don't move too much hopefully the water will stop moving monitor I'm so yeah obviously they admitted me I was there for two nights I've been two or three I think two nights here two nights bed rest eat into the pain even though I couldn't really sleep much cuz obviously I was you know young and in hospital all your nervous order did stay with me and you know my grandma but it was just looking after me my dad was in idea at the time he's well obviously for the introduction so you know I did feel really like love and support around me which was really great especially going through something like this so his brother who's just literally finished he's in med school I was telling him that statistically a woman who's water breaks will go into labor within a week like she's most likely to go into labor within a week it had been like two three days already so we had to make that decision that we are going to fly him back to London and try and have this baby there or is it going to happen here or wait it out what we're going to do and we made a decision that look if it's likely done but I'm going to labor I want to do it in London because even the hospital I was in he admitted the medical the director of the hospital actually admitted that look if you know if you do go into labor or if you do have the baby we are not quipped we can take care of you in terms of bed rest but we're not equipped for like labor baby premature you would have to go into somewhere else so everything was just a bit too much like you know where we're going to find hospitals and everything like that so we said you know what we're gonna have to take the risk we're gonna have to fly to London like we're gonna have to do it like ASAP I say the next day so but this time it was Christmas Eve and we had to change our ticket so we changed our flight we had to call the agent from London and it you know who do I manage to just do it anyway that's obviously pay extra money and we flew to London now the issue was it wasn't a direct flight we came with em rock because flights be expensive young Christmas period flights be expensive but the bigger airlines like you know Virginia Bishop those airlines are like so expensive during Christmas and there was two of us so were like okay let's get a Moroccan and then lay over with every Rob wasn't bad it was the che an hour so we thought that's not bad like if you only have to be in Morocco for an hour and it won the next fight that's not a big deal so really ideally we would have been in London that next afternoon but then it goes smoothly that way no it did not by the next morning where we packed our bags got to the airport flag was supposed to be at like 6:30 or something like that very early got there told us sorry there's a delay the aircraft hasn't confirmed this was Christmas Day now by the way craft doesn't come from Morocco yet so you know the flight is delayed you know we listen we were just like okay so that's what's in a hotel he stayed in a hotel for a couple hours had breakfast had a bit of a nap and then it caught us it said yes talking back to the airport ba ba ba even got that set up but we still waited four hours we started by launch we still had to do this way for hours we didn't fly until Howie six is it 5:00 6:00 in the evening so almost 12 hours late I flew to Morocco all this time by the way my amniotic fluid is leaking in did it stop it was still leaking like my leggings by dogs wearing black leggings to fly completely soaked nobody would notice obviously because they're black leggings what I could feeling it that I am completely soaked even when as soon as the plane would land don't be this gush of water that would just come out me so we got to America now and obviously because of the delay from Lagos we missed our flight from Morocco to London so we didn't have to stay in a hotel again in Morocco and the hotel was absolute horrible it was even hotels more like a hostel they put us in where it's this very tiny room single bed it was oh my goodness they like you know for food or like you know is thank God I didn't do this unknown okay that's all I can say thank God for God thank God for not allowing me to go through this journey alone you know so thank God for that we did this together and he was with me supporting me so yeah we stayed in that tiny hostel Morocco horrible and then yet the next morning about 7:00 in the morning then we got a flight to London now of course there are the journeys of flying of course I'm pregnant woman heavily of course people were you know asking me oh do you have certificate to fly all these kind of things which i think so he did have I was already from London had my certificate so each time and actually every flight we went on even from Lagos the caliber they asked me Oh madam do you have yourself a certificate because they then Charlie take no risks with no pregnant woman on the plane which is fair enough and like I said that was a risk because I could to labor on the plane but at the same time it had to be weighted out and we were like stayed in Nigeria to have this baby for us was just too risky because this is a whole you know two and a half months early baby medical care in 1990 air is not free so of course that's an expense that we were not prepared for the babies from a tour remember so a minyan it's not as if the baby's going to be born and we can go home in a few days later the baby will be in hospital for four weeks so think about the expenses think about the you know the fact that would I would have to flag him back to London go back to work cuz he had to go but he would have had to go back to work eventually even if I was on holiday he had to he would have had to work so he would have had to probably leave us so there was just so many visa but we were like Nigeria is just not the place for us to have this baby you know we prayed obviously and we just you know believed that God would be with us and he did he was with us all for the journey even the oldest delays and he was with us and yeah I've got to London and he found the airport from Gatwick Airport we've got a new bar all the way to st. Thomas's Hospital we've got a hospital we got checked again it was the Christmas spirit so even like start was true all this kind of thing but eventually we did get seen um check baby's heartbeat everything and happy was absolutely fine now that's what this and that's part of what and now they're saying let's just go to London because the baby wasn't in distress you know every time they check the baby's heartbeat every couple of hours baby whose hobby was strong was good it wasn't slows on too fast it was actually perfect so that's what we said you know what I you know um the baby's strong enough to deal with you know this they did some tests and little swabs on me and kept me for the night and he said we're gonna do like a really intensive it's down in the next day but because of the holiday period there might be a way to all that kind of stuff last the next day I was just still waiting for the scan really that's what I was waiting for so it was with me we were just playing games et my auntie's came to visit me my sister you know yeah it was fine like I was having doing Braxton Hicks but nothing at all nothing like crazy but just to just those Braxton Hicks one of my aunties when she came bought me food rice and that chicken meat so eventually after you know I decided to eat it and I was eating it my sister actually never eaten the food was so good like I was so satisfied and then two seconds after I just felt one hanging in my baby mm-hmm I just create one painful paint I was that cup famous up that's my sister sure that you okay and I was like yeah okay I'm fine I'm fine another two seconds date okay then the pain that just caught my stomach yet I was at the way ice cream my favorite she didn't get the Midwife how's that yeah please get the Midwife we do I came and get basically from this point on listen the pain the pain that I went through from this point forward was the worst pain in my life okay so the Midwife check checked I said oh okay she doesn't think I'm in labor but you know bless you know get a doctor to come and check you and all that kind of stuff cuz I was like really screaming really screaming that the pain was getting worse and worse and worse and worse and in my back so the pain was kind of that low like really low you know not a period painful times a thousand and then my back the pain in my back was like the men you have to give them their props during this whole labor birthing because you know they try they try he tried cuz I was screaming my bad my bad put something on my back oh listen I was in a screaming profanities that's how bad it was how was her happiness however this pain was getting worse and worse so the doctor came to check me and they said your cervix is completely closed your cervix is closed your baby's head is upside down but it's high up like it's not even look not like it we don't know what's happening because this doesn't look like the neighbor this is so then we came up the confusion ok maybe I'm constipated that this is be bad constipation and maybe because of the pregnancy the constipation is just magnified because I remember that hadn't been to the toilet for a few days so in the middle of kind of agreed oh yes probably thought because you know you've been flying and everything I thought you probably constipated so she said but she can't be give me anything for it that's the problem that's you can only give me the smartest you know one of those laxatives being that she said II probably want to do anything but she hung give me anything stronger after all this cream in a shop in a profundities and everything eventually she decided to say okay you know what we'll give you a suppository and if you know all suppositories it's basically this thing they give you that helps you goes between like if you've got a chronic constipation it's this thing up your bum and after a couple of minutes and it she makes you do not mean so I hadn't even heard of it until that point so she okay we're going to give you this okay but the problem is it makes you you know shake you're gonna have to say to steal for 20 minutes but it's going to be making you shake it's gonna be making you do all these things like you know goodness so she's got a nanny but you need to stay still for the 20 minutes it's in there what's the 20 minutes is up then you should be able to call it so she's like okay I'm gonna bring you guessing err so if you've been if you know if had guests in here before you know how it works you have to you know suck it really suck it well so yeah she said getting you gas and air just so that will help you stay still now looking back I wish you'd given me the guts in here from the beginning because this was about two hours or two and a half hours of screaming of being in pain doubt looking back I wish you had given me gustan F on the star anyway yes like what the casanare and then gave it to me widow was holding me as well so to make sure I don't move so she put it in and just like she said as soon as you put it in a side feeling like oh my goodness I was screaming like I was her oh goodness and then on top of that I'm still feeling the pain although because and you know a cousin a it does help but it just makes you really high it doesn't stop you from feeling the pain but it just makes you high so you can't really yeah I don't know they explained it but boy they're always something I even do was saying that later when he was saying I was telling him things like I love you and what these things and he said at one point I had she almost scratchy skin off from the pain like he had to literally scream at me like stuff I was like oh miss barrace is scratching him holding him oh my goodness it was listen the pain I can't even it was to is a lot it was only like 20 minutes up now so I was all thinking okay 20 minutes tops Austin happier so the Midwife was like okay let's meet her to the toilet now because you know obviously we don't want nothing to happen on the bed so I can okay good and then the way I just swung my neck open literally swarm and leg open it I just wanna be grunting I just feeling this pressure that's the word the pressure low pressure and it's just I think the baby's coming the baby's coming over on in and it's so many good thing and the middle put hand in and she was like oh yeah to be honest I was high and I don't you remember everything before we see from what you do was telling me the Midwife was like oh okay and then she had to call you know people and they came in at first thinking oh you know what is it because she's screaming or whatever I don't she was like no though she's having the baby don't okay so they have to go back out don't get incubator get everything ready you just remember her say to me okay just do what your body wants to do I just want to say that to me so I don't be the first one I just kind of push and then I remember saying okay that's the head that's the head and then and then like and then maybe a couple of seconds later I pushed again and then mr. Noah came out but they D let me hold the baby of course he's premature he's you know he's tiny that's when we straight away into the incubator which was letting the chief beside me there was about like three nurses I remember seeing I think I a girl another girl so you know there's a lot of people in the room so I heard them say it's a god was that God and then I looked at Woodrow who does their tears in his eyes emotional Oh were you expecting a girl darling because it's a boy no because we already picked their name that would be Noah and a missional now I was like you see okay okay be like yeah he's absolutely fine he's doing fine he'd been cried he cried like she was trying to explain to me that he's crying like he's made noise and everything like that okay at the same time this is happening the Midwife is trying to get the placenta out of me she couldn't get it out straight away so she had to go and get something I don't know I come back and she was just kind of fiddling around in there and eventually she got the placenta out it's a no away like you know to go to the would you call it again the neonatal ward and I just was lying there like oh I was holding my hands and then he he couldn't get away he made he started calling everybody calling my mom calling his fireman putting everybody he was just like oh it's a boy had a son so they made me stay another room and I just won't be feeling cold shivering chills just feeling just so like oh you know I just felt really shitty took me on this but I can't even like I felt crap like of course I was happy in it you know I just feel had it loads of emotion and then I started for me and then I felt sick I just started yeah the nurses were just like that's completely normal they even gave me a ninety sick and sickness which equate injection so they said it's normal to feel sick to vomit or that kind of stuff to feel cold I was in the hospital for three days and I know I was in hospital for about five weeks doing that five eighths of him being in the neonatal ward it was actually really an interesting experience watching him in the incubator he was absolutely tiny he was walk weight 3 kg which is below 3 pounds are very very small the next day he was able to kind of you know sitting in my chest they kind of they call it like kangaroo care where they you know they put them in your like top well so you're very close skin-to-skin this you know they say we didn't help so they develop man it helps with your you know your milk production all that kind of stuff so he was just tiny but we were faintly enough we were not really too scared but it was more just like you were just like oh okay so this is what's happening yeah we had to go and seek him every day in hospital thank God like you know my family home was closed so there was literally across the road so it was walking distance and that made things easy I would go see him every day I had to I couldn't breastfeed of course so once my milk started coming in it was just pumpkin pumpkin pumpkin pumpkin milk they would give it to him he had a cheap unfit in his nerves that were feeding through a tube because he can't take you know two three he's oily through his mouth yes he was small so here just watching them grow in there over the beaks was yeah it was that TV it was I don't know experiment word to use it was interesting it was life-changing it was in experience it really was and you see other moms you see other babies and it I learnt a lot about primitive being premature he was hooked up to machines which was hard to see had so many wires machines and all that kind of stuff but he actually came out healthy they actually said he came out good condition in healthy condition he was crying when he was born so but the next Richard he didn't even need oxygen they put it on him obviously just for precaution but the next day they took it off they were like he's breathing on his own he's strong like he's breathing on his own you know it was so it kind people to God of course it's time went on he was scared become bigger and putting on more and more away and then he was trying to breastfeed he decided to get he sucking reflex and it was breastfeeding then I was able to give him a bath you know so I would go there would change his nappy give him a breast feed or we would feed him through the tube and you know just do all of that and yeah it was an experience it really really was he actually came on a month before his due date which showed how strong he was you need to come home a whole month because sometimes you know babies have to say time to all their due date so until maybe even Placid you know just impending you know all I could to say saying good for Noah thank God for making him strong if you follow me on my social media on Instagram and you probably seen plenty of videos I'm always posting him ok I don't know what else to say I'm just I probably missed out details but you know how it is these guys with these stories sometimes you miss details because there's just so much to say I just thank God for seeing me through the pregnancy Legos to London safe and sound and were able to have the baby and we were able to you know he was able to get the best care possible it's all about his grace it's all by his by his love for us and he's you know strength that he's pulled on in to us because it hasn't been easy it's not easy to see your baby so soon one and in you know incubator and you know being hooked up to machines and all those things but you know he really gave us the strength to be strong for Noah so that he can come home and he came home even sooner than we expected yeah now he's a big boy now a big boy now crying play doing all the things that you know you expect thang baby to do mr. Noah is hey and healthy hunger isn't healthy doing and very very well so we thank God for that that's the end of my story time yeah I've got a big spot on my face because now I'm telling the story he just reminds you again how much how faithful God is and how he's just always just there so you know he has just been with us being with Noah from beginning and everything happens for a reason maybe he was supposed to come earlier into the world for a reason no it's already God knows I was about to bring him in to say hello to you guys but he's gonna let you fall asleep right now so I'm just gonna need them you guys will see him in another video for sure thank that's for watching make sure you subscribe make sure you like this video leave a comment and I will see you on my next one guys take care bye


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