so today I'm gonna go get acupuncture because I'm like two and a half so you do know if it's a girl or boy yesterday was my mom's birthday so we thought the big my mom's birthday but that didn't happen I said if the baby didn't come in and I would get start trying to get labor started in Hindi sleeper by doing different things so my midwife suggested that I do acupuncture so I'm gonna do that first because I've never gotten an acupuncture before and I wanted to try it anyway so I guess this is fine and then you know just the other normal type of things like eating spicy foods I don't know whatever other ways I gotta look them up to induce labor but I've never been overdue I've always had my babies at exactly 40 weeks so maybe we'll come today who knows that was so weird to me so we're by going and get acupuncture and that starts my birthing process that's just gonna be like weird to me I was like gosh why did ages and hi Kylie said that that there's an American president she's like hi it's just like he said hi and bad at the same time I woulda just didn't like this learning a lot of Korean annamaya touka created her korean test last week and she got um higher than every single person else in the school oh great did you get your test Maya um 136 the highest in the class boy Kylie what you get I mean you don't know oh my what was it I don't know absolutely happy cuz I got this great still it's no I'm proud of it take a breath good do you feel like anything did you feel anything it was like an itch take a bath so the idea is that when energy moves freely through the body then the body deprives the body mind and spirit the being thrives and can live into the world with our mother you know living up to our potential it's a it's a very different way of kind of looking at the body from the tradition of a regular medicine I shouldn't say it's going to be an alternating frequency so it'll be like a tap tap tap tap tap tap kind of that sense this is the big point this one is the one that like Paul really the uterus so it looks higher it's not that I don't want it I don't want you to be in pain but if it's kind of on your edge where you're like huh I feel that that's okay oh wait that wasn't my legs no that was your feet I'm positive so weird that it was so different yeah well it's definitely in there a lot when she first with them and I can feel like a kind of like I'm heaviness it's not the things that I can feel it's like blood flow or something like a heat or something like that and so what I think is happening a little bit based on what your Paul's presentation I think I think you actually are pretty tired even if you're not in touch with how tired you are it's a bitch but it's just sort of like I don't have that she can do it right now part of what I'm doing is just trying to boost that G a little bit for you that's what these last couple of points are for to just kind of give you be able to do it and I think once you go same thing you probably go pretty quickly everything feels pretty open I think you would like it I think so yeah I always wanted to get back sure yeah I'll give it to you I don't know Chevy Camry no no she said I was tired that my body is tired so maybe that's why the baby hasn't come like I need more energy and I can feel that I do feel somewhat tired but that's like recently I haven't felt that way for the last two weeks boy is not feeling so good right now she's having a tough time hopefully today's the last day have you had any signs of the baby kind of come on or anything nothing nothing yet maybe tomorrow I'm hoping for tomorrow why are you hoping for tomorrow I just want the baby to come soon baby yeah there's there's a chance that the baby had come today I mean tonight see y'all me wake you up okay if she just let the baby come carefully and softly I hope I'll wake up and feel maybe each each it oh yes yes it was like a tongue twister oh my god baby please let the baby come help me and I'll be healthy let nothing be wrong with everybody and let us all be able to wake up and let it be whatever you want because today or tomorrow day today and if it's a dragon on our lake and Amaya Carr dodgy oil I'll I didn't when that's not like oh I'll put up Wow first I'll get a wet arizo this is a prayer this is not a curse this is a prayer please I'd you just let the baby come tonight and let the baby come out safely in both MA and the baby be healthy safe nothing happened to them during the break everything like all the other birds and everybody be awake to see that baby and then it'd be a girl um yeah I think that your son was a man I hope that you remember me I hope you learned that your favorite sister yeah I didn't say hi you're so cute I just will hug you right now when I hear love you Charmin he had me noona that's all the Korean I know and I'm your oldest sister so you have to listen to me I hope that I'm your favorite because so far nobody really likes you me that man I don't know if you're gonna be a boy or girl but I'm your big brother and I judge big brother and I hope you can come in the night and I hope hey what do you want to say to to your brother sister have you ever had a brother young one yeah when did you ever grow you

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