Nash Grier’s Fiance is PREGNANT

YouTube creator nash grier and his
fiancee are pregnant and people are freaking out you’re watching was
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follow me at hey KACE Nash Grier and Taylor G of aces have been dating for
over two years hey guys we’re back here welcome to the
first-ever we’re gonna be making videos 400 times a week they will come out
every single day and yeah in December Nash posted this video
highlighting Taylor’s belly and Twitter went crazy but at the time now should
squash the rumors saying thanks for the wishes but we’re not pregnant
we’ve just been eating good but now it looks like fans may have been onto
something – posted this photo with Taylor with the
caption one plus one equals three bream said I can’t believe my fav matcom boy
is gonna be a father and phase bank said Congrats dude doing it right – recently
proposed to Taylor enlisting the help of his brother Hayes and even hired a band
honesty how did I do give me a 1 to 10 once him were you are
you surprised were you surprised that’s all that
matter actually Nash and Taylor are 21 and 22
respectively and have become popular vlogging together uh Nash’s YouTube
channel where Nash has over 4 million subscribers Nash has been very open
about his love for Taylor hosting this on their first anniversary I’ve always
been told love isn’t something you’ve just find this is my best friend we’ve
been together for over a year now she’s one of the most amazing people I’ve ever
met Taylor’s mom is entrepreneur Nicki G of
s s but Taylor doesn’t have ambitions of becoming an influencer herself instead
she revealed she’s studying to become a doula to help women through their
pregnancy I always loved pregnancy I would go up to a minute and I knew that I wanted to do all of
her babies I would watch the show called bringing home baby bringing home baby
yeah and then I started watching youtube videos so I would watch videos of like
woman giving birth and stuff like that I always loved pregnancy killer also runs
an Instagram account called The Naked Diaries or people share photos of their
bodies accompanied by their personal stories rumors of the couple’s
engagement and pregnancy have been circulating for a while back in 2016
Taylor posted this photo on snapchat which led many to believe that Nash had
proposed but Taylor quickly shut down the rumors on Twitter saying oMG my mom
gave me that ring so it looks like fans are finally getting what they wanted all
along but what do you think about the baby it is let us know in the comment
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