(Doc) Keep the doors open
please … (Doc) So that everyone can pass
easily when necessary (Doc to Photographer)
Do you have a clear view? (Doc to Photographer)
You can stand over here. (Doc) Ok there is the baby’s head.
Can you see it? (Doc) Not the avocado(?)
but the white part! (Mom) Ooh, yes..
(looking in a mirror) (Doc) Do you have contractions?
Or is it gone?! (Doc) Hold it unless you
can’t hold it any longer (contractions) (Dad) Here we go! (Doc) Ok now push, push, push
push further, push, push (Doc) Hang on, hang on,
hang on! (Doc) Push, push, push, push!
Very good! (Doc) Now breathe out!
Now take some air! (Doc) And push, push, push,
push, push, push! (Doc) Hang on!
Push further, push, push (Doc) That’s good … (Doc) Do you have more?
(Mom) No … (Mom) I’m slipping off the bed.
(Doc) Ok let’s pull you up. (Doc) Hang on! Push, push, push
push, push, push! (Doc) Do you have more?
(Mom) No! (Doc) Ok well done. (Dad) It can happen within the next contractions right?! (Doc) Well …
(Dad) No .. ?? (Dad) Ok then I’ll take her up with the next one. (Doc) Ok this is it.. Push, push, push (Doc) Come on! Push, push, push, push, push! (Doc) Hold on! Now breathe out! (Doc) Take some air! And give me everything you got!
Come one! (Doc) Can you feel the tension? (Mom) Yeah a lot of tension .. (Doc) Let the contractions take over. We need these contractions. (Doc) When she’s almost there I will tell you to sigh.
So we can let her come out at ease. (Doc) You might feel her coming out all of a sudden
but try to relax when she does. (Doc2) This is the head of baby number 2 (Doc2) It’s rising, here lays baby number 2 (Doc3) This is number 2, and this is baby
number 3 (Doc2) Anyhow, they both have a good heartrate. (Doc) Now get full on into your contractions. (Doc) Very good, you’re doing good! Hold on..
Now push further, push further, (Doc) Very good! Now breathe out.
Take some air… and repeat! (Doc) Now push, everything you got! (Doc) Now sigh! Sigh! (Doc) Here she comes! (Doc) Sigh, sigh, sigh … (Doc) Yeah nice, well done … (Doc) Look! Look! (Doc) Can someone check the time? (Doc3) Hello sweety, welcome! (Mom) Do I need to push?
(Doc4) Yes keep pushing. (Doc5) Pushing together, that would be fun! (Doc) It’s 09:45 now.
(Mom) Can I let go now? (Doc) No just hold on if you can.. (Doc) Ok now breathe in normally.
And.. breathe out normally. (Doc) I’ll keep my fingers here so I can feel her. (Doc) Let’s do this together you’re doing an amazing job! (some medical terms) (Doc) Ok we can hear baby number 2. (Doc) Do we have baby number 3 on the monitors?
(Doc3) Searching … (Doc) Now let’s wait for the contractions (Doc to Doc4) Can you check the uterus for contractions?
(Doc) There goes some more amniotic. (Doc) I think I can feel the other fleeces. (Doc2) Are the fleeces still surrounding the head? (Doc) I can feel the head with the fleeces. (Doc4) Do you have contractions?
(Mom) No (Doc) You can push down now. Push, push, push.
Push further, push further. (Doc2) Here she comes.. (Doc) Nothing? (Doc) Can you take a look with the ultrasound? (Doc) That’s baby 3. Is there anymore amniotic? (Doc4) Can I get more gel? (Doc4) Yes here I do see the amniotic. (Doc, Doc2, Doc4) Yes go. Push, push, push down. Push,
push, push. (Mom) That weren’t contractions. I felt your finger haha (Doc) Do we have a clear registration?
(Doc3) No (Doc4) It’s decreasing .. but that makes sense .. (Dad) Huh?
(Mom) You can let go. (Doc) Ok let’s repeat. Push, push, push, push down. (Doc) Push down. Take some air and push, push, push … (Doc) Very well. Do you have more contractions? (Doc) Foetal condition is good (Doc) That’s baby number 2. Do we have number 3 registered? (Doc4) Baby number 3 is laying over here now. (Doc) Their heads? (Doc) Here I can feel some fingers ..
But I want to make sure we make a good contact (Doc4) Does she have contractions?
(Doc3) Yes! (Doc) Take some air and let us know
when you’re ready. (Doc) Ok push down, push, push, push (Doc) Very good (Doc) And some air.. do you have contractions?
(Mom) No (Doc) Ok let’s wait. (Doc) Ok you can push now, push, push, push,
push, push …… (Doc) Very good.. and push, push, push
(Doc2) Now breathe out (Doc) One more.. (Doc) Push, push, push, push … (Doc) Breathe out … (Doc) Now sigh for a second.. (Doc) And wait for the next contractions.. (Mom) Here it comes again .. (Doc) Push, push, push, push … (Doc) You can sigh now … (Doc) Hold it .. Wait for the next contractions
I know it hurts .. (Doc3 to Dad) Are you ok?
(Dad) Yeah yeah I’m fine. (Dad to Mom) Are you ok?
(Mom) Yeah .. (Doc) Daughter number 2, good foetal condition ..
Do we have a good registration of the son? (Doc4) Do we have it?
(Doc3) Yes! (Doc to Photographer) Is this ok for the shot? (Photographer) Are you ok like this?
(Doc) Anything to get the best shot! (Mom) Sorry but I can’t hold it … (Doc) No, this is a boy! (Dad is relieved) (Doc) So this is baby number 3 coming out second! (Dad) I’m going to cut it!! Can I do this?
Yes I can do this!! Haha (Doc3) Do we use the cap of baby 2 or baby number 3?
(Doc) Baby number 3! (Doc) When you’re ready, just take a deep breath.. (Doc) Do you feel contractions?
(Mom) No nothing … (Doc) She’s laying lower that’s nice. (Doc) Good foetal condition (Doc) Push, push, push, push, push …. (Doc) Now sigh!! (Doc2) Very good! (Doc2) She’s here! (Doc2) Hello! …. Babygirl!
(Dad) Haha this time you’re sure lol?! (Doc2) Yeah you’re a though girl .. You let your brother go first.. (Doc5) There you are! Is it a girl??
(Everyone) Yeah it’s a girl! (Dad to Mom) They’re finally here babe .. (Dad) Can I cut it?! (placenta of a triplet)

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