Natural Childbirth Video Belleville IL – Ashley Gutridge Testimonial – Family Care Birthing Center

Ashley Gutridge delivered both of her daughters
at The Family Care Birthing Center. Tell us about your first birth at The Family
Care Birthing Center. I went into it with wanting to do it naturally
and as non-medicated as possible, with an open mind of course. She was almost two weeks late, my water broke
Christmas morning, and I came in and things weren’t moving fast enough so I had to get
Pitocin which really made things a lot more intense. I was in a lot of pain. She was not positioned in the right way. That night, I did get an epidural, I relaxed
a little bit, and then the next day, she was born. I think there are definitely pros to getting
an epidural; obviously, it doesn’t hurt, well my didn’t. Some women have it where they don’t get it
well enough, but my epidural was great. I mean like I remember I was in so much pain,
and then when I got the epidural, I actually started crying because I didn’t feel it anymore. And so, I actually felt like when I was pushing,
and when Elizabeth was coming out, I actually really was experiencing it. Like I could pay attention to what was happening
because I wasn’t in so much pain, you know. Tell us about your natural, non-medicated
second birth. She was born on her due date. I was totally expecting to go like two weeks
again like I did with Elizabeth, but I came here everything is kind of working like it
was supposed to work, and I was able to have the non-medicated birth that I wanted. And she was born the afternoon…she was a
very convenient baby. Mary’s birth, the non-medicated one, was I
mean amazing. I feel very lucky that I was able to do that. Obviously, it hurt, but it wasn’t really as
bad as I thought it was going to be. And the great thing about it was that when
she was born, I didn’t feel so groggy and so out of it, and I got this like adrenaline,
you know, like oh my gosh, this is my baby. And I feel like I was much more emotional
for that birth because I was able to kind of connect with her more when she was first
born. What would you tell friends about The Family
Care Birthing Center? I mean I had amazing experiences. I know people who have had their babies here,
and they have had amazing experiences, and I just think it’s awesome that they’re willing
to work with you based on what you want. And I think the best thing about this hospital
is how they focus on the baby being with the mother. Right after had both my babies they were on
me, you know, skin-to-skin. One of the things I love about this hospital
is that they do encourage you to have the baby with you all the time if you want; that
they encourage your family to come be with you. My brother, who’s a priest, gave a blessing
for Elizabeth, and it was really special.

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