Natural Cycle IVF and Minimal Stimulation IVF

I now like to introduce dr. Gillian he is our talented medical director and specialist in natural and minimal stimulation IVF dr. Gillian thank you area my name is Frankie area medical director of life IVF center and our Center has been said I mean in Iran California for last four years actually next month will be our four years anniversary and I originally came from China and I finished my medical school in 1983 in China then came to the United States in 1987 I finished my PhD degree in the repute and acknowledged and also later on I will be was as embryology in the Wayne State University and the since then I did my residency and a fellowship and in III and four years ago and I open the center here in the vine but the there's two person I would say thanks wiser Richard do crow and he was mentor of my PG program another gentleman named statcato he's a pioneer for the natural cycle IVF and a minimal sedation IVF thank you for being here for this last session and the last day all right thank you for sharing your background dr. Lillian I'd also like to introduce some of our former patients who have graciously taking their time to speak to you all today and to share their experience with the audiences here our first patient is Linda cousins can you please share a little bit about your background hi I'm Linda and I've been married for 13 years my husband after we got married we wanted to have children right away and after two years we noticed something was not happening and after several IUI procedures five years later we decided to take a little break because nothing was working and then after doing a little more research and speaking to a doctor that performed the IU ice we we thought that IVF was going to be our our next step to hopefully achieve our pregnancy so we did our first cycle and we now well I guess quickly I'll just tell you we became pregnant and we just celebrated her first birthday in February so it's it's been quite a journey 13 year journey and to finally welcome our baby girl it's been a blessing thank you so much Linda and also our other patient who's joining us today Jenny Chow would you share a little bit about your background with us yes good afternoon my name is Jenny I was born in Taiwan I came to the States in 1992 and met my husband Michael my high school sweetheart when we were 15 date it until we were 26 not married and being Asian we didn't get to start our families first because we were told are we supposed to established with our will only at home and finish our education so I did that and when I finished with my grad school at age 31 I my husband and I we were ready to start a family but right away I was told that I had really high FSH level my first blood work came back to be 99 of FSH level and in right from there I was getting death penalty's everywhere no IVF clinics was willing to give me a try give me a chance so I was driving to LA I lived in Irvine by the way we have gone to so many fertility doctors and nobody was willing to give me a chance pretty much everybody told me that it was impossible to have my own biological child so we were thinking about using egg donors but we stumbled across dr. Gillian who happens to be an Irvine and I didn't know that so he was our last chance so we went in and it was such a blessing he was different he was willing to give me a chance he even encouraged me to try with my own egg and the result of that I just celebrate it my twin babies birthday I have a boy-girl twin they're 15 months old now and this journey has taken me six years and I've never been pregnant before the cycle but um I guess God is just amazing thank you so much Jenny okay in order to have a better understanding of the whole process of what we do at life IVF Center I would like to invite dr. Gillian now to share with us his PowerPoint explaining the differences between natural cycle and minimal stimulation cycle IVF so in general and natural cycle IVF is mimic a natural process so as you know in the world 99% of population they conceive naturally only about 1% really needs help so many of them are even with neither help they don't need a lot of medication because as you know conceive who naturally was room one egg one sperm ultimately this will resolve the child so with this philosophy we believe and the deaths that we should be created a healthy embryo ultimately how the baby if you have a chance to look at the what's the difference between conventional IVF and the natural cycle idea as you all know can you jump convention IVF is a very effective is it working otherwise it would not be existed so but with this convention IV people down there you know you have to be putting you on the 2 to 3 weeks of birth can you appear then put you on the loop point injections daily injection and two or three weeks later one you have a period then the study of the cornershop injection in general doctor gives you 300 to 600 units at the Qunari in judging the day after between 8 to 12 days injection then one you have a three or more leading follicles bigger than eight 18 millimeter size then doctor gave the HCG Jerusha so after 36 hours later then two egg retrieval on the average dr. collecting about a 20 to 30 X and the one of the patient I saw before who collector 89 X in the one cycle can you imagine that's how much impact or the woman's health in addition you when you have a so many eggs and obviously with the XE or congratulate culture and you way quickly created many embryos but Achutha are you only the one could the embryo to results pregnancy what offer rest embryos can 20 or 30 Emrys what are you we used to with them just before city of New York alone right now there's about a five mini Ambria storage I believe most of them be will never be touched so it is a major waste of resource so just a for example and with these injections equator 10 or 20 X and I was too much and don't talk about the cause of medication people don't convention idea of you know on air Fiji be part across the three to five thousand dollars in medication alone and the plus and also have a side effect such as ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome people if you down that you Bay no no and you have be very bloated and there are lots of ascites and even through the collection in the law so on other side with the natural cycle IVF and a huge premature mimic your natural process and before your ovulation we use a very fine needle to correct in one egg and use your husband's sperm and to exe and make beautiful embryo and either we call to the embryo to day five we transfer embryo and most likely if you're healthy if you chance of not able conceive because the tuber dysfunction or male factor infertility and then you have a very good chance results pregnancy so another side for the minimum station IVF and this another option which is we use a little bit medication which is primarily using chromium and using kilometer for we're currently using only half tabs appear and they're taking every day and one we return are to being come back to be once and to see how she responded to chrome it if she responded very well there's all medication you need and most patient we able to one the follicles ready we can give her a loop on sugar and we're collecting between two to four X and among these two to four X with our talented embryologist we can produce our two or three blasts and this is a process that have a fair degree chance results of pregnancy and before that and obviously we are not include patient to do fresh transfer because we always like to do frozen every transfer because the wine we believe when you use a high dose medication you produce a very high level and also the dark side effect of the endometrium so frozen ham be transfer has a much higher chance successful and the tooth dates and we have a several records as you see Jenny is the wrong example and as she has a highest fht level at the 99 and last year we also have patient who has a baseline she has a new follicle her based on average level was a 37 at that point I did not give up a harder I said come back you know five days again I checked her average level her efforts levels the 71st EF she still have no follicles but we were able to use medication to reduce her FSH and on the same cycle her match Creek give ever to follicles and we did Agra TiVo and make two beautiful embryos which chance for these two embryos should resolve how they baby two days to date and the she's probably the only person who conceived with the biological child at the average level at a 70 on the same cycle and this is just a few example and also we have another records and this is a woman and the currently set over current records and she is a 47 years old and a woman she has a merry Kapost and she has a one daughter already for 24 years years old but she has her husband have very succesful business they really want to have a boy and for that reason she came to us and we did a three minimum station IVF with three minions I give we together five egg and a four embryos and then we did a genetic testing of these four embryos and lucky enough there's a one Embry was a healthy one and then embryo was a boy so we transfer this embryo results the healthy baby and that's a picture of the mother her daughter and her son in just enough the mother was born a year of jagan the daughter was also bought a year of jagan the son is appalled as a one year of jagang 24 years apart thank you thank you so much dr. Gillian alright so a couple questions for you following that so can you discuss discuss some of the pros and cons of natural cycle IVF and minimal stimulation IVF as opposed to maybe conventional IVF they as you see the slides on natural cycle IVF the pros is because of no medication involved no fatigue drugs involved and the you get er one we monitor your ovulation and the prior ovulation and we give a loop on sugar and then 35 to 36 hours later we collect in one egg and sometimes we do have 2 X + 1 then we're using the sperm fertilized egg and the results that are the single embryo and the pros obviously because no medication involved the costs minimum and also the surgical time is very short and on average one natural cycle IVF a curative time it may be only 2 to 3 minutes and so and also patient would be very less stress and the model is very minimum and also our company has a policy if we do egg retrieval if we act not collected does not come to cycle and we move on so other in term of besides the natural cycle IVF and of the minimums fish IVF has a advantage because you use a little bit medication and you can produce a 2 to 4 X and also because of the kilometer used and also less like you pee pre ovulation so we have a better time control so overall the by the both method and it can be very effective for a patient and natural cycle more useful for younger woman and for example if a woman has particularly have a tuber dysfunction or the male factor infertility this is our seventh choice and also is very good a choice for the woman who has over 40 years old and have very poor and reserved some times F is never asked our hand again 30 or 40 even 50 and this is a good a cycle for natural cycle here for this patient as well only downside I can't think of reason because of a natural cycle IVF you are not a used medication you only have a single egg so because of that and overall the pregnancy rate per cycle may not be as good as a congressional IVF because you produced 20 or 30 eggs and you have more choice but if you are doing one or two or three consider natural cycle IVF your pregnancy accumulated premise beta almost the same as the convention IVF for the minimum station IVF I cannot think any major side effect the only thing I could think of is because of using chrome it we usually do not a chance for on the same cycle okay thank you dr. Gillian at this time I would like to direct your attention to our gracious former patients who have so kindly joined us here to share more about their personal experiences and how they used natural cycles to create their their Joy's in this world Linda would you please share with us about your cycles yeah absolutely as I mentioned earlier we did my husband and I we were doing a lot of I you eyes and I was under a lot of medication for that and like he explained earlier that can cause you to ovulate many eggs I think the one of my last cycles ie all ated over 20 and it took a toll on me and my husband because he was under medication as well because her situation was a male factor so they wanted to increase his sperm count so he was on clomid and then they put me on clomid on top of injections and to you know improve my chance to get pregnant as well and and it was a it was I I wouldn't say was around five cycles so in in in each cycle we would do two IOI so i would go in when they in the next state just to kind of increase her chances by the fourth or fifth cycle which was our last one I was very bloated we had gained a lot of weight from all the medication I got to the point where I was very depressed I was suicidal and it was because of all the medication I was under and so so we stopped we decided to just take a break and that was about a two-year break and then we we kind of brought up the chance of maybe looking into adoption or maybe IVF and when we were doing the research we we also stumbled upon dr. Yi lien and on the internet and looked at he had a free seminar so we went in we joined in and learned a lot about our situation which we have no idea you know we just went in doctors did what they needed to do hoping that I would get pregnant without even knowing mean not being educated I come to find out that I will also had intimate Rios's and dr. Gillian actually diagnosed me with that later and when we discuss about the possibilities of doing IVF he suggested the minimal stimulation the difference between that time that when I was doing IU is and I did my first IVF cycle I felt no side effects because it was I want to say a third of making medication I took and my husband didn't take any medication and we were able to get four eggs I believe and no actually five eggs from that and we got four beautiful embryos from from that cycle and our first transfer it was unsuccessful so we we decided to try again the following cycle and that's when we got pregnant with my daughter but I it again I want to just reiterate that the mono medication I still can't believe the difference that I felt with my body and and not not feeling that the the pressure of what's gonna happen if I you know if I end up so sorry again like what am I gonna do you know and so I guess that's that's all I can say you know it was a it was a very good option for us thank you so much Linda and also Jenny if you could share with us your cycle treatments and what you went through at life IVF as well okay like I shared earlier I came to dr. Lillian with the we started the ball rolling already I was waiting for the egg donor to come back from her vacation and so then we could start with our egg donor process and I saw dr. elion commercial in this Chinese channel that one time and then he offered a free seminar with a free drawing of one natural cycle so that draw me there because we are running out of money so I was hoping that I would go and nothing he shared was not have it I haven't heard you know so he went on and on about his this whole process of how IVF works and I was just waiting for the end that we could have the drawing of course I didn't I think we all did that like when I saw free drawing I got scared enough of FSH and I truly until this day hated those three letters because they gave me a label everywhere I go people would look at me and go oh 99 I'm sorry you're not a good candidate in our department I've gone to as far as USC fertility this than that it's just everybody gives me closed their door and then I looked at those doctors faces like they're playing God you know they tell me if I have a chance you could have a kid or adult and they highly promoted a donors like it's just selling Toyota and Honda it's no difference but to me that is made difference because I would look at this kid and see no reflections of me and maybe some of my husband he's glad but so anyways I came to dr. Ellen and I was only hoping that he would tell me the honest truth you know we prepared forty thousand dollars at that time for that conventional egg donor cycle I asked him I looked at him his face and he dr. Lillian I don't know you but you're Chinese tell me I'm Chinese to tell me the honest truth should I just move on with the $40,000 with my husband and have a wonderful life because we already spent so much money here and there just the consulting even though I didn't get any treatment nobody wanted me but still the consultation cost a lot of money is $400 here 300 are we spending money that we don't have but still just the urge to have a child because I'm I teach young kids I'm a teacher I just thought I feel like it's it's impacted my whole life because when I'm teaching I look at kids when I'm not teaching I think about kids and it's just it it hurts every second of my life I open my eyes and go God how come I don't have kids so anyways um he told me that um he took when I asked him just tell me if I should proceed with this or should I just keep my money and go travel the world with my husband we met at 15 so he certainly got along really well so dr. Yellin took 30 seconds of awkward silence and I was so certain that he was to say yeah just take your money and have enjoy your life but he said I see you have this much money and I was like oh no there's pretty Chinese he said he said but before you go Percy was egg donor can you please let me try with your own egg and that make me feel like excuse me come again what did you just say you want to try with my own egg are you sure because nobody else wanted me so he did we started 2011 when I was 34 I was diagnosed with high FSH when I was 31 so three years I was I went back to Taiwan did one conventional cycle and the where else in the USA nobody wanted me so we were looking into up two other options adoptions egg donor he said so we started with him I had six cycles total with him none of them has drugs because the person like a woman like me drugs would not work so so I had some failing cycles of course he's a magician so three complete cycles because of high of a stage one early ovulations and every cycle I'd be blessed with one follicle I never had more than one one in one and a half probably that little one was underdeveloped and it it hatched all the time but it just never fully developed past three day day three so I never I had one blastocyst which I was really happy with but unfortunately I wasn't pregnant so by the last cycle I told dr. yearling you know what you tried your best and I know you you know I have this much money and he's so good with not spend at all so he I told him I'm so I know it's just me I know it's not you okay that's Percy with egg donor let's not make you go bankrupt continue trying on me with the little money that I have so that's why I'd resulted in coins not because they're from the same cycle one was frozen embryo but because my number reading it for the month was not good the rest of a FSH and all that together was not good so I had one frozen embryo and three months later I had one fresh so and because I had so many failing cycles I told him that you know I just dump it in the both of them but she saved some money save some transfer fee you know so he did we I didn't I was not hopeful at all because it was like a roller coaster but when I found out I went back for a pregnancy test I was I look so cool like oh you know why it's okay negative it's fine you know I'm so used to it I'm fine because I already made friends with life IVF people i usually would say so I told them that I'm fine just tell me it's negative and then we'll move on next week and next month we'll be a donor but when they came back they told me my data was reading was good and second time I went in two days four days later it was 3000 so they told me that I could have one of my friend huh in the lab already told me you couldn't have triplets I'm like you got to be kidding me and they say well sometimes they split embryo split so I'm not a doctor I don't know I'm like no no no no no god please do not I don't have money for that so yeah so resulted I have a boy and a girl Twain there are three months apart embryos but now they're twins they're of the same birthday so natural IVF is my only hope and that made me complete it my family and I'm 37 now 15 months old thank you doctor alien thank you so much Jenny thank you actually I'm not a side of story which is mmm she didn't show me she said I have a $40,000 and the sum of money was from my mortgage and out refinance I told her at the time I see that I don't want to spend all the $40,000 I offer you a guarantee program spending $30,000 if I try safer cycle with your own league first if an end I still cannot get it pregnant with your own egg I would like to pay for your donor egg IVF or with the $30,000 total see if the $10,000 for your baby that was I told her I want to choose free well thank you both Linda and Jenny for sharing your time and your experiences with us at this time I'd like to turn this over to the audience actually for any questions that you may have for our facility or for the panel I'm trying to understand how this works better for an older woman or high FSH it sounds like you're just kind of more patiently wait with less follicles to kind of collect or naturally and monitor and see how those look so for the woman over 40 over 45 and over all that especially their efforts are very high so when you effort to have a high we all know emphasis is the function of FSH to stimulate the follicle growth and the issue woman's the average level threshold to let the follicle growth are different some woman official ever maybe five four seven and the default can grow but someone I have seen a woman yesterday and her efforts Leppa 57 her follicle still growing so what that means each woman's a threshold the fall follicle girl are different so we have to tailor the issue patient to know what is the best effort level for her to results of her follicle growth so we have a various different maneuver including medication we can adjustment her follicle her average level to make a father to grow so to answer your question when the woman's odor and the since she only have a fairly few follicle left and here for her f2 the very high so you are not give her more medication you try to reduce her average level make her father girl that's the key so this is a for a woman like 47 why use example woman 47 years old and she only have one follicle her F is never 35 in this can higher level you are if you give her clomid or you give her a canal shopping and her effort to be rich if sky high and her all folic we disappeared for those woman you have to reduce her average level that her follicle grow that's the magic so we all know a very simple actually the FST level and the acid eye level opposite function so it's especially when you're using FSH follicle stimulating hormone you still Fox to me the folic grow when the follicle grow then follicle produce the acid aisle so one edge style I go for higher and they have a have a negative negative feedback to the brain and then decrease a depress of your FC excretion so your FC never come down so both estradiol and the progesterone have a similar function can reduce your average level so that's the medication magic medication and anyone else with any more questions okay thank you so much for your talk and inspiring patient stories it's wonderful to hear I'm a fertility physician as well and I've tried minimal stimulation on several of my patients what I notice is that gorks great for some patients but for some it doesn't obviously depends my question to you is how many cycles do you do in terms of how many embryos and which stage do you freeze them at before you decide to thaw them and put them back that's a good question thank you for being here and that's depends depends almost age so if a woman young girl than 35 years old and then usually typical one cycle of minimis ratio IVF we can create a bother to pay for 2 to 4 X and we always using your kisi to fertilize and then thanks Molly she's receiving back she's always having to the embryologist and her XA for transition rates in ninety-eight percent average so because we only have one egg or two egg we need this embryologist to make this a polarizing and so after fertilization and we always culture embryo to processed so we believe if embryo economic blast those have no chance for most likely we're not results pregnancy although some sometimes chance of day two or day three can resolve pregnancy but the dose Embree if you caught you in a feature those Hema classes as well so we always by default cause all the Ambu to day five so if women order over over four years old and they usually I encourage them to do Surrey cycle package we have a very nice as to recycle package so hopefully each cycle we can click him between two to four X and each a cycle we can make one to two blasts so at the end about three cycles hopefully should have three to four blasts because I believe as well by the four years old among four processed you should have a one amp you can resolve the live birth so that's in general so that's our strategy thank you okay any other questions do you notice if there is a difference in the quality of embryo whether it's conventional IVF or minimal stimulation since we don't do a convention IVF you know a center and the our centers 99% of sin IVF we're doing a natural cycle IVF and minimization IVF so we don't have a head head comparison but there's a one case I can share with you this one patient and she's currently pregnant with the minimum station IVF that woman who has been worked with us for pretty long period time and during her multiple cycles almost issue cycles we can put a quitter one or two embryos and sometimes Ambria make blasts sometimes does not make a process and after two or three cycles does she feel so boring and every cycle would not get too many embryos as she wished for and that she did not have me and she walking some other for three center and did the convention IVF and she did she get a injects lots of medication get the 19 eggs she was so happy but and and and zero processed I cannot see this is always the case but in general we believe the less medication the egg core is better I always believe the medication the fridge are just like a fertilizer so if you grow in flour you needed some fertilizer but if you pour whole bunch of fertilizer in the Sawyer I care he the flower be dead the same concept applies everywhere and where when would you recommend to somebody he'd like getting the testing the genetic testing so in general as I said that the woman over 35 by American Society of Lubriderm medicine they recommended to do certain of sudden type of genetic testing after you received pregnancy because the chance of a baby has Down syndrome increase so in general I would recommend a patient who's starting to do consider of genetic testing of embryos especially those who has multiple embryos to choose from and if women over 40 I strongly encourage them to do rpts because that's the way not just increase the chance of pregnancy and also reduce the chance of miscarriage we have our own data we we did a study in our Center cross board and the last year alone we did 2,000 IVF cycles for all the patients we did in general cross board from age 25 to age 50 years old without their own eggs for those women offer cross border the private is about a forty six percent but those women if you did the genetic testing especially PGs 24 which is chest check all the chromosomes the pressure is seventy eighty percent just presence alone say something means if you do general testing you can get rid of most of the abnormal embryo the overall chance of success would be much higher um I was wondering if you do your egg retrievals under anaesthetic under general anaesthetic still or not we got a personal thing for the patient yes and you know a center and for all that egg retrievals I would say 95% of egg receiver we do not do any any seizure and about 4% we offer local anesthesia or marketing or the valium for the oral sedation and only 1% they put them sleep using IV sedation however we do offer patient all the patient options so if you do prefer to do IV sedation you can get it but the I believe because especially with natural cycle IVF the egg retrieval time follicle one minute and the amount is a one minute the only painful period only butter 1 to 2 second only like a the needle puncture this one second you feel pain during aspiration of food no pain at all and another pains another second one I need to come out that's all they're very similar to the pain level of the job blood so I don't believe any seizure isn't necessary okay any more questions how easy is it for international clients to come over and and do that so for all patients at present time and just last month alone we we had a 278 egg retrievals a month is 278 cases we have butter 1/3 is the out-of-state and 1/3 is the order of the country we increase with so far we have patient from Russia France UK Germany South Africa : all over country China not us and Japan so the people from out the outside of a state of California outside of the country whatever you should do is do Skype consultation and the patient can be local then if we study the cycle they monitor locally and with locally monitor and the for the patient that they are especially off the first cycle they can do injections locally or taking oral medication locally then we always continue monitor them and the one the fork is ready we give them sugar shot then they fly next day stay one night then do AG receiver then fly home next day so most patients stay here only one night obviously for international patient they would I see you son carry funny about beautiful weather for longer that's a proper locking okay any more questions he said something about medication and a little uterine lining and estrogen I didn't totally catch that kind of pros and cons of the high medicated cycles versus what you guys do could you speak on that this is a purely to discuss about the fresh Emory transfer and the frozen we transfer and I believe because of the for the medication and especially for the minimum station IVF and the primary medication is called chrome it is also chromium incision this medication I have anti as genic effect because of this effect can let the brain to produce a more efficient so stimuli follicle grow and a same time because of this entire genetic effect so this acting on the and emission can make and lining thinner so because this for the minimums teaching IVF I usually do not recommend for the fresh every transfer and also because of the same cycle and the you use such a high dose medication for the convention IVF so you're a style of the sky high because of this and the environmental for the embryo transfer is not as suitable so this is why for the more recent studies and the more doctors a switch to a frozen image transfer then fresh every transfer hi I'm airy and a mirror actually is patient for the second cycle and I've done for conventional IVF outside of your clinic before and nothing made it and with your first cycle I had for BB which was a blastocyst so I made it to fridge breathe which is my first time in my visions thank you and then this cycle I had for a a so it's a miracle for me and it's being frozen right now and you were saying that you have a lot of patients from out of town and out of the country that shows that you have a doctor who does minimal stimulation cycles our protocols are very limited here in the States how come there are not so many doctors who recommend this many more IVF cycle even though it seems like it's working for me and it's a miracle for me I would like to the doctor City behind you and let her to as they're passing I happen to be one of the ones that does try new things because I'm not so far from fellowship so what I've noticed is that the younger doctors I think try new things so I have tried minimal stimulation protocols and in fact I have a patient my partner actually is out on maternity leave and she had this patient that would only make three to four eggs and she came to me and she had twenty follicles and I said well why don't we try minimal stim and so I gave her actually clomid with 150 of FSH I mean I didn't do a completely natural cycle and and we did her retrieval yesterday and she had 19 eggs and that was amazing and she had never had more than three or four and that was a very low dose woids for her and she had eleven that fertilized this morning so that's really great for her so I do try it I just I've tried it in a few patients and have been disappointed with it but I've been trying other patients and been really happy with it so it I never do everything for the same you know same protocol for everybody I think if you have to individualize because I think a lot of patients don't respond to minimal stim it depends it I think it's very individually but I mean you you obviously have more experience of it so I'd love to learn more about it and as I said I have tried it and I know there's so many different types of protocols like low made with shots or clomid with shots every other day and and it's and it's very varied I just haven't found the one that responds for everybody and my patients thank you and to answer your question and because of especially nitrous our IVF is not easy and it's a very challenge especially because of we so-called natural psycho IVF which means that we have to follow your follicle physiology so whenever follicle ready we have to go go to egg retrieval so that means we haven't no we can't so for the forty doctor no weekends provinces no no they won't have a schedule they want to batch in your cycle to put your birth contributor for two to three weeks not all for you for them as well because they have a timing have their vacations but Falls if you do want nature Cyclovia you can't do that because which means we have to do Agrisure all time tomorrow morning Sunday morning I have a a Grisha panorama clock already booked this is the one of the reason because of not convenience and also very very challenge and I give a talk at the American Society of repair medicine last year at the Boston my topic was about the Natchez our IVF why is it so few doctors in the United States doing necessary IVF why is the challenges because of and the fellowship program no fellowship program to teach you how to do necessarily have the fellows has not been trained if not because that kado which is the gentleman i just mesh to you and she he is my mentor I spent a three-month in Tokyo studied all the details about natural cycle without him I would not be here because I just just changed like other doctor and we do all the convention IVF so nature cycle IVF needs a lots of training because so difficult because the follicle when you see it today and a few hours later disappeared you have to have knowledge you have understand the follicle follicular physiology very well and besides dedication and also key thing you have to have like a Maori as Ambridge extremely exhibit depending on the lab if you have pull-up you have a 70% of a physician in offer of exe there you cannot do magic IVF you need a one you give for her egg she have give your embryo that's gonna lab you need to and the minimum station IVF the same and because you aren't dealing with very few eggs so you nee have a very very good lab to be functioning and because the minimum solution IVF and also are use less medication and you have be very depends off your lab can give you good quality embryos otherwise they will not be successful thank you very much dr. yulian at this time i would like to let you know that if you would like to learn more or contact any of our speakers today you can visit WWF utility planet calm you can also watch all the video sessions available on their website for free you can also follow fertility planet calm or calm on Twitter or Facebook for news and conversations about today's sessions thank you too for adat TV for your live streaming and recording of the programmes today thank you to dr. Frank Jillian at life IVF Center for being here today and sharing your expertise on this topic and to our former patients from life IVF Linda cousins and Jenny Chow thank you so much for sharing your experiences and spending your time here with us today it was truly a pleasure and thank you to the sponsors of this session life IVF center for supporting this conversation here on natural cycle IVF and minimal stimulation and finally thank you to our audience for joining us here today I hope you truly enjoyed this conversation and we look forward to hearing from you thank you

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  1. consult any health expert to find the solution to this problem. They can provide you good advice with some essential tests and you will find out about your problem. When you are using regular exercise and yoga to stay active and fit, it is important that you can know about some lightweight and relaxing exercises because you should not give much stress on your body during this phase. I hope you will find a happy and normal pregnancy.

  2. a very detailed video. nicely explained everything. listened to every bit of it. however, i still prefer surrogacy. ivf is painful yet convenient. my treatment starts next week. i cant wait to meet the surrogate mother. you are doing a great job at spreading awareness about this issue. surrogacy is sadly still a very controversial topic.

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